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Technical news from industry NEW FILTERING PLANTS Chiarifilter new filtering plants carry out the tertiary stadium of waste water treatment, both in civil and industrial plants. The machine features are the result of a long experience in wwt field, and they allow to get a simple and reliable system, automatically working, which needs a very easy maintenance. Waste water flows into the filter, the solids are caught by the cloths inside and clear water runs out of the machine. The growing sludge on the cloths helps itself the filtering process, as it enables the system to catch even the littlest particles and get a better quality of filtered water. The difference between water level IN and water level OUT of the filter gets gradually higher and it’s taken by a level sensor which drives at the same time the filtering cylinder transmission/rotation and the cloths washing by means of a pump. This one is connected to a ramp, complete with special nozzles which perform the washing phase with a constant stream, using the percolated water. The sludge/water mixture is conveyed to another compartment of the machine, where a pump, checked by a level sensor, will take it outside. Allegri Ecologia offers two basic types of filter: MFB to be installed in concrete tank, and MFO complete with stainless steel tank. The supply includes a control board, as the filter and its accessories are completely automated. Standard production includes sizes able to treat from 3,6 to 504 m³/h flow rates. According to the costumer’s needs, to the kind of water to be processed and to the quality of water requested at the end of treatment, porosity of cloths varies from 20 to 100 micron.

The whole machine structure, filtering cloths included, is realized in stainless steel in order to ensure the best and long lasting quality of the product. Thanks to the modular system and the little space taken up by the single machine, it’s possible to process big flow-rates of waste water and, at the same time, spare on civil works costs. Chiarifilter plant can also be installed in already existing tanks. In this case, such as in other particular cases, Allegri Ecologia offers its free technical advice in order to find out the solution which guarantees the best filtering machine working and performance.

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