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Eikon Vimar

LED Drivers Roal These programmable constant current LED drivers have been designed for fast and reliable configuration. Threewattage ranges (Meso 25W, Ozone70W, Ozone 150W) create hundreds of configurations utilising Roal’s digital programming interface tools. This versatility reduces design time, lead time and inventory risk. The product also features AC or DC Input Variations (MESO only), an output voltage of 12 – 56Vdc, an output current of 250-1000mA and a field programmable output current set point. The product is also DALI or PWM ready.

Eikon has expanded with the addition of the Tactil, Evo, Chrome and Total. Designed to deliver a technological, chic, sophisticated control, the new products have different designs, finishes and features, but all sharing a common goal of aiding energy management. The systems promise intuitive simplicity and supporting energy efficiency.

Lite-Trap Molex Lite-Trap is a SMT Wire-to-Board Connector System, with an easy-to-use push-button latch that allows simple field assembly and removal. The product features an overall compact size that meets the needs of thin LED lighting-module applications.

Li-Fi Lucibel For the first time, Lucibel has combined Li-Fi technology with LED lighting. This technology transforms Lucibel’s LED lighting elements into “Li-Fi emitters” that can then remotely transmit multimedia content (sound, video, geolocation, etc.) to a tablet or smartphone. Designed for use in museums, galleries or showrooms, geolocation application, gallery visitors can view the content corresponding to the painting that they want to view displayed on a tablet, and thus directly and automatically access an interactive description. This specific virtual guide gives traditional gallery visits a whole new dimension.

Green Mouse Teleco Automation Green Mouse automatically adjusts the light intensity according to the variation of the natural light in a room, keeping the pre-set level constant. The product features a wireless transmitter with integrated light sensor, table and wall application, to control the brightness in a room.

Professional Opinion

My favourites at Artimede were the Inverted Shadows range, the Eggboard Acoustic pendant and I was strangely drawn to Meteorite too. They all force you to be tactile! Then, in hall 5.1, absolutely everything from QisDesign. After I visited two years ago I found their distributor back in Dubai and bought four different table and desk lights. They had me hooked again this year with their Crystal… I fear it might be expensive… Regarding the exterior stuff - which is more relevant to my work - I liked WE-EF’s simple, pared down VFL range, Schreders’ increasing range of clean urban furniture with thoughtout integrated lighting and the Pagoda bollard/seat from Louis Poulsen (but I’m not sure if it’s new, or just the first time I had seen it). My comment on the show: I know all I seemed to hear were people bemoaning that there was nothing new or ground breaking, but I don’t see that at all and am perfectly content with seeing the evolution of many ranges rather than striving to look for something dramatic. If I can achieve the same or better in future using smaller, simpler and/or less fixtures then I am very happy. I spent much of the time on the component stands looking at a massive improvement in control and gear technology, but primarily LED sources as far as variations, light quality improvement and performance to know what I can expect to find or have specified in the future. Saying that, the things that really caught my eye were pretty dramatic. I had a great time at the show. I do though have to stop cooing over desk lamps and pendants when I am supposed to be looking at things more relevant to public realm and architecture in Abu Dhabi!


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mondo*arc Jun/Jul 2014 - Issue 79  

mondo*arc is the leading international magazine in architectural lighting design. Targeted specifically at the lighting specification market...

mondo*arc Jun/Jul 2014 - Issue 79  

mondo*arc is the leading international magazine in architectural lighting design. Targeted specifically at the lighting specification market...

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