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The University of Texas at San Antonio Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment Fall 2011

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Welcome from Panhellenic Commonly-Used Terms


National Panhellenic Conference and Panhellenic Council


Panhellenic Executive Officers

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Rho Gammas (Recruitment Counselors) Formal Recruitment Process Recruitment Regulations


Information for Potential New Members


Membership Expectations


Formal Recruitment Events and What to Wear


Chapter Information


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Schedule of Events Thursday, Sept. 1 6:30PM Friday, Sept. 2 6:00PM Saturday, Sept. 3 10:00AM Sunday, Sept. 4 12:00PM Monday, Sept. 5 3:00PM Tuesday, Sept. 6 4:00PM


Orientation, UC Ballroom Open House Round, BB Auditorium, 2.01.02 UTSA Football Game, Gameday Pickup, Lot 5 Philanthropy Round, BB Auditorium, 2.01.02 Preference Round, BB Auditorium, 2.01.02 Bid Day, UC Ballroom

Welcome to the University of Texas at San Antonio! We are thrilled that you are interested in joining our outstanding Greek community. The Panhellenic Council is proud to introduce you to each of our six sororities. Each sorority offers an opportunity for a lifetime bond of sisterhood. We encourage you to make the most of your recruitment experience. By keeping an open mind and a positive attitude, you will be able to fully enjoy this unique experience. Joining a sorority is a lifelong commitment, so make the experience your own. This is your Recruitment, so we encourage you to make the decisions that are best for you. Relax, be yourself, and focus on the connections you make with sorority members. Rely on your Rho Gamma for anything you may need and we encourage you to befriend the other women in your Rho Gamma group—they could be your future sisters! We are here to help answer any and all questions you may have, so reach out to us at if you have any questions! Best of luck in recruitment and GO ‘RUNNERS!

Kaitlin McGaughey Monica Ceja Panhellenic President Panhellenic VP of Membership


It’s All Greek To Me: Commonly-Used Terms Active: sorority member who has been formally initiated Alumna: initiated member who is no longer active in a collegiate chapter Bid: invitation to membership COB: Continuous Open Bidding. Opportunity for a chapter to invite women to membership if it did not fill its Quota in Formal Recruitment or has not reached Total Formal Recruitment: designated membership recruitment period with events organized by the Panhellenic Council Fraternity: men’s OR women’s fraternal organization Intentional Single Preference: PNM attends two Preference events but only lists one chapter on her MRABA Legacy: PNM who has a mother, grandmother or sister who is a member of a sorority


It’s All Greek To Me: Commonly-Used Terms MRABA: Document each PNM completes following Preference

listing her membership preferences. The PNM agrees to accept a bid from any chapter listed. NPC: National Panhellenic Conference. Conference body composed of delegates from 26 sororities/women’s fraternities PHC: Panhellenic Council. Governing body of the 6 NPC chapters at UTSA PNM: Potential New Member. Any woman eligible to participate in Formal Recruitment, whether or not she is registered Preferential Bidding: system for matching the choice of the PNM with the choice of chapter Quota: number of women a chapter may pledge during Formal Recruitment Recommendation/Reference: written letter or statement from an alumna endorsing a woman for membership (“rec”) Rho Gamma: active sorority member who has disaffiliated from her sorority to guide PNMs through Formal Recruitment Total: allowable chapter size, including both new and initiated members, as determined by PHC

Greek Alphabet Α Η Eta Ν Nu Τ



Β Θ Theta Ξ Xi Υ Beta


Γ Δ Ε Delta Epsilon Λ Κ Lambda Ι Kappa Iota Ο Π Ρ Omicron Pi Rho Φ Χ Ψ Gamma




Ζ Μ Mu Σ Sigma Ω Omega Zeta


National Panhellenic Conference & Panhellenic Council The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) was created in 1902 to create a bond between women’s fraternal organizations and to create guidelines for fair play in recruitment. Today, there are 26 sororities and women’s fraternities affiliated with the NPC. The NPC works to assist collegiate and alumnae member groups. There are Panhellenic groups on over 620 college campuses in the United States and Canada. When you join a sorority at UTSA, you also become a member of the Panhellenic Council (PHC). PHC is the governing body of the 6 NPC sorority chapters here at UTSA. PHC is made up of 7 executives and a senior and junior delegate from each member group. PHC promotes unity between all member groups and in the Greek community. PHC also sets guidelines for recruitment and the Panhellenic community at large.


