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as someone who believed she would pursue a career in law or journalism, I was surprised to find myself drawn to an industry that I had stumbled upon during my lunchbreak between university classes. after deciding the aforementioned fields were not for me, I sat in on some lectures for other degrees between classes, in search for my new career. the final one I went to was a first year interior architecture design studio lecture. from that lecture onwards, i have fallen more and more in love with design, and cannot imagine my career going any other way.

my process centres around in-depth research, which provokes a unique and poetic concept to drive my design decisions. I am most passionate about my designs when I believe I have found that one special element about a brief, client, site, etc that only I have found due to my method of researching. my skillset has developed over the last three years - and I am proud of what I have achieved so far, as I know that there is so much yet to come. just watch.


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a private bar located in a religious venetian school, speciďŹ cally designed to serve an alcohol, which has been banned, restricted, condemned, in large volumes. this deďŹ ance has been embraced and has been interpreted through spatial hierarchy, materiality, function, mood and the customer experience.


absinthe bar

layout of space and function, as well as spatial hierarchy and focal points have been dictated by the two diamond shaped tintoretto and angeli paintings located on the sala superiore ceiling as they are the only two artworks with themes of deďŹ ance - against religious belief and authority. unexpected and forced circulation as well as the ability to see people enjoying spaces without direct explanation of how to access these hidden, yet exposed spaces gives members the sense of exploration and potentially venturing into areas they may not be allowed in creating a sense of intrigue and danger.

absinthe bar


seating elevation

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entry elevation

design is in the DETAILS.



copper is used as the main source of materiality for this deďŹ ant absinthe bar. in conversation with how venice is connected via water, electricity and communication are connected via some form of copper - and by using this material in ways one would not expect, or approve of, it is possible to use this resourceful metal as a skin, as a light source in conjuction with acetone vapours, as a slip resistant ooring, and as a means of delicately connecting between spaces. 05 MATERIALITY CASE STUDY COPPER

with a luxury fashion label centred inspired by the the love riccardo tisci has for his family - an intangible object - inspiration for this design was drawn from how to create a three-dimensional representation of an unimaginable form. this was achieved geometriically after studying how melted pewter sets when placed in water, creating a unique form within such a grand setting. materiality was also inspired by the unthinkable, with a carbon ďŹ bre structure being incredibly light for its high strength level and oating clothing displays.


marimekko stemming from marimekko’s ability to create beautiful patterns from flawed geometries as welll as their acceptance of human failure when taking risks, this flagship store design aims to translate these imperfections into three-dimensional space proving that beauty can be seen in the bringing together of flawed elements.


S P A T I A L inspiration was taken from marimekko’s infamous patterns as well as the contrast between orthongonal and angular as shown by the site’s floor plan. customers will visually see, as well as experience, the changes between the usualperpendicular paths and those paths more unusual. by accentuating this linearity with battens, customers can identify the beauty in the angular floor plates from every standpoint throughout the building. M A T E R I A L I T Y the flawed elements of this design will be represented using casted steel, as the process of casting steel allows for a unique quality to each element. orthogonal elements will be represented by corian, as its process of thermoforming into desired shapes allows for maximum precision, and in turn, perfection. glazed elements will be made from clear baroque glass., as the process of stirring a glass mixture to create pattern exudes the same unique qualities as marimekko’s patterns. 08

addressing potential natural and man-made disasters that the world may encounter by this time. the most signiďŹ cant, in my opinion, of these scenarios, is the threat of nuclear war. if these circumstances were to occur, the united states authorities would require social housing for those who managed to survive the monstrosity. these buildings should be able to withstand ongoing attacks as well as being an environment which would maintain the good health of those affected.



alone together

in order for the survivors to remain alive, they all needed to work together. this notion spawned the thought that people would become the cogs that drive the machine that is society. every gear is required for the machine to work; everything integrated.

the client, yumi umimare, sees the deeper meanings to the elements in her life. Discovery of these layers of thought have inspired the concept of ‘esoteric discovery’. her method of thinking is only shared by a select few. articulated by the complex level changes and the ability to have differing views, which are dependant on where the viewer stands - this is emphasised throughout the newtown home by the materiality choice of dichroic glass. dichroic glass shines different colours depending on the angle at which the sun strikes it - this material is used for all balustrades and glass screen such as those in the bathroom. The other materials used are rose gum timber, soapstone tiles and full grain black leather as they have depth and complexity to their patterns.

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Monica Bowerman - Portfolio 2013  
Monica Bowerman - Portfolio 2013  

Interior Architecture - Third Year Portfolio - 2013