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The ADF School June 14-July 28, 2012 Duke University • Durham, NC

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Director: Jodee Nimerichter • Co-Deans: James Frazier & Gerri Houlihan

Invitation from the Co-Deans The ADF is a festival like no other. It is a gateway to discovery. Its magic exists in the energy it creates, which is characterized by profound possibilities, an abundance of opportunities and the sheer excitement of a community of artists who share a common passion: dance. We invite you to join us in a six-week adventure that will spark your imagination and inspire you in deep and lasting ways. Come and discover how innovation and tradition merge, giving us insight into ourselves and our art form. Explore new ways of moving, making, and contemplating dance. Enjoy thought-provoking panel discussions and great performances by an array of acclaimed dance companies. We invite you to share in an extraordinary experience: one that promises to change your life!

Gerri Houlihan

James Frazier

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About the American Dance Festival Founded in 1934 in Bennington, Vermont, with choreographers Martha Graham, Hanya Holm, Doris Humphrey, and Charles Weidman, the Festival serves professional and pre-professional dancers from around the world. The site of 641 premieres, the Festival plays a critical role in increasing the repertories of companies through its commissions and reconstructions; what is seen at the ADF is ultimately seen by audiences throughout the world. Hailed by The Wall Street Journal as “the most important gathering of modern dance professionals and students in America,� the ADF School provides world-class instruction to hundreds of dance enthusiasts.

Durham and Duke University The ADF is held for six weeks each summer at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. The studios and student dormitories are spread across the Georgian-style campus. Performances by visiting dance companies occur in the Durham Performing Arts Center in downtown Durham and Reynolds Industries Theater at Duke. ADF students are able to use Duke facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, bookstores, libraries, and computer labs. The grounds of the University include the formal Sarah P. Duke Gardens and the Nasher Museum of Art. Durham is easily accessible by car, bus, train, and plane (Raleigh/Durham Airport is located approximately 18 miles away).

Performing Companies An essential component of the student experience during the summer is the opportunity to see some of the best modern dance companies performing today. Full-time Six Week School, Three Week School, and Dance Professionals Workshop participants will receive a complimentary ticket to one performance by each visiting company in the ADF performance series. At press time, the 2012 line-up has not been announced. Please check the ADF website in the spring for more information.


photos by Sara D. Davis/ADF, unless otherwise noted

At the heart of ADF is the Six Week School (6WS), where dancers from around the country and around the world come to train and to create, to see, and to be seen. Students of all levels are invited to engage in collaborative creative processes with ADF’s diverse and outstanding faculty, extraordinary musicians, and vibrant student body. Full-time 6WS students must attend for all six weeks, taking three two-hour classes a day, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Students are able to create and personalize their own 6WS schedule, choosing from approximately 40 daily classes. Available courses will include Contemporary Technique, Composition, Improvisation, Repertory, Ballet, African Technique, Voice & Gesture, and Hip Hop. The minimum age for application to the 6WS is 16. Students under 18 will live in a supervised dorm. Part-time 6WS students may take one or two classes for the six weeks. Part-time students are not eligible for ADF financial aid or complimentary tickets to ADF performances.


6WS classes are supplemented by the WFSS (pronounced woofs) classes that are designed to inform and enhance the regular schedule. They allow students the opportunity to explore individualized interests, cross train in various body therapies and somatic work, or participate in special projects. The WFSS schedule also includes open showings, video screenings, panels, and discussions. WFSS classes meet on Wednesdays, Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays, and are offered on a regular as well as a drop-in basis. Only full time 6WS students take part in WFSS.

Six Week School

June 14 - July 28

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WFSS Projects (as of December 2011) Forsythe Project | John Jasperse Project Monica Bill Barnes Project | Shen Wei Project Text into Performance Project WFSS Mini-Series and Drop In Classes (examples) Ballet | Gyrokenisis | Healing Techniques | Hip Hop Improv Jams | Labanotation | Musician Workshops Open Showings | Partnering Performing Company Guest Classes and Auditions Pilates | Video and Media | Yoga

6WS Preview Weekend

Students should arrive on Thursday, June 14 by 3 pm to complete check in. 6WS orientation will take place before dinner on Thursday. There will then be five days set aside (Friday, June 15–Tuesday, June 19) for convocation, preview classes, repertory and Footprints auditions, faculty advising, and class registration. Students attend preview classes in leveled groups. Your group level will be determined by instructor evaluation forms that are a part of the ADF application packet. When asking teachers to fill out your evaluation forms, please indicate to them that they are important in placing you in an appropriate preview group.

Technique “How do dancers practice technique in 2012? This fundamental question is both asked and answered at the ADF. Vigorous dialogue regarding the study of dance technique is embedded in the very fabric of the program. The importance of technique class is apparent in many ways at the ADF: the careful and unique arrangement of the daily and weekly schedule, the vast array of techniques and practices from which the student can choose, and the diversity and professionalism of the faculty who teach the courses.” -Brenda Daniels Composition “Composition classes at ADF are designed to challenge students of choreography. Faculty engage students with the urgent question of how do we make dance today in relationship to the world in which we live. Traditional approaches to choreography and new ideas from within the field of dance creation are introduced. These classes become research centers of imaginative thinking and embodied experimentation. Choreographic strategies are tested; the boundaries of the art form of dance are stretched. Ultimately, students leave the ADF charged with information that can help to move both their own choreographic work and the field of dance forward.” - Jesse Zaritt Improvisation “The purpose of improvisation

classes at the ADF is to engage students in an exploration of their creativity. There are skills and techniques of improvisation, and the various classes will investigate several of them. These include releasing technique, contact improvisation, improvisation with speaking while moving, improvisation in site specific situations, Improvisation Technologies, etc. In some situations this improvisation work will be an end unto itself, and sometimes it will be used as a compositional tool to lead each student to find his or her unique choreographic voice. There will also be a weekly improvisation jam where students can practice their skills in a safe and supportive environment.” -Ishmael Houston-Jones

Repertory “Inhabiting a work as either an interpreter or a collaborator is one of the most fulfilling experiences of a dancer’s training. In repertory, you get to breathe a work of art to life again. In a new creation, your collaborative presence affects the work’s outcome. In both instances, you get to work closely with a group of peers, know a choreographic process, and share your work with the ADF community.” -Mark Haim Footprints 6WS students will have the opportunity to audition for ADF’s Footprints program. Students chosen to perform in a Footprints piece will have the chance to study intensively with an emerging choreographer to create a new work for the full 6 weeks. Footprints gives students a chance to experience working within a professional dance company environment. They will also have the rare opportunity to perform on ADF’s main stage (Reynolds Industries Theater) as a fully produced part of the ADF performance series during the last week of the festival. The 2012 Footprints artists will be announced in the spring; check the ADF website for more information.


