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How the bear was tricked by the fox (Romanian story) ȘȘ

Școala gimnazială ,,Alexandru Ioan Cuza,, Baia Mare Once upon a time there was cunning and sly fox, as all foxes are. She was wondering all night to get some food, but she couldn’t find any. By morning, the fox came by the wayside and lied down under a bush, thinking of what she must do to get some food. Lying on the ground like that, she suddenly smells




around, she sees a cart pulled by oxen that is approaching. Hmm! thinks the fox, here’s the food I have been waiting for. She goes in the middle of the road, lies down and pretends to be dead. When the peasant, who is driving the cart, sees the fox in the middle of the road, stops the cart and checks out the fox. He asks himself how the fox died there, and, in the same time, he thinks he is lucky, as he can make a nice coat to his wife out of the fox’s fur. He throws the fox in his cart, on the pile of fish and goes on. He hurries home to show his wife the fox. But as soon as the cart starts moving, the hungry fox starts throwing fish out of the cart.

When she throws enough fish, she jumps out of the cart and collects the fish for herself. While she is eating the fish, a bear just passes by. “Enjoy the meal!” says the bear. ”You have a lot of fish! Give some to me too, please! I am very hungry.” “Get some by yourself, as I did,” says the sly fox.” “Teach me how”, says the bear. “O.K., I will. Here it is what you have to do. Go to the puddle in the forest, put your tail in the water and wait until morning; then, take out your tail and you will have a lot of fish. The bear runs to the puddle and does exactly like the fox has said. It happened that THAT night a cold wind blew. The water of the puddle froze and caught the bear’s tail in it. The bear tried hard to take out his tail, but he couldn’t. Instead of catching fish he lost his tail.

Now the bear is angry and he wants to revenge. He is looking for the fox in her den but he can’t find her, as she is hiding in the hollow of a tree. When she sees the bear she starts shouting: ”Hey you, have the fish eaten your tail or is it because you have been too greedy? The bear struggled to get the fox out of the hollow, but he couldn’t. In vain tried the poor bear, he couldn’t do it. And that’s how the bear was tricked by the cunning fox.

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„The Basilisk” (Polish story) Szkoła Podstawowa nr 14 z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi im. Adama Once upon a time there were boys learning at the shoemaker Pomykała at Podwal. Their names were Frank and John. They wanted to make and repair shoes. But they loved adventures! They started to think, who or what in Warsaw the scariest thing is. But from where was the question? We actually do not know! Franek was scared of Mrs Smith’s broom and Mr Smith’s heavy hand, as he hit poor Frank many times. And then, Jasiek thought about the real thing they should be scared of : there is at the Twisted Circle an old and neglected block of flats. In this building there was a deep and dark basement that looked like a dungeon. It is said that this dungeon was inhabited by an ugly monster that hatched from the egg, which was incubated by a snake and laid by a seven year old rooster. He was described as a creature resembling a rooster, a snake or a bird. People believed that in the dark dungeon an enormous amount of gold, jewelry and diamond are held and the Basilisc is watching the treasure. A lot of daredevils tried to enter the basement with the creature in order to steal money, but they have disappeared. But the two of shoemakers-to-be did not consider the danger, during the work they felt hungry and went to Honey Street for gorgeous gingerbread. They were strolling along the street eating cookies and gingerbread; they heard a loud noise and scream. Some misfortune happened at the Twisted Circle! A 7 year old Smolnikowa’s son was playing with a ball near the dangerous dungeon that was the place of residence of the ugly monster half

snake, half rooster and half a crocodile. This little boy fell into the basement with the creature! The place became crowded because people didn’t believe that this monster really exists. But there was one hero among the crowd of people who decided to rescue a small boy named Peter .It was Frank who thought to take a mirror from his shop and go to the basement. He took a lot of small and big mirrors and put them on his clothes. A pot was on his head and a mirror in his hand. This was his plan to destroy the monster Basilisc. He went to the dark dungeon with little Peter and the creature. After few minutes, Franek emerged from the darkness with a small Peter on his hands. And what about the monster? As Franek described – Basilissc is dead! He died from his own weapon – sight that was reflected in Frank’s mirrors. Franek became a local hero! People in the city decided to send him to the best school, to give him new clothes and take him to the hairdresser. A big party was thrown to celebrate Franek’s victory and Basilisc death. Since that day nobody heard about this dangerous monster that killed people with his sight.



