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Parison Resident

Secto 4201 Secto Design

The Parison pendant light by Resident is a glass pendant, mouth blown from a mixture of black and clear glass. Its surface is a fluid gradient from opaque to transparent with a high quality LED lamp housed in the neck of the pendant that creates a soft warm glowing fixture.

The small conical Secto 4201 stemming from the original Secto 4200, is suitable for spaces with lower ceilings. Handmade of PEFC-certified formpressed birch in Finland, the wood provides a soft luminosity for atmosphere and appeal, available in four different colours.

Cirio Santa & Cole The chandelier version of Cirio is an addition to the classic Cirio lamp; a compact, decorative design for spaces with high luminosity. Cirio chandelier is made of aluminium circular structure and ceiling rosette plate finished in matte black with a translucent white diffuser, and is suitable with various lampshades.

16 Bocci 16, a glass light, is formed by three separate layers of coloured, molten glass. Each layer has a different opacity, creating a uniquely layered whole. Two of these layered pieces are then attached together and illuminated with an internal LED lamp, supported by a modular, tree-like structure.

Bank LED Inertia

Beaubian Lambert & Fils

Blending modern design with retro appeal, the Bank LED desk lamp is a modern take on the classic banker’s lamp. Hand built and laser cut from steel and aluminium, its green shade moves on a custom designed pivot, to direct light in any direction. With 740 lumens of light energy and a pull switch, Bank emits a warm nostalgic light to any space.

Round and cubic brass connectors complete the lamp’s structure, adding a rich material contrast to the powder coated rods. The collection’s industrial and graphic aesthetic is imbued with influence from traditional Chinese screens to the Memphis movement, with strong black lines moving between simplicity and ornamentation.


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