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About Conquer Entertainment™

Mission Statement Conquer Entertainment’s mission centers on revolutionizing the way music and all forms of entertainment are marketed, produced and ultimately delivered to the end consumer. With Conquer Entertainment, UnLabel Owners are empowered to manage and operate their own record label — complete with a proven system, unlimited support, and the necessary tools and to do so — while providing a platform for emerging artists to expose their music to the world.

Some Music Industry History The merger of Internet and music is creating an entertainment-based environment filled with customizable music. Since the early 90s, the recording industry has been changing — sometimes mildly, while other times it has been more drastic. Independent labels and artists have begun publicly taking their careers to new heights without the need to be signed. Today the Internet has over 1.2 billion users, 8 billion unique, publicly accessible pages, with 7.3 million new pages being added every day. The Internet is booming and continues to grow. In contrast, the recording industry giants such as EMI, Universal, BMG, Warner Music and Sony are struggling. Traditionally, the five major labels dominated the music market, controlling 90 percent of all music sold, but only controlling 10 percent of all professional music. The music industry today is searching for a better way to become successful, and Conquer Entertainment is the solution.

Overview Who is Conquer Entertainment? You. Conquer Entertainment is a company who is committed to taking independent, existing and emerging artists to a level of “major artist status” by providing insight, direction and the necessary tools and services needed to become a true musical entrepreneur success story! Conquer Entertainment will do for independent and major artists what the traditional label has failed do — allow them to have complete control of their career and get compensated fairly for it. The services that Conquer Entertainment offers to all artists gives them the ability to record, promote, perform, and globally distribute their song(s) and make a profit in two ways.

What Is It? Conquer Entertainment is the next paradigm shift in the music industry — giving the artist the option to either just distribute their music or own an UnLabel™ Business and get access to services such as: • • • • •

Professional Mixing/Mastering Regional Photography Customized Website/Graphic Design Global Distribution Global Promotion/Marketing 1

How does it work? Conquer Entertainment™ will play a pivotal role in changing the music industry and how artists get paid. The UnLabel platform is designed in a way that will allow the artist to earn a profit two ways for the same song. By owning an UnLabel, you are becoming a part of a vast network of independent contractors that can provide the training, promotion and distribution necessary to propel your business and career worldwide. As an UnLabel Owner you will start receiving Conquer Rewards Points, commonly known as C.R.P. The Conquer Rewards Program is a system that rewards points that can be earned by an UnLabel Owner through downloads, new signups and the monthly renewals. You can use the Conquer Rewards Program to purchase any of our Conquer services.

Start a record label without needing $500,000! • Develop your corporate team of three to five people

Conquer Services As a new UnLabel Owner you will have everything you need to brand and create your music. Conquer has partnered with some of the industry’s best service providers and delivers those services to you at an affordable price way below standard industry rates. Conquer Entertainment will do for independent and major artists what the traditional label has failed do – allow them to have complete control of their career and get compensated fairly for it. The services that Conquer Entertainment offers to all artists gives them the ability to record, promote, perform and globally distribute their song(s) and make a profit in two ways.

Production Conquer’s production service providers will allow you access to an impressive database of tracks from the music industry’s top producers, in which you can sort through, stream, and pick from exclusive to non-exclusive tracks to make your music. We have partnered with top producers to ensure that your music will stand out above the rest.

Engineering Conquer’s engineering service providers will allow you to get the most out of your music. First by having the best sound quality that is set to the industry standard. Second, by partnering with some of the music industry’s top engineers, you will have the confidence to know that the quality of your UnLabel mixing and mastering will be the best the industry has to offer.

Photography (*) Conquer’s regional photography providers will help your UnLabel get off the ground with quality service packages, from basic photography to professional photography.

Video (*) Conquer’s regional video providers will allow you to purchase packages for your music video, whether it be basic video service packages to premium service packages.


Web Design (*) Conquer Web Design service providers will provide more exposure to the digital media outlets. From basic web design packages to premium web design packages, we are sure there will be one to suit your budget. Don’t forget that these services are available through the Conquer Rewards Program as well as pay-per-use. This will allow you to control your new UnLabel budget and determine where you, as a new entrepreneur, want to focus your needs as a new UnLabel Owner! Regional Access (*) Check with your local Unlabel Owner to see if service is provided in your area.