A long,long time ago, a king lived in a castle. His name was Krak. He had a rich kingdom, clever advisers and a beautiful, good daughter called Wanda. Once upon a time Wanda said: 'Father, we must build a town for our people, because there isn't enough place for them.' Krak answered his daughter: 'Yes, you're right. We will bulit a town for our people'. It took a few years to build Cracow. Many people, among them a young shoemaker Skuba came to live in Cracow. The days were passing by, month after month. The people were living calmly and happily, but one day something terrible happened. A huge dragon came into the town. It was so huge, that he colud blow a half of the city out into a near river. The monster lived in a cave near the town. Since that situation the people lived in fear for their and their children lives. After some days the residents met around the throne of Krak and they started to think how to kill the dragon. Everyone had different ideas. Finally, they found a solution. The bravest knights were supossed to kill the dragon. While people were discusing with the king Krak, the dragon was sleeping in its cave. Sometimes the dragon roared then the castle trembled. While it was taking a bath in Wisła, the water was flooding the villages. Soon the first knight arrived. When he went to the castle he saw something horrible. Instesad of a happy castle, he saw empty streets, closed shops and very sad people. The knight went to the Wawel Hill, where he heard a dragons roar. The dragon was standing in front of his cave and he breathed the fire. The fight was

brutal, however none of knights could overcome the monster. After the defeat of knights, in the workshop, where a shoemaker Skuba worked, residents meet. They were scared of the dragon. They hadn't got more ideas how to kill it. After an hour, when everybody left the workshop, Skuba went to his master. He said, that he wanted to make a „suprise” for the monster, but he needed a skin of sheep. The master was very suprised and said: ' What do you need it for?' Skuba answered: ' I'll sew a puppet, that looks like a real sheep. Then I'll put into its stomach some sulphur. I'll live it near the dragon's cave. When the dragon sees the „sheep”, it'll eat the puppet.' - 'Ok. So here are the things you need.' All night Skuba sewed his puppet. His puppet looked like a real sheep. Next evening he brought his „sheep” in front of the monsters cave. Skuba left the puppet and ran away. The next day nobody heard the hungry dragons roaring. It was so surprising that everybody went to the Wawel Hill, to check what had happened with the dragon. It was standing at the riverside of Wisła and drinking water. The dragon was drinking and drinking... ,because of sulfur in its stomach. Its stomach was like a baloon. Suddenly people heard a horrible, huge explosion. The dragon blew out. The people were very happy. The king said to Skuba: - You're our hero. You saved our lives. Thank you my dear. What do you want from me now, I'll give you whatever you want. Skuba answered: - I want nothing for myself. I only want the dragon's skin, because i would like to sew shoes for poor people in the town. I want nothing more. The king agreed. After all celebrations Skuba went back to his workshop and he started working. Since that day everyone at the Wawel Hill has been living calmly and happily.

