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Here, the emphasis is on locally-sourced products from independent suppliers, farmers, growers and producers start-ups and brands with social impact.

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Hepple Gin, Ostara White Vermouth, Howl & Loer Hogweed Seed Botanical Spirit

Alexander Seed Negroni

‘Creating the new cocktail menu for Christina’s has been an absolute joy. As a team we are thrilled to continue to champion local suppliers, using responsibly foraged wild ingredients where possible, and showcasing how incredibly versatile they can be. With the menu, we shine a light on the local landscape, opening up our guests’ imaginations with lesser known, native ingredients that are within our style of drink making. We bring the familiar flavours of classic cocktails in a way they haven’t tasted before.’

Rosehip Cosmo




The drinks are a reflection of local tastes through London and the UK.

02 Drinks

Kevin Price Houghton, Head Bartender


Idyll Drinks Alexander seed Distillate, Campari, Aperitivo Co. Turin Sweet Vermouth

Fierfield Birch, Christina’s Birch Soda

Christina’s Bloody Mary

Coastal Margarita




Ocho Blanco Tequila, Mezcal, Cornish Kombu, Verjus, Triple Sec, Seaweed Salt, Kanpai Yuzu Sake

Silver Circle Black Garlic Vodka , Koji Kins Mushroom Garum, Tomato Juice, Christina’s Hot Sauce


East London Liquor Co. Vodka, Rosehip, Verjus, Triple Sec, Port, Sipello Aperitif, Sea Buckthorn

Hogweed Martini


If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, please inform a member of our team. There is a discretionary 12.5% service charge added to your bill, all of which goes to our teams. All above prices are inclusive of VAT.

Somerset Old Fashioned

Everleaf Christina’sForest,Birch Soda


Elderpine Spritz

Wild Apple Spritz


East London Liquor Whisky, Somerset Cider Brandy 3yo, Meadowsweet, Somerset Ice Cider, Borage Honey, Hogweed

Alcohol Free Cocktails10

Ardbeg Wee Beastie, Seaweed Caramel, Myrica Gale

Fig leaf Liqueur, Kanpai Yuzu Sake, Verjus, Chamomile, Marshmallow Root, Borage Honey

Banana Espresso Martini


Capreolus Quince Eau de Vie, Empirical Plum I Suppose, White Heron British Cassis, Ground Ivy, Borage Honey, Verjus, Sparkling Wine



Apple Botivo SodaHoney,Aperitif,Non-AlcoholicVerjus,BorageIdyllWildApple


Victory Oyster Shell vodka, Schofield’s vermouth, oyster leaf



Cornish Mary Pentire


Discarded Banana Rum, Climpson & sons Midnight Oil Coffee Liqueur, Cold brew

Sipello British Aperitif , Elderflower, Verjus, Idyll Pine Forest Soda, Aperitivo co. Lyon Vermouth

Ramsbury Single State Gin, Aperitivo co. Gentian liqueur, Idyll Wild Apple Soda




Fig Leaf Colada

Two Drifters Pineapple Overproof Rum, ELLC Rum, Parafante

Oyster Shell Martini





There is a discretionary 12.5% service charge added to your bill, all of which goes to our teams. All above prices are inclusive of VAT.


Rosé & Orange Wineml.

Christina Netzl, Austria, Christina Rosé

Brimming with energy and life like the soils beneath the grapes, with flavours of preserved lemon, herbs, and a briny ‘Dirty Martini’ finish.



750 7.5 / 38

Big aromas jump out of a cloudy, lightly fizzy glass of pure irreverent fun.

Expressive aromas of grapefruit and yuzu with gentle tropical undertones and a clean finish.

Oniric Blanc From Celler Entre Vinyes

Staffelter Hof, Germany, Little Bastard


White Wineml.

9.5 / 47

Gentle aromas of fennel, soft herbs and sea air to take you straight to the south of France.



A slightly darker style Of rosé, like biting into ripe cherries and nectarines, with lovely refreshing acidity.

9.5 / 48

If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, please inform a member of our team.

Entre Vinyes, Spain, Oniric Rosat

Soft red fruit with a fresh mineral finish make a delightfully drinkable combo.

125ml / bottle

A beautifully soft white with peachy notes and a crisp mineral finish.


750 8.5 / 48

8.5 / 56

L’archetipo, Italy, Litrotto Bianco


10 / 65

Folias De Baco, Portugal, Curtido, CRISP, ZESTY, ENERGETIC


Agalis, France, Le Grand Carre

7.5 / 38

125ml / bottle


MOREISH, LUXURIOUS A complex sparkling wine with the


7 Red Wine 125ml / bottleml. 7.5 / 38 9.5 / 52 8.5 / 47 10 / 65750750750750 Entre Vinyes, Spain, Cava - Fuàmbul Brut Nature

A red for all seasons with dark cherry fruit and a clean easy finish for drinking on its own or with a wide variety of dishes.


Stunning core of ripe cherry and blackcurrant fruit, enrobed in earthy woodspice and hints of game, all brought to life with crystalline acidity.

Agalis, France, Yo No Puedo Mas

Joiseph, Austria, Bff

750750750 10 / 55 19 / 116Veuve Clicquot, Brut Yellow Label, Champagne, NV Veuve Clicquot, Brut Rose, Champagne, NV Champagne & Sparkling Wine 125ml / bottleml. 21.5 / 129


and a

Folias De Baco, Portugal, Renegado (Chilled Red)


Azul Y Garanza, Spain, Abril

Supremely balanced bouquet of ripe forest fruits and hardy mediterranean herbs, with a satin-smooth texture and long, gentle finish.

TEXTURED, perfect balance of fruit and yeasty a soft texture, pronounced mineral finish.

