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CSI’s GRPs: Leading to Greener Buildings (Carleton, Ecorse & Meyers Co-ops) November 2010

Volume 1, Issue 2

CSI Support & Development Services and your co-op are committed to a greener planet. Three CSI buildings—including yours—received almost $2.5million in grant money to become greener, more energy efficient, healthier homes for the people who live and work there. Going green and staying green involves and benefits everyone.

Some Things to Expect this Month Carleton:  Install remaining windows and all of the new siding  Attic insulation will begin this month (prep work has already begun)  Interior painting and exterior caulking will be wrapped up this month  Apartment plumbing and electrical work will begin later this month Ecorse Manor:  Window installation is expected to begin mid-November  Insulation work in the attic will begin this month  Plumbing and electrical work in the apartments is expected to begin anytime  The new water heater is being installed  Interior painting will begin midNovember

Meyers Plaza:  Fiberclass will be insulating the attic while the siding is being replaced  Refrigerator replacement  The office computer is being replaced with a “green” one and it will have wireless internet  Siding and window replacement is slated to begin at the end of November  Domestic hot water boilers will be replaced mid to late November  Heads up for apartment work- as of now, the plan is to replace faucet aerators, showerheads and range hoods in December

Did You Know? The Green Retrofit Program was created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. The objective of the program was to provide $250 million in loans and grants for energy and green retrofits in multifamily assisted housing. $26,276,198 of the $250 million was awarded to Michigan properties (19 total properties in all). CSI is proud that out of 19, three of our properties were the recipients of this program. Carleton, Ecorse and Meyers Co-ops received almost 10% of the MI grants awarded!

Going Green!.

Recycling is Coming to a Location Near You! We will be setting up a convenient recycling center in your building as a part of the GRP requirements. We are not sure yet which materials we will have the ability to recycle because it depends on the community and your waste provider. However, it is important to start thinking about this and gearing up for it. If cats have nine lives, then aluminum, glass, paper materials and most plastics have a similar longevity. Don’t confuse the product’s useful life with the material’s useful life! Materials are durable and long lasting, and although the current ability for the product to meet your immediate need has reached its end, the material’s usefulness has not. With this understanding, it is easy to see why recycling is an important waste manage- Why Recycle?  It cuts back on global warming. ment practice.  It makes us more energy-efficient (it takes twice as much energy to burn plastic as to Once your building’s program is set up, if you find recycle it; it takes 64% more energy to that members are not participating, ask why. Most make paper than to recycle it; and recycling one pound of steel can save enough people just forget or make a subconscious decision energy to run a 60-watt bulb for one day). to toss recyclables in the wrong container. Once you  It keeps our landfills from overflowing. are in the habit of recycling, it is actually very easy—  It improves the quality of our groundwater (contaminants from our landfills get into it is not a question of motivation or effort—it is more our water).  It reduces air pollution. of a matter of simply reminding members to make  It creates jobs (more jobs than landfills that subconscious decision more conscious. Recydo).  It increases property value. cling absolutely makes a difference!  It is good business. (Excerpts of this article were borrowed from IREM’s  One person can make a difference. Imagine the amount of difference your whole Practical Guide to Green Real Estate Manageco-op can make! ment.)

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Exterior caulking at Meyers Plaza

Carleton’s new windows and siding are being installed

New asphalt in the circle drive at Ecorse

November, 2010 GRP Newsletter  

The Green Retrofit Program Newsletter for November, 2010 - Carelton, Ecorse and Meyers Plaze Co-ops.

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