Six Week School Financial Assistance The ADF offers financial assistance to a limited number of students in the form of scholarships, assistantships, and apprenticeships. All recipients assist with operational and administrative work at the Festival. Students dependent on financial assistance to attend the ADF School are urged to apply early and to call the School office for advice on how to cut costs. The deadline for all financial assistance applications is April 1. Notification of all awards will be made after April 15.

Tuition Scholarship (Requires audition)

Dorm Counselor Scholarship

Special scholarships are offered (at press time) in the names of Fox Family Foundation, The Harkness Foundation for Dance, Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Durham Arts Council, Martha Hill, Gerald E. Myers, Martha Myers, Charles L. and Stephanie Reinhart, Terry Sanford, Bessie Schönberg, Estelle Sommers, Lou Wall, and Jonathan Wolken.

To apply for a dorm counselor scholarship you must supply:

Tuition scholarships are offered to promising students who have a high level of technical ability and creative potential and who have experience in either performance or choreography. The awards are based on both ability and financial need. Scholarship amounts range from $200 to full tuition. Tuition scholarship students are responsible for their room/ board fees and living expenses during the six weeks.

Scholarship auditions are currently scheduled for:  ew York, NY: January 3 N New London, CT: February 10 Miami, FL: February 25 Laredo, TX: March 1 Harrisonburg, VA: March 3 Seattle, WA: March 4 University Park, PA: TBA Allendale, MI: March 9 Modesto, CA: March 9

Salt Lake City, UT: March 16 Springfield, MO: March 23 Carson, CA: March 26 Austin, TX: March 31 Madison, WI: March 31 Albany, GA: April 1 Durham, NC: April 1 New York, NY: April 1

Audition dates subject to change. Please check the ADF website,, for up-to-date information. Please bring to each audition: 1. Completed 6WS application with $40 application fee 2. A minute and a half solo (choreographed or improvised) 3. Copy of your or your parents’ 2011 Tax Form 1040 (first page only) Students unable to attend an audition may submit a DVD containing two minutes of technique and a one-and-a-half minute solo along with their application package. The deadline for DVD submission is March 23, 2012.

Staff Assistant Scholarship

The ADF offers staff assistant scholarships to mature and responsible students who have skills to help with the operation of the Festival. Useful skills include: receptionist experience, general office and computer skills, childcare, bus driving, and audiovisual equipment operation and maintenance. Staff assistants will be required to work up to 20 hours per week, will receive a full tuition scholarship, and may take a full 6WS course load. Staff assistants are responsible for their room/board fees and living expenses during the six weeks. To apply for a staff assistant scholarship you must supply: 1. Completed 6WS application with $40 application fee 2. Resumé highlighting experience pertinent to the staff assistant scholarship 3. Letter of recommendation directly addressing your candidacy for the staff assistant scholarship 4. Copy of your or your parents’ 2011 Tax form 1040 (first page only)

Mature students with related experience may apply to be dorm counselors. Counselors supervise Three Week School students and under-18-year-old 6WS students residing on campus. Counselors live with these students in the dorms and accompany them to meals, classes, and off-campus excursions. Counselors will receive a full tuition scholarship and may take a full 6WS course load. Living costs and a percentage of meals will be covered by the ADF. 1. Completed 6WS application with $40 application fee 2. Resumé highlighting experience pertinent to the dorm counselor scholarship 3. Letter of recommendation directly addressing your candidacy for the dorm counselor scholarship 4. Copy of your or your parents’ 2011 Tax form 1040 (first page only)

Stagecraft Apprentice Scholarship

Stagecraft apprenticeships are awarded to students with interest and experience in the technical aspects of dance production. Apprentices act as an integral part of the technical crew in the preparation and running of performances by the visiting companies. The work involved is strenuous and requires maturity and responsibility. Apprentices receive a tuition scholarship for two morning classes and the apprenticeship itself, which counts as a double class for those receiving academic credit. The apprenticeship commits the student to afternoon and evening hours and precludes performing in faculty or repertory presentations. Apprentices are responsible for their room/board fees and living expenses during the six weeks. To apply for a stagecraft apprenticeship you must supply: 1. Completed 6WS application with $40 application fee 2. Resumé highlighting experience pertinent to the stagecraft apprentice position 3. Letter of recommendation directly addressing your candidacy for the stagecraft apprentice position 4. Copy of your or your parents’ 2011 Tax form 1040 (first page only)

Cooperative Scholarship

The ADF matches tuition grants from sponsoring dance studios and college dance departments for accepted applicants. These matches are up to $125 for studios and up to $250 for college/university groups and departments. The grants are matched on a first-come, first-served basis, and only a limited number are available. To apply for a cooperative scholarship you must supply: 1. Completed 6WS application with $40 application fee 2. Name and address of the representative at your school or studio who will process the ADF paperwork and matching scholarship (this can be filled out directly on the ADF application). Please include a brief statement of intent from your home institution, indicating planned sponsorship.

Please Note: 1. If you do not have the 2011 Tax form 1040 ready by the time you are auditioning or ready to send in your application, don’t fret! You can send it in to the ADF office later. Just make sure to submit it by April 1, 2012 or we will not be able to consider you for a scholarship. 2. You may apply for more than one scholarship. However, you must submit a separate letter of recommendation and resumé for each scholarship/position for which you apply. For more information on financial assistance, please visit the ADF website.


Three Week School for Young Dancers July 7 — 28

Directed by Ursula Payne and Pamela Pietro Faculty: Elizabeth Corbett, Teena Custer, Sherone Price, Sara Procopio, additional guest faculty TBA The Three Week School (3WS) is a program designed specifically for the training and education of dancers from the ages of 12-16. The faculty has a committed interest in working with this particular age group and are experienced and dedicated artists in the field. The focus of the program is to provide excellent training in a supportive and nurturing environment, while introducing younger dancers to the range and diversity of the dance profession today. Students take four classes a day, four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). These classes include Contemporary Technique, Ballet, Hip Hop, African Technique, Composition, and Repertory. Students will be placed in appropriate levels during the first few days of classes. They have the opportunity to attend performances by outstanding national and international dance companies and to participate in master classes, museum trips, panel discussions, and specially planned activities on Wednesdays and weekends. The 3WS provides an exciting opportunity to grow as a dancer both technically and artistically and to enjoy the amazing and inspiring creative energy of the ADF.

Housing 3WS students will live in an air-conditioned dormitory on Duke’s East Campus. These are double rooms, although in special circumstances single rooms are available on a limited basis. Experienced counselors will live in the dormitory with the students. A curfew and lights-out policy will be enforced. 3WS students who live in the area have the option to commute from home. Meals will be provided by Duke University Food Service. For students staying in the dormitories, the

cost for three meals a day is included in the 3WS room/board fee. Commuting students may purchase a Lunch Meal Plan that allows them to eat meals in the cafeteria while they are on campus.

