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Monica Daschner

Executive Assistant with Camber Resource Services, Ltd

A Dedicated Scholar Monica Daschner is in pursuit of a career in academic excellence. Monica Daschner is well on her way to earning her certification as a Petroleum Production Accountant at Mount Royal University. Monica Daschner is currently working through CAPPA, or the Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accountants program, to earn this certification. Monica Daschner was enrolled in the University of Calgary civil engineering program from 20072009.

Young Professional Balancing career and academics, Monica Daschner maintains a busy, active and enthusiastic lifestyle. An executive assistant for Camber Resource Services, Ltd., Monica Daschner works hard to build a great career while achieving academic excellence. Monica Daschner is now enrolled at Mount Royal University, where she is pursuing her CAPPA Petroleum Production Accountant certification. Monica Daschner anticipates finishing her certification in April of 2014.

Motivated to Succeed Monica Daschner is polished, professional and ready for more. Responsible and hardworking, Monica Daschner manages both an up-and-coming professional career and her continuing education in stride. Monica Daschner enjoys the challenge of pursuing her Petroleum Production Accountant certification while performing as a high-level executive assistant. Monica Daschner has worked in the petroleum industry since 2012 and hopes to build a long-standing career in the oil-and-gas field.

Monica Daschner  

Monica Daschner has been working in the oil-and-gas industry since 2012. Monica Daschner currently works as an executive assistant with Camb...