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Students of 3rd of ESO in England: Calthorpe Park School (1st day) ANNABELLE GUISANGE DIPASUPIL 3RD ESO - D

On 21st March, some students of 3rd of ESO, have been in England for exchange of students. The first day, when they have arrived in London, the have gone to Fleet, to visit Calthorpe Park School.

Activities they have done (first activity) The first activity they have done, was in groups of two, three or four (english and spanish students mixed), was visiting their whole school and the english students have explained them all about their classrooms and all the things of it.

Second activity In pairs, a spanish student and an english student, they have asking questions each other to meet their partner. They have shared their facebook, instagram, twitter, etc, to stay in touch.

Third activity The third activity they have done, the students have represented a powerpoint about the culture in England, about the things they have done last year in Barcelona, etc‌

Fourth activity Some girls have prepared three songs to sing to the spanish students with a guitar and an ukelele: Amarillo, HĂŠroe and Titanium. They have translated all the lyrics in spanish.

The school has invited them to eat in their canteen. Before leaving the school because they had to go, the students have eatten some cakes.

Leaving the school After visiting the school, the students have been in Wallington waiting to the english family.

Interviewing On this issue, I have interviewed Nadia Ramos, a student who was on this trip:  Which classroom did you like the most?

All of them, because the classrooms were big and cute.  Who was the first person you have met in the school? The first person I have met there was Nicoletta Placidi, she’s kinda beautiful and nice.

 Would you like to study in the school that you have

visited in Fleet? Yes, of course.  Is there any subject that it doesn’t teach here in our school? Yes: Photography, Cook, Theatre, and more that I don’t remember.  What do you think about the food they offered you in school? I didn’t like much, I just liked the macaroni.

ď‚— What have you done while waiting the english

family? We have been walking in the streets of Wallington and we have been nervious and excited at the same time. ď‚— And the last one, did you enjoy the first day in England? Yes, of course.

The travellers

In late March, about 24 students of 3r ESO have gone to London for five days in an exchange trip. On the second day they had their breakfast in the morning and they went to visit the Thorpe Park, a theme park near London with their penpals from Calthorpe Park. They really had fun there. They had to carry out a treasure hunt in groups. Each group consisted of 2 English and two Spanish students. At 5 o’clock they returned to Wellington with their hosts families and had dinner. Then they were very tired and went to bed.

 

Where have you been in the morning? I have visited the theme park. How many hours have you been there? I've spent about 8 hours there how many rides have you been on? I have been on 5 rides Have you enjoyed yourself? yes, I have Would you like to come back? yes, I would

NEWS Carlos Reyes

British Museum • The students of third of the ESO they have gone to London and they have visited the British Museum.In the museum they have gone alone to observe the whole museum and take pictures. • But a student has lost his backpack but ultimately has led a policeman thinking themselves that it was a bomb,but in the end has.

Questions to Víctor • That you like more of the British Museum? The chair made by guns What was the attraction you liked best ? The stealth Was that to the site that you liked? Thorpe park You like food? Not much You come back to go to London? Yes

Families of Londres

By: Alex Urrutia

Families The first day with the families was when they came to his house. When he met the family present to the students and the students present to the families. â—?

Interview with Carlos Reyes -Hello, Carlos -Hello, Alex -What type of persons were the families of londres? -They where kind -Do you like the house? -Yes, the houses where very big -Do you like the food? -Not much but not little -Do you recomended to do this again? -Yes, is a good experience

Nadia Ramos 3rd ESO D

INTRODUCTION Some students of 4th of ESO have been to Paris. They took off on the 4th of April at 8:35 a.m from Barcelona’s airport. They have returned on the 8th at 1 a.m.

DAY 1 They arrived at the hotel to let their baggage and then they started to visit some places. First, they went to the Centre Georges Pompidou and they had lunch there. Then, they took photos next to The Arc de Triomphe and afterwards, they also took magnificent photos of The Eiffel Tower, one of the best

DAY 2 They got up at 8:20 a.m. They had breakfast in the hotel and then they visited The Louvre and The MusÊe d’Orsay. In the second museum, they carried out a treasure hunt. Finally, in the evening, they took the BateauxMouche along the Seine river.

DAY 3 They got up at 8:30 a.m. They had breakfast in the hotel. It was Eurodisney’s day. They went shopping inside the park and they enjoyed the rides a lot. In the end, in the evening, they walked around the Cathedral area and they returned at 12 a.m to the hotel.

