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Yarn Packaging The purpose of this packaging is to be a dual-purpose container that a knitting store would be distributing. This product would not be for a specific brand of yarn, but would hold any type of yarn that has been purchased, than wound in the store. Rather than dispersing the yarn in a bag it would be placed in this box and then the knitter would use the box as a yarn dispenser while working on their project. Another note for functionality is that I didn’t want the box to have any glued edges to cut costs for the shop, so it would just be a scored, die-cut, and folded up as needed. I wanted this project to embody and attract the emerging younger generation of knitters and have more of an alternative style. So I decided to go with a punk, skull and crossed bone, anchor, tattoo sort of style for the design of the box. The store I am envisioning would be in a major metro close to college/young professional aged people. For my example I choose Portland because it is known for its knitting community, and support for DIY and the arts.

Attributes Punk Alternative Do-It-Yourself Craft Novelty


Type & Color Studies

Wool & Crossed Bones Morris Roman Alternate

Wool & Crossed Bones Blackmoor LET

Wool & Crossed Bones Fette Kanzlei

Wool & Crossed Bones Durwent

Wool & Crossed Bones Fenwick Woodtype

Wool & Crossed Bones Headline Text

Wool & Crossed Bones Heimat

Wool & Crossed Bones Struktur

1413 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214 503.239.7950

Rockwell 11/14

1413 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214 503.239.7950 Baskerville Semibold 12/15

1413 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214 503.239.7950

Barkina Test 11/13

1413 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214 503.239.7950 Ecademy Engraved 12/14

C: 13 M: 41 Y: 74 K: 41

C: 100 M:52 Y:48 K:61

C: 55 M: 0 Y: 46 K: 53

C: 0 M:100 Y: 89 K:50

C: 47 M: 69 Y: 69 K: 50

C: 100 M:52 Y:48 K:61

k: 90

k: 100

C: 100 M: 52 Y: 48 K: 61

C: 0 M: 21 Y: 89 K: 50

C: 0 M:100 Y: 89 K:50

K: 40


Die Line

23 x 23 in


Material Studies


Designer by Monica Roesner Kansas City Art Institute Fall 2013 Instructor Jamie Turpin

Yarn Packaging: Proccess book  

This box would be for a hypothetical yarn store. When a customer purchased a certain amount of product they would receive this complimentary...

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