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Annexure “C” See Rule 5 (2) Second appeal under Section 19 (3) of the Right To Information Act, 2005 (Affix 20 rupees Court fee stamp) To, The Chief Information Commissioner, New Administrative Building, 13th Floor, Opp. Mantralaya, Mumbai 400032. 1. Full name of the Appellant: (Appellant’s name and address) 2. Address: 3. Particulars of the State Public Information Officer: 4. Particulars of the First Appellate Authority: 5. Date of Receipt of order appealed against: 6. Last date for filing appeal: 7. The grounds of appeal: Remedies sought: 1. Please ask the PIO to provide the information 2. Please penalize PIO as per the provisions of the Act 3. Also please reprimand the Public authority for such blatant disrespect for the law. 8. Particulars of information(i) Nature and subject matter of the information required: (ii) Name of the office or Department to which the information relates: Place: Date: Signature of Appellant Encl.: Copies of:

1. Annexure A. 2. Annexure B. 3. Copy of acknowledgements

Moneylife RTI Workshop: Be specific; there is a method and discipline in filing a RTI application  

The 117th workshop organised by Moneylife Foundation focused on how one can file a RTI application to get the best results

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