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Questionnaire Analysis I think I can conclude say that the majority of my audience will be female in their teens. This is not in anyway a sexist statement but I believe the content of my blog will most likely appeal to girls. Also, in the Fashion Style section of the questionnaire, most of the blogs stated that their fashion styles were mostly sporty (thus brands like Nike and Adidas came up). These are usually quite expensive so I would not be able to feature them in my blog unless they were on sale. Bargain Shopping Investigation I have learnt from my questionnaire that although 82% of my peers admit that they’ve been bargain shopping, 96% stated that their bargain shopping habits were sometimes to very little. The reasons were pretty mixed. The reasons were because they preferred branded clothes and shopping malls while others said the clothes were ugly, tacky and cheap. Others said they didn’t know where to find bargain shops. I think the results show how little my community knows about bargain shopping which is actually great because now my blog has a purpose. I will use my blog as a medium to show that vintage and thrift store items can appeal to the everyday teenager. Fashion Styles I also found out that the styles people have in SWA are quite varied, though shops like Forever 21, Topshop, Zara, basically all the the high-street stores, are mentioned a lot. I think this leaves the style choices very open for my blog, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I can feature a variety of different styles in my blog. The clothes below are examples of styles that many of my peers are interested in.


Forever 21


I think the shops mentioned have a very current and modern style which is why I think they appeal to teenagers a lot. I can look for these sort of clothes but will incorporate my personal style and budget to feature on my blog. Blog Budget For the average budget of an item of clothing, the majority selected 500IDR and below. I think this is reasonable because I personally wouldn’t consider 1 million IDR for one item of clothing a budget. The reason budget for accessories was also 500IDR and below. I would also think this is reasonable because if you factor in shoes and bags, 500IDR is a flexible budget for all sorts of accessories. Blog Platform and Content Most people thought that I should use either Tumblr or Blogger as my blogging platform. I will try out both of these platforms and choose the one I think is best for my blog. Currently, I’m leaning towards Blogger simply because it is more flexible for the kind of blogging I want to do. Tumblr is better for micro-blogging or picture-blogging. Most people also selected “Mostly creative content and very little writing” for the content of the blog. I would agree that this is more visually appealing and not many people want to read long strands of text everyday. I will do my best to include a lot of creative content but I will also write because I think a blogger’s voice is important and not just the photographs. Blog Name As for the name, most people selected “The Fashion Realist.” I think the name is alright but lacks creativity and imagination. For now, I will not take any name into account because the blog name is really important to me and I don’t want to make mistakes when purchasing the domain name “(.com”.)

PP Questionnaire Analysis  

PP Questionnaire Analysis

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