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Dance clubs. Often the biggest societies at uni are overlooked when it comes to stash. Well, not any more. For so many students, dance is a big part of university life. Dance clubs are often some of the biggest and most involved clubs at universities, so why is good dancewear so hard to find? Traditional stash companies seem to put all their energy into outdoor sports, throwing in nothing but the occassional hoodie for everyone else. Here at MongrelCroc, we've tried to be a little different. This is our new dance collection, featuring a selection of the essentials for your club. Everything enclosed can be personalised so your members look the business, and our design team will be with you every step of the way. So, take a look around and see if anything takes your fancy. Remember, this is only a tiny selection of what we can do, so if you fancy something in particular, just ask! And, when you're done looking, get in touch and let us know what we can do for you. All prices are rough estimates based on customisations as decribed, but obviously vary massively depending on what you want doing and how many you order. You can always add as much as you want, so don't hesitate to ask! Most uni clubs don't pay VAT, and that's currently reflected in the price, but you will need to add on ÂŁ6.99 for delivery.



S p a g h e t t i Ve s t The basic vest, with spaghetti straps for super-free movement. It comes in a whole range of colours too, so you can represent your club in style.


wit h one cust om isa tio n

B o x y Ta n k This boxy-fit vest is ideal to wear over a sports bra, with a loose, comfortable cut to allow for maximum free movement and style. Lightweight and breathable, it's perfect to keep you cool through any workout.


wi t h o n e c u s t o m i s a t i o n

C o o l Ve s t The alternative to the spaghetti vest, the cool vest comes ina wide range of colours and both a male and female cut. Made from Just Cool's own Neoteric, a textured fabric with inherent wickability, it keeps you dry and cool throughout your workout. Racerback design and printed back neck for extra comfort.


w i t h o n e c u s t o m i s a ti o n

T EE S A n v i l Te e

G i l d a n Te e

The Anvil tee is MongrelCroc's favourite lady-fit tee. It comes in lightweight 100% cotton and a range of colours. Plus, theres a mens fit too, so you can be sure to colour match.

B o x y Te e

The Gildan Ultra-Cotton Tee is the last word when it comes to tees. In a wonderfully thick and comfy full-cotton fabric, and in as many colours as you can imagine, the Gildan is the most versatile tshirt around.


This boxy-fit tee is ideal to wear on its own or to layer up, with a loose, comfortable cut to allow for maximum free movement and style. Lightweight and breathable, it's perfect to keep you cool through any workout, as well as looking awesome.


with on e cu sto misa tio n

wit h one c us t om is ati o n






H o o d e d Te e

This gorgeous hooded tee is perfect for giving your stash a little more personality. It's 100% cotton, lightweight and semi-sheer. The cut features a deep feminine neckline and a hood. Available in a mens cut in black and grey.


wi t h o n e c u s t o m i s a t i o n

Safran Polo The Safran Polo shirt is a heavyweight full cotton polo that comes in both a male and female fit and a whole heap of colours. Polos look great with an embrodered logo or crest, and you can always add names on the back too. Colours above are for female fit. Additional men's colours:


w i t h o n e c u s t o m i s a t i o n

Long Sleeve Leotard This long sleeved leotard from American Apparel is ideal for dance, with an elastane/cotton mix ensuring its lightweight, form fitting, stretchy and comfy. Comes in black and white.


w it h on e cu s t o m is ati o n


Short Sleeve Leotard American Apparel present their short-sleeve leotard. A form-fitting bodysuit, with a low scoop neck line and deep scoop back. Stretchy, comfy and not too thin. Comes in grey, black and white.


w it h o ne cu s t om isati o n

Halterneck Leotard


w it h on e c u s t om isa ti o n

The AA halterneck features a super-low scoop back and deep scoop neck, as well as the stretchy form-fitting goodness of the other two. Comes in black and white.

B O T TO MS Leggings American Apparel's leggings are cotton and spandex for the ultimate in comfort and stretch, perfect for dance. Fancy a little more pazazz? Uprade to their nylon polyester blend for a little shine in four electric colours.


wi t h o n e custo m i s a t i o n

Adjustable Trackies These black trackies come with contrast drawcords on the waist and cuff, so they can be full or 3/4 length. And did we mention they're super w i t h o n e comfy? cus t o m i s a t i o n


Shorts These comfy little cotton shorts are lovely and thick as well as stretchy, so you can strut your stuff with confidence and ease of movement. Available in black and white.


w i t h o n e cu sto m i s a t i o n


wi t h on e c u s t o m i sa ti o n


Slip on a pair of MongrelCrocs tried and tested favourite sweat pants. Available in black, grey and navy, these sweats are ultra-thick, with a super soft lining and three pockets. Perfect for branding up, they come in a male and female cut.

w i t h


e mbro id e r e d lo g o

S W EAT S H IRTS Anvil Classic Sweatshirt

ÂŁ17 w i t h o n e cus t o m i s a t i o n

The classic sweatshirt, the Anvil is a pleasingly heavy cotton/polyester fleece jumper featuring visible stiching, and a set-in style for the ladies. Looks at its best with an embroidered crest on the front.

Slounge Sweatshirt Upgrade to the slounge sweatshirt for a thicker blend and a super-wide neckline. Available in grey and black, and just for the ladies, this sweatshirt is super comfy as well as looking great.


wit h one c us t om is at ion


C o l l e g e H o o d i e Va r s i t y H o o d i e Keep warm with the classic College Hoody. Available in more colours than you can think of, this snuggly hoody is great for customising - and did we mention it's super comfy?


with embroidered logo and vinyl name

Want something a little thicker? Upgrade to the Varsity hoody. It's super snuggly, with a rainbow of contrasting options to suit everyone. with embroidered logo and vinyl name

Zoodie This is only a tiny selection of the hoodies we do - we've got a style for everyone - just ask! For example, fancy a zip? Upgrade your college hoodie to a Zoodie for just £2.


with embroidered logo and vinyl name






A C C E SSO RIES Airline Holdall This gorgeous retro holdall is the perfect size to carry all your dance gear - while still being small enough to use as a handbag. And it comes custom printed with your club logo accross the front.


with on e custo misa t i o n

Locker Bag This super-practical kit bag is ideal for dance or the gym, and also comes custom-printed with your club logo. Perfect!


Legwarmers These American Apparel legwarmers will keep those leg muscles warm whatever you're doing. Available in black and grey, theres also scope for a small amount of embroidery detail.


with ba sic e mb ro ide ry

wi t h o n e c u s t o m i s ati o n

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