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Pic: Paul HIffmeyer / Disneyland Resort

SHINE BRIGHT For six decades, Disneyland Resort in California, has explored the frontiers of immersive storytelling and entertainment technology, bringing exciting attractions and inventive entertainment to life. In honour of its 60th anniversary this year, the park has launched three new night time spectaculars. A glittering new parade Paint the Night, a new fireworks display Disneyland Forever and new performance spectacular World of Colour. When the lights go down in Disneyland, the Diamond Celebration events illuminate the park, creating a river of colour flowing down Main Street, USA. An array of Disney characters, featuring more than 1.5 million brilliant LEDs, flash and glow as Mickey Mouse and friends ‘paint the night.’ Including the video screens, the parade contains more than 1.5 million sources of light. The 500 strobes used in the parade are a custom lighting product developed by Disney. Paint the Night requires more than 200 universes of control to operate everything from the video presentations on the floats to the lights on individual costumes and is more vibrant than any other light parade in 60 years at the resort. The choreography of the light parade glows, as performers light up with their props and costumes. In addition to the LEDs featured on Paint the Night floats, each costume in the parade features its own sophisticated system of LEDs and lighting controls. Making use of the latest technology available combined with creativity that has stood the test of time, this latest light parade is a true celebration of the magic of Disney.

WASHED IN LIGHT Taking inspiration from history, Light Well situated in the old market square of Lahti, Finland - was conceived by lighting and industrial designer Reija Pasanen of Studio Lux Nova and architect Marjut Kauppinen. In 2013, Lahti’s old market square was rebuilt to make way for a new underground car park; at the same time archeological research on the parking lot site was carried out. It was discovered that 150 years ago there were several small houses, courtyards and water wells on the same site. The discovery inspired Pasanen and Kauppinen’s idea for the interactive art piece that followed. Wells have always been important places for interacting with others - they are meeting points and a place to ‘hang out.’ The light installation consists of a granite platform and luminaire in the shape of a traditional draw well. On top of the granite platform there is a round glass surface with a historical map of the Lahti market place and interactive lighting installation, while movement-sensitive lighting reminds of water in cyan and blue. The Light Well invites visitors of all ages to step on and discover how the white waves follow their steps and start to radiate from their movements and is a new experiential meeting place and stage for small-scale events for residents and visitors in the heart of the city.

The ambient general lighting of the square enhances the walkways, from south to north and from east to west, with iGuzzini Lavinia luminaires, using LED lamps and custom made lighting poles manufactured by Tehomet. The centre of the square is a part of a greater axe that links the church (by architect Alvar Aalto) to the town hall (by architect Eliel Saarinen). On this central axe on the square, there lies another lighting thrill, again designed by Pasanen and Kauppinen. Traces of shoes and horse shoes on the pavement, making use of Martin Professional profile projectors and interactive lighting systems, organised by Studiotec. Pics: Courtesy of Studio Lux Nova

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