Panhellenic Council Executive Officers

Kaitlin McGaughey President

Monica Ceja VP Membership

Meg Tompkins VP Public Relations

Jackie Matranga VP Programming & Judicial

Casey Chamness VP Scholarship & Accreditation

Kaitlyn Martinez Treasurer

Kaitlin Elter Public Relations Assistant

Marina Pe単a Public Relations Assistant

Kristina Gutierrez Programming & Judicial Assistant


Rho Gammas A Rho Gamma, also known as a recruitment counselor, is an active sorority member who serves as an unbiased member during Formal Recruitment. Rho Gammas are women chosen to guide Potential New Members, but they will be disaffiliated, meaning they will not be able to reveal which sorority they are members of. Women participating in Formal Recruitment will be assigned to a group led by Rho Gammas. Rho Gammas are here to answer any questions you may have during Formal Recruitment and lend an ear, so trust them with anything you may need!


Aprille Paatan

Brandy Saenz

Breanna Clifton

Brie Rundell

Casey Chamness

Christina Calderon

Cortnee Jo Schraer

Grazielli Millare

Haley Nguyen

Jenna Schwartz

Kaitlin Elter

Kate Ulferts

Kristina Santellana

Krystal Solis

Laura Nunez

Maria Ullman

Marina PeĂąa

Michelle’ Leal

Olivia Vickery

Sadie Pleason

Samantha Deville

Tori Carillo

Whitlee Baimbridge


How Does It Work? How Formal Recruitment Works Recruitment is conducted through the means of mutual selection. At the end of each round, PNMs will select the chapters they would like to visit again. The chapters also invite back members that they feel will be a good fit. A computer software program then sorts the data and schedules are produced for each PNM for the next day of events. This process happens after Open House and Philanthropy rounds. Immediately following the last Preference event, Binding Agreements will be explained to all PNMs.

Recruitment Contact The following rules apply to any woman interested in joining a Panhellenic sorority: • No sorority member may guarantee you receive a bid. This includes both collegiate and alumnae members. • You may not contact collegiate chapter members. • Potential members may not accept anything from chapter members during Formal Recruitment (water is an exception). • No chapter member may interact with you outside of the events during Formal Recruitment starting with Orientation.


Recruitment Regulations • • • • •

Potential New Members MUST register with the UTSA Panhellenic Council to participate in Formal Recruitment. Potential New Members are to attend Formal Recruitment Orientation and ALL events to which they are invited. Class is the only excused reason for missing events. If a Potential New Member is ill or has an emergency, she must contact her Rho Gamma or a member of the Recruitment Team immediately. Formal Recruitment is a dry event. At no time is alcohol allowed. If noncompliance is exposed, the offender will be removed completely from Formal Recruitment. Potential New Members are responsible for knowing and abiding by these rules. Violations could result in removal from Formal Recruitment. If at any time a Potential New Member witnesses a Recruitment Rules violation, she should contact her Rho Gamma, the Panhellenic Vice President of Membrship, and/or the Panhellenic President immediately.


Potential New Member Rights Panhellenic Council is committed to working towards a positive Formal Recruitment experience for all women involved in every aspect of this process.

You have the right: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

To be treated as an individual To be fully informed about the recruitment process To ask questions and receive true and objective answers from Rho Gammas and chapter members To be treated with respect To ask how and why and receive straight answers To have and express opinions to Rho Gammas To expect confidentiality and objectivity when sharing information with a Rho Gamma To make informed choices without pressure from others To be fully informed about Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreements (MRABAs) To make one’s own choice and decision and to accept full responsibility for the results of that decision To have a positive, safe and enriching recruitment and New Member experience

If at any time you feel a discordance with the rights listed above, please contact your Rho Gamma, the Panhellenic Vice President of Membership and/or the Panhellenic President immediately.


