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BITCOIN CASINO AFFILIATE Enjoy the benefits of being an affiliate!

Bitcoin Casino Affiliate Being an affiliate offers a large number of perks at the same win-win situation to both parties. The affiliate earning more and the bitcoin casino being promoted will have more players. All you need to have is a website, an ad-space, or traffic source of any type to become an affiliate. Enjoy the things that you can get in being a bitcoin affiliate of a provably fair gambling site. You won’t have any problem because all the marketing ads that you’ll need will be given to you! Bitcoin casinos are really getting in our nerves. In fact, whatever direction you turn your head around; you will find something about bitcoin casino they are always inviting you to enjoy all the things that a bitcoin casino it has to offer . That’s why promoting and advertising these casinos begin to be an opportunity to earn. If you want to take advantage of its rise, join bitcoin casino affiliate program and get paid with bitcoins as well for your marketing specialties. This is how bitcoin casino affiliate programs work? 1.

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Look for a bitcoin casino that offers an affiliate program then read their requirements, register and follow necessary steps to become one of their official affiliate. All the marketing tools will be given to you such as banners, links, images and even contents that you have to post in your website. It depends on the agreement of both parties; you can earn certain amoun of bitcoins if a customer clicks the tool, get started, or make a deposit in the bictoin casino that you are handling. A most popular payment term is a monthly basis based on the commission you have earned. Because bitcoins are used, you can expect to receive your earnings instantly but it is your discretion if you want bitcoins instead.

Bitcoin Casino Affiliate Programs The Bitcoin Casino brand that really stands out is Bitoomba. Bitoomba is an astounding bitcoin casino that offers array of bitcoin games like bitcoin slots, bitcoin roulette, bitcoin blackjack, bitcoin baccarat, poker as well as dice and lottery. Players definitely love a bitcoin casino like this compared to any other online casino as it has more advantage and offers fast transaction and bitoomba is a provably fair bitcoin casino. This bitcoin casino doesn’t really need a lot of effort to market because of how great Bitoomba is. The Bitoomba Affiliate Program is definitely one of the best bitcoin casino affiliate program out there which you can actually make bitcoins with. Through this, you can earn BTC by just advertising Bitoomba as a great bitcoin casino that offers spectrum of games using bitcoins. Being a bitcoin casino affiliate, don’t dare to settle for anything less. Have some thorough research about the bitcoin casino brand about the things that they are willing to offer. Always check the essential details like commission percentage, lifetime revenue share, payment period, comments of other affiliate, and as well as the terms and conditions. You have to be wise in choosing your bitcoin casino brand so that your efforts will not be wasted. One major factor why Bitoomba have the best affiliate program is they pay their affiliates 30% of the Managed Gross Revenue. There are no deductions or transaction fees and all the earnings will be paid monthly and of course the more players you refer the higher commission you’ll get. With Bitoomba as your affiliate program you’ll surely have a win-win situation.

Bitcoin Casino Traffic What is web traffic? How does web traffic affects a website? These are the most popular questions about we traffic that the affiliate is in charge. Web traffic is the amount of data send and received by visitors to a web site. This pertains to how popular and visited, viewed your website is for a specific time. This is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit. Web site traffic tells you which part of the pages in their site is popular and if there are any apparent trends, such as one specific page being viewed mostly by people in a particular country. Some companies offer advertising schemes like in return for the increase of their web traffic or visitor they pay for screen space on the site. They are also included on search engines and through search engine optimization. Now how is this related to bitcoin? Bitcoin casino or should we say bitcoin casino games are just like the normal online casino or typical casino, the traffic determines the number of players playing their games for example how can you know if a good bitcoin poker room is good or not? With these you would not want to wait long because there are not enough poker players in it. Not just poker but it can be all of the bitcoin games like bitcoin dice, bitcoin slots, bitcoin blackjack, video poker, bacacarat and etc. It is a major part of bitcoin casino because this is where they know if their bitcoin casino is actually improving or not. Bitcoin casino traffic tells if a bitcoin casino is good or not because they will surely have a feedback about the casino and if you have good feedbacks about your casino because of the large amount of traffic the situation will always be a winwin because you can always use those feedback to empower your bitcoin casino. Bitcoin casino traffic is essential for the brand and for the affiliate refers a large amount of players who actually play bitcoin game he will get a huge commission and if the bitcoin casino has a large number of players the other player who actually plays for other brand will have to think twice why your bitcoin casino is loved by many players.

Bitcoin Casino Affiliate  
Bitcoin Casino Affiliate  

Being an affiliate offers a large number of perks at the same win-win situation to both parties. The affiliate earning more and the bitcoin...