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July 2010 18th Edition

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MISSION To rescue as many homeless companion animals as possible, and find them FOREVER Tiffy & Toby surfing the Internet Inside this Edition 2



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EDITOR: Lily Chan

Saving animals Since 1999


Keisha cuddling with her human siblings

3UHVLGHQW¶V 0HVVDJH Summer should be the time for a break; but it is always the busiest period for us. There is always the influx of homeless kittens that we have to place and find homes for eventually. We are also very busy because of the coming annual Walk-a-thon, our fund raising event of the year. This will be held in less than two months. Details are displayed on our website now and pledge forms can be downloaded. To organize an event like this is a HUGE project and a Walk-a-thon Committee was set up. The Committee starts Dzworkingdzin January every year. The first job is booking of the park. The application has to be submitted in Jan/Feb so we can use the park we pick. Insurance has also to be bought at the same time. One of the most important tasks is finding sponsors for the event. Again, this has to be done very early in the year ‹ ‘”†‡” –‘ Dzc‘’‡–‡ǯ with other charities out there who are also trying to find sponsorship from corporations. In order to get a few positive responses, hundreds of letters have to be sent out to corporations. Then –Š‡”‡ǯ• the design of the poster and pledge forms which can take up many hours (Guess who the designer is this year? I hope you like my DzmasterpiecedzǨ) As we want to keep expenses to a minimum, a lot of time and effort needs be spent soliciting donations of gift/prize items for the Walkathon participants, the raffles and silent auction. Other donations needed are food and beverage items like veggies burgers, veggie dogs, buns, donuts, soft drinks. For the past few years, we were also able to find donors for the printing of posters and pledge forms. Amongst all these, the most tedious job is probably the distribution of the posters and pledge forms to all the pet stores, vet clinics and leash-free parks in Mississauga. This takes quite a lot of driving/running around. Closer to the event date we have to arrange publicity/media coverage Ȃ preparing signs, contacting newspapers, TV and even radio. Finally duties for volunteers on the day of the walk need to be allocated. The event may last for just a few hours, but behind the scene is a lot of hard work. I hope you will diarize Saturday, Sept 11 as our DATE with you. Start collecting pledges now. We want as many participants as possible. Please show up on that day with your pet(s), your family and friends. This would make all our efforts worthwhile! Remember - this is all for the homeless animals. Lily Chan, President

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ASK Dr Furries Dr Furries is a ´12%(/µSUL]H-winner in Pet Behaviour. While nobody has ever admitted to actually seeing Dr. Furries, rumours are that the good doctor is a hairy, four legged being with multiple canine and feline personalities, and maybe even a few far VWUDQJHURQHVWKDQDQ\RQHVXVSHFWV$OWKRXJK'U)XUULHV¶EDFNJURXQGLVVKURXGHGLQ mystery, we do know that when it comes to solving "Pet Problems," the doctor always seems to have the right answer. If you have any pet questions, you are welcome to email them to Dr. Furries at QUESTION With the extreme heat and humidity in the summer, LW·VWRRharsh to walk my dog even in the evening. +H·V getting fatter! How can I exercise him during this time? ANSWER When it's too cold for a walk, or during the extreme heat of summer, or it is raining dogs and cats, walking on a treadmill is an alternative for great exercise for your dog. Although it can never substitute for a nice long walk, it really helps when your dog just cannot get outside. Most dogs need more exercise than owners can provide. It is also ideal for dogs that are cooped up in the house most part of the day and becomes bored and destructive. A tired dog is a good dog! Some dogs are so high strung that even after plenty of exercise they still have lots of energy. A walk on the treadmill releases the extra energy that a long walk does not. It helps owners who are not physically capable to go for long walks which a strong dog needs. Dogs with behavioural problems benefit from treadmill running. In some cases, a treadmill could be a ĚŽŐ͛Ɛ saviour. Exercising your dog on a treadmill on a regular basis not only helps to strengthen the heart muscle and overall well being, it is also a powerful stress reliever. It would improve your ĚŽŐ͛Ɛ health in the long term. There are basically two types of dog treadmill (animal powered treadmill powered treadmill and motorized). Before your start walking your dog on the treadmill, please always check out the DONTs and Dos! Training a dog for a treadmill walk takes time and patience, however, it is worth the investment! Reference QUESTION: My cat scratches and has ruined my new leather couch and the carpet. How can I stop this behaviour? ANSWER Cats scratch. It is fun - and it feels good! dŚŝƐŝƐŶŽƌŵĂůĂƐŝƚ͛ƐĂnatural instinct for them. To keep a cat from scratching your furniture, you must make it unappealing to them while also providing it with a very appealing alternative. There are several ways to make the inappropriate area unappealing to your cat: · Put shelf paper, with the sticky side out on the inappropriate spot ± cats hate to touch things that are sticky! · Put aluminum foil on the inappropriate spot ± it's not fun to scratch, and cats dislike the way it feels on the paws. · Put balloons on the area ± when they pop they will scare the cat and make them want to avoid that area. · Put bubble wrap on the area being scratched - with the bubbles facing outward. · Make the area stinky (to your cat) ± Smell rules a FDW¶V world, so one of the best ways to keep a cat away from any area yoXGRQ¶W want them is to make it smell bad to them. If it is wood your cat is scratching, apply a strong smelling wood polish to keep your cat away from it. Cats tend to dislike most air fresheners, but the best spray to use for any surface is a lemon scented air freshener. - If your cat is currently scratching the couch or another surface you don't want scratched, put their scratching post right in front or near the area being scratched as an alternative.

