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Based on Batman characters created by BOB KANE and published by DC COMICS

FADE IN: EXT. GOTHAM MAXIMUM PRISON - NIGHT - ESTABLISHING AFTER CREDITS ROLE. The prison’s searchlights shoot into the sky on a dark, foggy night in Gotham. Somewhere OFF SCREEN, a dog is heard BARKING. CU - PRISON GUARD He looks around, suspiciously. INT. PRISON - SECURITY ROOM - CONTINUOUS A SECURITY GUARD sits in front of several small television screens. He’s tired and not really paying attention to anything going on. He looks up, a tired look in his eye, and glances at one of them. On it, SCARECROW sits in a cell quietly, in complete costume. The security guard, rather confused, grabs a walkie-talkie from off his belt. SECURITY GUARD (into walkie-talkie) Hey, Frank? FRANK (from walkie-talkie) Hey, what’s goin’ on? SECURITY GUARD Is... Crane supposed to be in that Scarecrow get-up? FRANK No. Why would he? We confiscated the suit right before we locked him up. It’s in a whole ’nother department. The security guard lowers his walkie-talkie and stares at the screen.


CU - SCREEN Scarecrow still sits quietly, facing the wall. CUT TO: EXT. POLICE DEPARTMENT - NIGHT - ESTABLISHING INT. GORDON’S OFFICE - FULL SHOT COMMISSIONER JAMES GORDON sits at his desk, holding a piece of paper in his hand. CU - PAPER It’s a crayon drawing by his son, JIMMY. The drawing depicts Gordon, his son, and BATMAN standing in a row, the bat-signal in the sky. MED. SHOT The telephone on his desk RINGS. He puts the picture down and answers it. GORDON (into phone) Commissioner Gordon speaking. He listens into the phone as the person on the other line speaks unintelligibly. GORDON (CONT’D.) Nothing else happened? Alright, I’m on my way. He hangs the phone up and looks back at the drawing. EXTREME CU - BATMAN DRAWING CUT TO: EXT. GOTHAM MAXIMUM PRISON - MINUTES LATER - ESTABLISHING The search lights continue to wave back and forth in the night.


INT. PRISON - CONTINUOUS TIME Gordon and two other OFFICERS walks down a hallway, discussing the concerns. GORDON Has Crane moved at all since you noticed him in costume? OFFICER #1 No, not once, sir. Usually he’s a lot more mobile, but tonight he’s just not moving. GORDON Then why contact me about it? OFFICER #2 Well... you were the one who turned him in, sir. OFFICER #1 And, plus, he... gives us the creeps. Gordon and the officers finally approach Scarecrow’s cell. INT. CELL - FULL SHOT Gordon looks in the cell at him. Crane still hasn’t moved. GORDON Dr. Crane, it’s Commissioner Gordon. You remember me. How were you able to get that suit past security? Scarecrow gives no reply. GORDON (cont’d) What is this, a protest? Do you really think this is gonna keep you from being transferred to Arkham? Either way, you’re scheduled to leave in the morning. Still no reply. Gordon’s getting frustrated. GORDON (cont’d) (addressing Officer) Who’s on watch for this cell?




OFFICER #1 Officer JOHN PETERSON, but he’s on perimeter watch tonight. GORDON Then who’s supposed to be watching this cell right now? The officer pulls out a small schedule pad and flips through it. OFFICER #1 (confused) Uh... Officer TYLER WEST. But... we haven’t seen him in the past hour... Officer #2’s walkie-talkie goes off. OFFICER #2 (into walkie-talkie) Yes? FEMALE OFFICER We did that check-up on the Scarecrow suit you asked for. OFFICER #2 And...? FEMALE OFFICER It’s all perfectly fine. Anything else you need? OFFICER #2 No... thanks a lot, Sherry. GORDON Get that cell open now! Who’s got the keys? Officer #1 steps up and takes a ring of keys off his belt. He quickly sticks a key in the lock and unlocks it. INT. CELL - LONG SHOT Scarecrow sits still, he doesn’t move an inch.