Supervision Outside of class, students will be well supervised by carefully selected counselors. Three Week School tuition includes the cost of all classes, tickets to performances during the three weeks, special clothing for the African Dance class, and extra curricular activities (in 2011 some of the 3WS activities included the Eno River Festival, arts & crafts, movies, and indoor rock climbing).


HU/ADF MFA Program This innovative 60-credit MFA program offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves for six weeks of the summer in the international, collaborative community of the American Dance Festival, followed by an intimate learning atmosphere at Hollins University and abroad. Few graduate programs can provide students with such imaginative approaches to thinking about dance, along with such a wide range of experiences and opportunities, mentorships, and exposure to others in the international dance field. The program offers a flexible, yet rigorous, course of study. Using the resources of both institutions, the program offers three tracks: Year Residency Track is for highly motivated students with a strong interest in expanding their knowledge and experience, especially in their creative work, in an uninterrupted way. Low Residency Track – Two Summer is designed for mid-career artists, teachers, and dance professionals. For two-summer acceptance, applicants must be mature working artists with at least 10 years of experience. Accomplished, nationally recognized candidates may receive up to 12 credits for professional experience. Low Residency Track – Three Summer is designed for emerging artists, teachers, and dance professionals. This course of study is mapped over three summers to allow for an extended immersion in intellectual and creative experiences. This track is for highly motivated professionals seeking to substantiate their portfolio as they develop their professional careers. For sample classes offered in each track, see International Residencies: For a portion of the fall or spring term, Year Residency students travel to dance centers throughout the world participating in mentored studio time, the facilitation of a program of creative work, study, discussions, and readings. As part of these in-depth cultural exchanges, students are able to present their work in professional venues while immersing themselves in specially designed study tracks and attending dance concerts. Students study with members of the thriving international professional and academic communities. These residencies open pathways that create lifelong relationships and opportunities. Past residencies have taken place in France, Austria, and Belgium.

Hollins University/ American dance Festival MFA in Dance

PostBaccalaureate Certificate As students complete their undergraduate degrees and prepare for a professional career in dance or graduate study, the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (PBC) offers a year of time, support, and networking. The program is ideal for students who want to immerse themselves in a focused work environment that has a direct professional relationship to choreography, performance, and portfolio development. BA/BFA Program A combined BA/BFA is also available. Dance faculty members make up a diverse artistic community whose mission is to create an atmosphere in which students and faculty learn alongside one another to expand and deepen their relationship to dance and to the world. Resident faculty members are augmented by visiting faculty and guest artists as well as by a core of adjunct faculty and mentors who reflect a wide range of interests and experiences. For additional information on these programs, visit:


Jeffery N. Bullock, Director HU/ADF MFA in Dance Dance Department - Hollins University 540.362.6429

Graduate Center, Hollins University P.O. Box 9603 Roanoke, VA 24020-1603 540.362.6575

dance Professionals Workshop Directed by: Gerri Houlihan

The Dance Professionals Workshop (DPW) is growing and evolving to meet the needs of dance artists and educators across the country. In response to popular requests, there are now two ways in which you may participate in this experience.

DPW Intensive June 23–July 1 The DPW Intensive is a nine day workshop that will provide the unique opportunity of studying with the ADF faculty in classes that have been specifically designed to address the needs and interests of dance practitioners and educators, in addition to offering the freedom to explore the breadth of dance training available through the festival’s Six Week School. This is a very special opportunity to connect and engage with other dance artists in the field and to study with members of ADF’s faculty through a more individualized exchange.

DPW Dance Sampler Option 1: June 24–July 1 Option 2: July 1–8*

Option 3: July 8–15 Option 4: July 15–22

The DPW Dance Sampler allows you to choose the dates you would like to attend ADF in a self-guided exploration of classes and performances offered at the festival. Participants will be able to choose from available classes in the Six Week School. This workshop provides an opportunity to experience the wide range of dance practices at the ADF and to build connections with other artists and educators in the field.

We are pleased to announce that there are two scholarships available for the DPW Intensive. DPW scholarships are offered (at press time) in the names of Donna Faye Burchfield and Dr. Charles R. “Chuck” Davis. To apply, please submit the following with your application 1. Resumé 2. A one-page statement explaining how this experience would be of professional benefit to you. The deadline for submitting a DPW scholarship application is April 1.

*please note that ADF will be closed for the July 4th Holiday

To be eligible for the Dance Professionals Workshop, you must have completed an undergraduate program or have 5 years of professional experience. All DPW participants will be able to obtain a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the program. For those of you who would like to consider spending a second week at ADF, we would like to offer you the opportunity to extend your time with us by adding a second DPW week at half the cost. This can be combined with either the DPW Sampler or the DPW Intensive.


Life at ADF (Support



Health & Wellness

Please note that all dormitories are located on Duke’s East Campus.

Health Insurance

Six Week School

Participants in all programs must provide the ADF with proof of adequate health insurance coverage. This must be provided before arrival. For participants without health insurance, the ADF has made arrangements with a local insurance agency to provide reasonably priced insurance for the duration of the program. Please contact the ADF School Office for more information.

Dorm Rooms: Dorms are secured buildings and the most convenient of all housing options. A limited number of air-conditioned rooms are available on a first come, first served basis. Participants 18 years and older have the option of living in a single or double, AC or non-AC room. 6WS students under the age of 18 must live in the air-conditioned dorm under the supervision of counselors and adhere to regulations including curfew, visitation policy, etc. Off-Campus Housing (for 6WS students 18 years and older): The ADF compiles a summer sublet/roommate listing and will post this on our website,, on April 15, 2012. When searching for off-campus housing, remember to look for places nearest to Duke’s East campus as the majority of classes are held there. The ADF is not responsible for any arrangements promised by the lessor.

Three Week School for Young Dancers 3WS students will live in double rooms in an air-conditioned dormitory. Experienced counselors will live in the dormitory with the students. A curfew and lights-out policy will be enforced.

Dance Professionals Workshop Dorm Rooms: Participants will have the option of living in a single or double air-conditioned room. Linen Rental: Includes: 1 flat sheet (twin), 1 fitted sheet (twin), 1 pillow and 1 pillow case, 1 blanket, 4 towels and 4 washcloths. The Linen pack may only be used in Duke University dormitories. Hotel: Participants who would like information regarding alternative housing, such as local hotels, should see the ADF website for recommendations.

Meal Plan The ADF Meal Plan is offered by Duke University Dining Services for the benefit of ADF participants. Duke University Dining Services in the East Union’s Marketplace will provide this on-campus food service. Please note that there are no refunds for unused meals.

Six Week School Participants desiring on-campus meals (especially those living in Duke University dorms) have the option to purchase the ADF 6WS Meal Plan, which consists of five breakfasts, five lunches, and five dinners per week (33 total of each). Please note that this does not cover all the meals during the Festival. Students will be committed to the plan once they have signed up.

