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An ederly man is on his way to his anniversary dinner, but struggles to remember how to get there. However, he comes to find that the location of the diner is not the only thing he has yet to discover.


William Knight Benjamin

William Knight’s entire life has been centered around

acting. Born in Los Angeles, he began his career as a young child, traveling with his family from city to city performing in revival shows. A decade later, he decided it was time to move on and subsequently joined the Air Force at 17, where he stayed for four years. He could have stayed in the military, but his passion for acting was calling him. Quoting the WWI era song, How you Gonna Keep ‘Em on the Farm (After They’ve Seen Paree), Knight believes there was no way that he could have stayed away from the stage. He isn’t really sure what drew his to acting, but instead believes it just got in his blood. After his time in the military, he utilized he G.I. Bill, and attended L.A. City College (LACC). During this time, LACC was the place to go for aspiring actors and was where Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood received their training. While at LACC, he starred in numerous Shakespearean stage plays. Knight credits his success as a Shakespearean actor to the natural translation between the King James Bible and Shakespeare. Other than the Air Force, his only other non-acting job was working as a grip on movies. He stated that this was not his favorite job, however, it allowed him to gain invaluable knowledge about cameras, lenses and what a good shot looks like. His time as a grip was a great help later on in his acting career. Eventually, Knight moved to New York, where he was casted in Oh Calcutta, which ran on Broadway for several years. He says, “Going to Broadway is like getting your spurs for an actor.” Oh Calcutta became a fan favorite and its initial run was extended on several occasions. Knight stayed in New York for 15 years, and acted in two more Broadway shows. He returned to Los Angeles after starting a family and continued with his acting career. Over the course of his career, Knight has acted in commercials, television and film. His extensive range has allowed him to play a myriad of roles including, several priests, an army general, crewman on Star Trek and an old man. Despite his many credits, Knight is best known for his voiceover work on numerous anime television shows and video games, such as Cowboy Bebop, Naruto: Shippuden and Tony Hawk’s Project 8. A consummate professional, Knight now acts to keep himself busy. He has acted in several student films both feature length and shorts. He has been in the industry for decades and noticed many changes. Despite these changes, he believes one thing that will never change -- and that is there must be a good story and a good script to carry that story. Like life itself, there should be peaks, valleys and plateaus.

Michele Carroll Granddaughter

With the power of telling stories that other people can’t, Michele Carroll knew that acting was in her destiny. However, she deviated from that path for a while attending and then graduating from Long Beach State with an international studies degree. Michele did several acting roles during high school. She admits of knowing that she would be spending the rest of her life acting, but decided to take a break to try something else. She decided to join the Baron/Brown Studio for acting in 2009 to gain more experience. Michele graduated from Baron/Brown last summer. From all of the projects she has been involved with, so far she is most proud of Mila Dear to All, a short film about human trafficking. “I love working with productions teams that dare to tell stories that others shy away from,” Michele adds, “ I feel these are the most important pieces to do because, in a small way, I am able to speak for those who can’t.” Michele identifies herself with actors Jennifer Connolly and Matt Damon. She says that the way they prepare for a role and the research they put into it resembles her way of acting. Michele appreciates the importance of acting in the moment; however, she cherishes the process of researching a role and getting into it very deep. “I just like to back it all up with a lot of work beforehand,” adds Michele.

Rebekah Salgado Waitress

Michelle Chu Jogger


Michael Tahan Writer & Producer

Michael’s love for film has been with him for as long as he can remember. Although he didn’t decide he wanted a career in film until high school, he has always told boldly visual stories from an early age. In the third grade, he wrote and filmed a string of vampire movies entitled the Fang Series. Each new part of the series featured one of his “unlucky friends” and the song AllStar by Smash Mouth. Michael’s string of work has since partially improved as he has worked on independent feature films including, How to Make Movies at Home and Find a Way. The latter was actually his first paid job where he received $100 for 80 hours of work as the second unit director. Michael also worked on the sound design and cinematography team for fellow Elon student Jay Light’s Sprite Films contest, Rocketeer, which had an $18,000 budget. Sprite Films is a nationwide program that offers young filmmakers the chance to showcase their ability and also give them a gateway into the movie making industry. Michael is a media arts and entertainment major, with a focus on cinema, with a minor in business. He is the president of Elon’s Film Society, also known as Cinelon.

