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Alejandro Martín Soto José Manuel Vargas Olivencia Antonio Hernández Valverde


Chapter 1. A man was in his house and his wife told him to go to the forest to look for firewood. The man took the hatchet and went. While he was cutting a trunk he saw something shining among the weed. It was a bottle of glass, the label said: ''The shrinking potion''. The man thought that it was a joke so he opened the bottle and poured it in one plant to see if the potion worked. Nothing happened so he continued cutting trunks. Suddenly, he noticed that the plant began to get smaller. He stopped working and went running tho his house. He said to his wife: ''We have become rich!'' His wife asked what happened and he said that he had found a potion in the forest that made things smaller, they could sell it and become rich.


Chapter 2. From the window, Peter neighbour was listening to the conversation that James was having with his wife about the shrinking potion. But Peter didn't realize that James knew that he was listening. James caught the bottle of potion and emptied it an another bottle in case someone saw the bottle with the ingredients. Then he removed the potion. The next day he saw the bottle wasn't there but he didn't mind because he knew the true potion was in his house. Then he started to make a new potion, but he couldn't, because the label dindn't say the quantity of each ingredient. He was investigating for serveral days, but nothing happened to the plants . one day the plant shrank and the was very happy because he already knew what he needed of each ingredient to make the potion.


Chapter 3. James thought of selling the potion to the people in other villages with his wife. In the night, while James was sleeping, his neighbour Peter found the potion and poured a mixture of toxic products on it. The next morning, James put the potions in the car and went with his wife to sell it. First he went to the centre of the town, and people came to see because there was so much fuss. They did not believe it would work. James demonstrated it did. People began to buy the potion. Gradually, Peter was making good money and started to go to other cities like Firch. Increasingly, he made more potions and made more money. Then he became famous in the village and in other villages for his miraclulous potions. With the money he earned he made many more potions to sell everywhere.


Chapter 4. One night, while he was sleeping, he heard a noise that came from the laboratory. He went to see what was happening and he saw that the plants were growing quickly!. He went to tell all the people who had bought it so that they didn't use it because it was very dangerous. But it was too late‌.. the people had used the potion. They didn't know what was happening. The plants in the forest weren't growing like the other plants. He saw his potion and the others and he realized that the colour was different. Then he thought that someone had put something to his potion and he had to find out who had done it to restore the calm. Chapter 5. James remembered that his neighbour Peter was spying him and changed the potion by a poison that killed the plants and ruined the harvests. James went to visit Peter to ask if he had put something in the potion. Peter told him that he had put a toxic product. Then James searched for a product to stop the growth of plants. He started producing the new potions and distributed them throughout the villages for the people to help them. When they finished, all went home to rest. The next day, when every one got up, they saw the fields and the plants were normal. The potion had worked and everything got back to normal. The End 5


1 What did James find ? 2What did the neighbour hear? 3 What do you think James should have done with the potion? 4 What happened to the floor in the lab? 5 What was James looking for in the shops? 5 What happened at the end?


Vocabulary: -Veneno: Poison. -T贸xico: Toxic. -Poci贸n: Potion. -Pueblo: Village. -Cosechar: Harvest. -Crecimiento: Growth. -Laboratorio: Lab. -Bosque: Forest. -Planta: Plant. -Tronco: Trunk. -Empeque帽ecedor: Shrinking.


The srinking potion  

short story