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Monica Dowen BA Interior Design - 2011 BA Environmental Design - 2006

Hospitality Amalgam Boutique Hotel

Healthcare Mountain Vista: A Memory Care Community

Residential Chalupsky Telluride Residence


Main Street Brew & Gallery

Capstone Main Street Brew & Gallery

Skills • Drafting • Digital Presentation • Modeling • Architectural Detailing • Light Design


Project Location:

Denver, Colorado

Square Footage:


Client Profile:

Tom and Debbie Goodman are interested in opening a boutique hotel in the River North (RiNo) district in Denver Colorado. They are both in their early 40s and are ready to pursue a venture in the hospitality industry. Debbie is very involved in the RiNo District and rents a gallery space nearby the proposed site. She is a metal sculptor and plans on using her art scattered around the hotel. Debbie is passionate about bringing interest and involvement to the up and coming area and wants to place a boutique hotel to expose Denver travelers to the RINo District.

Client’s Goals:

-To have a boutique hotel serving a trendy group of middle class guests -To have a chic somewhat edgy style -Incorporate Debbie’s sculpture throughout -Incorporate a fine dining, 3 meal restaurant, bar and lobby lounge that are all cohesive yet unique. -The hotel should feel exclusive and “one of a kind”


Amalgam Boutique Hotel

User Profile:

-Average combined annual income $70,000+ -Age range 25-35 -Young working adults looking for a chic urban getaway


Concept: Industrious Progression Raw materials and industrial elements merge with sophisticated styling, Showing the progression from rough to polished. The concept was chosen because of the site and the industrial nature of the surrounding builings. It also relates to the process of the RiNo District becoming trendy.

Site Plan


Inspirational Photo: Industrial Groin Vaults

The hotel will utilize their location in the RiNo District to highlight the industrial environment of Denver’s newest trendy art and design district by showcasing local artists work in the hotel.

Process: Inspirational Photo: Steel and Glazing

The spaces were grouped together based on public and private zones, inside as well as outside. The public zones were grouped generally in the center and semi private zones radiate towards the edge of the plan.

Map of RiNo District:

Parti Diagram

Inspirational Photo: Drafted Gear

Inspirational Photo: Gears

3 Hospitality

Bubble Diagramming

Progress sketch: Entry Detail

Overall Floor Plan The floor plan is structured and rigid; reminiscent of industrial design, but the polished interior reveals itself to the guest as they walk towards the registration desk.

Problem Statement:

A fine dining, 3 meal restaurant, bar and lobby lounge are all to be incorporated in ways that are all cohesive yet unique.


The fine dining, 3 meal restaurant, bar and lobby lounge were designed with the overall concept of Industrious Progression in mind, this created a cohesive design. However each individual space was designed using different concepts based on types of industrial elements. • Fine dining - Suspension Cables • 3 meal restaurant - Conveyor Belts • Bar - The process of liquefaction • Lobby Lounge - Gears


Amalgam Floor Plan

Hospitality 4

Liquefaction Programatic Concept Statement: Progress sketch

The hotel should feel exclusive and “one of a kind”


The bar, Liquefaction, creates a feel of exclusivity with the luxe finishes and custom elements throughout.

Liquefaction Enlarged Floor Plan


Progress sketch

North Bar Elevation

Inspirational Photo: Industrial Bar

Andoo chair by Coalesse

5 Hospitality

Metallic Mesh in Nickel by Knoll Textiles

Liquefaction Perspective

• The walls behind the banquette are covered in fabric to soften the “hard” industrial feel of the ceiling beams. • 3 Form resin panels were used to create a soft glow of light in the VIP area of the bar. • Ceiling heights were utilized to create drama in the space. • The custom bar uses water droplet lights progressively cascading over patrons to integrate the process of liquefaction. • Mirrors mounted over the bar area create a sparkle with the reflection of the many tiny lights.

Zebra wood tabletops and bar shelving

Zebra wood Woven Wall by 3-Form Ready to go

Gigi barstool by Knoll

Portier banquette by Charter Furniture

Junior Suite The Junior Suite is designed with the overall theme of Industrious Progression in mind, though departing slightly with softer finishes and personalized touches.