Best served chilled to showcase the lively blend of sappy red and floral white grapes, dangerously drinkable.


Abv. ml. Cider & Mead Abv. ml. Non & Low Alcoholic ml. Soft Drinks 4.5330ml Rapscallion Dry Lime Soda 4.5330ml Rapscallion Ginga Ninga Soda 330ml 60.5% Lucky Saint Lager 500ml 64.5% Sandford Orchard Devon Red Cider 4375ml Townsend Farm Apple Juice 4.5330ml Rapscallion Burnt Lemon Soda 330ml 6.54% Gosnells Dry Hopped Mead Abv. ml. Beer 330ml 64.8% Lost & Grounded Keller Pils 330ml 64.2% Thornbridge Lukas Helle Lager GF 330ml 6.54.3% Villages Rafiki, Session IPA 8 440ml TBCGuest Beer Ask a member of our team for information If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, please inform a member of our team. There is a discretionary 12.5% service charge added to your bill, all of which goes to our teams. All above prices are inclusive of VAT.

by redemptionroasters


Redemption Roasters - a specialty coffee company with a difference. They’re the world’s first prison-based coffee roasters, training offenders in competition-level barista skills with the aim of reducing reoffending in the UK. Their goal is to show the coffee community that exceptional specialty coffee can come people and places you wouldn’t expect.

9 03 Coffee




by nemi tea

Each of our single origin beans are ethically sourced from around the world. Just as our sourcing is ethical, we’re showing that the whole roasting process can be socially responsible too!

English Breakfast


by blendsmiths

Hot Drinks


Customized coffee blends in partnership with worlds first behind bars coffee roastery.

01 Christina’s Boards 7 12.5 | 20 16 | 236 Seasonal Crudités (v) Green goddess dressing, crispy tortillas. Daily Cobble Lane Charcuterie Selection Selection of small or large charcuterie with bread sticks and home pickled vegetables. Daily Neal’s Yard Cheese Selection (v) Selection of 3 or 5, all British cheese selection with crackers and chutney. Pitta Bread & Hummus (v) Smoked hummus with harissa. 10 If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, please inform a member of our team. There is a discretionary 12.5% service charge added to your bill, all of which goes to our teams. All above prices are inclusive of VAT. Available Mon - Sun 12pm - 10pm 697Chives Cream Cheese & Forman’s Smoked Salmon Coronation Chicken & CucumberSmashed Peas with Goat’s Cheese & Sundried Tomato (v) Open Faced Sandwiches Available Mon - Sun 12pm - 7.30pm. 3.5Extra Pitta or Sourdough Bread

11 Spicy Snack Mix (vg) 3 Djerba Olives (vg) 4.5 Curry Leaf Fries (v) 4.5 Wasabi Peas (vg) 3.5 Spicy Chicken Popcorn (Karaage) 7 KFC - Korean Fried Cauliflower (v) 6 Available Daily 12pm until close Pistou Nuts (vg) 4.5 Chilli Rice Crackers (vg) 4 Available Mon - Sun 12pm - 7.30pm. Vegan Haggis Bon Bon with Whiskey Sauce 6

Located in the idyllic surroundings of the Cotswolds, Barney Wilczak has dedicated his time to producing an incredible range of eaux de vies that reflect the quality of the fruit that surrounds him. Only using natural fermentation methods and no enzymes, Barney is a more akin to natural wine maker than a traditional distiller. His distillates have garnered much praise along side his Garden Gin.



East LiquorLondonCompany

Ostara Vermouth

Here are some of the producers we are proud to work with

Named after the Celtic name for Easter, Ostara is an English Hedgerow Vermouth using wild botanicals such as meadowsweet and hawthorn. The founder Julian Davies has created a unique product that is part of the exciting new wave of English vermouth makers.

Home of Extraordinary British Honey. London Honey Co. produce only the finest single origin honey from hives across the British countryside.

Idyll Drinks

Co-founded by Marcis Dzelzainis and Luke McFayden. Idyll makes and sells wild-ingredient based drinks, all made with sustainably foraged produce. Idyll also sells a range of products from small UK based producers that support sustainable and regenerative farming principle.

We are a spirits producer with a distillery situated in the heart of the capital’s old spirits industry, producing and importing a range of quality spirits including gins, vodka, rum and whisky. Bringing spirits production back to London’s East End after more than a century, we are reinstating an industry back to its roots. Located in one of Bow’s most well-known historical sites, the old glue factory in Bow Wharf, we are always open for a

Rapscallion specialise in fresh fruit, low calorie sodas, handmade in Glasgow. It starts with the best raw ingredients sourced from local markets. They then gently extract their natural flavour & aroma, relying on pressure & cooling to pull the exact taste they need, without destroying the delicate stuff with heat. Organic raw cane sugar helps bind these flavours together & a little Vitamin C stops any oxidisation.



Kanpai Sake

Townsend Farm is a family farm in Herefordshire. They grow a variety of dessert and cider apples. In 2017 they experimented with making juice themselves to produce single varietal juice rather than a blended product. This enabled them to control the process in order to produce a great quality and flavoursome juice from different apples, such as Jonagold, Falstaff, Discovery and Greensleeves.

Established in 2017, in Peckham, Kanpai are the UK first Sake brewery. Their sakes have gone on to win multiple awards. Every drop is brewed, bottled and packaged by the team.

Hepple’s combines the wonders of nature with cutting edge technology. Hepple is located high in the remote Northumbrian Hills, which has one of the purest natural environments in Britain and as a result juniper thrives. They hand-pick the juniper berries from our wild sanctuary when still green along side another key botanical: Douglas fir pine. These form the centrepiece of their gin.

Hepple Gin

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