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WRITING PARAGRAPHS M贸nica Serrano Clave :11 4to.Magisterio

•Descriptive: The movie was of love. The girl of the story was seductive and dominate. The country that the story narrate is foggi, big, and interesting. That country was in war. The house that she used is magic and beautiful. The apple was magic and she died. For it the fantasy create bad and good illusion

2) Opinion: Teens minors knocking believing they have the power. Bullying is much in schools. Bullying can occur verbal or physical. People can be intimidating because they have family problems and find ways to retaliate. Children are most suffering from this situation, as they are the most defenseless. Sometimes bullying is necessary because it is the only way to defend, but it is wrong. Bullying is one of the most commonly seen problems worldwide. Abuse and mistreatment can greatly harm those affected.

•3. Example: You can visited many places in my country for example in Antigua Guatemala. The typical food is delicious. Antigua has big ruins. Xela is a cold place. Xela has beautiful hotels. The games in Retahuleu ate amazing. The games are very fun. You can visit my country because is amazing.

•4. Narrative: Every has a different soul. There was a girl who had a heart transplant. She fell in love with a boy in summer, one day he left town. She went after him because she thought he was the love of her life. When he asked why she found he had left town without felling her, he told her that because I was afraid. She told him that if it was for her operation and he said no. He said, it was because she had the heart of his ex girlfriend. She was confused when he woke up, he did nor know what to think, he was gone again but she was very much in love. When she went to try to improved again and she asked him what he felt for her. He replied that if he loved her and wanted to spend time with her very much, because he was in love with the heart of his ex girlfriend .

•5.Process: How to make pancakes. First take two cups of water. Then throw 4 tables spoons of milk and one egg. Then mix it until it is smooth. Second, heat the pan with butter. Then carefully pour the mixture into the pan. After you see that bubbles have formed take pan away and turn the pancake. Finally cook for one minute. The remove and serve with honey.


parrafos de writing son 5 todos los que hemos visto

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