BLUE BEARD by Charles Perrault Blue Beard was rich but he had a blue beard so he was very ugly and frightening. He wanted to marry his neighbour but she didn't want to marry him. Then she spent some time with him and she finally decided to marry him. Blue Beard said to his wife that he had to go on a trip during six weeks, and he said to her to have fun. He gave her the keys of all the rooms but he told her not to go to the little cabinet because his anger would be terrible. She promised Blue Beard to obey him. When he had left his neighbours who were scared by his beard went to his house. They visited the different rooms, there were a lot of beautiful chairs, tapestries, more beautiful cupboards. She was very impatient to go to the secret cabinet without the permission of her husband. In front of this door, she was scared to have regrets. She was shaking but she took the keys and opened the door of the secret cabinet‌ She couldn’t see anything, and after some time she could see the blood and corpses on the floor. She was afraid and in her panic she lost the keys. She found them and she closed the door and she went into her room. She tried to wash the blood on the keys, but it would not leave. Blue Beard came back from his trip. His wife was happy but worried The next day, he asked for the keys but when she gave them there was not the key of the cabinet. She went to look for it and when Blue Beard saw the blood on the key, he said she would join them. He told her that she had to die but she wanted to pray one more time. So he let her fifteen minutes. During this time, she called her sister to ask her to go to the top of the

tower to see if her brothers were arriving, and ask them to hurry up! The sister, Anne, went to the top of the tower and Blue Beard's wife asked her sister if she could see anybody coming. Anne answered she couldn't. But Blue Beard held a big knife in his hand and he yelled to come down or he’d climb to the top. She repeated to him many times to wait and she asked again to her sister if she still couldn't see anybody coming here. After a moment Anne said to Blue Beard's wife that she could see their brothers and waved to them. Blue Beard screamed a lot. His poor wife went down and cried a lot. But Blue Beard said to her that she should die. Before killing her, she asked him to pray a minute and he refused. The wife’s brothers beat Blue Beard, they gave some sword’s hit and Blue Beard died. Blue Beard's wife wasn't strong enough to stand up to kiss her brothers. As Blue Beard didn't have an heir the wife's family benefited from his money.

Mr Seguin’s Goat By Alphonse DAUDET Mr Seguin wasn’t lucky with his goats. All his goats broke their rope and went to the mountains. There the wolf ate all of them. Mr Seguin couldn’t do anything to help his goats. After having lost six goats, Mr Seguin bought a seventh. He took a very young goat. She was a beautiful docile white goat. Mr Seguin put his goat in a little park behind his house: he looked after Whity a lot. He fed her with good grass. He did all he could for Whity to be happy. But the little goat was in trouble, she wanted to go to the mountains. She became so sad she couldn’t eat. Mr Seguin understood Whity didn’t feel well. She wanted to go to the moutains. He didn't agree with her because there was a wolf. Whity was very stubborn and so she definitely wanted to go to the mountains immediately. He retorted that even if she was trying to defend she would ultimately be eaten. He shut Whity up in the cowshed so that she didn’t escape. Mr Seguin took Whity in a dark cowshed. Unfortunately, he had forgotten the window and when he wasn’t here Whity went to the mountains. Trees were happy to see Whity. She looked like a queen. The white goat ate grass and moved forward in the wood. You could think there were ten Mr Seguin's goats.

The wolf was here, he looked at Whity. She remembered the story of Renaude, the last goat who was eaten by the wolf after a night of fight. She thought it was better to be eaten than to be shut in a cowshed. The fight between the wolf and Whity began. She hoped that the sun rose fastly. When the morning came, Whity was happy but she was finally eaten by the wolf.

The Witch in the Broom Cupboard By Pierre GRIPARI Mister Pierre found five euros. He went to the solicitor to buy a house. He discovered a little house with a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, a toilet and broom cupboard. He visited the house and decided to move in the new house. He went to his neighbour to ask what was special in the house. His neighbours said this house was haunted. He knocked at his neighbour's door on the right. She banged the door to his face after complaining he had bought this house. He returned annoyed to the lawyer to ask for explanations about his house and the lawyer explained there was a witch in his broom cupboard. If he sang: “Witch, witch, Watch out your bottom which will switch” she would go out and take him. He paid attention of not singing the song the first months. So Mr Pierre started to sing during the day, when the witch was not here but he didn't sing the song entirely. He just said: “Witch, witch” and after he stopped. The he began to say the full sentence. On Christmas day, after drinking alcohol, Mr Pierre sang in the street, then next to the door and... ho no! in the stairs, in his house. He sang the song entirely so the witch appeared. He said: « Sorry, sorry, please don't touch me, today's Christmas day ». So the witch found a game. Mr Pierre had to find 3 impossible things. If she couldn’t give them to him she would leave him alone. The witch wanted these things on the next day. Mr Pierre needed a wish which was impossible. He remembered his friend Bachir had two little magic fish. So, he left his house to ask for help. He explained the problem to his friend and Bachir sang:

