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Mรณnica Lamela Portfolio 2020



UC Berkeley, College of Environmental MS in Architecture (History, Theory and S Fulbright Scholarship For the Academic Year 2019-2020

Universidad Politécnica Madrid, ETSAM M-Architect graduated with High Honors Master Thesis mentored by Juan Herreros

Fundación ICO grant // 2014 Workshop “The Architect is Present,” taug

Technische Universität Berlin // 2011 - 2 Erasmus grant to study one year in TU Be

Musical Studies,Violin & Piano // 1996 ARCOS & Conservatorio Arturo Soria, M

International Studies // 2004 Trimester in “Melbourne Girls College,” M

Publications, Awards

Mónica Lamela Blázquez Born in Madrid, 1990 Living in Berkeley, California, US email_ monicalamela@hotmail.com website_ doch-architectures.com portfolio_ issuu.com/monicalamela

Architecture is not only a career but rather it has become a way for me to both understand and analyze the reality of my surroundings. It is the constant interrogation of the spaces we occupy and how we can contribute to the creation of society, doing what is appropriate according to the context, by taking into account its history and future. Ultimately, it is about continual learning that is enriching beyond the academic or professional arena: the learning that comes from personal experience and our day to day lives, from the spaces and places that we inhabit. It is precisely the combination of these experiences, their superposition, and their confrontation that gives meaning to our profession and what makes our cities exceptional.

2019_ Third Pirze,“Museo Nacional de Ar 2016 _ Second Prize in “Campus Masters” 2016 _ Lecture in Architectural Master (E 2016 _ Publication “Città delle Culture” ( 2015 _ Honorable Distinction, Master Th 2014 _ Honorable Distinction, “Ciudad P 2014 _ Honorable Distinction, “XTOPIA 2014 _ Publication “XTOPIA” (115 Dias) 2014 _ Publication “Activity Condenser” ( 2014 _ Arquia Scholarship (Fundación Ca 2014 _ Winners of “Public Interest Design 2013 _ Honorable Mention “Activity Con 2013 _ Honorable Mention “Activity Con 2012 _ Publication “Eine Marmeladenman 2011 _ Publication “Reorganización del di 2011 _ Publication “Campos Prototipológ 2008 _ Scholarship “Beca de Excelencia Ac


2015 _“Piso Piloto” (CCB Barcelona, Mus 2014 _“The Architect is Present” (ICO, M 2012 _ “Eine Marmeladenmanufaktur für 2012 _ “Keine Urbanität ohne Dörflichkei 2012 _ “Die Große Weltausstellung” (Tem

Computer Skills

2D Design (AutoCad, Vectoworks) 3D Modelling (Rhinoceros, Vray, SketchU Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustra Web Design (HTML, CSS), Microsoft Offi

Design // 2019 - 2021 Society)_ 4 GPA

M // 2008 - 2015 s

ght by Francis Kéré

2012 erlin

- 2010 Madrid

Melbourne, Australia

rquitectura” (Premio Félix Candela) ” Contest (BauNetz) ETSAM) (Afasia) Thesis “Città delle Culture” (ETSAM) Permutación” (ETSAM) A” (ETSAM) ) (FUTURE 43/44) aja de Arquitectos) n Mexico” (PID Mexico) ndenser” (ISARCH Contest) ndenser” (EPAUS Contest) nufaktur für NAXIÍ” (TU Berlin) istrito de Tetuán” (URBAN-E Magazine) gicos Termodinámicos” (I. Ábalos, CTA) cadémica de la Comunidad de Madrid”

seo Franz Mayer CDMX) Madrid) r NAXIÍ” (TU Berlin) it” (Saalbau, Berlin) mpelhof, Berlin)