Three Week School for Young Dancers All 3WS participants living on campus are on the money-saving ADF Meal Plan which covers 3 meals per day for the entire three weeks. The cost is included in the 3WS room/board fee. Commuting students may purchase a Lunch Meal Plan that will allow them to eat meals in the cafeteria while they are on campus.

Parking on Campus For those students wishing to bring a car to campus, a parking fee will be charged on check-in day. The total cost for six weeks will be $50.

Duke University Health Services For basic health needs that can be taken care of in a clinic, Duke University allows ADF students the option to pay a Student Health Service Fee and take advantage of the outpatient services on campus, provided by the Duke Family Medicine Center. Examples of services provided include medical care for illnesses and minor injuries, medication dispensed by the Center’s pharmacy for short-term treatment of acute problems, and laboratory services when ordered by a healthcare provider at the Center. **Please note that purchasing the student health service DOES NOT take the place of health insurance.**

Physical Therapy Participants in all programs will have access to Duke University physical therapists at no additional cost.

Academic Credit Academic credit is available to qualified high school graduates or rising high school seniors. Duke University records undergraduate academic progress in terms of course credit. For purposes of transfer, a full course load (3 6WS classes plus WFSS) is equivalent to a total of eight semester hours or two course credits. Credit for work completed is subject to the approval of your institution’s registrar or admissions officer. Individuals who have completed all requirements for the BA or BS degree may request advanced-level credit, in which case their transcripts will bear one or more 200-level, graduate course numbers. Students enrolled in Duke Summer Session for academic credit may request one or more copies of their official transcript from Duke University, not ADF, upon successful completion of their course work. A $40 transcript fee will be charged to any student who wishes to receive academic credit. This one-time fee allows students to receive academic credit for any future year that they attend ADF, along with unlimited free copies of their Duke University transcript.

Flex Account Participants in the Six Week School and Three Week School also have the option to open a Flex account, either in addition to the ADF Meal Plan or alone. This is a declining balance account to which funds may be added at any time during the student’s time on campus. The Flex account can be used in the East Campus Union’s Marketplace, East/Central Campus stores, vending machines, and laundry facilities — greatly reducing the need to carry cash. Beginning June 14 (6WS Check-In Day) participants may open a flex account, adding funds in $25 increments, with a $100 minimum, through the DukeCard Office using cash, check, or debit card. The DukeCard Office does not accept credit cards. Refunds will be processed by the DukeCard Office during September 2012. Refunds will not be available for balances under $5.00.

For more information on Student Support Services, please visit the ADF website.


photo by Dorothy Shi

Balasaraswati/Joy Ann Dewey Beinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching Ana Marie Forsythe received her formal dance training at the Newark Ballet Academy under Fred Danieli and her Horton training under Joyce Trisler. She began her professional career with the Garden State Ballet company at age 13 and with the Joyce Trisler Dance Company at age 14. She also performed with the Sophie Maslow Dance Company as well as her own company. Ms. Forsythe began teaching the Horton technique in the 1960s and has devoted more than twenty years to documenting the Lester Horton technique. She is an internationally-recognized master teacher of the technique and has been invited to teach in more than a dozen countries. In preservation of the Horton technique, she co-authored The Dance Technique of Lester Horton, and was artistic director of three Horton videos documenting this important modern dance technique. Ms. Forsythe has taught at the Ailey School since 1973 and has been the Chair of the Horton department since 1979. She helped initiate the Ailey/ Fordham BFA Program at The Ailey School with the late Denise Jefferson in 1997 and served as Co-Director and Director from 2004–2011. She conducts an annual Horton Pedagogy Workshop at The Ailey School each summer.

Faculty & Musicians

Monica Bill Barnes

New York based choreographer and performer; her company, Monica Bill Barnes & Company, has performed in over twenty venues in New York City and has been presented in 30 cities throughout the US, including at ADF in 2010 and 12; MBB & CO. is a contemporary American dance company with the mission to celebrate individuality, humor, and the innate theatricality of everyday life; ADF faculty since 2011.

Glenna Batson

MA, PT, ScD (Masters, Dance Education and Professor Emeritus Physical Therapy, Doctorate, Neurology); 35 years synthesizing dance, science, and Somatics; apprenticed with Irene Dowd 1977–81; internationally recognized teacher of Alexander Technique and dance science; Directs Contemporary Body Practices for HU/ADF MFA; ADF faculty since 1986.

Rodger Belman

Educator, choreographer, performer; guest artist/ faculty at numerous institutions including University of Michigan, Sejong University in Seoul South Korea, Hollins University, Barnard College, Connecticut College, George Mason University, University of Georgia, East Carolina University, Milwaukee Ballet, Dance Theater of Harlem, and the Korean Dance Festival; reconstructor of Laura Dean’s masterworks 2004–10; member of Laura Dean Dancers and Musicians 1989–95; performed with Twyla Tharp, Rachel Lampert, Mark Taylor, Joy Kellman; MFA in dance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; ADF faculty since 2007. Trebien Pollard

Shani Collins-Achille

BA in dance from Hollins University; MFA from HU/ ADF, New York “Bessie” Dance and Performance Award Winner; her company, The Eternal Works Project, investigates healing em(power)ment for girls & women; currently commissioned/ presented by Dance New Amsterdam, Dance Theater Workshop, 651 Arts: Black Dance and Transformation, Performatica’ Dance Festival (Cholula, Mexico) Choreographic Sketches/Philly Live Arts Fringe Festival, Kaay Fecc Dance Festival (Dakar, Senegal); Assistant Professor of Dance at  Connecticut College; ADF Faculty since 2006.

Elizabeth Corbett

Soloist with William Forsythe’s Ballet Frankfurt for over a decade; former dancer with The Joffrey Ballet and Milwaukee Ballet; choreographic assistant to Forsythe, De Keersmaeker/Rosas, and Robert Wilson; teaches ballet, improvisation technologies, and Forsythe repertory internationally, including P.A.R.T.S./Rosas, Impulstanz Vienna, Cullberg Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, Dance Ireland, Dance Platform Istanbul, Ekoda de Dance Tokyo, Movement Research/International Dance Dialogues, and Beijiing Dance Academy; ADF faculty since 2006.

Douglas Corbin

Pianist; faculty at Florida State University; has worked with Merce Cunningham, American Ballet Theatre, David Howard, Arena Dance in Zürich, Jurriens Stiftung in Amsterdam, Noriko Hara in Hiroshima, Peter Goss in Paris, Ballet Contemporáneo de Caracas, Szedgedi Kotars Ballet in Hungary; ADF faculty since 2006.

Leah Cox

Jeffery Bullock

Performed with the North Carolina Dance Theater, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Sharir + Bustamante Danceworks; trained at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts; MFA in choreography from the University of Iowa; taught at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Iowa; Hollins University Dance Program faculty since 2004; ADF faculty since 1998.

