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Hand Crafting Cardboard Puzzles For Kids There are countless cardboard puzzles that are sold in stores but nothing beats good old handmade puzzles. Kids love solving puzzles especially when they are staying indoors on a boring, rainy day. So why wait to buy a puzzle before you and your child can have fun, when you can have fun right away by making cardboard puzzles with your kid?

Below is a very easy guide on hand crafting cardboard puzzles for kids and the kids at heart. 1. First, decide on what puzzle you would like to make. Jigsaw puzzles are the easiest to make so it would be good to go with that if you're a beginner. 2. Next, prepare your materials for the cardboard puzzle. You can recycle boxes that are lying around your house. The most common would be cereal boxes, detergent boxes and snack boxes. 3. Determine the size of your puzzle. You can also print your favorite picture and use that to determine the size. 4. Glue the picture on to the printed side of the box. Let it dry and trim the edges. 5. Draw a jigsaw pattern on the back of the box. There are numerous patterns available on the internet but for convenience's sake, you can try to draw a very easy jigsaw pattern. Also, it would be good if you consider the puzzler's skill level when you do this. Since we're making it for kids, a bigger size per piece would be more suitable. 6. Cut along the lines you just drew and store in a box or gift wrap it for giveaways. An alternative than using your favorite photo is to draw onto a paper and then glue it to the box. This will be a more artistic and creative approach in hand crafting cardboard puzzles for kids. kardus box

Hand Crafting Cardboard Puzzles For Kids