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Museum not down with ship emember that escapade a few months back when someone was supposed to move into the old wax museum’s CPR Terminal? Seems like most people forgot all about that, though the Maritime Museum of B.C. hasn’t. DANIELLE Last March, three groups subPOPE mitted pleading proposals to the news@ Provincial Capital Commission as to why they deserved to reside in the historic building: the Maritime Museum, a group from the Oak Bay Marina and a privately owned public market. All three were seemingly rejected, and the PCC told them to whip up better financial plans. Since then, the PCC has been pretty tight-lipped about any decisions. “We’ve been working hard refinishing our plan, but there’s a lot of uncertainty and we’re not getting a lot of info,” says Jaime Webb, Maritime Museum prez. “We’re asking the government to come out in support of us, as we’re the only proposal that sees the building’s continued use in community.” It’s no rumour the PCC has placed lofty revenue expectations on any biz that makes it into the building, but Webb says the old wax museum saw at least 300,000 tourists saunter through its doors annually. In its hidden corner of Bastion Square, the meek Maritimers see 15,000 to 25,000 visitors annually, but Webb says the new location would change all that. With not another minute to waste, the museum decided to rally their own support system, and has been hard at work collecting, literally, millions of dollars in private donations to put towards the bid. They went two steps further and have been sending out hopeful press kits (see photo) and collecting signatures for petitions as well as writing to government officials about why the citizens of B.C. deserve to choose what to place inside one of the province’s largest and oldest maritime artifacts. The group even hosted a pro-rally



Over 1,000 business-suited dancers gathered Monday eve downtown for the first Decentralized Dance Party.


It might be wishful thinking for now, but the Maritime Museum can already see its future perfectly clear.

outside the legislature this past Tuesday, Sept. 20. “We can put in all the T-shirt shops and coffee bars we want, but will that make people come to Victoria? I don’t think so,” says Webb. “This is the only enriching choice, both economically and culturally.” Ray Parks, CEO of the PCC, was unavailable for comment before press time. Since the proposals were sent away for revising, however, the PCC has confirmed that two or three more individuals have come forward with interest in the building. There is no estimation of when a decision will be made.

A NEW LEG OF THE ISLAND Twenty-four-year-old Eric Mazimpaka has always felt a deep connection with children in Africa. The Victoria man was born in Kenya and spent the early years of his life moving from place to place before ending up in Canada. “We have it pretty comfortable here,” says Mazimpaka. “I saw what life was like for those kids and thought, that could be me.” As a teenager, he began fundraising to build schools in Africa. While a student at Spectrum High, Mazimpaka ran 50 laps of the school’s 400-metre track while dressed in a 20-pound mascot costume, the Warm Fuzzy. And it was warm — Mazimpaka went to the hospital with heat stroke after fainting on the 50th lap. The community pulled together and made all the pledges he needed to build the school. Now, five years later, he’s taking his fundraising a few steps further. Mazimpaka is setting off from Cape Scott Provincial Park Tuesday, Sept. 27, running 600 kilometers in 11 days to raise awareness and $30,000 — seed money that will help him fulfil a dream he calls Think One21, a three-day music fest Mazimpaka is planning in Kigali, Rwanda for December 2012. He hopes to sign some of his favourite musicians, including K’naan, Damian Marley and Carlos Santana. “About 67 per cent of Africans are under the age of 24. There’s a whole new crop of future uncorrupted leaders there that need to be nurtured,” he says. Mazimpaka is scheduled to arrive in Victoria Oct. 8 at the Victoria Event Centre for welcome home event. To pledge, drop off donations at Studio 4 Athletics, the Fix Hair Garage or Lou’s Gallery in Oak Bay. Visit M

To the thief who stole o the thief who stole the GPS unit from my vehicle last week, I hope it helps you find your way. There have been many crossroads in my life where an electronic signpost would have been welcome; where the gentle nudge of a UK Samantha or U.S. Carl robotic voice was needed to sound out the best way to turn. I have found myself at many a dead end or travelling GRANT down a road where the scenery was unfamiliar and the MCKENZIE neighbourhood felt wrong. At those times, I have been fortunate to hear a friendly voice speak up and say, “at editor@ the next intersection, make a legal U-turn.” There have been other times when I have drifted off the path and found myself wondering just where I was meant to be. And in those times, I have paid attention when the voice in the dashboard has intoned, “recalculating.” But there have also been other times when the most direct route failed to hold my attention — where despite the voice that wanted me to hold the course, I have drifted and explored. Down side streets and alleyways, I have discovered secret gems. But I have always been safe in the knowledge that a simple tap on the Home button could guide me back on track. Most of all, I hope my GPS offers you that button. I hope that on the way to the pawn shop, you are able to hear the voice that wants to recalculate your route. The GPS is filled with numerous voices to choose from — both male and female. Some are better than others, some clearer, louder or more pleasant to the ear. You have to make sure to pick the right one. It’s different for everyone and sometimes it takes awhile to discover which is best to cut through the noise. But when you find that special one — Australian Kathy; Canadian French Patrice — I hope you’ll listen closely when it offers clear directions to get you back on the right path and guide you safely home.


SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD Doing It For The Chicks by Kate Reid. I hope Kate doesn’t mind that a straight guy is really digging her new CD, Doing It For The Chicks. The lyrics of that title cut will bring a smile to the lips of anyone who isn’t homophobic. But Kate isn’t just a party queen — despite such sing-along cuts as My Baby’s In The Beer Tent Again — as is evidenced by such peek-inside-her-diary cuts as Ain’t No Drama Queen and When I Was a Little Boy, or her rail against violence in Revolution. Kate has both the incredible voice and writing chops to make this a CD worth cherishing.



NO PLAYING AROUND We’re loving the group Donate2Play Media that decided to meld our love of games with the ability to play for local good causes, like the Ancient Forest Alliance. See — game on!

HERE, LIVE A LITTLE It’s a nice gesture for staff at BC Ferries to donate to BC Children’s Hospital Healthy Buddies program for elementary kids healthy living, but just $2,000? Couldn’t your CEO have thrown in $100,000?

BASKETS AND SMILES HANGING LOW We have to admit we’re choked summer is officially over as quickly as it started. This week, the city will be taking down those hanging baskets, and it sure looks like we’ll be folding up those hammocks.


Fashion in Action Friday night unique fashions cocktails DJ the 23rd annual artisan Christmas fair

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ethically conscious fashion

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CITYSOMETHING National Ballet trades in slippers for stetsons


WORD Getting buff one last time for Poetry in the Raw


MUSIC Victoria singer hits reality TV




FILM & LIBATION Cave of Forgotten Dreams





ON THE COVER 17-35 FALL GUIDE Pssst, don’t tell the tourists, but fall is the best time of year to be in Victoria. Locals can experience the best of dance, theatre, music, comedy and special holiday events. And just to make sure you don’t miss out, we’ve made a few lists for your calendar.

One of Victoria’s most unique family businesses is turning four. And Rifflandia TV host Chris Vickers is so excited he’s going in strapped with all the wristbands.