Education Director of New York Live Arts; as part of this role, Ms. Cox develops and oversees the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company’s education programs, restages the Company’s works, develops workshops, oversees the Bard College partnership, and teaches nationwide; from 2001–09 she was a full-time company member, creating and reviving numerous works and roles; choreographs her own work on a regular basis; ADF faculty since 2011.

Teena Custer

B-girl and hip hop dance theatre artist based in Pittsburgh, PA; battles and performs internationally with her all female street dance group, Venus Fly Trap; her work has been performed at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London, Ford Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, and has been commissioned by over

15 universities in the US; on faculty at Slippery Rock University; has an MFA from The Ohio State University; ADF faculty in 2007.

Jefferson Dalby

Rock-and-roll piano player; accompanies classes using percussion, flute, electric percussion, and many piano styles; bandleader of the Jazzphibians; keyboard player for Soul Central; performed with Fort Worth’s Hip Pocket Theatre, Jubilee Theatre, and Sojourner Truth Players; former accompanist at Fort Worth Ballet, Boston Ballet, and White Mountain Summer Dance Festival; currently accompanies classes at University of North Carolina School of the Arts; recently updated website Andy Hasenpflug; & Michael Wall ADF faculty since 1987.

Brenda Daniels

Interim Dean, School of Dance, University of North Carolina School of the Arts; Betsy Friday Distinguished Professor in Contemporary Dance at UNCSA; BFA from Purchase College, MFA from HU/ADF; ADF faculty since 2002.

Mark Dendy

Mark Dendy’s work deftly weaves autobiographical narrative that deeply mines his southern Appalachian heritage, dance history, and his experience as a post-modern dance theater artist in New York City; has had a rich and varied career in experimental dance theater; grand scale site specific work bringing together diverse dance communities, performance, opera, improvisation, cabaret, night clubs, Broadway, off-Broadway, and regional theater; his work is known for its wit, searing social commentary, intense physicality, and tour de force acting; ADF faculty 1986, 87, 90, 92, 94, 96, 2008 and 09.

Vladimir Espinosa

Musician, actor, & choreographer born in Havana, Cuba; currently an instructor of Latin Percussion, Afro-Cuban Dance, and musician/accompanist in residence at Hollins University; graduated from the ENA (School National of Arts, Cuba); has performed, taught, and choreographed for many companies, including: Caribeno (Cuba), Companies National de Danza (Ecuador), Orile (Cuba), Rojo Oscuro (Ecuador), Las Manos Del Sol (US), the Roanoke Ballet Theatre (US), Pueblo Nuevo (Ecuador), Havana Express (Cuba), and Savuka Son (Ecuador); ADF faculty since 2005.


James Frazier (Co-Dean)

Chair, Dance & Choreography, Virginia Commonwealth University; EdD in Dance, Temple University; MFA in Dance and BS in Marketing, Florida State University; President, Council of Dance Administrators, board member, American College Dance Festival Association; past appointments: Jesse Zaritt visiting professor, Florida State University; Associate Director, Dance Institute of Washington; Publicity Coordinator, Urban Bush Women Summer Dance Institute; former member: Kokuma Dance Theatre (England), Dallas Black Dance Theatre, and Edgeworks Dance Theatre.

Michelle Gibson

Choreographer, instructor, and performing artist; BFA in Dance from Tulane University and MFA in Dance from HU/ADF; founder and Artistic Director of Exhibit Dance Collective; currently teaching at Brookhaven College in Dallas TX, artist in residence with the Ashe’ Cultural Arts Center, resident dance company at the South Dallas Cultural Center, and educator and instructor with the Dallas Independent School District teaching grades 9–12; ADF faculty since 2010.

Mark Haim

Currently based in Seattle; commissions from Nederlands Dans Theater, Ballet Frankfurt, The Joffrey Ballet, Limon Dance Company, Zenon Dance Company, and others; guest artist and teacher in schools around the world; full-evening solo “The Goldberg Variations” performed at the ADF, Danspace Project, the Kennedy Center, Russia, Korea, and around the US; NYFA and NEA Fellowship recipient; BFA from The Juilliard School, MFA from HU/ADF; ADF faculty since 1993.

John Hanks

Percussionist / pianist / composer using acoustic and electronic instruments, John loves the spirit of dance and dancers and strives to incorporate that energy in Claudia Howard Queen his music; serves as Music Director for the Duke University Dance Program and percussion faculty for the Duke University Music Department; busy freelance percussionist performing with many jazz, classical, theater, rock/ blues, and contemporary music groups throughout North Carolina; has released three CDs of music for dance; ADF faculty since 1984.

Andy Hasenpflug (Director of Musicians)

Accompanying and composing music for dance since 1989; has played and/or composed for artists such as Bill T. Jones, Joe Goode, members of the Merce Cunningham and Bebe Miller Dance Companies, Doug Varone, LabCo, Dance Alloy, the Seldoms, and Zephyr Dance; during the academic year, Andy works at Slippery Rock University as Music Director of the Dance Department; ADF faculty since 2010.


Curt Haworth

BA in Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz and MFA in Dance from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts; Movement Research Artist in Residence 2001–02; performed with Lisa Race’s Race Dance from 1993–2000; toured internationally with David Dorfman Dance from 1990 to 2002; has taught regularly at Movement Research and DNA in NYC; currently an Associate Professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia; ADF Faculty 2007– 08 and since 2011.

Ellen Hemphill

Artistic Director, Managing Director, Co-Founder of Archipelago Theatre Company in Chapel Hill, NC; Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and on the faculty of Duke University’s Department of Theatre Studies since 1993; long time member of the Roy Hart Theatre of France, where she worked and performed for 13 years; ADF faculty since 1992.

Gerri Houlihan (Co-Dean)

Studied at the Juilliard School; performed with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, the Paul Sanasardo Dance Company, and the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company; artistic director of Houlihan and Dancers from 1988–99; participated in eighteen ADF international linkages; 2005 recipient of the Balasaraswati Joy Ann Dewey Beinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching; received MFA in 2007 from HU/ADF; currently a professor at Florida State University; ADF faculty 1981–83, and since 1987.

Terrence Karn

Dance and musical artist/composer/educator; began his career as a dance musician in 1971 at The Minnesota Dance Theatre; resident Musician/ Composer at Denison University’s Dance Department; performed with the Houston Grand Opera, Karen Stokes Dance, and HopeStone; Summer 2012, Karn will return to the Bates Dance Festival for his 13th year as the Musical Director for YAP; co-director of Gypsy Dance Theatre and performs regularly at Renaissance Festivals throughout the country; composed numerous works for dance companies on planet earth and has played for over 16,001 dance classes & counting; ADF faculty since 2011.

