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Green Hippo’s Hippotizer V4+ media servers stand out for its ease of use yet powerful real-time system at the heart of touring productions worldwide. Green Hippo has a long history on tour starting with Basement Jaxx in 2002 Pixel mapping on Hippotizer V2 systems. Today’s Hippotizer V4+ Media Server embodies the philosophy learned from 19 years of continuous innovation and touring experience. Hippotizer V4+ is a range of servers from one 4K output (Amba+) to6 (Taiga+) designed for life on the road. Custom designed hardware includes critical details such as quick filter changes without un-racking the system. Hippotizer V4+ is also rental friendly thanks to included tools for automatic system restore to ensure fast and easy workshop turnaround. All V4+ systems run the award-winning Hippotizer software. Known for its ease of use and seamless DMX integration, Hippotizer is a favourite for touring video and lighting operators alike. Controlled across the network, Hippotizer systems are frequently seen running backstage while the designer at FOH is programming the servers and ingesting media from their laptop running Hippotizer software. Network based control also extends to Hippotizer’s 3D projection mapping and display management tool, SHAPE. Included with all V4+ systems, SHAPE is the third dimension of Hippotizer enabling projection mapping, automatic alignment and output mapping all from a familiar 3D interface.

GREEN HIPPO The unique network structure of Hippotizer and SHAPE ensures that programmers and designers can work in parallel during the critical pre-tour production period. Hippotizer’s real-time engine guarantees the system responds instantly to changes whether its new media added or cueing changes. Though the system has a timeline, it does not have to be used; in fact, many productions program Hippotizer directly from the lighting desk. Real time control, extensive Notch integration and a range of built-in tools from BeatBridge to Video mapping make Hippotizer a creative media server. In many ways, tours reflect the desire for fans to be wowed: the touring stage is in a race to stay ahead of video screens that now permeate every aspect of life. Hippotizer V4+ Media Servers provide the flexibility, power and speed to not only create a memorable show, but ease of use and reliability do so day after day around the world. 90

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