Suite Elevation

The Junior Suite features a King sized bed with custom headboard, side chair, and a 5-piece bathroom.

Programatic Concept Statement:

The hotel should feel exclusive and “one of a kind�.


The Junior Suite creates a feeling of luxury by using high quality materials and a custom bed and light box. The bed, inspired by the photo below, uses Zebra wood to contrast with the sunken mirrors and protruding stainless steel elements.

Bathroom Elevation Enlarged Suite Plan

The custom light box, featuring an opaque gear graphic, adds a soft glow to the Industrial styled room.

Pharoh Pendant by Niche Modern Gear graphic used on walls Wetstyle Z Collection Vanity Contemporary Art Print by Michele Keck

Inspirational Photo: Custom bed design

Posh Croc in Graphite by Flor

Bedroom Perspective

Sobbern Chair by Charter Furniture

Lino Tile by Anne Sacs

Bathroom Perspective

Hospitality 6



memory care


Project Location: Square Footage: Client’s Goals:

Denver, Colorado, Stapleton neighborhood 36,000

- The philosophy of this memory care community is to cater to their clients and give them the best care in a welcoming and homey environment. - Users will be able to live close to the community with a great shopping center and a growing neighborhood within walking distance. -The design will be modern and warm with elements of the Usonian and Prairie architectural styles. - Nature must be incorporated in the design, without exposing clients to the elements at all times. - The design uses timeless elements throughout so it will not look “dated”, making the community welcoming to all; family and client.

User Profile:


Mountain Vista :

This community is for clients with Alzheimer’s Disease / Dementia. These clients have a moderate income and live an active lifestyle. The design is intended for future generations, the current age range of the users is 20 - 30.


Concept: Paths Inspirational Photo: Glass and steel allow nature in

Mountain Villa Inspirational Photo: Modern and classic ADA bathroom

Memory Care Community

The concept of the community is Paths. Clients from all “paths” or walks of life will be accessing the community. Paths also relate to nature and health. Research has shown that patients who were exposed to elements of nature healed at rates that were faster than patients who were not exposed to nature.


The Stapleton neighborhood is an ideal site because it is important for the users to feel like they are still a part of the community. With the proximity to shopping, outdoor recreation, and growing neighborhoods, users will be close to all activity while receiving the care that they need.

Inspirational Photo: Beautiful fall colors


Inspirational Photo: Warm color palate

The spaces were grouped together based on public and private zones The public zones were grouped generally in the center and semi private zones radiate towards the edge of the plan, with the private areas (units) being clustered in “neighborhoods”. Inspirational Photo: Colorado Mountains

Mind Mapping

Inspirational Photo: Geometric modern home


Inspirational Photo: Geometric shelving


Bubble Diagraming

Overall Floor Plan Programatic Concept Statement:

The design will be modern and warm with elements of the Usonian and Prairie architectural styles, but must be easy to navigate.


The design reveals itself to the users, by using angled walls and 3 sided rooms to create interest and encourage people to continue exploring the building. The plan is designed so that a person can wander around and will eventually get back to where they started.

Programatic Concept Statement:

It is important that everyone be able to find their way around with ease. Wayfinding techniques become crucial when designing with Alzheimer’s Disease / Dementia patients.


• Different awnings were used to delineate different types of spaces • Signage throughout • Flooring changes to signify room changes

Private Public Semi-Private Semi-Public

N Mountain Vista Overall Floor Plan Block Plan



Private Units Process Floor Plans

Each unit has a bed, private and fully accessible bathroom, small refrigerator, and a sleeper chair for guests. Users are encouraged to bring items from home, to create personalized spaces. • The entrance to each unit has a board for each person to display what they wish. • Upon moving in residents will be able to choose their personal unit door.

Unit Enlarged Floor Plan


Process Floor Plans

Design elements such as tray ceilings and residential-like finishes lend to the residential ambiance of the space, banishing the institutional feel of a hospital.

Unit Section

Sleep Chair by La-Z-Boy Contract

Senso by Carolina

Mountain High II by Sylvia Angeli



Concept I ceiling fan

Unit Perspective

Unit Entry Elevation

Living room The living room features a coffee bar, a private area for playing board games and reading, and a seating group.

