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AN ECLECTIC PUBLISHING HOUSE specializing in literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and regional works. ESTABLISHED 2007

2012 Publisher of the Year


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About the Press MONGREL EMPIRE PRESS Mongrel Empire Press was established in 2007 with a mission to publish well-written, thoughtfully-considered works across generic and disciplinary boundaries. Mongrel Empire Press recognizes that the mongrel of the species is the one with the best survival skills and that ecological diversity is necessary to a healthy planet. Yet, we also experience that “cross-disciplinary” and “multi-cultural” are terms frequently talked about but rarely practiced in their broadest sense.  We will honor our commitment to the mongrel empire by publishing the best work we can find—no matter the genre, the discipline, or the author’s biography. We are particularly interested in works that, because of their mixed generic, disciplinary, and philosophical approaches, cannot find a home at other presses which have a more narrowly defined mission. Mongrel Empire Press chose its moniker because it celebrates the place—Oklahoma—where the press resides. Oklahoma and Oklahomans are glorious admixtures: the land, the flora and fauna (as evidenced by the Crosstimbers), and the people are advantageously heterogenous. Our mongrel nation is not perfect, but we believe that its myriad possibilities point the way to a sustainable and humane future. We will honor our commitment to Oklahoma by actively searching out great writing by Oklahomans.



MONGREL EMPIRE PRESS Read reviews, get press kits, & more Please visit our website to read reviews of our titles, access press kits (press releases, cover and author images, etc.), and purchase books. Visit our blog for updates on news, reviews, & events: Website: Blog: Booksellers Mongrel Empire Press titles are available through Ingram and Baker & Taylor. If you would prefer to purchase directly from the press, please email us or use the form on the last page of this catalog. Mongrel Empire Press offers wholesale discounts and accepts returns. Events Mongrel Empire authors and the editor are available for bookstore promotions, author and book fairs, literary conferences and presentations, and other public events. Please contact the editor, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish: MEP would like to thank the following artists and photographers for the use of their cover images as section dividers: Andrew Banes for Hills Hoist Installation at Bondi Beach, Australia (poetry), Murv Jacob for the girl, the ravens, the hill (fiction), Josh McCulloch for Old Highway 66 Bridge Over North Canadian River, Oklahoma County (nonfiction), and Rachel C. Jackson for Endless Osage County (Twin Territories). 3


Did you know? Mongrel Empire Press poetry titles have . . . . ★ won the Oklahoma Book Award ★ been named as finalists for the Oklahoma Book Award ★ won the nationally-competitive Western Heritage “Wrangler” Award ★ won a Montaigne Medal from the nationallycompetitive Eric Hoffer Awards ★ been shortlisted for the Hoffer Grand Prize ★ named as “Honorable Mention” in the Hoffer Poetry Category ★ been featured on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer's Almanac





THE FOLLOWING TITLES ARE AVAILABLE AS EBOOKS Kindle Editions ★ L.W. Marks: A Baptist Progressive in Missouri & Oklahoma, 1862-1943 by Alvin O. Turner ★ Fighters & Writers by John G. Rodwan, Jr. ★ The Coyotes Forgive You by Jim Drummond ★ Blackjacks & Blue Devils by Jerry Wilson ★ Tiger, Tiger by Jerry Craven* (PDF, PRC, Epub) ★ View from the North Ten by Dave Malone ★ Blackjacks & Blue Devils by Jerry Wilson ★ Tiger, Tiger by Jerry Craven* (Epub, Mobi, PDF)* ★ Lavando La Dirty Laundry by Natalia Treviño ★ The Walmart Republic by Quraysh Ali Lansana & Christopher Stewart ★ Streets as Elsewhere by JL Jacobs

*available by December 2014. 28




★ People of the Good God, a collection of memoiressays by Hardy Jones. ★ Poetry collections by ★ C.R. Resetarits ★ Jenny Yang Cropp ★ Todd Fuller ★ Joseph Bruchac ★ A history and literary biography of Oklahoma Poets Laureate by Shawn Holliday. ★ We’re in the process of reviewing more than 30 manuscripts and queries that arrived in 2014, so there’s sure to be more great literature from Mongrel Empire Press in 2015!



ORDERING If you wish to order directly from Mongrel Empire . . . Ordering complete the form on the facing page and and mail it to: Mongrel Empire Press Attn: Distribution 133 24th Avenue NW Suite 103 Norman, OK, USA  73106 Or,, you can email or fax your order/purchase order to: F: 866-596-1484 Mongrel Empire Press titles are distributed by Ingram and Baker & Taylor. Mongrel Empire Press books are returnable (in new condition). Our books are also retailed through, Barnes & Noble, and Ebooks are available through these vendors: TERMS Wholesale discounts vary depending on number of books ordered and shipping arrangements, but are never less than 30%. Query us with your order and we’ll reply with details. Contact us by phone at P: 405-459-0042


133 24th Avenue NW Suite 103 Norman, OK, USA 73069 P: 405-459-0042 F: 866-596-1484

Mongrel Empire Press Catalog Fall 2014  

This is the book catalog for Mongrel Empire Press, an eclectic publishing house.

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