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Engage the community

SEPT 28 - OCT 15, 2011 Box Office & Info B I f @

250-384-2142 805 Langham Crt (off Rockland)

Monterey Recreation Centre in the  of Oak Bay Village

Adult courses for 19 years & over Join former ‘Canadian Antique Road Show’ regular Tony Duke for an Antique Event at Monterey Recreation Centre on November 5th. Pre-registered items can be dropped off at 10am, doors open at Noon, event begins at 1pm. Call 250-370-7300 for more information. Pre-registration required - see page 59 of current brochure.

From Yoga to Cuisine and everything in between! Bollywood/Bhangra Dance Workshop October 8 or November 26 • 1/$23 Cuban Salsa Rueda October 28-December 16 • 7/$70 Songwriters Workshop October 1 & 2 • 2/$70 Ukulele Workshop October 29 • 1/$30 Italian for Travellers November 7-December 19 • 7/$98 Earring Making Workshop October 15 • 1/$41 Mosaic Art Class November 7-December 12 • 6/$108 Internet Security October 15 or November 19 • 1/$56.50 iPhone & iPad October 1 or December 10 • 1/$34 Beginner/Advanced Computer Courses Ongoing Culinary Classes French, Thai, German, North African, more! • Ongoing

Monterey Recreation Centre 1442 Monterey Avenue - Free Parking Call Today! 250-370-7300 View Brochure at [6]


Re: Lest we forget, Sept. 15-21. Seanus Howley “can’t stress enough how unfortunate it is we're spending this kind of time over what kind of tree we should have.” Much better use of time if everyone would just agree with him, I suppose. Well, if the community had really been engaged during the process we might be more agreeable. Instead, we were treated to a Jan. 26 public meeting where the district’s landscape architect unveiled “the plan” and informed us that the memorial trees were coming down. It was pointed out these were historical trees and therefore protected. This as it turns out was the extent of the “input” from the community. The district’s plan shows Red Maples (kissing cousins to the ones cut down) all in a line from Fernwood towards the school, right beside the new chain link fence. I suggest everyone interested go and take a look for yourself and decide if there is enough room to plant 14 trees and allow them to grow for the next hundred years. I respectfully suggest that the replanting of these historically significant trees has been “business as usual” for S.D. 61. Now lets get those Red Maples in the ground before anyone makes more trouble. FLOYD MARTIN, VICTORIA

To honour our war dead Thanks to Monday Magazine for bringing to public attention the opportunity we have to honour our war dead at Victoria High School, forever. We must give real meaning to our annual Remembrance Day pledge "Lest we forget." Memorial trees have a higher standard for longevity — beyond 200 years — than park or street trees. Second, we must see every side of an issue, and through mutual respect work

together to achieve a common goal. Seeking and sharing reliable information will release the power and potential of the possibilities in every situation. Third, by keeping our eyes on our shared outcomes, everyone can gain in some way — but we must give to get. On Shelbourne Street (once known as Memorial Avenue) immediately post First World War, long and short lived trees were planted close together, and as time passed and the trees grew, the long lived London Plane Memorial Trees prevailed. Today we have a magnificent boulevard that will honour our war dead, for a long time, at lower risk and lower cost than if only short lived, vulnerable trees were chosen. If we do our part at Victoria High, the trees will do theirs. RAY TRAVERS, VICTORIA

Chestnut memories Thank you for Danielle Pope's article about the replacement

of the Vic High war memorial trees. My grandfather was with the British Army at Mons in 1914. I always think of him when I go past the massive horse chestnuts at Christ Church Cathedral. Canadian troops were at Mons when the war ended, one of them brought home a pocketful of conkers and planted them in the Cathedral precincts as a tribute to his comrades. They have flourished there ever since. While not strictly an indigenous species, perhaps Vic High would consider using some of the conkers produced by the Cathedral trees to help replace the ones they cut down. This need not be instead of the red maples already chosen, but in addition. CHRIS EVE, VICTORIA

Some youth false martyrs Re: Island of Lost Boys, Sept. 15-21 Not once did the article mention addiction. I'm well aware of the factors that put people on the street,

and addiction is the main one. Youth issues are extremely complex. There are indeed many youth who have had a raw deal and deserve any and all help — the young man in the article who grew up in foster care is a good example. There are others who are just hooked on dope and hoping aboard the false-martyr bandwagon, blaming big bad society for every discomfort, as youth has done forever. MIKE LEBLANC, VICTORIA

Museum worthy of new home At this year’s Classic Boat Festival, the public were all too keen to learn whether or not the Maritime Museum was moving into the CP Building. Local government should realise that the MMBC has a valuable part of B.C.’s seafaring heritage in one of the largest collections of maritime artefacts in Canada and one worthy of a unique destination on the waterfront. MAGGIE MCNEIL-SMITH MMBC SUPPORTER




If you were elected to city council, what would you do?

Victoria ruffles UBCM feathers — again or the third year in a row, a City of Victoria delegation is heading to the annual convention of the Union of B.C. Municipalities BRIAN (UBCM) resolved to KIERAN advance the interbkieran@ ests of the province’s trade union movement. And, for the third year in a row, the executive of the UBCM is going to politely tell Victoria to put a sock in it. The issue is the city’s perennial aversion to “for-profit” health-care clinics. It is a deeply partisan provincial issue that usually divides New Democrats and Liberals. It is not an issue that tends to emerge as a municipal priority. As I mentioned last week, the UBCM (Sept. 26 to 30) is the closest thing B.C. has to an annual political summit. It is attended by representatives of every city and hamlet, as well as every MLA. It is a forum for vibrant debate about real local issues such as taxation for public transit, municipal policing costs and the distribution of gaming grants. It is a forum where cities of the size and stature of Victoria are expected to champion issues that are relevant and timely, not issues that serve only to


define who is on the left and who is on Undeterred, the City of Victoria came the right of the political spectrum. right back in 2010 with the exact same The UBCM executive bends over back- resolution, “B-155” this time. The UBCM wards to give as many of the important resolutions committee let it die a second issues of the day as much exposure as time and delicately reminded Victoria possible on the convention floor. It also that the resolution had not made it to the bends over backwards to convention floor in 2009. avoid issues which are so This year the city has partisan that they cannot made a third absurd The city be adjudicated without attempt to force this divihas made a rancor. sive partisan issue — now third absurd “For-profit” clinics “B-159” — onto a convenbelong in the latter cattion agenda that is packed attempt to egory ... rancorous. with issues of actual force this In 2009, Victoria subimportance. divisive mitted resolution B-147 The resolutions comwhich called for “a mormittee has made it clear partisan atorium on any further that it considers the “high issue expansion of private, forprofile” resolution to be profit surgical and MRI/ needlessly “controverCT clinics,” and “an end to public fund- sial.” It has also reminded Victoria that ing of for-profit clinics, including the a 2002 UBCM resolution supported the contracting-out of day surgeries and the universal and comprehensive principles provision of health authority contracts to of Medicare. for-profit clinics.” Nevertheless, the city refuses to get At the time, former Green Party coun- the message and its partner, the B.C. cillor Sonya Chandler told reporters the Health Coalition, continues to urge other resolution was “inspired” by the B.C. municipalities to support the cause. Health Coalition. The coalition is popu- Happily it won’t amount to anything lated by every significant trade union since the resolutions committee is refusorganization in B.C. and its primary ing to endorse B-159 this year. function is to support union jobs in a Also encouraging is the fact that city union-dominated public health care sys- council’s three-year mandate expires this tem. fall. Hope springs eternal that an injecThe UBCM resolution committee tion of new blood in the November civic allowed B-147 to die a quiet death deep election will restore some common sense inside the resolution book. at City Hall ahead of UBCM 2012. M