5. CU - SCARECROW - REVERSE ANGLE Scarecrow sits, staring at the wall in the f.g. In the b.g., Gordon and the officers enter the cell quickly. GORDON Alright, Crane, we’re taking you out of that costume and shipping you straight to -MED. SHOT He spins Scarecrow around. CU - GORDON His eyes widen. CU - NAME TAG A name tag on Scarecrow’s chest reads "OFF. WEST." MED. SHOT Gordon quickly pulls off the Scarecrow mask revealing Tyler West, his mouth duct taped, his eyes flooded with tears. Gordon rips the duct tape off his mouth and West screams. GORDON Officer, where’s Crane!? WEST (screaming; frantic) Blood! There’s blood everywhere, it’s all over me! Get it off, it’s not mine! Blood! Just get it off! GORDON Officer, there is nothing wrong with you, there is no blood anywhere! Where is Crane? WEST I saw him! I watched him die! He... he killed himself right in front of me! Please, I just want this blood off of me! Gordon turns and starts walking out of the cell.




GORDON One of you sound the alarms, the other stay here with West. Officer #1 goes off to sound the alarms as Officer #2 stays behind. TWO SHOT - OFFICER #2 AND WEST OFFICER #2 Why are we sounding the alarms? He just said Crane’s dead. Can’t you see how frightened he looks? GORDON Of course he’s frightened. He’s been dosed with fear toxin, Crane’s specialty. He walks away, leaving Officer #2 alone with West. CUT TO: EXT. GOTHAM MAXIMUM PRISON - REC. YARD - NIGHT - TRACKING SHOT Alarms SOUND OFF as Crane, dressed in prison guard uniform, runs frantically to the prison gate. CLOSE SHOT - PRISON FENCE - REVERSE ANGLE Crane approaches the fence and pulls out a pair of pliers from his shirt. He frantically begins to cut away at the fence. Suddenly, a searchlight shines and the beam falls right on him, catching him in the act. He panics, cutting away even faster. He finally cuts a hole large enough for him to crawl through and successfully escapes. The searchlight follows him as he runs into the woods. EXT. REC. YARD Gordon and several ARMED OFFICERS search all over the yard for Crane. GORDON He went into the woods! I want one team to follow his trail and I want another team in the city waiting for him.


The officers, along with some attack dogs, run after him into the woods. EXT. GOTHAM WOODS - CONTINUOUS Crane quickly runs through the woods, avoiding the police following close behind. TREE Crane quickly dodges the cops, hiding behind a tree. He struggles as he climbs to the top. Crane sits on a branch and looks down. OVERHEAD SHOT The police search all over for him, but to no avail. OFFICER You guys check over there, we’ll stay on this side! The team splits up and heads deeper into the woods. Crane, realizing that the coast is clear, jumps down from the tree. MED. SHOT Crane walks a few feet but hears a NOISE behind him. EXTREME CU - CRANE’S EYES They widen in surprise at the noise, then squint as he looks behind him. Camera moves over, showing John Peterson in the b.g holding a gun. PETERSON I really give you credit, Dr. Crane. I honestly never thought you could get passed so much as the front desk. But you really showed your skill. CRANE Peterson. Am I right?


MED. SHOT - PETERSON PETERSON (chuckles) I had to play your babysitter for three weeks and you can’t even show me the respect of knowing my name. Do you know how many times I could’ve been at home with my wife and kids? What a change this city has seen. See, it used to be just cops and robbers, but then freaks entered the equation. Freaks like you. Peterson looks down at his gun. PETERSON (CONT’D.) We can’t just lock you up like the rest of them, your kind just needs to be exterminated. A pause. PETERSON (CONT’D.) So you’re just gonna stand there and not say anything? Crane turns around to face him. CRANE All I can say is that I just love your enthusiasm, John. Before you try to shoot me, just help me out with a little experiment. INSERT - CRANE’S ARM He rolls back his sleeve revealing a device on his wrist. BACK TO SCENE CRANE (CONT’D.) Since I’ve been in prison so long, these toxins that I’ve made aren’t nearly as powerful as their counterparts. Officer West can attest to that. My original formula is extraordinary, being able to concentrate on the subject’s specific phobia. What we have here, (MORE) (CONTINUED)



CRANE (CONT’D.) (cont’d) is something different. All these do is give you a cold sweat, the kind you’d get if you had just woken up from a bad dream, until you realize... you’re still in it. He slowly inches towards Peterson. PETERSON (nervously) Wh -- What are you doing? CRANE I told you... just a little experiment. Crane pulls back Peterson’s head and sprays his new formula in his face. Peterson screams. BLACK OUT.

Batman: Nothing But Fear  
Batman: Nothing But Fear  

Nine-page introduction to the Batman fan-film "Nothing But Fear."