The scratching post must be sturdy and have a wide base

Another alternative is to use Sticky Paws. These are lightweight vinyl caps that you apply over your cat's own claws. They have rounded edges so your cat can't damage your furniture. It may take your cat a week or two to get used to them, but after that they ǁŽŶ͛ƚ ŶŽƚŝĐĞ them at al! To effectively solve a scratching problem, you have to provide a scratching post that your cat will absolutely love to use. The post should have a wide, heavy base that is sturdy enough for scratching, jumping and playing on. There are many ways to solve the problem! YOU NEED NOT DECLAW YOUR CAT! Reference: www.softpaws.scom ;;

³Vinyl caps´ is an alternative to declawing and they add ³colour´ to your cat!

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WHOM have you helped to SAVE? Here are just a few of them« Lennie

Bear Bear

A 6 yr old cat that was given up by her owner due to behaviour issues

A Newfoundland X found tied up to a post at a gas station. He was then taken to the pound.


Hooper & Tippy

Lacey & Stacey

Two sisters whose owner could no longer keep due to moving. Hooper has a defective leg

Mom & daughter Cocker Spaniels who used to be breeding machines in a puppy mill. Kallie Lil Rascal (Cooper) A stray cat found to be very pregnant. She then gave birth to 4 kittens

A young Beagle X in a high kill pound whose ͞time: was up

ADOPTION & RESCUE STATISTICS January ± June 2010 No. of dogs rescued: No. of dogs adopted:

67 43

No. of cats rescued; No. of cats adopted:

176 139


243 182

We would like to thank our foster parents who take care of us! Because of YOU we have a SECOND CHANCE!

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Puppy LOVE Story Cyrus the Icebreaker pitbull

(adopted in 2001)

by David Jobling In the spring of 2001, my beautiful Copper, a barrel-chested Staffordshire bull terrier, was killed in front of my house on Bayview, just south of Eglinton. Copper had come into my life through Lily of Mississauga Humane Society and Kirk a dog trainer, and left his under the wheels of a car. An unthinking workman left my door propped open and Copper had slipped out. He died in my arms. Copper

DLJƉĂĐŬĂƚƚŚĂƚƚŝŵĞŝŶĐůƵĚĞĚŵLJǁŝĨĞ'ŝůůŝĂŶĂŶĚŵLJŽůĚ^ƚĂĨĨŝĞŐŝƌů͞^ƉLJĚĞƌ͘͟ tĞǁĞƌĞƐŚŽƌƚĂŵĞŵďĞƌ͘'ŝůůŝĂŶ͛Ɛ aunt Cathy, who always had two rescued Labradors chasing rabbits in her sun drenched Hampshire garden, advised me to get on with it and give another baby a home. I contacted Lily and Kirk, ĂŶĚƐŽĞŶƚĞƌĞĚ͞LJƌƵƐ͞ into my life. It was in the summer of 2001 and Cyrus was a 7-8 months puppy. Cyrus is a special needs boy. He had been abandoned by the side of the road and adopted and returned numerous times. As I did in the past with Copper I relied on the expert opinion of Kirk, who had given thumbs up after conducting a behavioral assessment.

