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The new LED light sheets from Cooledge.

The Glare free Q-blade from Quarkstar.

The new Lextar white chip LED emitter for high density applications.

light while eliminating many of the constraints and challenges that existing LED systems impose. Luminaire designs using light sheet can be fluid, thin and minimal in both design and material choices. The light sheet utilises a highly dense pattern of LEDs on a thin plastic substrate, delivering on the promise of OLEDs with the reliability and performance of LEDs. These products can certainly be used for a range of lighting applications such as shelf lighting, backlighting within panels and a variety of other applications. The lighting sheets are highly flexible and offers a similar flexibility to OLEDs but at a more affordable price.

and operating costs of LED lighting systems. One of the first fixtures developed using the Quarkstar ‘Glare Free’ technology is the Q-blade, a suspended linear unit, which offers over 110 lm/W total system efficacy equivalent to the best fluorescent lamps. Indeed, Quarkstar has shown that their novel optics allows the technology to be scaled up to 14,000 lumens (for industrial applications) without significant glare or compromising efficacy which is a major achievement. The R&D team also demonstrated pendant, LED panel, garage and industrial fixtures based on the technology proving it is scalable to many application requirements.

QUARKSTAR Quarkstar, a US based lighting company present at the show, demonstrated a very interesting ‘Glare-Free Filament’ optic that virtually illuminates glare from lighting fixtures. As we know, glare is a major issue often ignored or overlooked by many so it is refreshing that Quarkstar has developed a range of lighting products that significantly reduces glare by using specially designed optical components that redirect light to maintain high efficiency of the fixture. QuarkStar has over 120 patent applications to date for multiple technologies and is one of the world’s most unconventional LED lighting hardware start-ups, staffed by world-renowned technologists and LED pioneers with more than 500 years of collective LED and lighting industry experience. The Glare-Free Filament increases LED lighting efficiency through improved light extraction and allow light mixing from multiple coloured LED sources. The QuarkStar technology solves many major challenges of LED lighting, including: • Extracting the light emitted by the LEDs efficiently; • Mixing the light evenly from multiple LED sources; • Distributing the light in a controlled manner and eliminating glare to maximise visual comfort; • Reducing the initial fixture, installation,

LEXSTAR A new entrant to the LED emitter market, Lextar launched a new White Chip technology involves substrate-free flip chip and phosphor moulding process which can be fabricated by current SMT equipment to simplify the manufacturing process significantly. Lextar’s White Chip is a chip scale die without cumbersome packaging, featuring high lumen densities, high lumen output, wide beam angle, and can be packaged closer together to simplify optical lens design. The Lextar White Chip can achieve high lumen output and high lumen intensity, reaching up to 2500cd at 25 degree with high CRI 90 performance, making it a perfect replacement for 50-watt halogen lamp.

‘What will happen by the next Light + Building...’ • ‘T5s will be completely replaced by LEDs in terms of new fixtures as well as high efficacy retrofits.’ Not quite achieved but penetration of T5’s market certainly underway. • ‘LED prices will have decreased by over 50% and maybe as high as 70% compared to this time meaning the return on investment compared to traditional light sources for most applications will be between one and two years.’ This has been achieved, especially with Chip on Board solutions. • ‘OLEDs will be a serious player in the general lighting market and costs will have tumbled from today.’ OLEDs are now technical capable for use but costly. OLEDs will be seen more in 2016. • ‘LED fixtures will actually be able to dim properly (most the products on show were very poor with either poor dimming range and/or flickering of the LEDs at low intensities).’ Dimming has been significantly improved but not perfect. • ‘Samsung, LG and the major Japanese electronics companies will be significant players in Europe as they use innovation, improved products and competitive pricing to break down barriers unlike in the last two to three decades.’ Certainly Samsung and LG have made big inroads in all vertical segments of the LED market but all Asian players are struggling to break the route to markets held by traditional players. • ‘Standard white PC LED efficacies will reach 180 lm/W in production.’ This has easily been achieved. • ‘Variable CCT products will be prevalent, low cost and Internet enabled.’ Colour tuneable products were still a niche area but growing strongly.

CONCLUSIONS The show was obviously a success for many manufacturers and the prevalence of the connected lighting system era is upon us. I still have major concerns about the security of Internet connected lighting systems as it seems the majority of players are not building secure systems from the ground up so I expect that by 2016 this will become a major trend. I looked back at my previous Light + Building review and I made several predictions in 2012 as to what we would see in 2014 so I thought it would be great to see how I did!

Geoff Archenhold is an active investor in LED driver and fixture manufacturers and a lighting energy consultant. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of mondo*arc.

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mondo*arc Jun/Jul 2014 - Issue 79  

mondo*arc is the leading international magazine in architectural lighting design. Targeted specifically at the lighting specification market...

mondo*arc Jun/Jul 2014 - Issue 79  

mondo*arc is the leading international magazine in architectural lighting design. Targeted specifically at the lighting specification market...

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