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Limited Power of Attorney To: Any and all of my Student Loan Creditors: I, hereby duly authorize, empower and appoint Student Loan Consolidation Center, LLC, its agents and representatives (SLCC) permission to perform any acts necessary or convenient, including but not limited to, the following on my behalf: To communicate with any and all of my Federal Student Loan providers to consolidate my Student Loans. To communicate with banks, creditors, financial institutions, licensed collection agencies, and all other related entities and individuals relating to my Federal Student Loans, including but not limited to the balance of my account, payment history verification of the account and any and all necessary communications, correspondence, and negotiations regarding my account(s). I assert that all of the information that I have provided and will provide SLCC is true and accurate. I hereby authorize third party communication from banks, creditors, financial institutions, license collection agencies, and all other related entities and individuals relating to my Federal Student Loans to communicate directly with (SLCC) concerning my account or the collection activates associated with it, in accordance with Section 805(b) of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I further request that all of my lenders direct all further telephone calls to: 800-251-0801 and correspondence to: Student Loan Consolidation Center, 210 N. University Drive Suite 501 Coral Springs, FL, 33071. Any and all communications directed to me will be referred to SLCC, and only SLCC will authorize to deal with your company and or its representatives. I understand that SLCC is not a law firm, is not licensed to practice law or provide legal advice and that I will not request or accept, any legal advice from SLCC relating to my personal financial situation. I expressly agree to waive, forgo, indemnify and defend and claim against SLCC relating to the practice of law. I understand that any creditor or collection activity, demands, or lawsuits are related to my enrollment in the SLCC program. I agree that electronic or facsimile copy signature shall be deemed original and is an authorization by me for all lawfully enforceable purpose. This Limited Power of Attorney shall remain in force until or unless modified or rescinded in writing, or upon resolution of the current matter. Executed on this (Date):_____________________ Applicant Signature: ____________________________

Applicant SSN: _______________________________

Applicant Name:_______________________________

Applicant DOB:_______________________________

STATE OF ____________________________ COUNTY OF ________________________________ On this _____ day of ___________________ 201___, before me, the undersigned authority or notary public, personally appeared _______________________, provided to me through satisfactory evidence of identification, which were __________________, to be person whose named is signed on the preceding or attached document entitled “Limited Power of Attorney�, and acknowledge to me that he/she signed it voluntarily for its stated purpose. Notary Public:

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