Yangkeun Kim

Choreographer, teacher, dancer, writer; professor of Soongeui Women`s College, Artistic Director of Garion Dance Company and vice president of The Dance Science of Korea; has performed her own work with Garion Dance Company, Korea Contemporary Dance Company, and Wansoon Yook`s Dance Company, toured Europe, US, and Asia; has organized KDF (KADF) since 1990, Seoul International Choreographer’s Festival since 1995, and workshops; ADF faculty 2003–05, 07–09, 11. Monica Bill Barnes

Ishmael Houston-Jones

Dance and text-work has been performed across the US, as well as in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Latin America; his work has a foundation in improvisation, contact improvisation, authentic movement, releasing techniques, and vocal work; ADF faculty 1990–91, 93, and since 2005.

John Jasperse NYC-based

choreographer; work has been presented throughout the US and Europe and in Brazil, Chile, Israel, Japan; has created fourteen evening-length works and several short works for his company, and commissions for other companies including Baryshnikov’s White Oak Dance Project, Batsheva Dance Company, Lyon Opera Ballet; received fellowships from Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts, Tides Foundation’s Lambent Fellowship in the Arts, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, and New York Foundation for the Arts; ADF faculty 2000–02, 04, 05, 08, and since 2010.

LaShawn Jones

A member of Kelly Peters Dance Company; trained at Broadway Dance Center (BDC) in New York in 2010 summer intensive; dancer in Sybarite Dance Showcase in NYC and BDC’s Step Up 3d Dance Dub; instructor at Korea Dance Festival in 2010; choreography has been presented throughout North Carolina and Seoul, South Korea; Zumba instructor at Equinox in NYC; HIV prevention researcher; relocated to NYC to pursue her passion for dance; ADF faculty since 2009.

Rafael Lopez-Barrantes

Voice faculty and Associate Director of Performance at the California Institute of the Arts, 2007–present; actor, director, member, and teacher with the Roy Hart Theatre in France, 1974–91; voice chair at the National School of the Arts of Puppetry in France; taught at Duke University’s Department of Theatre Studies for fifteen years; he was appointed Honorary Consul of Spain in North Carolina, 2002– 07; ADF faculty since 1992.

Paul Matteson

Member of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company; creates his own work and teaches regularly; completed his graduate degree in choreography from Bennington College in 2007; from 2000–05 he was a member of David Dorfman  Dance and Race Dance, receiving a “Bessie” for performance; has also performed with Jennifer Nugent, Terry Creach, Peter Schmitz, Kota Yamazaki, Chamecki/Lerner, Neta Pulvermacher, and Keith Johnson among others; ADF faculty from 2002–06 and in 09.

Amanda Miller

Founder, artistic director, and choreographer of Pretty Ugly Dance Company, formed in 1992; toured internationally and won an array of awards and acclaim for unique collaborations; from 1984 to 92 she was a founding member, principal dancer and resident choreographer of the Frankfurt Ballet under the direction of William Forsythe; continues to choreograph, direct, and teach; a native North Carolinian;; ADF faculty since 2009.

Ursula Payne

Chairperson and Professor of Dance at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania; Payne has received four choreographic fellowships from the Pennsylvania Council of the Leah Cox Arts; choreography has been commissioned by professional companies and universities; has performed solo and duet works in professional and academic venues both nationally and internationally; received her MFA from The Ohio State University in 1995 and CMA certification from the Laban/ Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in NYC 1997; ADF faculty since 2002, Co-Director of the Three Week School since 2011.

Jillian Peña

Dance and video artist that has been presented internationally, including at Dance Theater Workshop and The Kitchen in New York, Akademie der Kunste Berlin, Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow, and Tate Modern in London; Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Scholar; MPhil from Goldsmiths, University of London; MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BA from Hollins University; Artist-in-Residence at Brooklyn Arts Exchange 2011–12, Movement Research 2009–11, National Dance Center of Bucharest, Romania 2011, Archauz in Aarhus, Denmark 2010, DanceWeb Fellow at Impulstanz, Vienna, Austria 2009; Adjunct Professor at University of the Arts, Philadelphia; ADF faculty since 2006.

Pamela Pietro

Assistant Arts Professor at NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts; BFA from Florida State University; MFA from the University of Washington; performed with Anthony Morgan Dance Company, Michael Foley Dance, RaceDance, bopi’s black sheep/dances, Houlihan and Dancers, Jennifer Nugent; presented choreography at Dance New Amsterdam, Dancespace Project, BAX, Momentum Danza Company, LaSalle University in Singapore, as well as others; taught internationally in Moscow, Israel, Tokyo, Singapore, and China; assistant to Irene Dowd since 2002; ADF faculty since 1997.

Trebien Pollard

dance, Florida International University in Miami; artist in residence/Henry Bascom Professor of dance, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Principal with African American Dance Ensemble; BFA, UNC-G; MFA, HU/ADF; performed Talley Beatty’s “Mourner’s Bench” at 1993 Scripps/ADF Ceremony; studied West African Dance and Drumming in Guinea, West Africa; guest instructor for NFAA in Miami and The McIntyre Institute in Miami Lakes, FL; ADF faculty since 1995.

Sara Procopio

Founding member of Shen Wei Dance Arts and artistic associate; earned undergraduate and masters degrees from Hollins University; guest artist at The University of the Arts, ADF/NYC Winter Intensive,  Hollins University, Peridance Capezio Center, Marymount Manhattan College, Paolo Grassi School of Milan, and a teaching artist for Shen Wei Dance Arts throughout the US and abroad; ADF faculty since 2008.

Claudia Howard Queen

Multi-instrumentalist/composer for dance; accompanied for over 200 dance instructors throughout the US, Ireland, Taiwan, Merce Cunningham & Gus Giordano Studios; recently toured with Taiwanese Ku & Dancers improvisational dance company; Secretary of IGMID; MFA from Tisch, NYU; Assistant Professor of Music for Dance at University of North Texas; three NEA Awards; two Fulbright Awards to Taipei National University of the Arts and TAIPEiDEA, Taiwan; ADF Henan, China 2011; ADF faculty since 2006.

Gwen Welliver

Dancer and choreographer; work presented at CPR, DTW, 92Y Harkness Dance Festival, Movement Research; performed with Doug Varone and Dancers 1990-2000; “Bessie” Award for Sustained Achievement 2000; Rehearsal Director Trisha Brown Dance Company 2000–07; teaches worldwide at International Summer School of Dance ( JP), Kalamata International Dance Festival (GR), Movement Research NYC, 1997–present, P.A.R.T.S. (BE), TSEKH Summer School (RU), Tisch School of the Arts 1995–2000, 09–11, Bennington College 2007–09 Fellow, Sarah Lawrence College 2011–present. ADF faculty in 2000 and 11.

Ken Ray Wilemon

Percussionist and painter based in Durham; has accompanied dance at Texas Christian University, University of Texas at Austin, Connecticut College, Hollins University, various ACDFAs, and the White Mountain Summer Dance Festival; currently staff accompanist at Meredith College and Duke University; ADF faculty since 1988.