“Little Mouse Little Friend Come here Speak with my little fish And get the sausage!” so that the mouse would come to translate to the fish. They found an idea. The wish was rubber jewels which shone as true ones. Mr Pierre went to see the witch who gave him the rubber jewels. So Mr Pierre went back to Bachir's. He asked if the fish could find an idea. The fish answered him to ask the witch a branch of the macaroni tree. So in the evening, Mr Pierre went to find her to ask her for the branch. It was his second wish. But the witch gave it to him. So Mr Pierre didn't return to Bachir's who wondered if the witch had given him the branch. Mr Pierre called him to say the bad news. Still wanting to ask the fish for a last idea, he went to Bachir's. The fish told him to return to his house to ask the witch for the hairy frog, because it was her! Mr Pierre had to catch her and transform her, roll her up with a thread and shave her hair to make her harmless. Mr Pierre bought a string to catch the frog. In the evening, the witch came. Mr Pierre asked for the hairy frog but the witch didn't accept. He insisted and finally the witch transformed. Immediately, he jumped on the frog to catch it. He soaped, shaved and left it in the bath. He brought it to Bachir who put it in a jar next to the fish. Since then, they didn't stop speaking. One day, Mr Pierre asked Bachir to call his mouse to know that they were saying. The mouse arrived but it didn't accept to translate because they were insults. So, Mr Pierre told us the story of the witch and invited us to go to his house and sing: “Witch, witch, Watch out your bottom which will switch.”

BLUE BEARD (FRENCH STORY) Collège Saint Exupéry



Mr SEGUIN’S GOAT Questions: 

Where did his goats go?

 In the forest  In the mountain  In a plain 

Who ate them?

a wolf

a chamois

an eagle

Did Mr Seguin have luck with his goats?

How old was his last goat?

How many goats did he get?  two  a dozen  seven

What did the wolf want?

How long did Whity fight?

 1 hour  2 hours  1 night  1 day

What story did she remember?

Was Whity a dog?

Did the wolf eat Whity?

What was Whity?

A dog

a turtle

a monkey

a goat

 Where did the wolf live?  in the mountain  on the beach  in the desert  in a prison

 Did Whity want to go the moutains?

 Where was Whity enclosed?  in the house  in the cowshed  in the garage




FIRST BEAUTY CONTEST (Turkish story) Ecole primaire et college privé de çakabey / Lycée Anatolien privé de Çakabey

Peleus and Thetis loved each other. They decided to get married. They invited all gods and goddesses to the wedding except the Goddess of Chaos and Rivalry, Eris. Eris got angry because she wasn’t invited. So she had a plan, she threw a golden apple to the dinning table. On the apple, there was a note. It was: ‘To the most beautiful goddess.’ While the goddesses were having fun at the wedding party, this apple attracted the goddesses’ attention. Zeus’s wife took the apple and thought she was the most beautiful goddess. Zeus’s daughter Athena got angry to her mother and wanted the apple for herself. And then there was Aphrodite who was the Goddess of Love wanted the apple for herself. They asked Zeus to be the judge. But Zeus didn’t want to be the judge. So he said: ‘I love you all. You are all ‘the most beautiful’ for me. So I can’t decide. There is a shepherd who lives on Mount Ida. His name is Paris. He can be the judge in this competition.’ Goddesses thought it was a good idea so they went to Mount Ida with Hermes (messenger of Gods). Actually Paris wasn’t a shepherd. He was the son of the Trojan King. He was left by his parents on Mount Ida on the day he