He had legacy issues. He was, I discovered, head shy, cigarette shy, child aggressive, and scared of abandonment. / ĚŽŶ͛ƚ ƐŵŽŬĞ͕ ŚĂǀĞ ŵŝŶŝŵĂů ƚŝŵĞ ĨŽƌ ŬŝĚƐ͕ ŽŶůLJ ĂƉƉƌŽĂĐŚĞĚ ŚŝƐ ŚĞĂĚ ƚŽ ŬŝƐƐ Śŝŵ Žƌ ƐĐƌĂƚĐŚ ŚŝƐ ĞĂƌƐ͕ ĂŶĚ Ăŵ emotionally needy. Kirk predicted the growth of a solid beautiful companionship. In the last 9 years Gillian my wife and I split. I lost Spyder at sixteen and half, six weeks after my mom died. I was diagnosed with and successfully dealt with a debilitating disease. My beautiful boy has been with me throughout and provided me with constant love and company. I have more separation anxiety than he does. Cyrus loves other dogs. He is so athletically confident that the worst that he has done in the face of an attack is head or bum but the offender and sit down laughing. He lives to get loving from everyone we meet. He does goose women in an attempt to deal with his itchy muzzle. That becomes quite the icebreaker for a single man in town! The policies of responsible Pit Bull ownership in Ontario are challenging. These beautiful loving creatures are lightning rods for every dog haters in town. I have had a number of false complaints made against him over the years and thank God have been able to successfully defend him. In my life it has been my proudest moment to be a responsible loving guardian to my babies. The older that I get, I much prefer dogs to people. Cyrus is a ƉŽƐƚĞƌďŽLJĨŽƌWŝƚƵůůƐŝŶƚŚĞĨĂĐĞŽĨƚŚĞ>ŝďĞƌĂů͞,ŽůŽĐĂƵƐƚ͘͟ ^ŝŶĐĞ ĂĚŽƉƚŝŶŐ LJƌƵƐ ŝŶ ϮϬϬϭ͕ / ŚĂǀĞ ďĞĞŶ ƐĞŶĚŝŶŐ >ŝůLJ Ă ͞ƌĞƉŽƌƚ ĐĂƌĚ͟ every year (well, sometimes every two years!). I hope I will have many more report cards on Cyrus to send her. Once again, thank you Lily, from the bottom of my heart.

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Robbie (Wally)

Spice & Cinnamon


Kanita Sox (Garfield)

Abbey (right) & siblings Nikki & Dexter

Some of our adopted pets in their FOREVER HOMES

Bosley & Ramsey Jewel

Toffee (Tawana) & Munchkin (Mishka)

Moe Moe Sandy (left) & Pluto

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Happy Tails

(letters from our adoptors)

Sorry we have not been in touch for so long regarding Max the dog we adopted. Here is the update: Max is doing very well and is a pleasure to have around the house, he has a personality that is unique and we are so glad to have him as part of our family. We will be moving to Barrie shortly as we have a baby on the way in June. We just wanted to say thanks for all the joy you have helped bring to our family. Maegan, Karen and Pat ʹ May 2010 They're both doing beautifully. Maya is a pretty little thing - though she's quite the hunter of toes under blankets! She sleeps with us and loves to wake us up during the night to play. Isaac (Scoobydoo) must have been starving when he came to us! Once he was brave enough to come out from under the couch, he started to eat like a grown up cat and has almost doubled in length. Good thing z head doesn't look too big for the rest of him now. He loves to play fetch and his will keep bringing rubber balls to you until you're ready to play with him. And I think he thought we were cats! He would sit up on the back of the couch and groom us, washing our hair very intensely. Especially Adele - I truly think he thought she was his mother. We've both always loved & enjoyed our kitties. We're thrilled to have Maya and Isaac as part of our family and are deeply grateful to the Humane Society for bringing them into our lives. We're very happy to be starting a new long friendship with Maya & Isaac. Adele & Peter - May 2010