Statement on Hazing The Texas Education Code, UTSA, the National Panhellenic Conference and all of its member organizations have strict policies against hazing. Hazing is not tolerated in any form.

Helpful Hints from the Recruitment Team 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

RELAX! Chapter members are just as nervous to meet you! Wear comfortable and appropriate attire. You don’t want to be focusing on your outfit instead of your conversations. Ask any questions you may have during Recruitment events. You should be well-informed about your decision. Don’t let anybody influence your choices. Keep an open mind and focus on the connections that YOU make with sorority members. This is an amazing, unique experience. Enjoy every second!


Membership Expectations Study Hours: Each chapter requires study hours for both

New Members and initiated members. Each chapter is deeply committed to helping you achieve academically.

Panhellenic Events: Panhellenic requires both new and

initiated members to attend various educational events that will help with the transition to college and address relevant issues facing collegiate women today.

Philanthropy Events: Each chapter has its own national

philanthropy, and sorority members enjoy participating and giving back through fun events that help a cause while coming together as a chapter and a Greek community.

Recruitment Events: Recruitment workshops are held in the spring for the entire chapter with more training for firsttime recruiters. These help prepare you for spring and fall recruitment.

Active Participation: Going Greek provides a wonderful

way to get involved in your chapter, the Greek community and the UTSA campus. As a new member, you will be required to attend new member meetings as well as chapter meetings. You will also be highly encouraged to participate in events, such as Greek Week, Homecoming, BestFest and FiestaUTSA. These are fun, campus-wide events that help build bonds between you and your sisters.


Academic Standards Every chapter takes academic achievements very seriously and has its own grade requirement for membership. Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Mu High School: 3.0 (85) High School: 2.68 (80) College: 2.7 College: 2.75 Alpha Sigma Alpha Sigma Kappa High School: 3.0 (85) High School: 2.8 (82) College: 2.6 College: 2.8 Gamma Phi Beta Zeta Tau Alpha High School: 2.8 (82) High School: 3.0 (85) College: 2.5 College: 2.75

Financial Responsibility All sorority women agree to be financially responsible for their membership. It is important to be as informed as possible about the costs associated with sorority membership. When you join a sorority, you are affiliating with that organization. If you should ever decide to disaffiliate, you may still be held responsible for payments as a part of your membership agreement with that organization. Chapter fees fund various programming and operating costs of the organization, such as academic programs, service projects, alumnae and parent events, chapter and campus activities, social events, national dues and lifetime membership. Fees as a new member are more expensive because of one-time new member, initiation and badge fees. Chapters at UTSA offer different payment plans for their fees.

New member semester fees range from $493 to $760 with a median of $721.

Initiated member fees per semester range from $345 to $465 with a median of $445. Additional costs may include t-shirts, gifts, formals, etc.


Recruitment Events Formal Recruitment consists of three rounds of events that will allow you to learn more about each sorority that you visit. The events will show you what sorority life is like and will give you the chance to meet sorority women in each chapter and ask any questions that you might have. Your attire should be appropriately conservative and fit well. You don’t want to be focusing on avoiding a wardrobe malfunction instead of your conversations with sorority members. Put your best foot forward and be confident in yourself!

Orientation Thursday, September 1 6:30 PM

Orientation is where you will meet your Rho Gamma and learn more about Recruitment. You will not be meeting any chapter members. Attire is casual. We suggest shorts, casual pants or skirts and flats.

Open House Friday, September 2 6:00 PM

You will be able to meet all six chapters this round. They will get to know you, and you can relax and just get to know them. Find out more about the chapter and focus on making a connection. Attire is snappy casual. Casual daytime dresses, skirts or pants with nice sandals, flats or wedges are best.