Fireplace wall sketch

The large fireplace wall is used to create zones in the room while adding light and storage. The materials and finishes used throughout are durable and timeless, making the community welcoming to all; family and users.


Programatic ConceptB R oSa dtatement : lo o m s p e c i F i c at i o n s


Nature must be incorporated in the design, without .....................................Gl067 exposing clients to the elementsstyle at#all times.

Gauge .....................................1/12 (47.2/10 cm)

Neighborhood Enlarged Floor Plan

dye method..........................solution dyed/yarn dyed


Backing material .................unibond® by lees Face yarn ................................duracolor premium fiber with antron legacy Fireplace wall sketch

The living room features a floorFiber to ceiling window with by lees stain Resistant system. technology ................duracolor® passes Gsa requirements for permanent views to the courtyard, promoting nature within the space. stain resistant carpet. Nature is also incorporated withsize/width the selection of the rock .............................12’ width (3.66 m) wall and natural color palate used. iaQ Green label plus .........1930 YLighting Spec Sheet:

12/12/10 8:04 AM


cut sheet A-2710 Miris Semilunar Wall Sconce Description: Design by Leonardo Marelli. Imported from Spain by Estiluz. L A N ( l o u nwith ge) Semilunar wall Dy sconce glass diffusers on top and bottom providing both direct and indirect light. The Miris sconce is available with an incandescent orback energy-efficient compact fluorescent light • Square source. Brushed Nickel finish with Black or White • Clean-out design fiberglass shade. • Spring seat construction


VALUABLE FEATURES • Laminate covered side assemblies • Wood arm cap

• Solid maple construction • Replaceable components

A-2710 Miris Semilunar Wall Sconce


Miris Semilunar Wall Sconce phone: 1.866.428.9289

• Nemschoff mortise and tenon construction

• Plastic rubber cushioned glides

704-1, Chair

Item Code: EST-A-2710 • Low formaldehyde emissions • Nemschoff healthcare wood finish for heavy use and harsh cleaning

Lamp Type: - Incandescent • Certified CTB - Fto-meetFluorescent (+$97.60) 133/ASTM E-1537 with most fabrics

Finish: • Lifetime - 37 - Brushed Nickel warranty Shade: - 26 - Black OPTIONS • (P)lus removable and - -27 - seat White back covers

- non-removable Wattage: • (S)tandard 60|18 seat and back covers

Neighborhood Entry Elevation

Lamp Type: incandescent|fluorescent • Laminate options

• Optional Veneer covered side assemblies

Listing: • Finish ETL|ADA options

704-1, Chair W-301⁄2", D-311⁄2", H-321⁄2" SH-18", AH-24"

704-1, Chair

704-2, Settee W-543⁄4", D-311⁄2", H-321⁄2" SH-18", AH-24"

704-3, Sofa W-79", D-311⁄2", H-321⁄2" SH-18", AH-24"

barrier Price: • Moisture $355.20

Realization by Lees

Dylan lounge chair by Nemschoff

Adoration II by Maeve Harris Printed 10/08

PO Box 129 • Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53082-0129 • Telephone: 800.203.8916 • Facsimile: 920.459.1234 •

15497_Dylan Lounge.indd 1

Neighborhood Enlarged Floor Plan

12/10/08 7:21:55 AM


Fixture Type: Wall Sconces




Approved By:

Date: 12/12/10

Catalog Code: Copyright © 2010 YLighting. All Rights Reserved. | Phone: 1.866.428.9289




Project Location:

Telluride, Colorado

Square Footage:


Client Profile:

The clients for this mountain home remodel are Chad Chalupsky and his girlfriend, Monica. They are moving to the mountains after living in Denver, CO for many years. The clients are both design professionals and are very opinionated about what they like and dislike. The couple is very active and are often found doing activities in the mountains whether it be snowboarding, camping or fishing. Words that express their personality are: laid back, active, creative

Client’s Goals:


Chalupsky Telluride Residence

Chad and Monica want to have a home that encompasses both the personal style of the couple and the beauty of the mountains. There are wanting a home that will expand with them in the future, with guest rooms for future children and plenty of space to house all their current possessions.