was born because the King’s fortuneteller had said: ‘When Paris grows up, he will wipe out Troy. He will cause a big fire and Troy will be destroyed.’ But fortunately shepherds found him and they raised him. When Paris saw the goddesses, he was surprised. Goddesses offered gifts to be chosen. Hera said: ‘If you choose me, you will be the King of Europe and Asia.’ Athena said: ‘If you choose me, you will be the most intelligent person in the world.’ Aphrodite said: ‘If you choose me, Helena’s (the most beautiful woman in the world) love will be yours.’ Paris thought for a while and finally he gave the apple to Aphrodite. So, Aphrodite became the goddess of beauty and also goddess of love. Paris went to Greece because Helena lived in Greece. But Helena was married to King of Sparta called Menelaus. Paris slept for a day in the palace. When he saw Helena he fell in love. Paris and Helena decided to run away. This made Menelaus very angry and he attacked Troy. Troy was destroyed. Eventually, Eris was successful in her plan.

First Beauty Contest Name: ______________________________ Fill in the circle beside the correct answer 1.

Whose wedding is mentioned in the story? Ares and Thetis Zeus and Thetis Peleus and Thetis Hera and Thetis


Who is the God of the Gods Zeus Athena Hermes Aphrodite


Who is Paris? A farmer Son of the Troyan King A messenger A sheperd


Who is the God of Love? Aphrodite Hera Athena Zeus


Where does Helena live? Greece Germany France Italy


What is written on the apple? To the ugliest woman To the most beautiful woman To the richest woman To the worst woman


Who wasn't invited to the wedding? Eris Eras Heras Eres


Where did Paris live? Mount Alp Mount Everest Mount Ida Mount Troy

KELOGLAN (baldman) and NASREDDIN HODJA (Turkish story) Özel Diltaş İlköğretim Okulu

Keloglan went to town for selling the chicken. When he arrived at the bazaar he started to search for costumers for his chickens. One man gave him one piece of gold for chickens. But keloglan didn’t accept this. Keloğlan said ‘’I want two pieces of gold for two chıckens. Then, the man said:’’Look keloglan, I have got a treasure map. I’m lonely and I get older. Therefore I haven’t looked for the treasure. I was working in a nobleman’s mansion. He gave this treasure map to me. If I can get the chickens you can get the map, you can look for the treasure, find it and be happy forever. Keloglan believed him, and they exchanged. Keloglan went back to his town and he was very tired. His mother: Ohh, my son my pumpkin son ! ! How did you take this paper instead of 2 chickens!? You would sell the chickens and you would buy some gas and some salt. He deceived you. Now, you sit in the dark and you eat meals without salt. Keloglan didn’t care. He only thought about the treaure, he got up early. He said to his mother: ‘’Mum, I am going to look for treasure. I prepared some food. Don’t have the gas, you can sleep early, don’t have the salt, you can take from neighbours. If I can find the treasure, I am going to make you live like a queen. He kissed his mother’s hand. His mother noticed her son’s determination and she changed her mind. ‘’Goodbye Keloglan, I hope you can find the treasure ‘’. Keloglan looked for it many days and finally he found the well that is showed in the map. Treasure was inside the well. But how could he go inside the well? Then he reminded Nasreddin Hodja who is supposed to be good at these kind of things.

He went to Aksehir town and asked for Nasreddin Hodja’s house. He found the house and knocked the door. Nasreddin Hodja opened it and he said ‘ if we can be successful I can give you the half ‘. They went to well together and Hodja said ‘ This is really dangerous’. But then he made some plans and gave the plans to blacksmith. He asked him to prepare the stuff.