I’d make the downtown a no-traffic area in a four-block radius. TRISH MARTIN, Victoria

I would probably do something about all this homeless stuff. LEE HENNESSY, Victoria

I would make changes to Pharmacare so it can be more easily [accessible]. DEBBIE IRABOR, Victoria

It’s probably out of my control, but food prices are so outrageous. CHARLIE SOUTHWELL, Victoria


’m going to let you in on a little secret: by and large, municipal politics is not flashy. There are few longrunning scandals, almost no attack campaigns, and character assassinations are kept to a minimum. Coupled with the capital’s painfully long-standing tradition of politely refusing to change every three years, this means municipal elections garner little SIMON more than a nod from the media before NATTRASS we move on to bigger and better things. snattrass@ But with a legitmate challenge ing for one of our region’s most established political figures, Saanich might just deserve a second look. Frank Leonard has had an office in the Saanich Municipal Hall for 25 years, with 15 of those years as mayor. He has done all of the things one would expect of a mayor — chaired the CRD and other boards, sat on committees, and kept things in Saanich puttering steadily along for oh these many years. “I treat this as a performance review,” says Leonard, citing the acquisition of Panama Flats, protection of Harrow Wood


and the creation of senior’s and transition housing facilities as examples of his effective leadership. Assuming business as usual in the coming election, Leonard sees the next few years focusing on waste reduction, infrastructure, affordability and public safety. David Cubberly, meanwhile, has spent four terms on Saanich council, the last one doubling as a CRD director, and was elected as MLA for Saanich South as a member of the NDP between 2005 and ’09. Cubberly says his successful return to local politics would bring a welcome change to Saanich. “What it’s inevitably about at this point is whether it’s time for a change.” While he and Mayor Leonard see eye to eye on questions of finance, Cubberly says he would bring a stronger focus on quality of life and pedestrian infrastructure and a louder voice on issues like the recent Juan De Fuca debacle. With the oft-glacial pace of politics in the capital, it may be another 15 years before Saanich gets two decent candidates for mayor again. So while it makes for slow news when even the most contested race in the region is characterized by polite disagreement and subtle differences in policy direction, the sheer rarity of this year’s election makes Saanich the one to watch in the coming months. M


What fall events are you most excited about? Music


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Saanich politely warms for election battle

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Graduation class celebrates a bridge back to safety GUTSY AGENCY SUPPORTS THE WOMEN IMPACTED BY ABUSE By Danielle Pope

wenty women will hold their graduation caps close to their hearts this Thursday, Sept. 22, but it won’t be for completing their high school diplomas, their undergrad degrees, or even their PhD distinctions. According to some of the women, it’ll be even more important: choosing a life free from violence and abuse, choosing sobriety over pain maskers and choosing their new selves over old habits. When it comes to delivering their thank yous, the first will go to the program that helped them get to where they are today — Bridges for Women, a gutsy community agency that delivers training and support to women impacted by abuse. For the last 23 years, Bridges has been helping women access training for employability, education and breaking the patterns of abuse. The Bridging Employment Program, which was started by a handful of women sitting around the kitchen table who realized the gap in services, has seen more than 50 graduating classes and has helped over 1,000 women since it started. Participants of the program practice self-awareness and self-esteem, while learning how to recognize cycles of violence, how to work in groups, how to form effective communication and conflict management skills, along with financial management. Then they move into the careerfocused work like resume building, interview skills and networking. “Many women stay in abusive situations because they cannot imagine getting a job and being able to care for their kids alone,� says Jan Bate, Bridges executive director. “After 23 years, Bridges for Women is still advocating for the needs of women because women still need our services.� Thanks to governmental funding and individual donations, the program remains free to all women who seek its assistance. In the last few years, however, funding cuts reduced the services to part-time workshops over six months, which Bate says has left many women graduating without feeling ready to leave the program. To remedy that, Bridges has developed an online program, and graduates of all programs have access to ongoing mentoring sessions. “No matter what happens out there, we tell the women that they will always have a home here — and they will,� says Bate. “The shame is just that we don’t have the funding to offer more services to people, because at the end of the day a centre has to have a bare level of funding to operate.� Despite the lack of funds, the program is open to any woman who self-identifies as having been through abuse, violence or trauma — though staff are quick to point out that, when it comes to qualifying what counts as abuse, this is where things get tricky. “Many women don’t recognize what they’ve gone through as abuse because maybe it wasn’t physical, or it’s something they’ve grown up with since childhood so, to them, it feels normal, or they think it’s something wrong with them,� says Diane Gilliland, a counsellor at Bridges. “But what we see is that abuse becomes a barrier in learning, and in getting a job — it makes you afraid, lowers your self esteem, affects your identity, can develop feelings of unworthiness.

T For all travellers 733 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC tel 1 800 663 1424 Your stay supports YWCA community programs

Worth checking into.

11th Annual Monday Magazine

Photo Show WATCH for ou r Special Sectio n featuring all the WINNERS. Coming Sept


Wednesday September 28 thru to Saturday October 8 at The Arts Centre at Cedar Hill 3220 Cedar Hill Rd Open from 6am - 10pm weekdays 8am - 9pm weekends



And because so much shame is involved, sometimes it can even mean taking time off to be ‘sick’ or avoiding the outer world if the woman is hiding the abuse.â€? The program sees women from ages 19 to 64 who are willing to make a heavy commitment. Part of qualifying for the program involves the expectation that women will commit to sobriety, as well as removing themselves — and staying removed — from their abusive homes or situations. “It is hard to make changes to your life-long learned survival skills such as isolation, silence, aggression, and fear,â€? says Bate. “As [the women] progress through the program, they learn more about themselves and about the dynamics of abuse. This can be difficult learning, but once they are through those difficult lessons they start to shine.â€? Gilliland echoes Bate’s sentiment, adding that resilience becomes a huge part of celebrating the women’s achievements. “We are with them from the minute they first talk to us on the phone to long after graduation ‌ we see a deconstruction, then a reconstruction of their identities,â€? says Gilliland. “They see people really care about them, and we watch them bloom.â€? By the time graduation day comes, Bate says the women are more integrated in the community and excited to be entering the job market. Oftentimes, they’ll be cheered on by children or parents. “It’s easy for people to see these women and make judgments, but often they aren’t just choosing abuse or freedom — they’re choosing security or poverty,â€? says Titi Adebanjo, Bridges program coordinator. Adebanjo adds that, despite the stigmas, the program does see participants from street-level to PhD graduates. “What we see more than anything are the strengths these women bring in the door with them. We just help them dust those strengths off to shine. This really can happen to anyone ‌ but these are women with enough courage to say no more.â€? M To find out how to access help or volunteer with the program, visit


Victoria’s News & Entertainment Weekly




Bridges executive director Jan Bate (left), program coordinator Titi Adebanjo, counsellor Diane Gilliland and administrative coordinator Cindy Allen.