Conquer Service

Conquer Rewards Points

Conquer Service

Market Value


Mixing (per song)




Industry Producer Beats




Database Beats Package 5 Beats (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert Mix of Beats)

Available 2010


Featured Spot on Chatterbox

Available 2010

Featured Spot on Web Portal

Available 2010

Featured Spot on Entertainment Portal

Available 2010

Featured Spot on Partnership Site

Available 2010


Basic Video (1,000)




Basic Plus (2,500)




Mid-Level Production (5,000)




Mid-Level Upgrade (10,000)







Popular Upgrade (25,000)










Popular Video (20,000)

Great Video (50,000)

Super Star Video (100,000)


Conquer Service


Basic Package C Level Photographer (Includes 1 in-studio shoot on a cd ready for printing with digital proofs)

Conquer Rewards Points

Conquer Service

Market Value










Standard Package C Level Photographer Deluxe Package C Level Photographer Basic Package B Level Photographer

Available 2010

Standard Package B Level Photographer

Available 2010

Deluxe Package B Level Photographer

Available 2010

Basic Package A Level Photographer

Available 2010

Standard Package A Level Photographer

Available 2010

Deluxe Package A Level Photographer

Available 2010

Graphic/Web Design (Available 2010) Additional Custom Layouts

Available 2010

Custom Flash Layouts




Custom Logo




Graphic/Web Design Hourly Consultant




Professional Site Design




Contract Review (per contract)




Phone Consultation





Legal (Available 2010)

Conquer Radio Prime Hours

Available 2010

Radio Placement Consultant (for major FM radio)

Available 2010

Radio Placement Consultant (for alternative radio — e.g. satellite, Internet, pandora, college stations, etc.)

Available 2010


ma MyWorld™ ma MyWorld is Market America’s premier entertainment Web Portal. The ma MyWorld music channel allows you to stay informed on your favorite artists. Read the latest music news, album reviews and shop for new CD releases, download ringtones, purchase concert tickets and artist merchandise. Featured artists include: The Rolling Stones, Celine Dion, Journey, Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban, Faith Hill, The Counting Crows and Alejandro Sanz! With a variety of internationally recognized artists on board, and endless shopping and entertainment possibilities, ma MyWorld is truly a valuable business-building tool and musicshopping destination. Direct access to ma MyWorld can be found on any ma Web Portal — Click each name to view these exclusive videos for ma MyWorld, by five of today’s leading artists u

Keith Urban

Faith Hill

Boyz II Men


Counting Crows

Conquer Entertainment chose to use ma MyWorld because you can get everything in one place and have immediate access to new UnLabel artist singles! Unlike iTunes, Conquer Entertainment offers promotion along with global distribution to market the single in two ways. Market America has over 165,000 Customer Managers and 6 million customers (and growing). The Conquer UnLabel Owners have five different countries marketing and promoting their music over the Internet at virtually the same time! Conquer Entertainment will be the future of music, offering free downloads to fans while the artist still makes a profit! When your paying customers promote and sell your music, your fans have the opportunity to make IBV or profit off the sales as well!

Shiragirl A live Shiragirl show is outstanding and captivating. In 2009, the CEO of Conquer Entertainment, Amanda Ridinger, was about to walk out of the Dock Street music venue in Staten Island, unmoved by the performances she had seen. Then, Shiragirl took the stage and Ridinger was instantly excited. Shiragirl’s dance skills and high energy stage presence, combined with Rainey P’s “off-the-hook” drumming skills (twirling her sticks in the air and standing up at her drums), motivated the CEO to immediately offer the girls a management deal. Shiragirl has opened for musical legends such as Joan Jett, Rancid, NOFX, Donita Sparks (L7), Theo (Lunachicks), Taylor Dayne, Agnostic Front, Murphy’s Law and more. She has also appeared on MTV’s Real World Brooklyn. It’s only a matter of time before Shiragirl breaks media glass. Click to view video: Sick Day by Shiragirl


Troy A true child of the world, Troy Tuminelli was influenced by a myriad of different sounds and cultures, as well as his rich mix of Hispanic and Italian ancestry. Raised all around the world, Troy began his musical career under the guidance of legendary songwriter Desmond Child. After being cast in a leading role on the iconic CBS daytime drama “Guiding Light,” Troy was able to develop his talents not only as an actor, but also had the opportunity to perform and write original songs for the show. This experience encouraged him to continue developing his craft and career as a songwriter. Troy has written and recorded with some of the industry’s top writers and producers including Claudia Brant (Beyonce, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias); Klaus Darendorf (Santana, Josh Groban); Peter Wallace (Pink); P.C. Perez Soto (Ricky Martin, Luis Fonsi); and Arno Elias (Buddha Bar), plus many more. Click to view video: My Best Friend’s Girlfriend by Troy

Compilation The highly anticipated debut release of Conquer Entertainment’s Paradigm Shift Vol. 1, is sure to shake the airwaves with new and exclusive material from major and independent/unsigned artists itching to become entrepreneurs. Conquer Entertainment’s new compilation will be the first of many on the map of the music industry and all over the radio and Internet worldwide. Conquer Entertainment’s UnLabel concept allows for artists to run their career without the help of a major label and STILL BECOME SUCCESSFUL! Conquer Entertainment is determined to be the next paradigm shift in the music and entertainment industry, and to be the first to make an artist a household name without the use of a label. Through the power of One-to-One Marketing, an artist can make himself or herself an entrepreneur by owning an UnLabel Business and have the potential to earn as much as the top stars currently on the charts! “Paradigm Shift Vol. 1” features tracks from exclusive artists of various genres and talents, including: • Shiragirl Montage Links to Shiragirl videos Episode One Performance from International Convention Making of “Sick Day” Click to view video • Troy Montage EP announcement “My Best Friend’s Girlfriend” Click to view video • Black Market America performance Click to view video

For more information, contact the UnFranchise® or UnLabel Owner who provided you this document.