Concept: Raw Beauty The mountains are Raw Beauty. The streaks of light streaming through the trees, the emerald of the evergreens and the smell of fresh mountain air all inspire this concept. The concept will be developed by embracing the raw beauty of natural woods used for the flooring and structural connections within the home.

Inspirational Photo: Natural Material incorporation Mind Mapping

Site: Telluride, Colorado is the perfect place to buy a home in the mountains for this couple. The town is quaint and quiet, with nearby world class skiing and snowboarding. The couple can enjoy the seclusion of the mountains and thoroughly enjoy Colorado.

Process: Using the couples wants and needs, the spaces were arranged with an open floor plan in mind. Bubble diagramming was used to organize space and create the building blocks to the floor plan.

Inspirational Photo: Contemporary & Rustic

Bubble Diagramming Option 1

Inspirational Photo: Dark Stained wooden fireplace surround and shelving

19 Residential

Inspirational Photo: Bold Rock Fireplace

Bubble Diagramming Option 2

Inspirational Photo: Mountain Beauty

Inspirational Photo: Integration of home and site

Overall Floor Plan Programatic Concept Statement:

The couple desire an open floor plan to take advantage of the panoramic views of the mountains. However they don’t want their home to feel extremely modern and cold.


The fireplace acts as a divider for the mainly open floor plan, creating fully functional spaces on every side. There are also views to the fireplace from every room.

Programatic Concept Statement:

The couple want a master suite that is adjacent to the guest and future children’s rooms, but also secluded.


Second Floor Plan

The double height of the living room creates a natural separation, allowing the master suite to be secluded from the more public spaces while being down the hall.

N Exterior Elevation

First Floor Plan

Residential 20

Living Room



The living room is used for entertaining and relaxing. The clients come home in the evening and want to have a space that is comfortable and easy to use, and ready to entertain at a moments notice. The “feel� of the room should be industrial, this is done with a color palate of steel, wood, grays, greens and blues.

East Elevation

Programatic Concept Statement:

The couple likes to entertain frequently and there must be several seating groups to facilitate conversation.


The layout of the open floor plan allowed for the placement of 3 separate seating groupings in the rectangular shaped living room.

Enlarged Living Room Plan


Fireplace & Custom Shelving sketch

Damask wallpaper

Ayo rug by West Elm

District Sideboard by Crate and Barrel

21 Residential

Payton Ebony Bookcase by Crate and Barrel

Isa Chandelier by Oly Studios



South Elevation

Charcoal Rock Panel by Norstone

Kitchen The kitchen is particularly important to Chad and his girlfriend. As previously mentioned they like to entertain often and the kitchen is the hub for all the activity. The clients like to cook for themselves as well, so it is also important that the room be as functional for 2 people as it is for a small crowd.

North Kitchen Elevation

Programatic Concept Statement:

The couple stressed the importance of storage in the kitchen, but existing windows limit the amount of upper cabinetry that can be installed in the home.


When laying out the plan of the kitchen the spacial care was taken to make room for extra base cabinetry to accommodate the couple’s needs. The concrete wall adjacent to the living room also worked in advantage, adding space for a pantry cabinet and suiting the client’s needs.

Parque faucet by Kohler

Kitchen layout option 1

Kitchen layout option 2


Enlarged Kitchen Floor Plan

Dickinson apron-front sink by Kohler

Tom Dixon pendant Charcoal Rock Panel by Norstone

Cameron by Carolina Accents

Flor in Posh

Kitchen Perspective

Arc Duo Collection by Zephyr

South Kitchen Elevation

Residential 22

Master Bedroom East Master Bedroom Elevation


Enlarged Master Bedroom Plan

Though the bedroom is a room that is not used as frequently as others, it is very important that this room be relaxing and luxurious. The users will be Chad and Monica, so the closet will need to be a walk in and there must be ample space for clothing, shoes and various other items. The couple uses this room as their private retreat, and it should be comfortable and stylish.

Programatic Concept Statement:

The master suite must be relaxing and luxurious, incorporating all wants and needs of the couple in the odd rectangular shape of the space. Master Suite floor plan sketch


The master bedroom was arranged in a way to emphasize the surrounding environment, incorporating many windows to allow views from every room.