  ! " #

1150 Cook St. Victoria, BC 250-385-4747


City Something E

Ballet of Canada in 1991, and The Man in Black, a premiere for the company, with choreography by James Kudelka former director of the National Ballet. “It’s actually quite different than what people may suspect,” says Vanstone. “There’s three men and one woman and they’re all in cowboy boots dancing to Johnny Cash songs. It’s a great piece and the audience really seems to enjoy it.” “The whole program is maybe not what people might expect from a ballet company. Emergence is really edgy. The visual is we’re all insects in a hive, working together for this common survival and it’s really kind of dark and interesting. The second detail has quirky electronic music. The most classical work on the program is Other Dances (by Jerome Robbins), which is a Pas de Deux done for one of our most established principal dancers, Greta Hodgkinson and her partner Zdenek Konvalina.” Performances begin at 7:30 p.m., but arrive early for the free pre-show chat. From 6:50 p.m. to 7:15 p.m., a member of the dance company will make themselves available for a Q & A session with audience members about their experience with the National Ballet and the work they are about to perform. Tuesday’s performance will be followed by the Opening Night Gala, where Dance Victoria will celebrate 15 years of bringing extraordinary dance to Victoria. Ticket holders will enjoy food and drink at this formal reception as well as a chance to meet Artistic Director Karen Kain and principal dancers from the National Ballet in the Palm Court at the Empress Hotel. Tickets are $70 and are available through Dance Victoria by phone 250-595-1829. M

NATIONAL BALLET OF CANADA Tues., Sept. 27, and Wed., Sept. 28 7:30pm. Royal Theatre (805 Broughton) Tickets starting at $25 by phone 250-386-6121 or

DOING IT FOR THE CHICKS Canadian folk-roots singer-songwriter Kate Reid’s music is wildly entertaining for people of any sexual orientation — even if you don’t know much about living as a lesbian like she does. Catch her at the Victoria Event Centre alongside Auto Jansz and Andrea June Wed., Sept. 28, at 8 p.m. M

PERIPHERAL VISION Boundary-pushing Canadian jazz outfit, Peripheral Vision is making a stop at Open Space, Fri., Sept. 23, at 8 p.m. in support of their new album Spectale: LIVE! The album blends jazz with hints of contemporary reggae and electronica. Co-founded by bassist Michael Herring and guitarist Don Scott, this quartet is sure to wail. M



NATIONAL BALLET TRADES IN SLIPPERS FOR STETSONS very time Jillian Vanstone, ballerina with the National Ballet of Canada, returns to Vancouver Island to perform for family and friends it’s a special thing, but this time it’s different. The young dancer who grew up in Nanaimo was recently promoted and is now one of six principal female dancers in the company of more than 60. “It’s a dream come true,” says Vanstone, who has been dancing since the age of six. “It may sound a bit cliché, but this is something I’ve been hoping for my whole dancing life.” Vanstone joined the National Ballet as an apprentice in 1999. “To be a principal dancer in a Canadian company is also meaningful to me. That I can do this at home and achieve something like this in my home country is something I really appreciate. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work — and more to come — but it’s just so exciting for me to have been given this promotion. And I’m so excited for what comes next as well.” The National Ballet is currently on a Western Canadian tour, which is making a stop at Victoria’s Royal Theatre Tues. Sept. 27 and Wed. Sept. 28 at 7:30 p.m. There are four ballets on the program, which Vanstone says may not be what people expect to see from our traditional national ballet company, or any ballet company at all for that matter. “It’s really a different, edgy program that is maybe not people’s idea of what the National Ballet might be. People often come to our mixed bills and say ‘I didn’t know you did stuff like that.’ So it’s really exciting to reach out to different audiences and really excite people with our versatility and our avant-guard works,” she says. Vanstone will be dancing in the last ballet on the program called Emergence, choreographed by Victoria’s own Crystal Pite. “She’s so inventive and so original, and the work is really stunning. It’s a really great piece to be a part of because everybody’s really working as a group for the whole, there’s this real energy between every single person who’s on stage, it’s incredible,” she says. The program also includes The Second Detail, choreographed by William Forsythe for the National


heatre Inconnu presents Shining City by Conor McPherson, a play about a Dublin man who seeks help from a counselor, claiming to have seen the ghost of his recently deceased wife. But what begins as just an unusual encounter becomes a struggle between the living and dead — a struggle that will shape and define both men for the rest of their lives. Starring Dustin Finerty, James McDougall, Christina Patterson, and Michael Shewchuk. Directed by Graham McDonald. Opening Fri., Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. Tickets $10 seniors, students and unwaged, $14 adults at or 250-590-6291. M


STEAM EXPOSITION he second-annual Victoria Steam Exposition takes place Sept. 24 and 25 at the Craigdarroch Castle— a monument to the exuberance of the Victorian age. Saturday's events include “spontaneous musical combustion” with San Francisco-based singer/pianist/storyteller Jill Tracy. Bring old artifacts with a personal story and the emotion attached will help Tracy evoke her dark and seductive musical sounds. Weekend passes are $40. Find out more at M


ENGLISH PREMIERE OF AND SLOWLY BEAUTY... he Belfry Theatre, in conjunction with the National Arts Centre English Theatre presents the English language premiere of Michel Nadeau’s And Slowly Beauty... (Lentenment la beauté, written in collaboration with Marie-Josée Bastien, Lorraine Côté, Hugues Frenette, Pierre-François Legendre, Véronika Makdissi-Warren and Jack Robitaille. Translated by Maureen Labonté.) And Slowly Beauty... is a love letter to life. Mr. Mann, like many of us, is quietly passing through life. A random office draw wins him tickets to the theatre, to see Chekhov’s The Three Sisters, and in those few precious hours his life begins to make sense. His quiet yearning for happiness seems to take on new meaning. And Slowly Beauty… is a fresh, gentle revelation of the beauty of life and the transformative power of art. Directed by the Belfry’s Artistic Director Michael Shamata, And Slowly Beauty... stars Mary-Colin Chisholm, Dennis Fitzgerald, Caroline Gillis, Christian Murray, Thomas Olajide, and Celine Stubel, all members of the National Arts Centre English Theatre Acting Company. Based in Victoria, Stubel is joining the NAC for the fall season. Following its run in Victoria And Slowly Beauty... will travel to Ottawa in November.


And Slowly Beauty... plays at the Belfry Sept. 20 to Oct. 23 Tuesday to Saturday at 8pm Matinees Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are $23 to $38 with 50 per cent off for high schoolers and 25 per cent off for university and college students. Available at 250-385-6815 or online at tickets. M




RIFFLANDIA ne of Victoria’s most unique family businesses is about to turn four. Proud “parents” Nick Blasko and Casey Austin have watched their little Rifflandia grow by leaps and bounds since its first year back in 2008 when it was just three days, seven stages, 65 artists and 1,500 wristbands.


