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“Our engineering team is growing and our pool of talent is getting deeper, which is enabling Audix to develop and manufacture hightech pro audio products.”

CHRIS DOSS Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Audix How did you first get into the industry? After earning a degree in music and business from the University of North Texas, I made the decision to focus on the business side of the industry. My career has been diversified and rewarding, primarily in management and production of live events, as well as design, opening and operation of live performance halls and arenas. I also had a couple of stops on my professional path with MI manufacturers, allowing me to gain insight into that segment of the industry. This professional journey has allowed me to work alongside pro audio professionals, including sound engineers and installed sound contractors for several years. When and why did you join Audix? I have been at Audix for one year. Personally, and professionally, I was attracted to Audix by the culture, values, reputation and business structure of the company. The ideals and principles that guide Audix align very well with my own values. Integrity, honesty, innovation and drive for excellence are truly present at Audix - and the team is comprised of people who genuinely like each other. We are all colleagues and friends. What makes Audix different to other companies? A high degree of personal character exists across the entire Audix team. Audix takes great care in hiring people to join the organisation. We look for individuals who ‘fit’ the organisational culture. The first questions we ask ourselves when hiring are ‘what kind of integrity does this person possess?’ and ‘will this individual do the right thing in a challenging situation?’. Then we ask ourselves ‘does this individual bring the desired skills, qualifications and experience to the position?’. Obviously, we hire for both, but

never for skill or experience alone. Additionally, knowing who we are, who we are not and who we want to be is an important element of Audix culture. Having a solid company identity, which we all understand and appreciate, is a strength that keeps us on track and focused on activities that align with our goals and values.

Our approach is focussed on the question: ‘What do we need to design to offer innovative solutions for end-user customers, and how can we optimise success of our business partners with these Audix products?’ We are evolving our business, sharpening the talent across our team and expanding our capabilities to manufacture tomorrow’s products.

What installations have Audix been involved with recently? We routinely work with integrators who are highly respected within the industry on a variety of installations. There are a few public sector and large enterprise opportunities currently underway at Audix that are tied to developing new products for the pro audio industry - a niche that fits our brand identity and invigorates our team.

Tell us something we don’t know about Audix? Audix was based in the San Francisco Bay area for several years prior to relocating its headquarters to Wilsonville, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, Oregon.

What are the future plans for Audix? Installed sound is a market space that is seeing tremendous growth at Audix. We are also placing significant focus on the wireless product category, which serves all of our markets. Our engineering team is growing and our pool of talent is getting deeper, which is enabling Audix to develop and manufacture high-tech pro-audio products in these categories, in-house, at our facility in Wilsonville, Oregon. There will be several new exciting product additions in the coming year. Also, our international presence is expanding. We have partnered with experienced and talented pro-audio representatives who understand the nuances of their respective territories to increase worldwide distribution. The initial results have been positive, both in improving our international operations and revenue growth.

What three things would you take with you on a desert island? I would bring a GPS tracking device, a handheld water desalinator and a Bowie knife that has a fire starter flint stored inside the handle. What is your most prized possession? I have been playing drums since I was eight years old. Without a doubt, my drum set is my most prized possession. I do not get to play it nearly as much as I once did, or, as often as I would like, but I will never let it go. Where is your favourite place in the world? Portland, Oregon is my favourite place in the world. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that have flowed towards me throughout my life. I love working at Audix. The US Pacific Northwest is a spectacular region to live in, filled with natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor adventure. And, I have the good fortune of spending everyday amongst a loving family and amazing friends and colleagues.

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mondo*dr 27.5  

The July/August 2017 issue of mondo*dr is now available to read online here.

mondo*dr 27.5  

The July/August 2017 issue of mondo*dr is now available to read online here.

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