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CNN EL SALVADOR 2014 Healthy Body

Krissia Marcela Aguilar Angélica Gabriela Alas Yoselin Beatriz Cortez Mónica Guadalupe García Alejandra Catalina Peña Gilda Patricia Moreno oooooooooOOrtega


Audience Age: 30- 40 years Nationality: Salvadorean

Religion: All religions Professions: All Professions Gender: Male and Female Purpose: To inform about the cyber bullying, what it is , its consequences, how identify this situation in kids and how to help its victims.

Our kids and teens spend a lot time using the technology in different ways. Many of them play games online, sending messages at an early age. The majority of teens have smart phones that permit them to be connected to internet all the time. Their knowledge about technology is a little intimidating, but if parents stay involved in their kids’ life, they can protect them about online dangers. One of the dangers that kids or teens can face on internet is the cyber bullying, but parents know what is it? And what kind of problem can carry its victims?. What is the cyber bullying? Cyber bullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass or hurt another person. It is more common in young people. When an adult is involved in this situation the cyber bullying receives the name of cyber- harassment or cyberstalking, it is a crime with legal consequences. Some kids make fake accounts in different social networks such as facebook or twitter to post personal information, photos or videos in order to hurt or embarrassed another person. Sometimes it is easy to identify when a kid has been cyber bullied, for example if your

son or daughter show you a text message, a tweet or a comment on facebook that is cruel or unrespectful , that is a clear sign that your kid is victim of cyber bullying. Effects of Cyber bullying The cyber bullying can happen at home as well at school, basically the 24 hours, mainly when the victim has access to a phone, a computer or another devices, such as a tablet. The kid cyber bullied always is at risk because in any moment he / she can receive a message with the intention to hurt him or to hurt her. The kid cyber bullied are prone to suffer anxiety, depression and stress- related disorders.

Sign of Cyber bullying How parents can identify if their kids are victims of it? If parents watch the following behavior in their kids, it is because they are victims: -Kids change their behavior, moods, sleep or appetite. - Kids avoid the school or activities with other people. - Kids are more protective with their lives, especially on what they do on internet. How parents can help? If a parent discover that his or her kid is cyber bulling, the parent most to talk with a kid’s teacher, it may help. Other measures to try: -

Block the bully Limit access to technology Know your kid’s online world Look for information about the cyber bullying on internet

Audience: for over 18 years Purpose: To inform the people about consequences of deforestation Gilda Patricia Moreno Ortega


One of the threats to human survival on earth planet is deforestation. This is a process of disappearance of forest and ironically is caused by the same man. Deforestation is the excessive felling of trees, either caused or injured, and at the termination of forest the ecological balance and biodiversity are lost. The Deforestation significantly affects the weather and climate. One of the worst Consequences of Deforestation is that many of the forest that is devastated are spaces where several kinds of animals live, many of these endangered. Moreover, in these areas there are considerable amounts of water. End up with a forest means that many of the animals and plants that live in it will die, or will have to move to another place to continue their Development, so many kinds of animals, some of them unknown to man are fading forever from the planet, further medicines and potentially valuables Materials are lost, like water and clean air. Another terrible Consequence is that the ability of the medium to absorb carbon dioxide is reduced, causing the greenhouse effect, phenomenon enhanced by pollution that causes global warming. The planet is

warming, the last ten years have been hotter and is expected that the future will be even hotter. Trees play a very important function that is the absorption of huge volumes of water through their leaves becomes steam. This steam forming clouds as it raises and condenses, and then rain and this allows growing more trees. So if end up with the trees the rain stops, and no rain the earth begins to die, and runs the risk where deforestation had become desert. Today a good alternative is repopulation of the deforested areas; this process of reseeding is recognized as reforestation. However, it is a process that takes a while to become, and it does not have enough reach when it comes to recovering lost ecosystem. Daily the rainforest of the planet, most of them located in Central America and South America, Central Africa and Southeast Asia, suffer the excessive cut down of its tress. Deforestation process is more destructive in the tropics, as these have less fertile soils and is more difficult their recuperation; developing countries try to improve their economies trough the inappropriate use of forest to obtain economics gains in a shortterm. Unfortunately countries like Brazil have flooded sq km of forest in the Amazon jungle to build hydroelectric dams or

factories, probably the greatest consequence of deforestation is in the future¨ climate change¨. If the greenhouse effect raises the temperature of the planet, rainforest may no longer survive in its present habitat, some will have to climb the mountain slopes or move to more fresh or wet environments, but unfortunately Global Warming will happen so fast, that will prevent that many forests, animals and plants can adapt. There are currently gaps in the methods, mechanism and strategies that support and develop ecological measures to prevent destructive processes such as deforestation. Governments must confront and combat the effects of damage to forest areas because of pollution, air, fire and indiscriminate felling, but effective measures and approaches are needed to improve the formulation, planning and development of created strategies. Participation of whole population, the private sector, ONGS and governments is essential for awareness on sustainable

exploitation and utilization of environmentally sound forest. Measure to stop the processes of deforestation is a reforestation program that each country must promote to forest the incentives of the conservation and sustainable use of biological resources. Likewise, governments should lead forestry research networks to facilitate and stimulate the exchange of information, it is also important to perform studies that analyze the causes of deforestation and environmental destruction in each country. Cooperation should be encouraged in the transfer and use of technology related to forests, trough public and private investment. On the other hand, the evaluation of process that promoted strategies that tends to the reduction of environmental degradation is required. The policies should aim awareness of the population for forest sustainability, reforestation, conservation and protection of forest.

