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under his wing by learning Riedel director software while watching us remotely log in to it. He now sets up the system at each venue and is able to make any changes to the programming of it that maybe required, which is hugely effective,” Team Audio’s Alison Dale recounted. While on site crew communication was achieved by Radiotek. Thornton commented on the latter: “Radiotek have been supporting us on the Shawn Mendes project for the last two years and the service is impeccable. Nigel Morris and his team have made it super simple for us to manage frequencies without having to reprogram.”

relationship” with 24/7 Productions and Thornton, having worked with them for “many years” on a range of tours. He said: “Dealing with Andrew is always a pleasure, he knows what he wants and has a good understanding of the driver’s hours which definitely helps us when planning tours, especially when we need extra drivers to cover breaks or those longer journeys.” YOUTH Having made astronomic leaps as a consummate performer on stage as well as considerable steps in the music industry with a trio of chart-topping albums, backed by sold-out touring cycles; Shawn Mendes has trumped the convention of age over experience. After closing out the European leg of Shawn Mendes The Tour, both the artist and crew members furthered the campaign in North America, leaving a trail of LED flowers and satisfied fans their wake. Riding the wave of back-to-back album and tour successes, Thornton had the last word. “Everyone seems thrilled with the outcome. Both the crewmembers and the audience enjoy what we’re putting on and the reviews have been positive. All of the shows are sold out, we’re opening extra tickets when we can, so it’s been a very positive experience for all those involved.” TPi Photos: TPi, Andrew Benge & Josiah Van Dien.

LOGISTICS During a load-out meeting in Arena Birmingham, Stage Manager, Duncan Ladkin walked TPi through the logistical undertaking - complete with large-scale print outs of arena venue layouts, miniature forklifts and Shawn Mendes The Tour branded trucks, which for Ladkin, marked “one of the most important” factors of its successful delivery. “The load-out meetings started as a joke,” he confessed. “However, we realised it’s actually really useful to visualise the undertaking before we approach it. It’s all about providing nice touches when you are on tour. Especially when you have to try and orchestrate the load out of 21 trucks!” he exclaimed. Entrusted with the navigation of the kit was Fly By Nite’s Simon Sinclair. “On this run we’ve got 20 production trucks and a merchandise truck,” explained the Lead Driver: “We’ve been averaging between 3 and a half hours each night. I’d like to thank Duncan Ladkin and Andrew Thornton for working with us for many years. It’s a very good crew with too many names to mention,” he laughed. “It’d be like an Oscars speech if I started listing them all!” Doherty echoed: “Fly By Nite’s drivers are excellent. Often when you’ve got 21 trucks it can be carnage. However, it has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside them,” he assured. “They’re experts at turning the trucks and looking after their loads and equipment in a meticulous manner.” Phoenix Bussing also supplied 5 crew buses, a band party and an artist party for the tour to transport the crew members from A to B. Phoenix’s Andy Gray commented: “The artist bus was one of our brand-new 5 series and was finished just in time for Shawn.” Driver numbers ranged from 7 to 14, with 7 main drivers and 7 additional drivers to cover the longer journeys. Gray explained the company’s “great 32

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