I am forwarding some pictures of Fiona/Lola for you to see. She is doing really well. She is getting less scared and timid. My father has spent a lot of time with her outdoors and she loves it. She has really bonded well with the family, and she has some doggy friends she really likes in the park. All the best, Helen - March 2010 ,ĞƌĞ͛ƐDude (Pinky) after one year! I'm just writing this to let you know Thanks, that we all love Dude (Pinky) and he has made our lives so beautiful with Amanda his loveable nature. I'm so thankful to you for rescuing Pinky. I have attached two photos of him to show you how happy he is with us. Shiromi ʹ March 2010 This is Prada ...staring down a frog.....I think the frog is on the chunk of straw, staring back! We use barley straw to help clean up the water for summer.....just in case you are wondering!!! It looks messy for now... She has LOTS of room to run & play, & creatures to investigate! Don't forget Sue, that you can visit us anytime. Betty - May 2010 Cashmere has been doing well. He is quite the trouble-making monkey, but I love him very much. He has been sick a few times with various things over the years, (he seems to have a weak immune system) but he is currently doing very well. In September he escaped from our home and was lost for over 2 weeks. They were the longest 2 weeks of my life. Thankfully he found his way home. Since then he's been enjoying his pampered life again... although he still makes quick dashes to escape, we have to be very careful to make sure he doesn't get out. Lately Cashmere has been a good boy not bothering our very old and sickly cat Lucky, like he usually does. He continues to get along with our 2 dogs and my rabbit. I will be moving shortly from my parents home, and he and my rabbit will come with me. ..! I've attached a picture of Cashmere with his buddy rabbit Roger. Melissa ʹ Dec 2009

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NEWS & EVENTS Walkathon 2010 Sep 11, 2010 Come & Support us! A fun-filled day Top Pledge Prize BBQ (Veggie) Raffle Draw Silent Auction«

Helpful Hints For Sponsors

Streetsville Chiropractic The doctors at Streetsville Chiropractic are like us ʹ they are animal lovers! We would like to express our sincerest thanks to Streetsville Chiropractic for their ongoing sponsorship. Throughout 2009/2010 they have raised funds for our society in several events. Pictured here is the presentation of a donation cheque of $2500. A big thank you to the Sinclair family who runs the clinic!


Sign up as many sponsors as you can between now and September 11.


Sponsor yourself $10 or $20 and your sponsors will follow your example.


Companies and local businesses can sponsor you too.


To reach our goal, we hope that each participant finds at least 10 sponsors.


If you cannot participate in the walk, you can still make a donation!

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FUND RAISING Events Penelope Mathieson, Sensuality Coach/Owner of MOXY Chic Dance Fitness, Mississauga has a big heart for homeless animals. On April 15 she hosted a party for the launch of the blockbuster ͞Angels, Vampires and Douche Bags͟ by the renowned and award winning comedian and actress Carla Collins. All proceeds were donated to our Society. Penelope has been Collins͛ Personal Trainer and Sensuality Coach in Canada for several years. Both ladies are avid supporters for animal and ǁŽŵĞŶ͛ƐĐĂƵƐĞƐ. ͞I chose MHS over other local shelters because they are 100% volunteer based and receive no funding from the Government, the City or the SPCA. I wanted to raise awareness and funds for the homeless animals.͟ said Penelope. Close to $1,000 was raised. Thank you very much ladies! Two gorgeous and compassionate ladies - Carla Collis (left) And Penelope Mathieson

We would also like to thank Ten Restaurant & Wine Bar who sponsored the event and their Manager Staysea Johnston-Macleod (also our former foster parent and adopter!) who helped organise the party.

LCOB TAG DAYS Two TAG days were held at three LCBO stores on April 17 and May 15, 2010. A total of over $1,100 was raised. We would like to thank LCBO for providing us this opportunity _____________________________________

Thank you very much to the volunteers who helped on these two days!

Lori and Gordon (our foster parents) at the LCBO store with keen helpers Oscar the dachshund, Loni the Boston Terrier and Diesel. Oscar and Loni are our rescued dogs!


͟tŚĞƌĞĚŝĚ/ĐŽŵĞĨƌŽŵ͍͟ Baby Rabbit: Mommy, where did I come from? Mother Rabbit: I will tell you when you are older. Baby Rabbit: Oh, Mommy, please, tell me now. Mother Rabbit: /ĨLJŽƵŵƵƐƚŬŶŽǁ͕LJŽƵǁĞƌĞƉƵůůĞĚĨƌŽŵĂŵĂŐŝĐŝĂŶ͛ƐŚĂƚ͘

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Steps of COMPASSION They are not smiling but suffering

A confined dolphin does not smile but weeps for its fate

The Plight of the captive dolphins/orcas

Many people enjoy watching dolphin/orca shows at the marine parks where these animals perform all sorts of tricks for the amusement of the audience. They think it is good harmless family fun, or even educational. If they only knew the cruelty and needless suffering behind the scene they would have thought twice. These same people would be horrified at the thought of taking their children to a dog fight or watching an animal torture video.