South Master Bedroom Elevation

Sabino Weaves by GP & J BAKER Washed linen bedding by Eileen Fisher

Leaves Of Grass Wall Art BY COLETTE GEORGE

Rain Storm by Behr

Leaves Of Grass Wall Art BY COLETTE GEORGE

Warner bed by Restoration Hardware

23 Residential

Dash Nightstand by Crate & Barrel

Master Bedroom Perspective

Calvino by Propellor

Reclaimed wood flooring by Pioneer Millworks

Master Bathroom The master bathroom should be unique, relaxing, and functional. The clients want a custom shower and a bathtub. The master bath should also include a double lavatory, enclosed toilet, tiled floors and fireplace if possible.

Master Bathroom West Elevation

Programatic Concept Statement:

The master bathroom must be a retreat for the couple, attached to the master bedroom while still remaining somewhat private.


The wall between the bedroom and the bathroom acts as the privacy barrier needed between the rooms. The open shower and toilet compartment are separated from the his and hers lavatories adding privacy as well.


Master Suite floor plan sketch

Master Bathroom Floor Plan

Metal Penny Rounds by Bellavita

Rain Storm by Behr

Charcoal Rock Panel by Norstone

Lignes tile by Provenza

Lino tile by Anne Sacks

Purist by Kohler

Master Bathroom Perspective

Closet design sketch

Master Bathroom East Elevation

Residential 23


Project Location:

Block 37 Shopping District: Chicago, Illinois

Square Footage:


Clients’s Goals:


Giada’s “Bringing Le Cordon Bleu Home”

Giada De Laurentiis wants to create a store that provides gourmet cooking demonstrations and dining for 16 people. Giada emphasizes toasting at the beginning of every meal so an extensive wine menu will also need to be available. The goal is to make the store a unique dining experience that is intimate and fun. The store will also sell all of her products and there will need to be a custom cash wrap to accommodate these sales. The style should be sophisticated, simple and inviting for both areas of the store. Her goal is to show patrons how to prepare a gourmet meal, and then be able to sell them the products to recreate the same meal at home. Thus bringing good Italian food into their homes.

User Profile:

This store is for those who want to be able to watch a chef prepare a gourmet meal and learn how to recreate it on their own. The primary target demographic would mostly be females and males ranging in age from mid 20s to late 40s, maybe on a date night or a unique weekend experience. Probably an upper middle-class type of income and an interest in unique fine dining experiences. The target demographic would live in the Chicago area, hearing of the store by word of mouth and walking by while shopping in Block 37. Other stores that these customers shop at would be Williams Sonoma and other fine cooking stores. Another demographic to consider would be tourists shopping in the area.


Concept: “Bringing Le Cordon Bleu Home” Bringing Le Cordon Bleu Home is significant because Giada DeLaurentis attended the school in Paris. Inspirational Photo: Le Cordon Bleu in Paris

Inspirational Photo: Block 37 Rendering





Inspirational Photo: Giada Target logo

Inspirational Photo: Fresh Ingredients

Block diagramming was used to lay out the different types of spaces in the store. The public areas were placed near the main entrances to the store to attract people into the store, while private areas are placed on interior walls. This also creates a natural division between the retail and demonstration zones.

Inspirational Photo: Teaching at the Le Cordon Bleu

Inspirational Photo: Dessert presentation

Initial Bubble Diagramming Inspirational Photo: Demonstrating cooking to children

27 Retail

The store is located in the Block 37 shopping center in Chicago, Illinois. Block 37 encompasses an entire city block in the heart of Chicago’s downtown Loop. Block 37 features an eclectic mix of shopping, dining and entertainment within a five-story atrium.


Block 37 Site Plan

Inspirational Photo: Giada Cooking

The goal is for people to be able to experience Le Cordon Bleu style cooking, step by step, and then be able to buy all the products used to make the gourmet food, thus bringing Le Cordon Bleu home

6-1-10 assignMent 2 DD coM


6-1-10 assignMent 2 DD coM

Overall Floor Plan & Drawings Programatic Concept Statement:

The goal is for people to be able to experience Le Cordon Bleu style cooking, step by step, and then be able to buy all the products used to make the gourmet food, thus bringing Le Cordon Bleu home.