Now the four-day, nine-stage festival has 110 artists, more than 7,000 wristbands and a new flagship venue to call home — Royal Athletic Park. “Market Square used to be our biggest venue, and we loved Market Square but it was a lot of work and a lot of man power for only 800 people, which was the capacity — and that was our largest venue. So we decided we needed a larger spot … it was obvious that RAP was the place to go. I’ve grown up here so I’ve seen shows there years ago and I’ve driven by it a million times and looked in and thought, God it would MARY ELLEN GREEN be great to have a concert in there, so we started to go through that process and moving the plan forward,” says Blasko, artistic director of the festival. The best part about the move to RAP is that there’s no more waiting in a line wondering if you’re going to get in to see your favourite band. Everyone with a wristband will get in. “It seems to double in scope every year, that’s the trend. We’ve tried to intentionally grow it, but it’s funny, the numbers have almost exactly doubled every year,” says Blasko. But just because they’ve added a large outdoor flagship venue doesn’t mean organizers have abandoned their traditional one-wristband-for-everything, chose-your-own-adventure model. “You can still do that at night. Essentially, the festival is two components, the park and the night stages, and you can either chose to take it all in or you can pick and chose,” says Blasko. Another great feature of RAP is that it’s an all-ages venue with a huge beer tent, meaning parents can bring their kidlets to their first rock concert, and if they’re under 10, they’re free. “Younger parents who identify with a lot of dance, indierock or hip-hop don’t have a lot of opportunities to take their kids out to concerts because it’s expensive and because there are very few outdoor festivals around here of this nature,” says Blasko. And their will be a ton going on to keep people of all ages entertained. Continued on Page 11

B U I L D DECIDE WHAT KIND OF WRISTBAND YOU NEED Instead of the one-wristband-foreverything model that is familiar to most Rifflandians, this year offers more flexibility and more funky coloured wristbands to chose from. The three-day park pass ($135) ensures entry to Royal Athletic Park from Friday to Sunday where 10 bands will take to two stages between 12:30 and 9 p.m. This venue replaces Market Square, which has a capacity of 800. Result: everyone who has a wristband will get in. No need to go early unless you want to check out more bands. This venue is all ages and children 10 and under are free with adult supervision. Single day park passes [10]

Local band grows with festival ictoria’s own Acres of Lions know what Rifflandia is all about. “This is year number four for Rifflandia and it’s also year four for Acres of Lions at Rifflandia,” says Tyson Yerex (guitar and keyboards). “We’re so fortunate the producers like the band and feel we can augment the festival.” The future seems friendly for this local four-piece that has a ton on its plate over the next few months, including a headlining spot on Rifflandia’s Music BC showcase Saturday night at the Victoria Event Centre alongside Young Liars, the Belle Game and Beekeeper. The four band mates also have their second appearance in the Top 20 of the Peak Performance Project; a new album to promote; and a supporting gig on a cross-Canada tour with Edmonton indie-rockers Ten Second Epic. “The new record came out on Tuesday (Sept. 13) and it’s been a really exciting time for us,” says Yerex. “It’s been getting some favourable press and the single “Reaction” is charting at No. 21 on the alternative rock chart and is on the heaviest rotation it can be here on The Zone, and it got added in Edmonton and Halifax, so we’re really excited and incredibly busy.” They also just released a new video that has garnered over 1,200 hits a week since it was uploaded onto their website. With no budget, Acres of Lions came up with a way to ensure the video would get some attention. Yerex calls it “forced viral.” PROVIDED “We decided to do something creative instead of a flashy Victoria's own Acres of Lions to rock Rifflandia again. gangsta rap video, so we reached out to the friends we’ve made over the last four years of touring around, and it just so happened that I had a trip booked to Toronto, New York, way when I handed them the single a couple of weeks later Calgary and Edmonton. So I took some sharpies, a bunch I could say ‘you have to play it, you’re in the video.’” of card stock and the lyrics all printed out and just asked And if you’ve heard the new single, you know one listen our friends to pick a lyric or two, write them down and they isn’t enough. “Reaction” is a catchy upbeat pop tune that became the artistic director for that frame,” says Yerex. “It will have you singing more “bah bahs” than Little Bo Peep. was amazing to see the reaction of fully grown people havThe Peak Performance Project has also given Acres of ing the opportunity to make this Lions the opportunity to work with industry bigkind of artwork. It was something wigs like producer and engineer Garth “GGGarth” ACRES OF they hadn’t had the opportunity Richardson, who’s worked with Rage Against LIONS to do since Grade 2 or 3, so it was the Machine, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Ten Rifflandia 4 unnerving for them and almost Second Epic. liberating.” Victoria Event Centre “Both of our records we’ve done with a local guy By putting friends from other in Victoria, Adam Sutherland (Armchair Cynics) . . Sat., Sept. 24 bands, including Calgary’s The . so to have a chance to sit down with Garth and get 11:30 pm Dudes and Victoria’s Current his opinions on the songs, it was just amazing.” Swell, among other well known They spent some time with Richardson at “boot industry people in the video, they ensured the first single camp” in late August, where he and his band mates were off their second album, Collections, would get some major pleased to make Richardson live up to his nickname. hits. “He has this cute little stutter he does when he gets “It was a clever trick on our part to get some of the music excited about a project,” says Yerex. “And he was stuttering directors from across the country to be in the video, that all over when we were recording. It was great.” M




are also available for the cool price of $75. The Super Pass ($165) will not only grant you admission to RAP, but also to the seven night stages around town. The various night stage venues have at least four performers scheduled each night from Thursday to Saturday, and are a great opportunity to catch some amazing shows in some intimate spaces. Night passes are also available for $55. These passes are subject to age (19+) and capacity restrictions, so get there early to make sure you see the shows you’re dying to see. And if you’ve got some extra coin in your piggy-bank, consider a four-day VIP Pass ($275), which gets you entrance into the VIP covered viewing deck, VIP beverage service, private washroom access, complimentary





snacks, bag and coat check and skip the line at night stages. Buy your tickets online at

GET THE MOST OUT OF IT Rifflandia wristbands are useful for so much more than getting into the festival. Make your own treasure hunt with Win!Landia. Bring your wristband to the 28 businesses around town who are offering exclusive raffle draws for Rifflandians. Up for grabs are amazing swag like a brand new bike from Capital City Cycles, a boozy gift basket from Cook St Village Liquor Store and a pizza party from the Joint Pizzeria. Get amazing discounts on goods and services around town with Wristband Connect. Businesses are offering 10, 15, 20 and 25 per

cent off deals on things you’re gonna buy anyway. Use your wristband to save some sweet cashola. Note: Rifflandia wristbands are non-transferable. Rifflandia reserves the right to confiscate any loose wristbands. No more than a finger’s width of space between your wrist and your band will ensure it won’t be taken away.

