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Pic: Daniel Esselbach

LET IT SHINE, LET IT GLOW Now in its twelfth year, the latest instalment of Kronach in Light saw a diverse group of lighting designers transform the small German city, with several beautiful concepts for visitors to enjoy.

For the past twelve years, Kronach, a small city in Southern Germany has been celebrating light and lighting design with a springtime festival – Kronach in Light – with architectural lighting design workshops held in the run up to the opening of the events. At Kronach in Light 2017, held from 27th April to 6th May, a diverse group of participants developed lighting concepts for several locations. For many of them, it was their first time working with light and with each other, which posed quite a challenge. However, through great communication and organisation, concepts for five areas were developed by the end of the first day. During the following days and mainly nights, the teams worked with lighting equipment, learnt more about lighting effects, did mock-ups and tested the feasibility of their concepts, with a very hands-on approach.

At the end of the fourth day, five beautifully lit areas all over the city were opened to the public to discover. Realistic Fairy Tale by Studio De Schutter created a split reality from an underwater world to the bright, sharp contrast of the ‘real’ world. While Open Theatre, created by the team of Grapentin, used architectural elements as actors in a mythical play. At the town square, which is the centre of the festival, Dr. Nessim's concept, Movement, lit the square's surrounding facades, using colour and emphasising the different epochs of the facades. Team Bamberger’s Timeline took visitors on a journey through time in the historical ramparts of the city. Entering through a burning tower, walking through saturated lit spaces, visitors travelled from the Middle

Ages back into the present, with the town hall illuminated with modern lighting. Nature versus City, by Team Mantello, used two opposing sides of street to emphasise contrasts with different types of lighting. An otherwise ordinary street was brought to life with the diversity of lighting used. With the ‘learning by doing’ approach, these lighting design workshops give the participants an opportunity to experience a full overview of the lighting design process and to work as a team to bring a concept to life. And the biggest reward is of course the reaction of the visitors to the festival, as they see familiar sights and buildings transformed almost magically through light.

mondo*arc Jun/Jul 2017 - Issue 98  
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