DAY 4 They got up at 8:25 a.m. They had breakfast in the hotel. Then they had a walk in Montmartre’s neighbourhood and finally visited The SacrÊ Coeur. Finally, they went to the airport to return to Montgat.

QUESTIONS I have interviewed Júlia Ruiz , a student who was on this trip: 1.- Have you enjoyed this experience? Yes I have. I think that it’s a city that everybody ought to visit, as there are a lot of breathtaking places and monuments to visit. 2.- Would you like to return to Paris? Of course I would. But next time I would like to go for one week in summer. 3.- Have you liked the food? Well, in fact I haven’t tasted any typical French food that I haven’t eaten before. I have only tasted the “Macaron”, which I have found awful.

4.- What was the weather like? Almost every day it’s been cloudy, although sometimes it has rained. 5.- What was your favourite monument? Each monument has their beauty, but for me the best one has been the Eiffel Tower. 6.-And the last question, have you seen any places where some films were shot? Yes, I have! It has been really exciting as I have been in a place that I could see on TV some years ago.


THE STUDENTS OF THE FRENCH CLASS WENT TO PARIS They went to Paris for four days. I am going to explain what they did on the 3rd day.

They got up at 8 o’clock in the morning and they had breackfast at 9,00. At half past ten they arrived at Disneyland Paris. When they arrived the teachers gave them free time until 6 o’clock in the evening to enjoy the day. They were back at the hotel at half past seven. After the dinner the went to the rooms to get ready to party. Actually they went to a disco next to the Notre Dame until mid night.


Andrea - Did you like Paris? Eva – I like so much Paris Andrea – How was the hotel? Eva – It was better than what I thougth, the place was really nice. Andrea – How is the Effeil Tower? Eva – It is really big and so nice. Andrea – Did you go to the top? Eva – Yes , I did. The view is amazing. Andrea – Which day did you prefer? Eva – The best day was the 3rd because we went to Disneyland and then we went to party. Andrea – Would you like to go another time? Eva – Yes because it is a really nice place


By: Andrea Cosentino Collaboration: Eva Gines, Emma Berbel, Alina Loguina.

5. Ciutadella Park By Thalia Domingo

The students of second ESO took the train and stopped at Arc de Triomf station. Then they walked to Ciutadella park

Once in the park, they left their school bags and started playing a game similar to the game of the flag. They were divided into two groups and every team had to take four balls and manage to bring them to its field.

When they finished playing, they had a sandwhich and after that they carried out a treasure hunt around the park in pais: they had to go answering questions about the park and the winner was the team who got more correct answers.

Carnival by Paula Socorro â—?


On the 28th February, the carnival was held at the Institute Thalassa. Each class prepared and danced a choreography in front of the whole school. The class of 2nd ESO B was one of the winners and the prize they won was a day-trip wherever they wanted.

Interview to Adriana Vallespi -What’s the song that you danced? Waka waka a traditional Japanese song. -Were you nervous? Yes, very nervous -Did you meet every afternoon to practise? No, we practiced during the physical education lesson. -What did you feel when your class 2nd ESO B won? Very happy

David Collado Information by Carlos Reyes

Thalassa high school went to Clot’s theatre The fourth februry of this year the third course of the high school Thalassa in Montgat, went to Clot (Barcelona) to see the play based on very famous book called: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide. They went by train, from the station Montgat Nord to the station Clot. Clot is a school where is famous to be a school where you study arts, acting and so. The script of the play was good but a lot of people who are not very good at english don’t understand it very well but for thei’re luck at the end of the play the actors made a sumary of the play., Later the course walked to the famous cathedral La Sagrada Familia to do an english project. Carlos said to me that he really enjoyed the day and he wants more like this.

Sagrada FamĂ­lia Carlos MontaĂąa 3r D

English Project at the Sagrada Familia • The students of 3rd ESO went to Montgat’s

train station and arrived at Barcelona El Clot. Later, they took the underground to get to Sagrada Família. When they arrived at the Sagrada Família, they had a sandwich for breakfast. Then they started carrying out their English project. They asked 10 questions to 3 foreign people. 2 hours later they returned to Montgat.

Interview to Alexander - Did you like the Tour? Yes, I did. - Did you like the Sagrada FamĂ­lia? Yes, I did because it is big. - Did you like to interview foreign people? Yes, I did. - Did you have fun? Of course, I like tours.

Interview to Alexander - Do you remember the foreigns's names? No I don't. - Did you like the transport we used? Yes, I did. I like the train and the underground. - Do you remember the names of the teachers who went to the Sagrada FamĂ­lia? Yes, I do. Monica and Montse. -How many people went to the Sagrada FamĂ­lia? - A lot friends.