SHOW UP EARLY Even though the addition of RAP means that everyone who has a wristband will get into the park and see all the headliners they please, getting there early means you get to discover new sounds and meet new people. And besides music, that’s what Rifflandia’s all about. M


Ra Ra Riot ready to rumble a Ra Riot is bringing its energetic stage show to Victoria for its first Rifflandia. This hard working five-piece chamberpop band is looking forward to playing a show in Canada that’s not associated with any inclement weather. The band’s last Western Canadian tour in November opened their eyes to the glories of a hot double double and just how important it is to have a working heater in the rental van. Then they had a pretty scary run-in with a powerful thunderstorm in Ottawa this past summer which caused the main stage to colVictoria is the first stop on their Canadian tour, lapse at the Ottawa Bluesfest, which they didn’t which promises excitement with Ra Ra Riot’s sigeven get to play. nature high-energy stage presence. “We were setting up on another stage when the “When we first started playing in a band, we storm hit,” says bassist Mathieu Santos. “It was like were all in college together,” says Santos, who was a movie. We were in the trailer taking a painting major at the time. “Our cover, then we had to run across the shows were chaotic, drunken and RA RA RIOT field and go under a bridge with a lot collegey. When (we) made the tranRifflandia Main of other people. No one knew what sition into a full-time touring band, Stage at Royal was going on. When we came up, the a little of that DNA has been carried Athletic Park stage was gone. . . . We’re really lookover … Our MO is to have as much Friday, Sept. 23 ing forward to getting back to Canada fun as possible … It’s our one chance at 4 p.m. with a little less excitement, well, at every day to release some energy.”M least a little less chaos.” — MARY ELLEN GREEN



CONTINUING STUDIES CALENDAR IS NOW AVAILABLE. At the tideline of lifelong learning, what courageous conversations are waiting to happen for you? To receive your copy please call 250-391-2600 Ext. 4801 or email to order. For an electronic version and to view all course offerings please visit us at

French music not lost in translation Even though most of my interview with drum- only work on the music in the beginning. All the lyrmer Francis Mineau of Malajube was lost in transla- ics come after. It’s really a musical work first. Maybe tion, one thing I got out of the conversation was that that’s why it talks to people.” the boys from Montreal make accessible pop music They’ve had incredible success with critics. that audiences of all languages enjoy, even if they Their second album, Trompe-l’œil, and third album can’t understand the lyrics. Labyrinthes, were named to the “Can you talk a little bit slowly?” 2006 and 2009 Polaris Prize short MALAJUBE he asks when I introduce myself. list respectively. Metro Theatre “We’re driving right now so it’s very “It was very unexpected that Friday, Sept. 23 noisy and my English is far away.” those two albums made the at 11:30 pm The band is on their way to short list and we were glad to go alongside Rococode, buy a touring van to bring them to to Toronto and play twice at the Victoria for Rifflandia when I call The Coppertone and gala. It was fun to hang out,” says to ask why their music is so popular Mineau. Their latest album, La The Besnard Lakes. with English speaking Canadians. Carverne, was recently named to “We do good music, which is a the 2011 Polaris Prize long list. good thing if you don’t understand the lyrics,” he “We were pleased at the beginning but when we laughs. “It’s catchy for me, so I guess it’s catchy for learned we were not on the short list we were sad, lots of people. But you know when we create music, but we’ll get over it,” says Mineau. M — MARY ELLEN GREEN our songs physically, it’s always been the same. We


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RIFFLANDIA Continued from Page 10 “We have two stages running at opposite ends of the park, which will offer continuous music. There won’t be any breaks and there won’t be any overlap. It’s staggered and it goes back and forth,” says Blasko. “This year unlike other years, not that we haven’t had incredible lineups each year, but this year we have some bigger, pretty well known artists that are carefully straddling the mainstream like Dallas Green who’s won multiple Junos and has turned into a bonafied Canadian celebrity. The Zone’s playlist plays heavily into our lineup and the Saturday is sort of a big Zone love-in,” says Blasko. The War Child Lounge is moving to the Atrium Building (800 Yates) for short-set intimate performances from 11 a.m. To 1 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Admission is by donation (minimum $10) payable either at the door or in advance ( Saturday’s lineup features Michael Rault, Mike Edel, and Mother Mother while Sunday’s offerings include Olenka, Royal Wood, Vince Vaccaro and USS. Olio Artists and Workers Cooperative will be on site (RAP) with Live!Stock, their exhibition of 12 screen-printed posters by 12 local artists each cel-

ebrating a different band on the lineup. Be warned: each limited edition Live!Stock poster is hand-printed, so don’t ask if they come in different colours! Olio will also have its handy mobile screen-printing press at RAP to print T-shirts with Rifflandia related images. Artlandia has three art installations planned, while Phillips Brewery is featuring Nic Rad, a Brooklyn based visual and performance artist with his series of drawings titled Not Evil, Just Hungry. Royal Athletic Park will have a series of “carnival cutouts” or “comic foregrounds” by 25 local artists, titled Head Space-Save Face, curated by Ryan Thompson. Each of these cutouts has a hole where your face should be. Take pictures. Laugh out loud. The Picnic is an indoor-outdoor social space and art show curated by Kyra Kordoski as a reprieve from the sun and a great place to take a load off. “I think there’s more for everyone this year. If people had a hard time wrapping their heads around a festival where you have to walk around the city and sort of work for the experience, that’s fine, all you have to do is get yourself to Royal Athletic Park and plant yourself on the field . . . it’s really that traditional outdoor festival experience.” M

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101-300 Gorge Road West • Victoria 250.590.5524 • MONDAY MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 22 - 28, 2011


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Getting buff one last time for Poetry in the Raw VERSE-CURIOUS VICTORIANS CAN STILL CHEER ON RAW TALENT By Danielle Pope