Up Pro) ator) ffice

Professional Experience September 2018 - July 2019 TO ARQUITECTURA, Mexico City Senior Architect. Project Management and Design _ YAP MoMA PS1 pavillion, finalist, New York, US _ Single House “Casa Cubilete,” Mexico City, Mexico _ Housing Complex Pitágoras, in Mexico City, Mexico _ Housing Complex Río 15, Hermosillo, Mexico March 2016 - September 2018 TATIANA BILBAO ESTUDIO, Mexico City Senior Architect. Project Management and Design _ Hunters Point Materplan, San Francisco, California, US _ Hunters Point Substation, San Francisco, California, US _ Mazatlan Aquarium, Sinaloa, Mexico _ Contemporary Art Museum in Arevalo, Castilla y Leon, Spain _ Social Housing in Ocoyoacac, Estado de Mexico, Mexico _ Pavilion “Perspectivas” MARCO, Monterrey, Mexico _ Housing Tower L’Orée De Crissier, Lausanne, Switzerland _ Housing Complex in Leon, Mexico _ Stella McCartney Beach House, The Hamptons, New York, US _ Chicago Architectural Biennial, “Vertical City”, Chicago, US _ UDEM, “Universidad de Monterrey”, Monterrey, Mexico September 2014 - March 2015 LACATON & VASSAL ARCHITECTES, Paris Junior Architect. Project Design _ Collège Protestant Français, Beyrouth, Lebanon _ Campus Radio Télévision Suisse, RTS, Lausanne, Switzerland _ Residential and Office Tower, Chêne-Bourg, Genève, Switzerland June 2014 - September 2014 KÉRÉ ARCHITECTURE, Berlin Junior Architect. Project Design _ Benga Riverside Residential Community, Tete, Mozambique _ Lycée Schorge, Koudougou, Burkina Faso _ Atelier Gando, Gando, Burkina Faso August 2012 - February 2013 RAUMLABORBERLIN, Berlin Internship. Project Design _ Salotto Urbano, L’Aquila, Italy _ The Great World’s Fair 2012, Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany May 2010 - September 2010 ENSAMBLE STUDIO, Madrid Internship. Project Design _ Reader’s House, Madrid, Spain _ Balancing Act, Venice Biennale, Italy June 2009 ALBERTO CAMPO BAEZA, Madrid Internship. Project Design _ Centro de Interpretación del Paisaje, Lanzarote, Spain


- Design Tools for new Ways of Life -

Mexico City YAP MOMA PS1, New York, US Competition, Finalist Premio Felix Candela Competition, 3rd Prize Hunters Point Masterplan, San Francisco, USA SUD and Vision Plan Mazatlan Aquarium, Sinaloa, Mexico Under Construction Contemporary Art Museum in Arevalo, Castilla y Leon, Spain Ongoing, Construction Documents phase Social Housing in Ocoyoacac, Mexico Under Construction Pavillion “Perspectivas”, MARCO, Monterrey, Mexico Built UDEM University, Monterrey, Mexico Built

Madrid Città delle Culture Master Thesis, mentored by Juan Herreros Xtopía Academic Project, ETSAM

Paris Collège Protestant Français Beyrouth, Lebanon Competition Residential and Office Tower, Geneve, Switzerland Competition, Under Construction Campus Radio Télévision Suisse, Lausanne, Switzerland Competition, Second Prize

Berlin Aktivitäts-Kondensierer Academic Project, TU Berlin Naxxií Manufactury, Oaxaca, Mexico Built Benga Riverside Residential Community, Mozambique Built



- urban context -

Redefinition of the Cultural Speculation _ ExAnsaldo, Milan _ 2015

- cultural context -

- cultural types -

- la CittĂ de

elle Culture -

- cultural types -

- construction types -

- la CittĂ de

elle Culture -

- construction types -

- superposition of types -

- la CittĂ de

elle Culture -

- superposition of types -

- la CittĂ de

elle Culture -

- la CittĂ de

elle Culture -

“La Città delle Culture” is the result of a research on the evolution of museum typologies, until the current situation of “Guggenheim Effect”: the creation of a global icon, capable of redefining a city’s identity. The project criticizes this model, that has been reproduced in many cities, supressing its regenerating capacity. The failed project of “Città delle Culture” in Milan is taken as case study. An ambitious project, from which finally only a small part was built, the MUDEC, an architectural icon, but with a trivial content, that ignores the urban and social context in which it is built. The new project redefines the original idea of “Città delle Culture”, readapting it to the precious urban context of Milan.

