Page 1 Launches Unusual ‘Sell My Diabetic Test Strips’ Campaign introduces an exciting way to make unused diabetic test strips useful for many. City, State, Date - Unused diabetic test strips means idle money for some while unaffordable necessities for others. Rather than letting them expire and get completely wasted, these much-in-demand Products can be turned useful for both the groups. introduces itself as the medium between the interested sellers and buyers for diabetic strips.

The company also helps the patients on other side of the fence who lack adequate medical insurance cover to afford these test strips. “We help such unfortunate individuals to purchase unused diabetic test strips at prices much lower than what the pharmacists demand. In a way, we are proud to help diabetic patients who exist in huge numbers across the USA� adds the spokesperson further. He also shares information on how the company donates strips that are about to expire as a part of its charity efforts.

One aspect that the spokesperson highlights is the legality with which the company performs its operation. Any individual can earn cash for diabetic test strips, as it is completely legal to resell the unused over-the-counter medications and medical test products. At the same time, the company purchases only sealer strip boxes to avoid selling the tampered or infected products to the needy buyers.

Sellers can sell diabetic test strips from all popular brands, including Accu-Check, Bayer, FreeStyle, OneTouch and TrueTest, on the company’s website. To make the process more convenient, the company sends postage-paid mail kits to the sellers from any part of the country and pays within 7 days of receiving the strips.

About entered the venture of buying and selling unused diabetic test strips in the United States. The company claims to help the sellers earn cash with 3 simple steps of selling these strips.

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Diabetes is a lifetime situation that causes personnel blood glucose stage to become too far above the ground. Blood glucose analysis strips...

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