Tolling evolution in Portugal, Antonio Amador, Brisa

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ITS Euskadi congress “Tolling in Portugal “ António Amador

Nov 2012

Agenda •

Brisa Innovation

Portugal Highways network

Payment forms

Evolution of Toll Plazzas

Electronic Tolls only




Brisa Innovation Value Chain Research





Consulting Services

 Research projects  Co-financing using national and international (EU, U.S.) funds


 Project and solutions development  Licensing through third parties or direct licensing inside and outside Brisa Group

 Production and installation projects of equipment in road concessions and other infrastructure

New Product Development

Installation Projects

 Maintenance services for road concessions  Maintenance services for ETC applications in parks and access control

Maintenance Activities

Consulting activities in the different areas present at the value chain Consulting Projects 4

Portugal Highways network Portugal highways

First toll : 1961

First dedicated electronic lanes: 1991

2800 Km

Traditional Toll facilities

Electronic Tolls only

Four classes based on number of axles and high at first axle

Brisa network


Portugal Highways network

Open Toll Road (urban)

Closed Toll Road (interurban)

Closed Toll roads through diferent concessions A



(A+B+C) $ A$

B$ 6

Payment means evolution  Manual Toll Collection - Cash - Bank cards (debit and credit cards)

 Electronic Toll Collection - From Passive tags , active LDR tags and today EN15509 MDR


- The actual readers support both LDR and MDR - DSRC 5.8GHZ first only in exclusive lanes and some years after

also in manual lanes

 Automatic cash machines 7

Manual lanes - Toll plaza with tollbooths - Barriers - Cash - Bank cards - Also ETC (must stop)


Automatic lanes -

DSRC 5.8 GHz


More than 2 millions OBU’s LDR and MDR


DSRC technology vendor independence


More than 200 dedicated lanes , only allowed to cars with OBU’s and a valid contract


Enforcement by phototolling


Black list and white lists


Automatic cash lanes  Automatic cash machines - Cash, coins and notes - Bank cards - And also ETC  By 2011 were installed approx. 300



Bank cards workflow Ficheiros


Centro da Portagem

Manual Tolling

Emissor / Representante do Cartão





Automatic cash machines

Concessionário da Auto-estrada Rede de Comunicações


Banco do Emissor/Representante do cartão


Banco do Concessionário da Auto-estrada

Bank concession


card SIBS

Bank card



Traditional concessions today  More than 80% of transactions, at Brisa concessions, are

unmanned, drivers use mostly ETC lanes and Automatic cash Lanes

 Nevertheless, cash will continue in traditional concessions

while legislation imposes cash payment as an alternative


Electronic Tolls Only  The widespread of new

concessions in the last fifteen years, lead to the implementation of the electronic toll system.

 This solution offered great

advantages in terms of less investment, efficiency, convenience and safety, not only in the payments but also in the travels. 13

Electronic Tolls Only The electronic identification of the vehicle happens when it is crossing the point of collection. This ensures greater speed of circulation, improved road safety and reduction of environmental impacts in terms of CO2 emissions and noise. Only the electronic payment is allowed, without the possibility of manual payment on site. All lanes with electronic toll only, are properly identified in advance, through a signpost. 14

Electronic Tolls Only EUROSCUT Norte – Soc. Concessionária da Scut Norte Litoral, S.A. A27 Viana do Castelo - Nogueira A28 Porto - Viana do Castelo

LUSOSCUT - Auto-Estradas do Grande Porto, S.A. A4 Sendim - Águas Santas A41 Freixieiro (A28) - Aeroporto - Maia - Alfena - Ermida (A42) A42 Ermida (A41) - Paços de Ferreira – Lousada Variante EN 107 (VRI) Aeroporto (A41) - A4

NORSCUT - Concessionária de Auto-Estradas, S.A A24 Castro Daire Sul (Carvalhal) - Castro Daire Norte, Reconcos (Bigorne), Régua, Vila Real

LUSOSCUT das Beiras Litoral e Alta, S.A. A25 Albergaria (A1) - Viseu - Mangualde - Guarda - Vilar Formoso

LUSOSCUT Costa de Prata, S.A. A17 Aveiro (A25) – Mira A25 Aveiro (Barra) - Albergaria (A1) A44 Coimbrões - ER.1-18 A29 ER.1-18 - Miramar - Ovar - Estarreja

SCUTVIAS - Auto-Estradas da Beira Interior A23 Abrantes - Guarda

EUROSCUT - Soc. Concessionária da Scut do Algarve, S.A. A22 Via Infante de Sagres (VLA)


A23 – Beira Interior


A22 - Algarve


Electronic Tolls Only  No speed variation.  Security of the sites  Classification of vehicles is a

challenge due to the physical parameters necessary to acquire.


Tensão 2volts 370 360 350

Distancia cm

Laser approach

340 330 320 310 300 290 280










8 segundos ( 3.5/volta)

< ±5>

Car detection and classification


Electronic Tolls Only Collection Point Concession Backoffice

• •

• •

Photo Anonymous CTT tags

Tag with contract Anonymous VVP tags

CTT Portuguese Post office

The client has a time period to pay

VVP Tag issuer Debit into Bank’s account client


Payment  Electronic vehicle On Board Unit - With a contract associated with Via Verde (post-


- Without a contract, anonymous and always a pre-


 Without electronic device - Lincense plate extracted from the captured photo.

- Post payment from the second day of the passage and

during five working days in any Portuguese Post Office store (CTT) or Payshop store (more than 4000)

- The tax has an increase due to administrative costs - Note: While in traditional tolls a photo is always associated

to enforcement in Electronic tolls it can be a way of payment.


Payment  EASYTOLL - Tourists and immigrants

- Associate a License plate to a credit card (Visa or


- The association is valid for 30 days.

 TOLLSERVICE The driver can buy a prepaid ticket, ready to use, with a fixed charge of €20, with unlimited use for 3 days. This system only applies to light vehicles. Acquisition of pre-paid tickets with previously defined journeys:

Journey from Spain - Porto Airport, via A28 or A41 (round trip). Journey from Spain - Faro Airport via A22 (round trip).


Payment  VIA VERDE VISITORS - For frequent stays, the driver may rent a

Temporary ‘Via Verde Visitors' Device.

- Cost of rental: € 6 in the first week, and 1.5 € for

each week after that;

- Initial deposit € 27.50 (value refunded upon

return of the device);

- Consumption depending on use; - Validity period of 90 days, extendable for an equal

period whenever a new minimum preload is made before the expiration of that period.


Payment  TOLLCARD - The TOLLCard is activated through an SMS, with a fixed

amount to be consumed depending on circulation. - This solution allows payment in cash or with bankcard, is valid

for one year and your balance can be found on the Internet. It is aimed at tourists and immigrants. The driver can buy a preloaded card with 5, 10, 20 or 40 â‚Ź. - The driver shall proceed to its activation by sending an SMS by

mobile phone with the code printed on the card and the license plate of the vehicle (instructions on the card), so that it is associated with the license plate of the vehicle. You can activate more than one card, with the accumulation of balances. - The activated balances will be consumed depending on the

use of highways with electronic toll collection only.


Electronic Tolls Conclusion  It seems that , henceforth, in Portugal new concessions will use this


 Increase the use of OBU in order to reduce administrative work is

important, this surely will be the elected means to pay tolls, in a near future.

 Interoperability with Spain and other countries will also happen. - In the north of Portugal it is running a pilot where spanish OBU’s are


- Easytoll and Visitoll can be good options for tourists


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ITS Euskadi congress “Tolling in Portugal” António Amador

Nov 2012