Abby Yager

Member of the Trisha Brown Company from 1995–2002; currently directs reconstructions of Ms. Brown’s choreography; visiting faculty at Taipei National University of the Arts, National Taiwan University of the Arts,  Korean National University of the Arts, Irish Academy of World Music and Dance, OSU, and P.A.R.T.S among others; ADF faculty since 2003. Sara Procopio

Khalid Saleem

Percussionist, musician; former musical director for the African American Dance Ensemble; worked/studied with Rose Marie Guiraud, Babatunde Olatunji of Nigeria, Ladji Camara of Guinea in West Africa, Titos Sampa of Zaire, and Les Ballet Africains, the National Dance Company of Guinea; on faculty in the Dance Department at The College at Brockport, State University of New York; Sankofa; ADF faculty since 1985.

Received his BS from Florida Michael Wall A&M University and his Worked with the Limón Dance Company, MFA from NYU Tisch School Mark Haim, Lisa Race, David Dorfman, of the Arts; has performed David Grenke, Jennifer Nugent, with the Metropolitan and others; music can be found at Opera Ballet, Ronald K.; accompanies Brown/Evidence, Pascal Ishmael Houston-Jones for the Bates Dance Festival and works in Rioult Dance Theater, Pearl The Ohio State University Department of Lang Dance Theatre, Rebecca Stenn Company, Dance; ADF faculty 1999–2004, 06, and 08–11. Urban Bush Women,  and Pilobolus; appeared in the feature film “Ghostlight”, starring Richard Move Andrea Weber as ‘Martha Graham’; presently a Visiting Assistant BFA from The Juilliard School; joined the Merce Professor and a licensed certified GYROTONIC® Cunningham Dance Company in January 2004; appears as the Dancer in THE DANCER FILMS; has trainer; ADF faculty since 2011. also worked with Coleman and Lemieux, Charlotte Sherone Price Griffin, Jessica Lang, Ellen Cornfield and Jonah Dancer, teacher, choreographer; currently Assistant Bokaer;  will be visiting Brown University as  an Professor of Dance at Appalachian State University, adjunct professor for the spring 2012 semester; Lecturer, University of North Carolina-Greensboro; new ADF faculty. dancer and choreographer, Visiting Instructor of

Ming-Lung Yang

Assistant Professor at Taipei National University of the Arts; former artistic director of Dance Forum Taipei; choreography presented throughout Asia and in Australia, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, and the US; member of the Trisha Brown Company from 1994–99; ADF faculty since 2000.

Jesse Zaritt

Born in Worcester, MA; BA from Pomona College; MFA from HU/ADF; performed with Shen Wei Dance Arts, the Inbal Pinto Dance Company, Faye Driscoll, Netta Yerushalmy, and the Hollins Dance Project; recipient of a Dorot Fellowship in Israel, 2006–07, and a LABA artist residency at the Fourteenth Street Y, 2008–10; ADF faculty since 2008.

Additional Faculty will teach Bodywork classes in the WFSS as of December 2011 Anjali Austin, Gyrokenisis Lila Pierce Brown, Yoga Robbie Cook, Yoga Stacie Dombrowski, Pilates Eric Franklin, Franklin Method Christine Nowicki, Pilates Dawn Strom, Gyrokenisis

please visit the ADF website for full bios


Application Instructions and Fees Apply Early!


Each student is assigned a class registration number based on the date his/her application package arrives in the School office. Students will register for classes in numerical order. Applying early and receiving a low registration number increases the chance of getting into desired classes. Many ADF classes fill to capacity and have a waiting list.

Six Week School

6WS Room Options

Application Fee $40 Tuition $1,550 Student Health Fee $47 Lunch Meal Plan $170 (for 3WS commuters only)

3WS Room Option

Dance Professionals Workshop

DPW Room Options


A complete application consists of: 1. Application form (page 12) 2. Resumé of your dance training, education, and professional experience 3. Application fee: all applicants must send a non-refundable application fee of $40 (this fee is not credited toward tuition) 4. 6WS and 3WS only: two evaluation forms (page 14) completed by two dance instructors The ADF does not require an audition for the 6WS, 3WS, or DPW.


Six Week School & Three Week School 1. Upon acceptance to the ADF, you will receive a statement of charges. 2. Within 21 days of this acceptance, a non-refundable $300 tuition deposit is due. 3. Your balance must be paid in full and postmarked no later than April 25, 2012. 4. Payment after April 25, 2012 requires special arrangements with ADF’s School and Finance offices. Dance Professionals Workshop Upon acceptance to the ADF, you will receive a statement of charges. All fees must be paid in full by April 25, 2012.

Refund Policy Please read carefully! Withdrawal

All paid tuition (less $300 deposit), dorm room fees, and meal plan fees will be refunded in full only if written notice of withdrawal is received by the following dates: 6WS DPW 3WS

May 4, 2012 May 11, 2012 May 25, 2012

After these dates and before the respective programs begins: tuition (less $300 deposit) will be refunded for medical reasons only. A signed note from a doctor is required. Dorm room fees and meal plan will be refunded less a $40 administrative fee. After the respective program begins: tuition and meal plan will not be refunded for any reason. Dorm room fees will be refunded less a $40 administrative fee.


Damage and key deposits will be refunded by December 2012, after the ADF receives final billing from Duke University.

HOW TO REACH US American Dance Festival | Box 90772, Durham, NC 27708 919.684.6402 | Fax: 919.684.5459 |


Application Fee $40 Single AC $1,560 Tuition Full Time $1,990 Double AC $1,235 Tuition Part Time $750/course Single Non AC $1,210 Student Health Fee $93 Double Non AC $920 6WS Meal Plan $965 Damage Deposit $50 Key Deposit $100 Three Week School

Housing and Meals $1,270

(Double AC room + meal plan)

Damage Deposit $50 Key Deposit $100

Application Fee $40 Single AC $330 Tuition $875 Double AC $260 Additional Week $438 Key Deposit $100 Linen Rental $45 FOR ALL PROGRAMS, PLEASE NOTE: All housing, meal plan prices, and health fees are approximate and subject to minor revision pending notice from Duke University. Rooms will be assigned in order of receipt of payment. Airconditioned rooms cannot be guaranteed.

2012 ADF Application APPLY ONLINE: OR Return this completed application and $40 application fee to: ADF School Office, Box 90772, Durham, NC 27708  Mr.  Ms. (check one) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First Name Middle Name or Initial Last Name (Family Name) Current Contact Information Address where you can receive mail in the near future. If you are a college student, please list your address at school. Address _________________________________________________________________ High School/College Currently Attending _________________________________ City ____________________________ State ___________ Zip ___________________ School Email _________________________________________________________ Country________________________________________________________________ Please add to your email address contacts. We do the majority of our correspondence through email, and adding us to your contact list

Valid until what date? ___________________________________________________ will prevent a delay in communication due to spam blockers. Permanent Contact Information

Address______________________________________________________________ Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY) ___________________________________________ City____________________________State _____________Zip___________________ Parent/Guardian Name ________________________________________________ Mobile Phone __________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Phone ________________________________________________ Country_______________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Email ________________________________________________ Permanent Email ______________________________________________________ Citizenship ___________________________________________________________ Race

 African American

 Asian American

 Latino/a

 Caucasian

 MultiRacial

 Native American

 Other

The ADF and Duke University offer equal opportunity of admission to all applicants. The questions on this application which concern gender, citizenship, and race are for the purpose of meeting federal government reporting requirements.