Violence in El Salvador Alejandra PeĂąa

El Salvador is considered one of the

crime. Robberies, home invasions, and

Based on current statistics, violent crime

officials, independent business persons,

most violent countries in the world.

remains significantly higher than U.S. and international rates. El Salvador ranks second highest in murder rate in the world

The number of murders in El Salvador rose 44 per cent in the first three months of 2014 compared with the same period last year, leaving a two year old truce still in force between violent gangs. There were 794 murders from January to end of March, up from 551 over the same period last year, El Salvador’s Institute of Legal Medicine inform. Crimes of every nature occur 24 hours day, daylight is not a deterrent. There are no areas that are deemed free of violent

extortions occur in the most affluent neighborhoods,

and closely guarded

and diplomats are not immune from these attacks.

As a result, neighborhood watch groups

The new authorities who will assume the

employ armed private security, while

leadership of El Salvador has said they

have increased personal attacks, such as

that is a combination of enforcement and


crime prevention.

security checkpoints and police patrols continue




transportation sector. Passengers






buses route,

are at

roadblocks, and at bus stops. Would be muggers





become so brazen that they are known to keep to a daily schedule, riding city buses from one stop to the next, mugging and committing criminal acts with impunity from criminal persecution. El Salvador has hundreds of known gang cliques, totaling more than 20,000 members.




narcotics and arms trafficking, murder for hire,

carjacking, extortion,

violent street crime.


The gangs have

stretched these governments to their limits. Gangs run large swathes of urban and semi urban areas, prisons are overflowing and are largely administered

by the gangs, and actions of the gangs may be upgrading to more sophisticated criminal activities.

will fight crime head on with "smart bag�

Healthy Body + Healthy Mind

+ Healthy Heart =

Healthy Life

behind? When we talk about health, we think that is almost impossible to be health and fit because there are many things that we need to leave and things that we need to do too. For example, some kinds of meals and plenty of exercise. But in this you can follow some simple and practical tips to have a good health:

Angelica Gabriela Alas

Good health habits can help us to avoid an illness and improve our quality of life.

 First of all, you must choose food that contains minimal of unhealthy fats and select food that are low in both

Many people consider that is very complicated having a good health; since they have to avoid some kind of meals and practicing a sport, and even do not eat their favorite food. But for many people it is an easy task because they have had a healthy life since they were children, or definitely they enjoy eating health, but how to live a healthy lifestyle?

Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle and leave your lazy life

sugar and carbohydrates; avoid unhealthy fats like: butter, dark chocolate, cheese, nuts, and seeds. You

can eat food that is low in sugar and carbohydrates like: lettuce, green vegetables, meats and seafood.

they consume liquid diets, diet pills and other diet supplements. It is very important to get plenty of sleep; studies have showed that those who sleep less tend to weigh more.

 Get some exercise. It helps you to avoid stress; you Can stretch out after you get up, and it will relax your muscles. You should go to the gym 3 to 5 times per week.

 Finally, remember good hygiene is part of a good health:  Take a shower every day  Brush your teeth daily  Clean your feet

 Avoid unhealthy habits like: excessive smoking and alcohol. Some people tend to exaggerate in their diets and

Audience: all ages Purpose: to inform people about the important to take care their money.


I consider that in El Salvador we live in consumerist society where we think that between more electronics devices we have, does meant better life, but many people has some debts because generally people who has excellent work and a good salary has a higher education. “A universal principle is that the higher education the lower degree of consumerism” said Esmahan. If we have a solid education there high probabilities to reduce the consumerism and to organize yours priority needs in that way we can save your financials and won`t have unnecessary debts.

The popular book “Padre rico, pobre padre” wrote by Robert Kiyosaki Lechter shown us that many people dream about to earns more money, to get better life. The most of the population hanker to buy a big safe house to get a new car but in the reality to have better earns no always means to have a relaxed life. Salvadorians people are a good examples that to have a better pay not make us better administrators, this brings us bigger consequences; like bank debts, credit cards debts and other services like, cell phones, internet etc.

Financial and basic education terms to achieve a better quality of Life Salvadorean culture, in general terms is characterized by the Pursuit of short term satisfaction aside saving and inversion. HOW TO SAVE YOUR MONEY You need to survive with your 30% of your salary. 10% for your necessary needs, the other 10% To help others people and the rest of your 30% of your salary if the pay for your work. This 10% will be for your savings; you need to save this money in the bank for many years when you consider that you have a good amount of money, you need to invest

in your own company. Think how much money you will need to live comfortable for 20 or 30 years after you stop working. The rest of you money will be for your deal or company ( invertion)

Parents can show their children how to save the money and why is really important to save the money at an early age.

To have into account; never to use your credit cards if you don`t really have an emergency.

Pay your debts at time. It is an excellent way to take care of money, remember if you don`t pay at time your debts those will be more every day, you will pay a high interest.

Things you want to do before you die…… Yoselin Beatriz Cortez

Our life consists of overcoming fears, achieving goals, realizing dreams and even simple pleasure; those are the things that give meaning to our life and we strive every day to achieve them. We all have things we want to do before we die; some of these things require more effort than others, but we must remember that nothing is impossible in life.

term, it is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to experience before you die. There you’ll find five examples of those things to do and we hope to inspire you to create your own list which definitely will be much longer.

1. Swing with dolphins Dolphins are very lovable and smart animals, they seem to understand people.

It is good idea to make a “bucket list”, if you haven’t heard about the

2. Live in a different country

Moving to a different country is a whole other thing. The first Option is The United States of America. 3-Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Simply it’s more than a tower. It is a symbol of the most visited city in the world and one of the most beautiful in the world, Paris.

4-Buy my own house and live alone

Feeling responsible for yourself and Independent is necessary at some point in life. 5- Go to Camp Noun stadium and watching a match between F. C Barcelona and Real Madrid

Definitely experience.



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