Outing to the Theater The students of 3rd ESO have been to a theater in Barcelona to see Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a play in English. They have got there by train. After seeing the play, they have walked to the Sagrada Familia to interview tourists who are visiting the city. After carrying out the interviews, they have returned to school by train.

Alex Urrutia Interview ●

Did you liked the play Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde?

Yes, I did

would you like to see any play in that theatre again? Yes, because it is a beautiful theatre What do you think about the interview to the tourists? A good experience but I was a bit ashamed at first. Do you recommend to take this outing to students who take this course next year? No

MADRID Joaquim Barberà


The students of 2nd Batxillerat B have been Madrid on a cultural trip.

My sister Carme Barberà took this trip with the school and now she’s going to explain you her favourite day.

First of all, they woke up at nine o’clock and had breakfast in Plaza Mayor.


After that, they walked along El Barrio de las Letras until they arrived at the Prado Museum and they visited it.


Then they had lunch in a bar nearby and had free time until half past four.

HER FAVOURITE DAY IN MADRID When they had finished having lunch, they met their teachers and walked towards El Retiro park. ď‚— They stayed there for two hours and during these two hours, they rented some boats and rowed on the lake and rowed races too. ď‚—


After having fun in El Retiro, they walked towards Puerta del Sol. On their way, they walked past Puerta de Alcalá, La Cibeles and Gran vía.


When they arrived at Puerta del Sol, they were so tired as they have been walking all day! That’s why they decided to have a coffee in Plaza Mayor and take a nap in the hostel.


At 9:00 pm the students and the teachers gathered to have dinner.

Finally, they went to a PUB.


 

Which is your favourite place in Madrid? My favourite place of Madrid is Reina Sofía Museum. Did you enjoy the Prado museum? Well, it’s nice but when you stay there for more than two hours, you get crazy. Where was your hostel located? Near Plaza Mayor, it took us 30 seconds to arrive there. Did you enjoy the trip? Yes, even if it was one of the shortest trip we have made, it was one of the best. Would you recommend the trip? Well, it’s a cultural trip so I’ll recommend it to those who want to take a cultural trip and not a relaxing trip.

MADRID by Nicole Torrent Interview

FIRST DAY • The students of 2nd Batxillerat B have been on a cultural trip to Madrid. • The first day they arrived in Madrid in the morning and they visited Prado Museum. The Prado Museus is the most visited museum.

• After visiting the museum, they had lunch in the centre an then they walked around visiting shops in Madrid.

• In the afternoon, they went to Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol.

• At night, they went partying in Madrid, and then they went back to the hotel.

Interviewing to Nàdia Torrent • 1- Did you like Madrid? Why? •

Yes. Because it is a beautiful place and there are many things

• 2-Would you like to go again? Why? •

Yes. Because all the places I visited were entertaining and I like Madrid

• 3- Of all the places you have visited, which one do you like the most? •

The Retiro Park. It is a very quiet city to relax.

• 4- Do you think Madrid is a city where you could live? •

Yes. In any city I can live well, but I’m right here.

• Thank you Nà dia fo helping me to do this work and interviewing you Not at all, bye and kisses.

UAB By VĂ­ctor Calvache Gallego

Day summary  The students of 2nd Batxillerat have been to the UAB

(Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).  They went there by coach. When they arrived there, they split into small groups in order to go to the meetings they wanted to. In the meetings, the university teachers explained how the classes are there and also the subjects that the students can choose.  After the meetings, they were able to visit all the facilities the university offers.  Before lunch time, the students went home by coach again .

Interview with my sister  Q: Did you like UAB?

A: I loved it. I already knew that I wanted to go to that university but after visiting it, I‘m anxious to study there.  Q: What studies do you want to take? A: I’d like to study psychology, it’s the ideal subject for me.  Q: Do you know anybody that studies there? A: My boyfriend and next year my cousin will also study there.  Q: What kind of facilities are there? A: There is everything, restaurants, bars, classes, shops…

Questions and Answers  Q: Has this university already using the electronic class system?

A: As far as I’m concerned, you can buy an tablet or a laptop if you want, but the teachers still prefer notebooks.  Q: Have you got expectations for any subject? A: I have expectations for every subject. Q: Do you want to work as a psychologist? A: Of course, I’d love that, but nowadays, I would work at any job available with a good salary, it doesn’t need to be connected with psychology.

UAB pictures

What's up 3rd eso D  
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