UTSA Football PHC will be taking Potential New Members to UTSA’s first football game on Saturday, Sept. 3. This will be a fun chance to interact with your fellow future sorority sisters and cheer on the Runners! Meet us at 10:00AM at the VIA GameDay pickup area in front of the Recreation Center. Suggested attire is UTSA Apparel.

Philanthropy Sunday, September 4 12:00 PM

Philanthropy round focuses on commitment to service. You will learn more about each sorority values and do a craft at some events. You could talk about what members are involved in. You may attend up to 4 events. Attire is a little less casual. Nice daytime dresses with sandals, wedges or dress shoes are best.

Preference Monday, September 5 3:00 PM

Preference is the most serious round; it is about the deepest aspects of sisterhood. Think about what you want out of sorority life and visualize yourself as a member of that chapter. You may attend up to 2 events. Attire is a cocktail dress or a dress you would wear to a wedding with dress shoes.


Alpha Omicron Pi

Nickname: Chapter Name: National Website: Founded: Color: Mascot: Flower: Symbol: Jewel: Motto: Philanthropy:


AOII (ay-oh-pi) Upsilon Lambda January 2, 1897 Barnard College, New York, NY Cardinal Panda Bear Jacqueminot Rose Sheaf of Wheat Ruby “Exceed the Expectation” Arthritis Research

Alpha Sigma Alpha

Nickname: Chapter Name: National Website: Local Website: Founded: Color: Mascot: Flower: Symbol: Jewel: Motto: Philanthropy:

ASA Delta Upsilon November 1, 1901 Longwood College, Farmville, VA Crimson, Pearl White, Gold, Palm Green Dot the Ladybug Aster, Narcissus Star, Phoenix, Crown, Palm Tree Ruby, Pearl “Aspire. Seek. Attain.” Special Olympics and S. June Smith Center


Gamma Phi Beta

Nickname: Chapter Name: National Website: Founded: Color: Flower: Symbol: Jewel: Motto: Philanthropy:


Gamma Phi, G-Phi, G-Phi-B Zeta Psi November 11, 1874 Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY Brown and Mode Pink Carnation Crescent Moon Pearl “Founded Upon a Rock” Camping for Girls

Phi Mu

Nickname: Chapter Name: National Website: Local Website: Founded: Color: Mascot: Flower: Symbol: Motto: Philanthropy:

Phi Mu Epsilon Sigma March 4, 1852 Wesleyan College, Macon, GA Rose and White Sir Fidel the Lion Rose Carnation Quatrefoil “Les Soeurs Fideles” (the Faithful Sisters) Children’s Miracle Network


Sigma Kappa

Nickname: Chapter Name: National Website: Founded: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Jewel: Motto: Philanthropy:


Sig Kap Zeta Nu November 9, 1874 Colby College, Waterville, ME Maroon and Lavender Wild Purple Violet Heart and Dove Pearl “One Heart, One Way” Alzheimer’s Research & Gerontology, Inherit the Earth, Maine Seacoast Mission

Zeta Tau Alpha

Nickname: Chapter Name: National Website: Local Website: Founded: Colors: Flower: Symbol: Motto: Philanthropy:

Zeta, ZTA Lambda Gamma October 15, 1898 Longwood College, Farmville, VA Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray White Violet 5-Pointed Crown, Strawberry “Seek the Noblest” Breast Cancer Education and Awareness


Recruitment Notes Please use this space to take notes over the course of your Formal Recruitment. It can be difficult to remember everything from an entire round of events when you are making your decisions. This is also a good place for any information you get throughout Recruitment from your Rho Gamma or the Recruitment Team.

Open House





We wish you the best of luck on Formal Recruitment. Go ‘Runners! GO GREEK! With Love, Panhellenic Council

UTSA Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment Guide  

Get all your questions about sorority recruitment answered here!

UTSA Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment Guide  

Get all your questions about sorority recruitment answered here!