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Maison et Objet Paris January 20-24 2017, Paris, France Maison et Objet thrives Record numbers for 2017 edition

This year's Maison et Objet found an increase of 12.31% in visitors compared with January 2016. Foreign visitorship also registered a 17.4% increase, totalling 43,127 international visitors and overall, the fair received 135,875 visits from professionals. Managing Director Philippe Brocart said: “The significant growth we have seen this season in the number of visitors is a very auspicious sign for the interior, design and lifestyle markets worldwide. Over the last few months, we have undertaken a large number of actions and initiatives in order to reach out to buyers and specifiers all over the world, working closely with our exhibitors. This collaboration has created a powerful dynamic that had a direct impact on attendance figures.�

Ratnapura Anne-Pierre Malval

Tempus Ben Rousseau Design

Phenomena Bomma

The Ratnapura pendant lamp is made out of rewaxed craft paper. Transparent when lit, it offers sparkling ambient lighting accompanied by beautiful shadows. Each ceiling lamp is custom made to order and the electric wiring is available in various colours and materials to suit the client’s tastes.

Tempus is a kinetic light art piece that doubles up as a futuristic clock. It uses digital LEDs that illuminate three rings of segments in sequence to represent a 12-hour time path. The central ring is the seconds units, the next ring is the minutes and the outer ring is the hours. Once all segments are lit the cycle continues.

Designed by Dechem studio, the collection is inspired by simple shapes. In Plato's idealist philosophy, phenomena are transient, likenesses of the eternal, perfect forms and so, are not truly real. This seems fitting for a collection made in a material that is so difficult yet versatile, so strong yet fragile.