After that, Nasreddin Hodja rode a donkey and Keloglan was on his hand made car and they reached the well. They knew that the well was full of dirty air, so they pumped clean air by the help of their stuff (for one day). They realized that the well is clean now. They tied a rope to cat and sent the cat down to make sure that the air was clean. Yess, they made it, the air was clean. Finally Keloglan tied a rope and went into the well. After an hour he got out with a treasure chest which is full of gold. They were very happy and shared the gold. Then, they went back to their home.

Keloglan bought some big houses, had servants and were very happy with his Mum. Then, the king heard that and visited Keloglan. The king liked him so much. King invited him into his palace and Keloglan accepted that. He went for the feast and as soon as he saw King’s daughter, who is called Fatma, he fell in love. She also liked her and they married. What about Hodja? He spent most of his Money for charities. He heard about Keloglan and went to his wedding. They had a good time together. Our new couple lived happily ever after.


Nasredddin Hodja

CROSSWORD PUZZLE BY 7A GRADE 1_ What did keloglan take in exchange of his chickens? 2_ What did Keloglan plan to take with his money for chickens? 3_ Why did Keloglan and Nasrettin Hodja bust into the well? 4_ What did they sendown into the well to make sure everything is OK? 5_ Why did the king invite keloÄ&#x;lan to his palace? 6_What did Keloglan search? 7_ What was inside the chest? 8_ How did Keloglan begin to live with his mother? 9_ To whom did keloglan fell in love during the festival 10_How many people went down to the well before



2 ↓

6 7

9 8

1 10 5

Keloglan and Nasrettin Hodja Name: ______________________________ Fill in the circle beside the correct answer 1.

Why did Keloglan go to small town ? To sell donkey To sell two chickens and buy salt To buy chicken(s) To meet with Nasrettin Hodja


Where was the treasure ? in the well on the island in the palace none of them


Why did Keloglan's mother get angry ? Keloglan exchanged.. He forgot the chickens.

He ate the chickens . He swapped chickens for bean 4.

Where did Keloglan go ? Akseki Antalya Ankara Aksehir


Keloglan didn't go to well. Why? He was scared He got hungry People were poisoned He got thirsty.


How did they clean the poison? By blowing By blower By pickaxe By spoon


What did Nasreddin Hodja do with his money ? He bought palace He bought new donkeys He donated money He burned money


What is the Keloglan's wife's name ? Aslı Menekse Nese Ayse

7 QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR STORY BY 7A GRADE 1- Who gave a treasure map to Keloğlan ? 2- Why could not the old man go looking for treasure ? 3- Why did Keloglan go to Aksehir? 4- Why was there poisonous gas inside the well? 5- Why didn’t Keloğlan and Nasreddin Hodja ask for help from other people ? 6- What did Hodja send down at first into the well? 7- Who did Keloglan fell in love with ?

Daedalus and Icarus (Greek story) 2ο Γυμνάσιο Ιωαννίνων - Διαπολιτισμικής Εκπεύδευσης

Once upon a time the king of Crete, Minos, heard about Daedalus’ amazing works and decided to ask him to decorate his palace too. Daedalus was a famous sculptor and architect. He lived in Athens and he had a son, Icarus. Well, Daedalus went to Crete and make remarkable works, such as statues and buildings. Also, he built a complicated building, the Labyrinth, where they would put the Minotaur, who had a human’s body and a bull’s head. It was a huge and impressive palace with 1300 flats, rooms, gardens and storerooms. But king Minos was scared that Daedalus might leave and go to another country to build a similar building to the Labyrinth. For this reason he imprisoned Daedalus with his son, Icarus, in the labyrinth and didn’t let them leave.

Then, Deadalus made two pairs of wings, one for himself and one for his son so that they could escape. He made them from feathers and fixed them with wax. But before they tried them on, he warned his son not to fly very close to the sun and to follow his father. Happy as he was, Icarus was flying high and his wings were reflected in the blue water. In vain his father told him not to fly near the sun. So soon something bad happened. Icarus didn’t follow his father’s advice and his wings melted. He then fell into the deep sea and died. Since then, the sea in the east of Greece is named Icarian Sea nd the island which is near this area is called Ikaria.

