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Growing your product or brand is important part of her expertise; a plethora of services can be as arranged such as:

Issue Management Media Relations Press + Media Kit Development Cultural + Audience Adaptation Community Outreach Community Relationship Building Message Development Event Planning (stakeholders, etc.)

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Client Tea and Honey Blends In 2009, new hair company Tea and Honey Blends was founded by two chemists based in North Carolina. With the launch, online sales was mostly from family and friends. THB needed to find their niche in the hair care industry. Situation Lack of brand identity and personality Lack of social media presence Lack of creative pitch, “dual uses” of products Lack of collateral materials No “official” launch Unclear position in the ethnic beauty market, multicultural vs. natural hair (Who is the customer??)

Solution Created and launched monthly newsletter to attract new users Enhanced presence on social networking sites Targeted email black to hair industry trades and publications Contests/ Promotions added to hair sites Outreach to women at events Minor redesign to enhance impressions to site Position owners of line as educators using a “human interest” angle Results Press mentions/ interviews on several print and web publications Increase in sales and revenues over 25% Coined “10 African-American Entrepreneurs In The Black Hair Care Business” in article from Atlanta Post, all others featured were established brands


Client Howard University Situation For over 30 years, Howard University’s Career Service Office has been a resource for students to find employment upon graduation, but many students were unaware that the office located in the School of Communications was for university-wide use. After rebranding itself as the Center for Career Education, Development and Research (CEDAR) the office wanted to raise awareness throughout campus with targeted events to educate students of unique careers choices. Solution Planning and execution of a panel discussion and forum, titled Get Creative! Results Many students from an array of majors received insight and career advice from five panelists all who were Howard University alumni. Sponsorship from the Office of Alumni Relations who donated food and gifts.




Dr. Tiffani Bailey Lash, Chemist/ Owner, Tea and Honey Blends “Monet is a true talent! Our event was magnetic because of her enthusiasm and attention to detail. I can’t wait to work with her again! ”

Bernard Moon, Howard University

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