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Monica Calderon is the founder and creative director of MONICACALDERON®. In 1998 she opened her factory and began experimenting with various manufacturing techniques in resin, culminating in her stunning namesake collection, MONICACALDERON®

Monica finds a unique form of expression using polyester resin to create a wide range of numerous and amazing textures, finishes, patterns, colors and shapes, transforming this material into various contemporary, functional and decorative products. Due to our handcrafted process, each piece is has slight variations in color, shape and size, which add to its uniqueness.

Before launching the factory, Monica created a line of home accessories that allowed her to explore her fascination and passion for a variety of materials, design and manufacture products with different craftsmen. “In pursuit of these materials and the development of my collection of accessories I fell in love with what I considered a forgotten material, resin.” Monica currently ranks as one of the most noticeable and successful designers based on the creation of distinctive, stylish and unique resin products that are sold worldwide. “What motivates me the most is to innovate and be involved in the development process, knowing only that the result will be the product of my ideas.” MONICACALDERON® designs’ include a range of decorative items, tableware, furniture, lamps, art installations, jewelry, and more grouped by market: hotels, restaurants, yachts, shops, architects, museums etc.

Monica is a part of the entire process — from the idea, to the design, to the execution, to the results. She instills personality to each of her products, always innovating with new manufacturing techniques and concepts, working closely with her team of designers and artisans. “Working with the best team possible is fundamental to the success of our business. I’m obsessed with quality andthe creation of unique and very characteristic pieces. A good formula that has yielded results is to allow for the creation of new techniques in each process step by relying on the born ingenuity of the artisans working with me and their ability to interpret my designs.” At MONICACALDERON® craftsmanship is key to the manufacturing process, each piece has, in some way, the hand that made it, thus generating added value and uniqueness to each of our products.

res-in workshop® CUSTOM PROJECTS


res-in workshop® is our custom project division. We have provided exquisite custom resin designs for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, private homes, museums, renowned architects, designers, artists and many more.

MONICACALDERON® presents Collaboration Series, featuring leading creative talents from different fields, architects, artists, chefs, and designers carefully selected on the basis of their creativity and use of resin.

Every client is a vital part of the design process at res-in workshop®. According to the projects needs we work closely with our clients in the early conceptual and product development process, and include them in each step of the manufacturing process.

In our debut Collaboration, we teamed up with Ezequiel Farca – Chief Creative and Executive Officer of the EZEQUIELFARCA international design firm in Mexico City. An entrepreneur and one of Mexico’s most prominent designers, Farca has obtained iconic status for his clean, modern, and uniquely warm aesthetic.

Clients are welcome to visit our factory at any point during manufacturing, to ensure that the end product meets expectations for design and quality finishing. At res-in workshop® we endless combinations of textures, finishes and colors. We are commited to creating the quality outcome, to suit each clients’ individual needs.

In this creative collaboration Farca draws from an imaginarium of found trinkets and reinterprets them in MONICACALDERON® factory, the results are five different unique resin objets, out-of-the-ordinary and decorative rather than strictly functional.

MONICACALDERON® at MoMA Design Store The tenth MoMa Design Store Destination: Design product collection, which focuses on Mexico, features pieces from the Atla Collection. Atla Prehispanic pitcher and bowl can be purchased at all three museum shops: New York, Tokyo and available for a limited time. Kathy Thornton-Bias, President of the MoMA Retail Division, said that the criterion of choice was taking into account the materials and innovative forms of objects, and most importantly, besides being decorative products should have utility. “My final product has the essence of craftsmanship made in Mexico, and as such speaks of a faraway place that existed centuries ago, but does so through very contemporary materials and colors, it is well received by the diverse and multicultural international market.” The Atla Collection, is inspired by the authenticity of Mexican pre-Columbian cultures. Monica and her team did extensive research at the National Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City to build on an original design and transform it for today´s market.

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Monica Calderon is the founder and creative director of MONICACALDERON®. In 1998 she opened her factory and began experimenting with variou...

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