FAQ Artist Compensation How does the artist get compensated? Distribution: The artist gets paid $.50 retail profit every time someone downloads their song. UnLabel Owner: The artist gets paid $.40 retail profit every time someone downloads their song. They also get 1 Conquer Rewards Point for every 20 songs downloaded. In addition, the artist will be entitled to receive commission checks from the MPCP and IBV Plan. How will payment be received by the ULO? Each member of the distribution platform and each ULO will have a merchant account with Market America where the wholesale profit from each download will be deposited. ULOs and distribution customers can cash out this account whenever they choose and have a check sent. Who has access to an UnLabel account? The artist and any members of the UnLabel who have bought into the UnLabel system have access to their own UnLabel account. ULOs who have accepted each other into their respective accounts will also have the ability to share each other’s Conquer Rewards Points with approval for each specific purchase of services. How long does one have access to his/her account? An Unlabel Owner has access to his/her account as long as the monthly maintenance fees ($30) are up to date. Is there a selection process or requirements for artists to open their UnLabels? No. The person you have to impress is the UnFranchise® Owner who is allowing you to open your business; they are serving as our talent scout. We are looking for artists of any genre at any level. How much IBV per song? Each song accrues 0.25 IBV, so four songs equals 1 IBV point. How does Conquer work? Please schedule an appointment with a Conquer representative to see the ULO presentation — or refer to the Webinar ( Will I have access to the same services a label offers? Yes. Please schedule an appointment to see the ULO presentation for further info (refer to webinar). Who will be booking performances at Conquer events? Who will be handling booking for the artist in general? Artists or their ULO teams are responsible to sign up for Conquer events. The Conquer promoter responsible for the event will then further coordinate with the artist for general booking. Outside of Conquer events, touring is the responsibility of the artist and his/her ULO team. We are working on future partnerships with booking agents and venues. The Conquer section of the UnFranchise Business Account will include an admin tool for booking Conquer events. Who will the Conquer service providers be? How will I find them? Each service section will have its own tab in the Conquer Admin within the UnFranchise Business Account. In there, you can directly purchase your services with your Conquer Rewards Points. In many cases, service is provided electronically; i.e., when buying beats or pre-made musical compositions (a production service), the completed file can be directly downloaded from your admin immediately after purchase. This is similar to many of the services, such as video or photography — after purchase of your selected package, you will select and purchase a time for your service from a list of available times, and someone will call you to finalize shoot location and details.


How much is a download? A download retails at $.99. This is a set price for every artist. We must keep this consistent in order to offer you IBV for the sale. Right now, Shiragirl’s “Sick Day” is available exclusively on ma MyWorld at that price. What is the advertising model? We are working on providing you a model where the artist is paid the same profit as a paid download; it is the same IBV, but the song is free to the consumer. How does the advertising model work? From a back-end standpoint, it is confidential, proprietary information. For the consumer, they go to the site, open the player, click to download the song, watch an advertisement, then the song downloads. What format are the songs? Will they work on my iPod or other mp3 player? Can I put them in iTunes or Windows Media Player? All of the songs on the site will be in mp3 format, so they will work on any mp3 player including iTunes/iPod. Are the songs subject to DRM? No. We believe this is pointless and just annoys people. We would rather people pay if they choose because they want to support the artists and/or give the music away while still paying the artist. How is publishing paid? All profits due are paid directly to the UnLabel. Unless your publisher is an UnLabel Owner and tied into your UnLabel, we cannot pay them directly and you are responsible for paying publishing royalties. What about covers or samples? Are they ok to use? In the terms and agreement you agree to when uploading a song, you agree that it is an original work and there are no samples used. Do not upload anything that you do not own (the copyright) or have legal clearance (permission) to use. If you do, the liability falls on you. If you would like to get information on how to obtain clearances, we will be happy to provide you direction, but it is your responsibility.

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Conquer Entertainment  

Conquer Entertainment’s mission centers on revolutionizing the way music and all forms of entertainment are marketed, produced and ultimatel...

Conquer Entertainment  

Conquer Entertainment’s mission centers on revolutionizing the way music and all forms of entertainment are marketed, produced and ultimatel...