Daedalus and Icarus Crossword 1




5 6



9 10





Across 2. 4. 8. 10. 11. 13. 14.

Deadalus made many _______________. He was the king of Crete. Icarus had wings made by ____________. It had 1300 flats, rooms, gardens and storerooms. Daedalus was an _____________. Minotaur had a ___________ body. What happened to the wings when they were close to the sun.

Down 1. 3. 5. 6. 7. 9. 12.

Daedalus made them to get away from the island. Icarus was flying close to the ____________. The sea where Icarus fell. Icarus was Daedalus' _____________. Daedalus lived in ___________. Daedalus and Icarus' story takes place in ___________. Daedalus made the wings because he wanted to ___________ from the prison.

Read the story and answer the following questions‌ or you can take the online quiz if you like! 1. Which was the most beautiful work of Daedalus? a. buildings b. labyrinth c. statues d. roof 2. How was Daedalus' son called? a. Zeus b. Ronnie c. Icarus d. Midas 3. Who did Minos imprison in the labyrinth? a. Deadalus b. Icarus c. Both the above (correct) d. Thiseas 4. Why did Icarus fall in the sea? a. Because the wings melted (correct) b. Because the wings didn't work c. Because he couldn't fly d. Because it was windy 5. Who was the king of Crete? a. Daedalus b. Minos (correct) c. Minotaur d. Icarus 6. Why didn't Minos want Daedalus to leave? a. b. c. d.

Because he wanted Deadalus to make him a palace Becaue he didn't like the statues that Daedalus made for him Because he wanted his palace to be unique (correct) Because Daedalus killed Minos' daughter

7. How did they call the sea when Icarus fell? a. Ikarian (correct) b. Mediterrenean c. Minoan d. Cretan 8. The minotaur had the head of a ________. a. man b. king c. bird d. bull (correct)

(Spanish story) Escola Divina ProvidènciaVilanova i la Geltrú

Once upon a time a pretty rat swept the stairs every single day. One day, she found some money. Soon, she started to think about what she could buy with the money. She thought about buying some sweet almonds, but her teeth would fall, so finally, she decided to buy a beautiful ribbon to look even prettier. She went to Miss Rabbit’s, who owned a nice shop, she looked and looked and finally, she bought a beautiful pink ribbon. She was so happy with it that she left the shop wearing her new fancy ribbon. She





neighborhood’s envy so she started to sweep the floor in the street. Soon, Mr. Duck arrived and seeing her so beautiful, asked her to marry him. The little rat wanted to check his voice, so she asked the duck to sing a song for her. Unfortunately, Mr. Duck sang so badly that she rejected him immediately. Later, Mr. Cock arrived and asked the little rat to marry him. The cute rat asked him to sing a song for her, but Mr. Cock’s voice was so awful that she rejected him immediately and the poor cock went home very sad.

Then, Mr. Dog, Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Donkey sang a song for her, but they were also rejected but the cute little rat. When she started to think she would never find a husband, Mr. Cat saw and asked her to marry him. She was very glad happy, she also wanted to listen to him, so she asked Mr. Cat to sing a song for her. Mr. Cat sang and sang so beautiful and sweet that she could not reject him. Everybody in the village was invited to the ceremony, but everybody thought a marriage between a

rat and a cat would


ending. It was so


dangerous However,

a for the

happy the

cute little rat!


little rat chuckled

about it because only






Mr. Cat was a vegetarian!

