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elements of the system deliver as expected for Doubet. “I grew up in this business with the MSL-5 and 6, which were for me the epitome of a vocal box. Leo sounds like that to me, except it has more power and versatility. Here Leos are configured to cover the upper decks and it’s beautiful up there - out front as it should be, but rich and smooth all the time.” He also applauds the consistency of the entire Leo family, including the Leopard arrays which are out for the first time with Bublé. “I know I can tune all the boxes the same way and Michael’s vocal will be the same everywhere,” he said. “That’s really my focus for this tour.” Overseeing all aspects of the intricate staging and AVL technology — filling 19 trucks — is veteran Production Manager, Dean Roney, who filled that role on Bublé’s tours since 2005. From Roney’s perspective, Meyer Sound technology and support have proven critical. “Because of the unique set-up, with around 50 hang points for audio, having all self-powered loudspeakers was essential,” he commented. “And, as usual, Meyer Sound support is awesome. Their team took care of a great deal of paperwork and programming in advance, so we were ready to go from day one.” Also contributing to the sonic excellence of the tour, alongside Trudeau, are monitor engineers Marc Depratto and Louis-Philippe Maziade. An Evening with Michael Bublé was launched on 13 February and toured North America through 19 April. From 20 May through 10 November the tour alternates between Europe and North America, with additional dates around the globe through next summer to be announced soon. TPi Photos: Jay Blakesberg


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