very performer knows the oldest trick for overcoming stage fright is to pretend the audience is naked. But next Monday, Sept. 26, a dozen ballsy poets won’t just be pretending — they’ll actually be encouraging the audience to bare all. Of course, the performers will be costuming in the buff too. This year’s Victoria-renowned Poetry in the Raw doesn’t just mark the event’s fifth season — it marks its last. For one final time, verse-curious Victorians will have a chance to see poetry performed in its rawest form. As in years past, the event is a fundraiser to send the Victoria Slam Team, comprised of five top-talent poets, to this year’s Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, happening in Toronto next month. Jeremy Loveday, one of the selected teammates, will be performing naked for the first time this year. While Loveday planned on participating in last year’s pants-dropping event — he says he made it to the “undressed” rehearsal — he had to step aside due to illness. This year, Loveday says he’s ready to bare it all to make his poetry as honest, open and real as he can. “I’m pretty sure this is something I will only do once in my life, so it better be a good one,” says Loveday. “I’m excited, but it’s really scary. The nerves will be there, for sure, but we have such a supportive audience, and you can’t find a more authentic performance.” Raw has become a signature event SHELLEY LIPKE for Tongues of Fire — the hosting poetSlam Team Keenan Proud (left), Jeremy Loveday, Scott ry organization — and the Slam Team. But while fans have cheered the pro- Thompson and Justin McGrail gear up for Poetry in the Raw. duction as something never seen anywhere else in the country, Raw creator and Slam Master Missie Peters says naked is no or props or personas, and Poetry in the Raw is longer novel. a chance to step out from behind that and show “We want to continue to bring our audience yourself without all that.” fresh and innovative performances, and when Peters created Raw, in fact, after learning just we started five years ago, that’s exactly what this how beautiful it was to witness “the effect poetry [Raw] was,” says Peters. “Now, there are so many had on the human body.” And while she will be nude performances, from the Naked Girls Reading sad to see it go, she says she already has three new series to The Human Body Project show, to even ideas to replace it — but fans will have to wait in naked ballet. We want to make sure we don’t go suspense for those. stale, and instead end it here while it’s still hot.” “The first time I ever saw [poet] Shayne Avec Since this year’s event is I Grec perform the poem ‘Howl’ termed “The Best Of,” the line-up naked at a party, I was stunned. THE BEST OF will include some repeat Victoria I saw his toes curling, his neck POETRY IN THE favourites — like Peters herself — clenching, how he flexed as his along with encore performances body bent into the poem, and I RAW from Vancouver poets and some thought, ‘Wow; we have to do first-time acts from poets like this’,” says Peters. Victoria Event Centre, Loveday. This year Raw will also For the last five years, Raw Monday, Sept. 26, see musical performances from has been met with cheers, tears 8-11pm. 18+. Tickets Frea the Banshee and DJ Dodd, and near-sold-out performances. $15 at Solstice Cafe, along with a few last-time surAudience members are always $18 at the door. prises. As per usual, the event invited to participate by dropping will be open only to those 18 and their own drawers, and most times older, and remains an alcohol-free they do. Even if you aren’t ready to event. Don’t assume that cancels any fun, though: flap around in public, Peters says this is the perfect refreshments will be provided by Solstice Café, time to get involved before the act moves on. and those famous “body cookies” will be back this “If you’re scared and you think, ‘Oh man, I could year, shaped as private parts. never go to something like that,’ then you have to “This event is so different from anything else come more than anyone else,” she says. “The best you’ll ever see. It uses nudity not to be lewd, or compliment I always hear is that, more than anyraunchy — it’s just art in its purest form,” says thing, this is a profoundly human performance … Loveday. “Often people hide behind costumes, it will change the way you see poetry.” M


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ictorians may not know the name Georgia Murray now, but they soon will. Her star is rising fast. The urban songstress grew up in Port McNeill, is a Canadian College of Performing Arts (in Oak Bay) graduate, has opened for the likes of Talib Kweli, Jurassic 5, Atmosphere and Warren G, has appeared on TV’s Boston Legal and has written an international hit song that went No. 1 — in South Korea — completely without her knowledge. (Her song “We’ll Never Know” was stolen, plagiarized and passed off as an original song by Korean pop star Lee Hyori, called “Swing.” It topped the Korean music charts in April 2010. Murray was paid a cash settlement this past June.) She was recently launched into the spotlight when she was revealed as one of eight finalists in the new live music show, “Cover Me Canada,” which airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on CBC. Accompanied by her five-piece band, which never played together before arriving in Toronto last week for rehearsals, Murray is competing to win a $100,000 cash prize, a recording contract for their first original single to be released by Universal Music Canada, as well as featured airplay of their single on CBC Radio 2. “I was so overwhelmed when I found out because I was competing against all these people from across the whole country,” says Murray. “I can’t believe I’m one of the eight. It’s really amazing. I’m really proud of it but I’m also in shock.” Finalists perform a cover of an iconic Canadian song and look for audience votes to be kept in the competition. The star judges, former New Kid Jordan Knight, RnB singer Deborah Cox and industry bigwig Ron Fair offer constructive criticism after each live performance and ultimately decide who stays and who goes. Murray, who says she’s not a fan of reality television, reluctantly made an audition video after friends and family kept sending her emails about the competition. The tape caught the eyes of the producers who invited her to perform live to the show’s executives. “I auditioned for the executive producer, Don Weiner in Vancouver. He created Showtime at the Apollo and put [her idol] Lauryn Hill on the show when she was 13 and Mariah Carey before anyone knew her — it’s unreal. I had to sing privately for this dude in the Cellar at like, 12:30 p.m. Luckily, I didn’t


Victoria singer hits reality TV


Georgia Murray (centre) and her band.

know who he was at the time or else I probably would have died,” says Murray. She found out just days before taping was about to start that she was a finalist — and that she had to put together a band. “This is our first time as a full band. Basically me, my producer, DJ and co-writer D Whiz and our electric guitar player, David Parfit have been gigging together in Victoria and Vancouver over the last several months,” says Murray. They picked up bassist Jayme Langen, drummer Travis Nelson and violinist Kytami from Vancouver to augment the sound. “She’s the most exceptional electric string player you’ve ever seen in your life,” says Murray. “I saw her perform live a few times and was blown away. We were already scheduled to play Rifflandia together, so instead of Rifflandia I asked her to come to Toronto. It’s working out beyond amazing.” Murray was scheduled to play Rifflandia for the Canada’s Leading Career Training Provider. first time Fri., Sept. 23 at Phillips Brewery alongside Michael Rault, DJ Anger and KO. She had to pull out last minute when she heard about the opportunity with CBC. cdi_MondayMag_runs Sept.indd 4 Murray conquered Shania Twain’s “Up!” on last week’s episode and will be taking on Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” Sun. Sept. 25. “I nearly died when I found out what I was going to be singing,” says Murray about the country song. “I remember listening to [her] music growing up, but never in a million years would I have thought that I would be covering it.” Murray’s EP, Just a Dream (released in June) is available for download on her website and on iTunes. Follow Georgia Murray on Twitter at @ CMC_Georgia, download the facebook app at, and watch Murray’s videos on youtube or at M

To get started today, visit or call 1.877.404.1247



9/13/2011 11:22:12 AM





Each week we hide an “M” on the cover. Last week it was hidden in the woodwork beneath the cardboard sign. Prove that you’ve found the “M” and get it into our office to win! Drawn Monday at noon. Submit entries to: 818 Broughton St., Victoria, V8W 1E4 with daytime phone number or fax it to our number at 250-382-6014.

Winner this week: DAVID BRADLEY





10:00PM $ 10:00PM $ 10:00PM $





10:00PM $







10:00PM $







10:00PM $





Vic’s FIRST and ONLY 90’s night

10:00PM $7










MUSIC, ARTS AND CULTURE CALENDAR GIGS THURS. SEPT. 22 RIFFLANDIA - Victoria's very own indie music festival is back! Featuring City & Colour, Broken Social Scene, Cold War Kids, Mother Mother and more. THURSDAY-SUNDAY. Day pass $75/night pass $55. 2011.rifflandia. com. BLAKE ANDISON & THE SOLUTION - Low-key acoustic rock. 7:30 at the Cornerstone Cafe (1301 Gladstone). Free. TOM VICKERY - Jam session. 8pm at Hermann's. $8. BELLS & CANNONS - Post-punk indie. With Reggie & The Remainders and The Holy Terrors. 10pm at Logan's. $6.