David Tregde Director

David has worked in several video projects, including documentaries and short films. He wrote, directed, and edited This is Billy…, a 30-second PSA for self harm. He also wrote, directed and sound designed Unfinished, a five-minute action short and edited and filmed The Train of Success … or Not, a five-minute documentary short. David has also worked as director, writer and sound mixer for a threeminute action short titled Countdown, which he considers his best production work so far. “It has the highest production value I’ve ever put into a short film,” he reveals, “The music tells the story in a way I didn’t imagine as I was writing the script.” David is fascinated by the power an editor has over the storytelling process. He is also fascinated by the ways color can be used to enhance or tell a story. These two interests have influenced his production work as a director. He admits that since he has more of a creative mind, he would choose directing over producing. David is also a musician and composer. Music is a big part of his life and he believes that music reaches people’s emotions in ways that can’t be explained. When asked to name a director who has influenced him the most, David’s answer was Wes Anderson. “His obsession with production design, symmetry and use of color are unique and very important to his way of storytelling,” David says. Anderson, as well as David Fincher and Christopher Nolan, make up David’s top three directors. The most influential movie for him that he has viewed so far is Drive, because of the way the director eliminated dialog to enable the actors to tell the story with their reactions and their eyes. “Movies allow us to tell stories in a way that no other medium can,” David adds. David studies media arts and entertainment, with a concentration in cinema, at Elon University. He is expected to graduate in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. After graduation, he wants to pursue a career in postproduction, either in editing or color grading. This summer, he has been a development intern at Fremantle Media.

From left to right David Pope, Robert “Bobby” Watts, Will Simon, David Tregde and Michael Tahan.

Will Simon Director of Photography David Pope Sound Recorder Robert “Bobby” Composer & Mix Watts Mabry Williams Script Supervisor Kyle Graham Unit Publicist Monica Cuza Unit Publicist

Justin Bellucci Extra Caroline Mescon Extra Emily Merlin Extra

Executive Producers Kimberly tahan matthew fitzgerald mark tregde zach lowry melissa tahan gail fortin bill simon bonnie tahan catherine russell

Behind The Scenes

Production Notes While developing the character of Benjamin (portrayed by William Knight), writer Michael Tahan thought of the innocence that is inside of every person. “We’re innocent as children and many of us would like to regain that innocence when we get older.” Michael wanted to make Benjamin as lovable as possible to the audience. Actor, William Knight, masterfully executed Michael’s vision. Between takes, cast and crewmembers alike swooned over his performance in the film. Script supervisor Mabry Williams commented, “Awww… he’s so cute!” The most touching portion of the production came at the end of the one day shoot. William and Michele Carroll (playing the role of the granddaughter) were able to collaborate in a way that evoked extreme emotion and passion. When she was done with her scenes, Michele said that she was happy to have been a part of such a great project. When asked about working with professional actors for the first time, director David Tregde confidentially said that he was not at all worried. He had studied several directing methods and went to Elon in Los Angeles acting teacher Marilyn McIntyre for tips. Tregde wants the audience to “look forward to the heartfelt story we are telling with the student writing, music, and camera work.” He added, “We are all very proud of the work we’ve put into this film and we hope the audience feels the story we are trying to tell in addition to watching it.”

Special Thanks Sam Chambers Josh Tahan Harriet Williams Kim Daniel Michelle Leibel Don Schneider Max Negin David Danesh Molly Centore Hugh Shannon Catherine Richard Samuel Thorner

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An elderly man is on his way to his anniversary dinner, but struggles to remember how to get there. As he grapple with the directions, the t...

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