To a dolphin/orca, a pool is a cage. These large, fast moving and ranging mammals would swim up to 50 miles a day in the wild. They form complex social groups when free. Pools are miserably small for these magnificent mammals. The shallow ǁĂƚĞƌƐ ĞdžƉŽƐĞ ĚŽůƉŚŝŶƐ͛ ĚĞůŝĐĂƚĞ ƐŬŝŶ ƚŽ ƉĂŝŶĨƵů ƐƵŶďƵƌŶƐ͕ ƐŽ ĚŽĞƐ ƚŚĞ ĐŚĞŵŝĐĂů ůŽĂĚ ŝŶ ƚŚĞƉŽŽů͘ The death rate is extremely high. Swimming listlessly in circles is just one common indictor of boredom and psychological distress. After all a concrete pool, surrounded by man-made noise, in no way substitutes for coral reefs, sand, rocks, weed and the challenge of hunting life fish. Captivity is slavery and life confinement is suffering. There is no worst fate for a dolphin/orca that ends up in a pool. Dying to entertain/educate Dolphins and orcas were in captivity for one reason and one reason only ʹ they make for a lucrative trade which is l00 per cent exploitation, greed and abuse at its very worst. The demand for live dolphins comes from the many captive dolphin outlets throughout the world ʹ the marine parks, dolphinhlariusms and sea worlds. Most live dolphins are taken from wild populations during bloody hunts. During the dolphin hunts, the hundreds of animals not selected for live sale are butchered inhumanely for eat. Please watch this video: dŚĞ͞ŽůƉŚŝŶsmile" is actually a feature it is born with, not an indication of happiness. Dolphins do not enjoy performing. They are trained to behave unnaturally for human amusement. Various training methods are used, but the most simple and effective would is food deprivation. Dolphins behave in human-like ways (with gestures such as waving and nodding) because they are hungry and NOT because they are being friendly. The dolphin shows are not educational either. The only thing you learn about a marine mammal by watching them in captivity is what they physically look like, that they swim in water and breathe air. You could learn more than that from a good video, DVD or movie without subjecting the animal to a lifetime of captivity. The only way to see marine mammals acting naturally is in the wild, where they belong! It is fun for humans but suffering for the dolphins

͛^ǁŝŵǁŝƚŚĚŽůƉŚŝŶƐ͛ programmes cannot guarantee the safety of people interacting with dolphins, even those bred in captivity. These powerful animals are stressed from being in a confined space and often cause injuries to humans.

Captivity is slavery. Since the early 1990's there have been no captive dolphins or whales on display in the UK, following the closure of the last remaining facilities. This is due to protests of the educated public against thŝƐ͞ƐůĂǀĞƌLJ͟ďƵƐŝŶĞƐƐ͘ YOU can make a difference and help end the suffering of captive dolphins/orcas: Never visit a marine mammal show. Instead, look for a responsible dolphin watching boat tour and enjoy the spectacle of wild dolphins at sea, performing on their terms. Educate your friends about this. Write to the Government departments and protest against the operation of marine parks and dolphinariums that keep dolphins in captivity.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS for We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the following sponsors of our Society: GLOBAL PET FOODS 1170 Burnhamthorpe Rd. Mississauga (Burmhamthorpe/Creditview) for their generous donation of store space for our Cat Adoption Room, and the donation of pet food. Our rescued cats thank you very much! GLOBAL PET FOODS

2901 Eglinton Ave. West, Mississauga (Eglinton & Winston Churchill) for their ongoing donations of pet food GLOBAL PET FOODS

Meadowvale Town Centre Circle, Mississauga (Derry & Winston Churchill) for their ongoing donations of pet food ROYAL CANIN for their regular donation of SPECIAL DIET food for our rescued pets who have health issues , as well as regular food.

MULTI MENU for their setting up a FOOD BANK for our pets by donating 10% of their sale proceeds

FROMMS PET FOODS for their donations of FROMMS dry food for our cats at the Global Adoption Room

PETCURCAN PET NUTRITION/GO NATURAL for their donations of GO NATURAL canned food for our cats at the Global Adoption Room


their ongoing donations of pet food STREETSVILLE CHIROPRACTIC for

their ongoing donations of proceeds from their fund raising events OAKVILLE & MILTON HUMANE SOCIETY for their ongoing donations of pet food

THANK YOU to all of those who contributed article to this issue. A big vote of thanks to our foster parents, volunteers, donors and sponsors.

Save a cat or dog life.  
Save a cat or dog life.  

MISSION To rescue as many homeless companion animals as possible, and find them FOREVER HOMES.