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PRODUCTION PROFILE: Catfish And The Bottlemen

Opposite: Singer Ryan ‘Van’ McCann uses a Shure Beta 57A microphone. Below: Tour and Production Manager, Daniel James Humphreys who also works with Haim.

As far as his choice of supplier goes, Humphreys admits he has prior relationships leading from his time with Haim. “To be honest, I’d never heard of Nitelites as sound and lighting suppliers but, as well as the crew, I also inherited them from the band’s previous tour manager. When I met Jamie it was easy to see why Nitelites are doing so well. They have quality kit, quality crew. Their service is unbelievable actually; they really go out of their way to make sure you’re happy.” A FULL SERVICE PRODUCTION Overseeing the full production tour dates in London and Manchester is Nitelites’ Jamie Moore who has handpicked his team. “We’ve got some really young lads out with us who are great for their age. We’ve been looking after Catfish tours for a couple of years now, and they’re really getting noticed in the industry,” he said. Moore noted how he enjoys seeing a similar flourishing achievement with the crew. Nitelites has recently set up a programme with Newcastle College - which has both a live

sound mixing course and a stage lighting course - in an attempt to get more people through the doors of the company. “We have some really young lads out with us who are great for their age. We have some exceptionally talented young people and we’re are all about that. Without people and talent, you’ve just got products,” he said. “We get most of our work from building relationships, mainly with production managers, who like what we’re doing as a company and what we’re about as a service provider.” FOH SOUND As one of the first full-time crewmembers to join the camp second only the band’s longtime friend and backline tech, Larry Reid - FOH Engineer, Mike Woodhouse has always wanted to be a live sound engineer. Catfish is his first touring gig, a role that has now taken him around the world. “I always wanted to tour, to travel, meet new people and basically smash it every night for the band,” commented Woodhouse. “When I first met the band for a drink, we got on instantly and I really 49

TPi December 2015 - Issue 196  
TPi December 2015 - Issue 196  

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