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musson+retallick collaborated with Applelec on the Colonies light sculpture at Nizza Park, which sits adjacent to the river Main in Frankfurt. Two colonies at different developmental stages exist within sight of each other but their relationship is intentionally unclear. Their identity is also ambiguous and the viewer experiences them both from a distance and at close range. The viewer is invited to move amongst the lit elements leading to discussions about the nature of the colony.

Pic: Kate Miller


Through light projections a flowing architecture is created. The St Katharinenkirche at the Hauptwache marks the centre of Frankfurt. Artist duo Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz are known for their typographical light projections which bring places, lighting, meanings and visitors into dialogue. Here they created an immersive space that aims to remain in our memory for a long time.


The ING-DiBa LEO building invited visitors to interact with light and architecture and thereby become a part of a unique light event. MAASS-Licht used an array of Griven Powershine MK2 S RGBW fixtures to wall-wash the building with an impressive wave of light. Provisionally installed at the base of the building, the units created a uniform light distribution capable of surprising onlookers with bright and lively colours.


Professor Ariel Auslender, in cooperation with DB Station & Service and Zumtobel, created Witness of the Time for this year's Luminale. Our everyday life is shaped and defined by the time although time itself is something entirely abstract. It passes unassisted, suddenly it is already dark, how time flies... Seldom do we feel the moment, are fully aware of it, appreciate the finite resource time. "It is not too little time we have, but it's too much time we do not use." - Seneca.

mondo*arc April/May 2016 - Issue 90  

mondo*arc International magazine for architectural, retail and commercial lighting.

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