Entry Perspective Retail Entry Perspective


A large demonstration bar with seating for 16 is used is to teach people, mixing professional cooking with home cooking. After the cooking demonstration and dinner the guests will then be able to walk down the hall and purchase the same utensils used to create the gourmet meal they PersPectives just ate.


Monica Dowen 6-1-10 assignMent 2 DD coM

Giada’s Overall Floor Plan

Programatic Concept Statement:

The demonstration zone and retail area must remain separate while being adjacent.


The restrooms create a hallway to separate the two zones. The ceiling beams are also used to delineate the spaces, pivoting to raise and lower over the room. Dining Area Perspective

East/West Building Section

Initial Bubble Diagramming

Retail 28


Project Location:

Historic Main St.: Louisville, Colorado

Square Footage:


Client Profile:

The clients are Charles & Iona Thomas. Charles is a descendant of the original owner’s of the historic State Mercantile Building in Louisville, Colorado. The clients are interested in opening a Brewery and Restaurant that encompasses the history of the building while incorporating modern elements and a new use. Since the historic building is a “family heirloom” the clients are willing to invest a large sum of money to design a space that is respectful of the past while serving the community in a new way.


Main Street Brew & Gallery

User Profile:

The primary users of this new business are between the ages of 18 and 45 and consist of mainly local patrons. The population of Louisville is 19,656. Since the restaurant is located near an area that is very busy at all times of the day, it will attract people of all ages and abilities. The main user groups of this restaurant/brewery will be families, twenty-somethings, and businessmen. The other possible group of patrons in the near future will come from the FasTracks light rail stop that will be located nearby (2 blocks away).


Inspirational Photo: Vintage Cigars would have been sold in the general store

Concept: A Glimpse of the Past

Inspirational Photo: Wheat grain Inspirational Photo: Historic Louisville

Inspirational Photo: Vintage Fly Paper

Inspirational Photo: Fermentation Tanks

When you walk into the restaurant you are given a glimpse of the past. The history gallery takes you back to the time when things were built to last. Each space pulls you into the comfort of the past with reclaimed wood & historic touches and then springs you back to the present with clean lines and modern elements. For it is, after all, only a glimpse of the past.


Site Analysis

Site: The State Mercantile building is the chosen site because it is one of the original buildings in Louisville, Colorado. In it’s long history the building has been a mercantile store, a general store and most recently a hardware store. Opening a restaurant/brewery in this location will continue the building’s history of providing necessary items to the people of Louisville.

Inspirational Photo: Historic General Store

Inspirational Photo: Vintage Kleenex


Inspirational Photo: Vintage Listerine

The concept of “a glimpse of the past” called for the floor plan to be laid out in a structured and systematic way. Mercantile stores, hardware stores and general stores are all arranged with aisles and shelving to accommodate products being sold. Bubble and space diagrams were used to organize the different zones in a structured manner, allowing the user to experience the building as intended.

Mind Mapping

Inspirational Photo: Smoking Room

31 Capstone

State Mercantile Builing

Overall Floor Plan Programatic Concept Statement:

The overall floor plan should encourage people to explore the history of the building while not interfering with the service portion of the business.


Careful thought was given to how users would browse through the shelves and was clear that the entrance to the kitchen had to be separated from the gallery space. This allows the restaurant to function smoothly and allowing guests and employees alike to enjoy the space. Initial floor plan sketch


Main St. Brew & Gallery First Floor Plan

First Floor RCP Key Short Glass Jar Pendant Recessed Can Lights Downlight Bare Bulb Filament Pendant

Initial Bubble Diagramming

Strip Lighting

First Floor RCP

Capstone 32

Overall Floor Plan Programatic Concept Statement:

The addition of the mezzanine level takes the exclusivity of the private dining area away. Noise levels could become obnoxious and encourage people not to book private parties or meetings here.


The mezzanine level was raised 2’ above the private dining area to ensure that people would not be at the same height when walking by. Another step made to increase the privacy of this area was to add glazing to dampen the sound of those using the mezzanine, creating a private environment for guests dining.