And that is the end of the story‌




Askeladden who fought with the troll (Norwegian story) Hovseter skole

Once upon a time there was a farmer who had three sons. He was old and weak, and his sons wouldn`t work for him. Next to the farm there was a big forest. The old farmer wanted his sons to cut some of the trees in the forest in order to earn some money. This way he would be able to pay off his debt. At last they agreed to work for him; the oldest son went out to work first. When he arrived at the forest he chose a tall tree. Suddenly a big troll appeared. “If you cut my tree I will kill you,” said the troll. When the boy heard that, he threw away the ax, and ran home as fast as he could. He came home, out of breath, and told the others what had happened. However, the father said he was a coward. “That troll never scared me whenever I was in the woods,” the father thought. The following day the second son went out to cut some wood. The same thing happened to him. After he made some cuts in a tree, the troll showed up and said: “If you chop my trees, I will kill you!” The boy didn`t dare to look at him, he threw his ax away and started running, just like his other brother, and just as fast. When the boy came home, the father was angry. He told him that the troll never scared him when he was young.

The third day the youngest son, Askeladden, decided to have a try. “Yes, poor you! “, said the two older brothers. “Do you really think you can do it, you have never even stepped outside the frontdoor?” Askeladden didn`t say much, all he asked for was a good packed lunch he could take with him on the way. His mother made him something to eat, she put it in his leather bag and off he went. After he had been chopping for a while, the troll came and screamed: “If you chop my wood I will kill you!” The boy didn`t hesitate, he grabbed the cheese his mother had packed and squeezed it. “If you don`t shut up, I will crush you like I crushed this white stone!” He screamed. “No, please! Have mercy on me! ”, said the troll. “I can help you chop”. The boy said he would save the troll’s life. However, the troll had to help him cut the trees in return. The troll was very good at cutting trees, so they chopped many trees that day. When the day became night, the troll said: “You can come to my place. We’re closer to my house than to your house.” The boy joined him, and when they came home the troll started burning some wood in the fireplace. He told the boy to get some water in the well outside to prepare a stew. But when the boy saw the two heavy metal buckets he knew he would not be able to carry them. He told the troll that there was no point in using these two small buckets, and that he was going to get the whole well. “No, dear Lord,” the troll said, “I can`t lose my well! If you take care of the fire, I will get the water from the well. When the troll came back with the water, a big pot of porridge was cooking.

“What about having a competition, who can eat the most?” Askeladden asked. “Oh, sure!” the troll answered, he was sure he would win. They sat down at the table. The boy took his leather bag and put it on his lap, and then he poured more porridge than he could possibly eat in the leather bag. When the bag was full, Askeladden took his knife and cut holes, so all the porridge ran out. The troll looked at him, but didn`t say a word. After a little while, the troll put away his spoon. “I can’t eat anymore, I’m full,” he said. “You shall eat!” the boy answered, “I’m not half full yet. You can do like me, and cut your stomach. That way you can eat as much as you want.” “But that hurts a lot, doesn’t it?” the troll asked. “Oh, that’s nothing, you hardly feel it!” Askeladden said. The troll did as Askeladden said, and you probably know how that ended. Askeladden took all the silver and gold that he could find, and went home. Now he could finally pay off all their debt.

Askeladden who fought with the troll- quiz 1. How many brothers does Askeladden have? o 1 o 2 o 3 o 4 2. Was the brothers’ father old or young? o Old o Young 3. Who was the first one to meet the troll? o Brother #1 o Brother #2 o Askeladden 4. Did the troll scare away Askeladden? o Yes o No 5. Who suggested having an eating contest? o Askeladden o Troll o Askeladden`s father 6. Were they eating porridge or soup? o Porridge o Soup 7. Who got half full? o Askeladden o Troll o Neither of them 8. How did Askeladden trick the troll? o Made the troll cut his stomach to make

More room for the porridge o Made the troll run away o Askeladden added poison to the troll`s porridge

9. Who was the one that died? o Askeladden o Troll o The two brothers 10. Was it Askeladden or the troll who won the eating contest? o Askeladden o Troll o Neither of them

E(e)st@ry e-Twinning project 2012-2013 e book  

e-Twinning project 2012-2013 e-book

E(e)st@ry e-Twinning project 2012-2013 e book  

e-Twinning project 2012-2013 e-book