Have you previously attended ADF? If so, please list year and program _____________________________________________________________________________ How did you hear about ADF?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Six Week School

 Full Time

 Part Time (2 classes)

 Part Time (1 class)

Housing  I do not want a room  Single Dorm Room with AC  Single Dorm Room without AC  Double Dorm Room with AC  Double Dorm Room without AC

Meals  Yes, I want a Meal Plan  No, I do not want a Meal Plan

Student Health Service  I would like to purchase the Student Health Service

 No thanks

(If you opt for the Student Health Service, you still must provide proof of adequate insurance)

Academic Credit

 Please send me an application for academic credit

 I do not wish to apply for academic credit

Scholarships/Apprentices If you would like to be considered for financial assistance, please check the scholarships that you would like to apply for below:  Tuition Scholarship (requires audition)  Staff Assistant (requires resumé and letter of recommendation)  Dorm Counselor (requires resumé and letter of recommendation)  Stagecraft Apprentice (requires resumé and letter of recommendation) If you are applying for any of these four scholarships: *Please provide the estimated 2011 income of your family (or your own if you are not a dependent) $_______________ Number of dependents in your household (do not include your parents) ________________

*You must still mail a copy of your or your parents’ 2011 Tax Form 1040 to be eligible for a scholarship.

Cooperative Scholarship Please provide the name and address of sponsoring university, college, or studio that should receive information and forms for your cooperative scholarship: To the attention of _________________________________________________ Sponsoring institution ______________________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________________City __________________________ State _________ Zip _________________

Cooperative Scholarship awards are contingent upon a student receiving no other funding assistance from the ADF and upon agreement to sponsor by the student’s school.

 Three Week School for Young Dancers Housing and Meals  AC Double Dorm Room + Meal Plan  I do not want a room (Commuting from home)  Lunch Meal Plan (Optional for commuters only) Student Health Service  I would like to purchase the Student Health Service  No thanks (If you opt for the Student Health Service, you still must provide proof of adequate insurance)

 Dance Professionals Workshop  DPW Intensive

 DPW Dance Sampler Options: 1 2 3 4

(check two if you would like to attend a second week for half off )

What year did you receive your undergraduate degree________________________ OR Please list your 5 years professional experience __________________________________________________________________________________________ Housing

 I do not want a room

 AC Single Dorm Room

 AC Double Dorm Room

 Linen Rental



Name of Instructor_____________________________________________________________________ Title_____________________________________ Institution or studio___________________________ Address_____________________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________________________ State _________ Zip __________________ When did the applicant study with you? ___________________________________________________ Describe what you know of the applicant’s previous training (length of time, dance styles, etc.): ________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Does the applicant have any alignment, physical, emotional or other problems of which we should be aware? ______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Please discuss the applicant’s strengths: ___________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Do you think that the applicant is physically and emotionally prepared to attend a multi-week Intensive Program? _________________________________________________________________________ Please rate the applicant in the following areas. Note: ADF accepts students of all ability levels, ranging from Beginning (1) to Professional (6).

Name of Instructor_____________________________________________________________________ Title_____________________________________ Institution or studio___________________________ Address_____________________________________________________________________________

City _________________________________________________ State _________ Zip __________________

When did the applicant study with you? ___________________________________________________

Describe what you know of the applicant’s previous training (length of time, dance styles, etc.): ________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Does the applicant have any alignment, physical, emotional or other problems of which we should be aware? ______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Please discuss the applicant’s strengths: ___________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Do you think that the applicant is physically and emotionally prepared to attend a multi-week Intensive Program? _________________________________________________________________________

Please rate the applicant in the following areas. Note: ADF accepts students of all ability levels, ranging from Beginning (1) to Professional (6).

1 1 1 1 1

2 2 2 2 2

3 3 3 3 3

4 4 4 4 4

5 5 5 5 5

6 6 6 6 6

If you would like to make any further comments on the dance ability and potential of the applicant, please include them here or attach additional notes. _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Instructor Signature____________________________________________

Contemporary Technique Ballet Composition Improvisation Performance

1 1 1 1 1

2 2 2 2 2

3 3 3 3 3

4 4 4 4 4

5 5 5 5 5

6 6 6 6 6 If you would like to make any further comments on the dance ability and potential of the applicant, please include them here or attach additional notes. _____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Instructor Signature____________________________________________

Contemporary Technique Ballet Composition Improvisation Performance

(Beginning) (Professional)

If you are evaluating a Six Week School applicant: The ADF uses these evaluations to place students in preview classes appropriate to their level of ability. Our classes range from beginning to professional level, and our students range in age from 16 years to post-graduate, so please evaluate your student’s ability accordingly.

If you are evaluating a Six Week School applicant: The ADF uses these evaluations to place students in preview classes appropriate to their level of ability. Our classes range from beginning to professional level, and our students range in age from 16 years to post-graduate, so please evaluate your student’s ability accordingly.

(Beginning) (Professional)

To the Instructor: You are being asked to fill out this evaluation form, which is part of the application package for the ADF, on behalf of the applicant whose name appears above. Please fill in all appropriate information and return this form directly to the address at the top of the form.

Phone 919.684.6402 Fax 919.684.5459

To the Instructor: You are being asked to fill out this evaluation form, which is part of the application package for the ADF, on behalf of the applicant whose name appears above. Please fill in all appropriate information and return this form directly to the address at the top of the form.

Mail Completed Form to: ADF School Office Box 90772, Durham, NC 27708

Applicant Name____________________________________________________________________ Address_________________________________ City, State, Zip______________________________

Applicant Name____________________________________________________________________ Address_________________________________ City, State, Zip______________________________

Phone 919.684.6402 Fax 919.684.5459

ADF 2012 Instructor Evaluation Form

For the Applicant: (please fill out before handing to instructor)  Six Week School  Three Week School for Young Dancers

Mail Completed Form to: ADF School Office Box 90772, Durham, NC 27708

ADF 2012 Instructor Evaluation Form

For the Applicant: (please fill out before handing to instructor)  Six Week School  Three Week School for Young Dancers

14 • 919.684.6402 • fax 919.684.5459 •

American Dance Festival Box 90772 Durham, NC 27708 Non-Profit Organization US Postage PAID Durham, NC Permit 987

2012 ADF School Catalog  

The catalog for the American Dance Festival's 2012 School. This was distributed to 10,000 dance students, educators and studios.

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