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Ethical cash for car title loan companies vs shady ones There is a staff sergeant in Fort Benning out for justice against an dishonest Mesa auto title loan lender called Community Loans of America, that has been doing work in several states around America, in an fraudulent and illegal capacity. This Mesa vehicle title loan company, that provides cash for car title loans to individuals needing money fast, has been charging more than one 100 % interest on a 3,000 dollar vehicle title loan, a total offense. They've done this to military men and women, in direct contrast to the Military Lending Act. This case is being recorded by a man named Jason Cox, a staff sergeant in the navy, who would like the litigation against the specific car title loan company, to be a class action lawsuit. This can result in reimbursement for thousands of military individuals who've had to use vehicle title loans. The attorney employed in this cases trying to get punitive damages. In this particular example, a suit was submitted on Veterans day against this vehicle title loan company. They say that the vehicle title loan provider seized his truck during the summer just a couple of days after this active military duty personnel couldn't pay for a payment. He had also been billed interest near one hundred and 50 percent, that's far beyond the legal limit (three times) set in place by the Military lending act. Not only is this title loan provider violating the military lending act, but also the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. The attorneys for the plantiff want the auto title loan provider to stop selling car title loans to military workers where they don’t qualify in the MLA. Also, they are trying to get punitive damages for the person whose truck was repossessed. While of course auto title loan companies have a right to operate, and getting cash for car title loans is a necessity at times, you should police businesses who've grown cocky and think they are higher than the legal requirements, or that somehow they can “get away with it”. Why this is the case is not known. Why some auto title loan companies can work ethically and honestly while others can’t or won’t is unknown. What we can say for sure is naturally we stand by our military personnel and folks should be able to acquire a car title loan when they need instant access to cash. We have to ensure Mesa car title loan lenders are fair and are held to the legal requirements. This article is developed by auto title loan company Money Now Title Loans located at 1130 E. Main Street, Mesa, Arizona 85203. You can get hold of Money Now Title Loans by phone at (480) 836-6600 or visit their website at

Ethical car title loans vs shady ones  

This article is about ethical title loan companies as opposed to unethical car title loan companies and is composed by Money Now Title Loans...

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