- la CittĂ de

elle Culture -

Architectural Strategy_ The materialization of this new City of Culture is based on Aldo Rossi’s concept of “Analogue City”: the city built through the collective memory. The new Project is therefore conceived as an experiment of cultural typologies. Each cultural type will be defined by an specific atmosphere, by an iconicity -as a reflection of each mechanism of cultural production -, and by constructive and economic strategies. Constructive Strategy_ An individual language for each type is created, but under a general criterion: the industrialized architecture, as a redefinition of the site’s industrial character. Economic Strategy_ In order to survive the current crisis of the public investment in culture, a new financing mechanism is created: Programmatic Duality. Each cultural programme will have associated a lucrative counter-programme, adapting the project to Milan’s duality. The new “Città delle Culture” is the result of superposing all these types, conditions and strategies: a continuous space, a sequence of programmes, that generates hybrid situations in the intersections. The new “Città delle Culture” as an architectural, cultural experiment.



- Refugio -

Refugio: a place for temporary shelter and encounter _ New York, US_ 2019 Young Architects Program, Competition, Finalist

- Sound -

- Three Atmospheres -

- Oasis -

- Encounter -


- Refugio -

Mexican Architecture Museum: Typological explorations _ Mexico City, Mexico_ 2019 Competition in collaboration with Sofía Betancur, 3rd Prize

- Three Atmospheres -


- Hunters Point new Habitat -

Redefining an industrial area _ San Francisco, US_ 2016 - 2018 -Vision marzo 2014 - and SUD Plan

- Hunters Point new Habitat -

- Creating a Human Unit -

The fusion of an industrial reality with a dream of community life, gave rise to “The Wheel of Life”, a tool that relates the activities of human life, categorizing them into 4 pillars: Life, Knowledge, Production, Strength. The quantities of each program will be calculated according to the basic unit, the inhabitant, while looking for a balance, in which the programs complement each other. To materialize it, the game rules are created, “The Habitability Tools”, which relate habitability conditions to needs for living.

- The Wheel of Life -


- The Language of Walls -

The Aquarium of the Sea of Cortez _ Mazatlan, Mexico _ 2018 Under construction

- A Ruin invaded by Nature and Water -


- “Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Castilla y Leon” -

The Museum as an Exhibition and Production Center_ Arevalo, Castilla y Leon, Spain _ 2017- 2018 Ongoing, construction documents

SOCIAL HOUSING TATIANA BILBAO Housing as social mechanism _ Ocoyoacac, Mexico _ 2016 Under construction

- Housing Prototypes and Clustering -



- Pavilion “Perspectivas” -

Retrospective at MARCO Museum _ Monterrey, Mexico _ 2017 Built

UDEM TATIANA BILBAO University of Monterrey _ Mexico _ 2016 - 2018 Built

- University of Monterrey -



- the Game -

- urban context -

Redefining Barrio del Pilar _ Madrid _ 2014

- conexion -

- perverse house -

- perverse ring -

- Xto

opia -

- materiality -

- Xto

opia -

Whlie “La Vaguada”, can be described as a “space of compensation”, reflecting all the perfections that are otherwise ausent in the district, the new intervention represents a completely antagonic reality: a “space of ilusion”, which reflects all the perverse realities that exist in our society, but that we try to hide. The new programme is defined through a study of perverse situations that exist around the world and using the literature procedure of metonymy: a new meaning will be given to existing names, according to their perverse connotations. A manifesto is written, where the cualities that define a perverse space are stablished. Each programme will be associated to a gradient of perversion, according to how they adjust to the manifest. The gradient of perversion will define the spatial qualities, as well as the location and accessibility.

- materiality -


- how to reactivate Teufelsberg -

Activity-Condenser _ Teufelsberg, Berlin, Germany _ 2013

- how to reactivate Teufelsberg -

--Aktivitätsko la Città de

elle ondensierer Culture --

- activity-condenser -


- building process -

Naxií Headquarters _ Sierra Madre, Oaxaca, Mexico _ 2013 Built

- Naxií Man

nufactory -

- building process -



- programmatic superposition -

Collège Protestant Français _ Beyrouth, Lebanon _ 2015 Competition

- programmatic superposition -


- social housing tower -

Immeuble de grande hauteur _ Geneve, Switzerland _ 2015 Competition, Under Construction

CAMPUS RTS LACATON&VASSAL Campus Radio Télévision Suisse _ Lausanne, Switzerland _2015 Competition

- a Fun Palace for the RTS -


- Benga Riverside Residential Community -

Residential Community _ Tete, Mozambique _ 2014 Under Construction

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