Main St. Brew & Gallery Second Floor Plan

Second Floor RCP Key Short Glass Jar Pendant


Recessed Can Lights Downlight Bare Bulb Filament Pendant Florescent Strip Lighting

Second Floor RCP

Initial floor plan sketch

Building Section

33 Capstone

Bar & Gallery

East Bar & Gallery Elevation

Programatic Concept Statement:

The bar and gallery space should be integrated and cohesive with one another, while providing spaces for those who do not want to be in the bar to enjoy the gallery as well.


The fermentation tanks that great the guest as they enter acts as a divider between the gallery space and bar. Gallery shelving is located both in the bar and gallery areas to encourage guest to mill around, with or without drink. Those with children have to option to stay in the gallery space and browse without being “in the bar�.

West Bar & Gallery Elevation


Enlarged Bar & Gallery Plan

Copper Countertop

Bare Bulb Filament Pendant

Inspirational Image: Spring Stairs

Initial bar sketches

Ashcroft by Charter Furniture Karu by Provenza

Tin Ceiling Tiles

West Bar & Gallery Perspective

Capstone 34

Dining Room Problem Statement: West Dining Elevation

Enlarged Dining Room Floor Plan

The double height of the dining room creates an awkward space that feels out of scale.



Creating a mezzanine above the dining area brings human scale back into the space. This mezzanine level also allows for guests to explore the full height of the building and have fantastic views of the brewery tanks. Another solution to the scale of the dining room was to install windows that appear to run floor to ceiling, drawing your eye up the wall and breaking up the long expanse of wall. Initial Space Planning

North Dining Room Elevation

Walnut Butcher Block Tabletops Metal Filament Sconce

Tall Glass Pendant

Toffee Trouble by Robert Allen

Simeon by Charter Furniture

35 Capstone

Dining Room Perspective

Initial Space Planning

Original Brick Wall

Tasting Room

North Tasting Room Elevation

The concept for the tasting room is to harken back to the days of dark, cigar smoking rooms and speak easys. This is a room to sit with friends and relax while you enjoy conversation and the freshly brewed beer. This room features a glass wall that reveals the room as you walk towards the private dining area, encouraging guests to walk in and sink into an old easy chair.


Problem Statement:

Enlarged Tasting Room Plan

The awkward shape of the room creates odd nooks and unusable space. Initial Space Planning


The nooks in the room are used to create intimate seating groups, allowing users to sit and talk with friends. South Tasting Room Elevation

Muir by Charter Furniture

Espalier by Sherwin Williams

Copper Countertop

Nolan by Charter Furniture

Tasting Room Perspective

Veridian by

Muir by Charter Furniture Aribert by Charter Furniture

Olivia Side Table by Nemschoff

Zinc by Sherwin Williams


Capstone 36


D rafting R H D evit and



Digital Presentation M odeling F C D M oam

ore and





A rchitectural Detailing R H D evit and



L“Aight D esign � lumniglow


Revit Architecture The project for Interior Architectural Detailing was to research and design a tumbleweed house. Tumbleweed homes range from 200-500 sq. ft. and the challenge was to fit a place to sit and read and an area to work in this small space. To address this problem two, interlocking floors were created; separating the zones and using the verticality of the space to create interest. Custom storage cases create a visual barrier and provide additional light, adding warmth to the home.

39 Skills

This hand drafted simple set of drawings was completed for Drafting 1. Each drawing was completed in pencil on bond paper.


Hand Drafting

Skills 40


Monica Dowen



EMPLOYMENT June 2010 - Present UNiT design studio Intern •Report writing •Site inspections •CAD drawing

Denver, CO •Project research •General office work •Code Research

January 2004 - May 2010 Applebees Server/Bartender •Expert Certification •Bartender •Server

Boulder/Denver, CO •Head trainer •Customer service


Computer Programs AutoCAD Revit Adobe Creative Suite CS5 SketchUp Microsoft Office

First Floor Plan

Design Skillls Computer rendering Graphic design Hand rendering Conceptual design Space planning Schematic design Sketching Construction documents Model building Design Development Presentation boards Architectural detailing

AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS Dean’s List - The Art Institute of Colorado President’s List - The Art Institute of Colorado Expert Certification - Applebees

Second Floor Plan

Kitchen Perspective

719.688.0858 Front of resume

2393 S. Kirkwood Ct. Denver, CO 80222

Shared Living Room Perspective

Bathroom Elevation

719.688.0858 Back of resume

41 Skills

2393 S. Kirkwood Ct. Denver, CO 80222

Digital Presentation Logo and marketing material creation was the goal of this class. I began by playing with graphics and finding a style that suited my design style. After the initial logo was created, it was then placed on all the different marketing materials to create the letterhead and business cards. The brochure, a two-sided document, was created as a leave behind for interviews. This gives potential employers a sampling of my design work in a unique way.



Business Card



The University of Colorado , Boulder Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Design




September 2011


The Art Institute of Colorado - Denver, CO Bachelors of Arts in Interior Design









Rear of Brochure






Front of Brochure


Digital Presentation

M 719.688.0858

Skills 42

Foam Core Modeling The tower project was created for the 3-D Basic Modeling class. The goal of this project was to design a tower with only a space to sit and contemplate. Our team felt the journey to the contemplation space was just as important as the space itself. We created fenestrations that stepped up the building with the staircase, letting the user have views of the surrounding terrain. The circulation of the building travels around the central column, spiraling the user up the building to the top platform and creating a space to relax and think about the journey through the building.

SketchUp model of tower

43 Skills

programs, SketchUp and Revit Architecture. The perspectives located on the upper right and lower left of the page were created in Revit first. SketchUp was then used to create custom elements in the project. The two remaining perspectives were created in SketchUp alone. Monica Dowen 6-1-10 assignMent 2 DD coM


Monica Dowen 6-1-10 assignMent 2 DD coM

3-D Modeling

Digital Modeling

Skills 44

Hand Drawn Detail Drawings Hand drawn details were created for the Architectural Detailing class. Details include a ceiling detail, cabinet detail and common door details.

45 Skills

Architectural Detailing

Computer Drawn Detail Drawings These rendered details were drawn for the Capstone project using Revit Architecture. Each element is custom and designed to suite the concept of the project, with plenty of display shelving. Dining Room

Tasting Room



Bar & Gallery


Skills 46

Custom Light Fixture “Alumniglow” This custom light fixture was created for Lighting Design. The concept behind the fixture was to use recycled items to create a beautiful and sparkling light fixture. Process: Cut up soda cans

Each aluminum strip was created by cutting up soda cans of different brands. Different brands were used so that the interior of the “orb” is colorful. The form, a recycled topiary ball, was covered by weaving the aluminum strips together and attaching them around the bottom opening. A base was then attached by drilling holes where the legs of the topiary ball met the wooden base.

Process: Attaching strips to the topiary ball

Connection Detail

47 Skills

The end result is “Alumniglow�, a sparkling lamp that creates striking reflections on surrounding walls.

Light Design

The finial process of creating this light was to mount a light bulb into the interior of the topiary ball. This was done by using wire to wrap the socket and then wiring the socket inside the topiary ball.

Skills 48

Hospitality: Industrial Groin Vaults: Steel and Glazing: Drafted Gear: Gears: Map of RiNo District: Industrial Bar: Gear graphic: Bed:


Glass and steel: Fall colors: Colorado mountains: Geometric modern home: Modern and classic ADA bathroom: Warm color palette: Geometric shelving:




Natural Materials: Contemporary & Rustic: Dark Stained Wood: Bold Rock Fireplace: Mountian Beauty: photograph taken by Monica Dowen Integration of home and site:

49 Sources


Cordon Bleu - Giada - Fresh ingredients - Teaching - Dessert - Giada Cooking - Demonstrating - Block 37 Rendering -


Historic Loiusvville - Vintage Cigar - Wheat - Vintage Fly Paper - Fermentation Tanks - Historic General Store - Vintage Kleenex - Vintage Listerine - Smoking Room - State Mercantile Builing - Photograph taken by Monica Dowen Spring Stairs -!__residential/wood-residence

Sources 50



Monica Dowen Academic Portfolio  

This portfolio features projects done while at the Art Institute of Colorado.

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