FRI. SEPT. 23 HAUTE ARCTIQUE - Fernwood Ballgetters fundraiser. With the Poor Choices and Black Valley Gospel. 10pm at Logan's. $10.

SAT. SEPT. 24 ROXANNE POTVIN - With Steve Dawson. 8pm at Hermann's. $TBA. BLEAK MACHINE - A product of SadCo. Thrasher punk. With the Capital City Stalkers. 10pm at Logan's. $8.

SUN. SEPT. 25 DIXIELAND EXPRESS - New Orleans swing. 4pm at Hermann's. $12. KAYA FRASER - Jazz vocals. With guests. 6-8pm at the well. Free.

TUES. SEPT. 27 HANDSOME & GRETYL - Guess which one got left in the woods? Indie. With Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk. All ages. 7pm at the Solstice Cafe. By donation.

CONCERTS THURS. SEPT. 22 THE ECCLECTICS - Perform a mixture of old and new pop tunes. 7pm at Eric Martin Theatre (2328 Trent). Free. 250-592 5114.



EXUBERANCE OF HEART & BITTERNESS OF HEART - Bruce Vogt, piano, performs Liszt’s Années de Pèlerinage, Deuxième Année: Italie, Two Csárdás, Three Valses oubliées and others. 7:30pm in the Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, MacLaurin Building (UVic). $18/$14. 250-721-8559.

HEXAPHONE - Victoria’s six voice chamber ensemble is seeking an alto and low tenor/high baritone to perform a wide range of challenging repertoire, one voice per part. Contact Paul 250-479-2773 for audition times and repertoire.

SAT. SEPT. 24 VICTORIA CITY LIMITS -Roots music showcase featuring Nate Dunn, Steve Sturgess, Alexia Melnychuk, and James Kasper & The Sound. All ages. 7pm at Knox Presbyterian Church (2964 Richmond). $10. 250592-6323. VOX HUMANA - CD release concert for Summer Rain. 7:30pm at St. Ann's Academy (835 Humbolt). $40. 250-4834010,

SUN. SEPT. 25 ESQUIMALT CENTENNIAL CONCERT SERIES - Featuirng Gwen Thompson and Tristan Rhodes. 3pm at St. Paul's Historic Naval & Garrison Church (1379). $30/free for students. 250-598-1687. TOGETHER IN SONG - Featured performances by The Victoria Children’s Choir, Hexaphone, Anja Rebstock, Nicholas Fairbank, Brenda and Bronwyn Nestegaard. Proceeds support the ongoing ministry and facility renewal at Grace Lutheran Church. 7pm at Grace Lutheran Church (1273 Fort). $15/children free. 250-383-5256.

WED. SEPT. 28 VOX HUMANA - In remembrance of the tragedy that claimed the lives of 852 passengers and crew of the MS Estonia, Vox Humana performs Canticum Calamitatis Maritimae (Song of Maritime Calamity) by Estonian composer Jaakko Mäntyjärvi. 7:30pm at the Maritime Museum of BC (28 Bastion Square). $20. 250-483-4010. DUO CONCERTANTE - Performing Mozart, R Murray Schafer and Brahms. With Pamela Highbaugh Aloni and Yariv Aloni. 8pm in the Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, MacLaurin Building (UVic). Free. KATE REID - CD release concert. 8pm at the Victoria Event Centre (1415 Broad). $15/$12.

ONGOING VICTORIA FOLK MUSIC SOCIETY - Featuring Andrews and Lawrence after open stage. SUNDAY 7pm at Norway House (1110 Hillside). $5.


Email your listing info to or enter it online at

WORDS THURS. SEPT. 22 GRANT LAWRENCE - A slide show presentation and reading featuring his bestselling book, Adventures In Solitude: What Not to Wear to a Nude Potluck and Other Stories from Desolation Sound. 7pm at the Sidney/ North Saanich Branch of the VIRL (10091 Resthaven). Free. 250-656-0944. SHADES OF GRAY - Panel discussion covering a wide spectrum of subjects about mental health that aren’t often publicly discussed. 7pm in room A144, the MacLaurin Building (UVic). Free. lafayettehealth@shaw. ca. CITY TALKS - Theatre in the City: Early Modern London in Reality and on the Stage, with Dr. Jean Howard, George Delacorte Professor in Humanities, Columbia University. 7:30pm at the Legacy Art Gallery (630 Yates). Free. WRITING FACULTY READS Featuring UVic's Joan MacLeod, Tim Lilburn, Maureen Bradley, Lee Henderson, Carla Funk and Steven Price, plus MFA students Frances Backhouse and Judy LeBlanc. Refreshments provided. 7:30pm in room A240, the Human & Social Development Building (UVic). Free. 250-721-6222.

SHINING CITY - An unusual encounter becomes a struggle between the living and dead — a struggle that will shape and define two men for the rest of their lives. Preview THURSDAY 8pm. Performances FRIDAY & SATURDAY 8pm, matinees SATURDAY & SUNDAY 2pm. To Oct. 8 at Little Fernwood Hall (1923 Fernwood). Preview $7. AND SLOWLY BEAUTY - Mr. Mann, like many of us, is quietly passing through life. A random office draw wins him tickets to the theatre, to see Chekhov’s The Three Sisters, where his quiet yearning for happiness seems to take on new meaning. THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY 8pm, matinees SATURDAY 4pm, SUNDAY 2pm & WEDNESDAY 1pm. To Oct. 23 at the Belfry Theatre (1291 Gladstone). $23-$38. 250-385-6815.

PLANET EARTH POETRY Governor General’s Award winning author Pamela Porter launches I’ll be Watching following open mic. 7:30pm at the Moka House(1633 Hillside). $3.



RAISING THE FLOOR - Fundraiser performance for Suddenly Dance Theatre. Includes tasting of Victoria Spirits and Gulf Islands Brewery's Saltspring Island Ales and silent auction. 6-9pm at the Superior (106 Superior). $40. 250-380-9515.

ESI EDUGYAN - Author signs copies of her latest work, Half-Blood Blues. 2-3pm at Munro's Books (1108 Government). Free. 250-382-2464. 100,000 POETS FOR CHANGE Victorians are invited to "poem" for change, committing acts of poetry in exchange for whatever change they have in their pockets. Proceeds support Ukulapha, the Slangspruit School South Africa poetry project. 7pm at the Well (821 Fort). Free. 250-385-3378.

WED. SEPT. 28 THE MELVILLE BOYS - A tenderly funny and unsentimental look at four lives in transition during one life changing weekend. Preview 8pm. To Oct. 15 at Langham Court Theatre (805 Langham). Two for $20. 250-384-2142,




RUSSEL OGDEN - The co-founder of the Farewell Foundation for the Right to Die discusses court challenges, both federal and provincial, to a 118-year-old law prohibiting assisted suicide in Canada. 10:30am at the Cedar Hill Rec Centre (3220 Cedar Hill). Free. 250-472-1490.

VICTORIA ANARCHIST READING CIRCLE - Discuss the latest in anarchist reading. TUESDAYS 7pm at Camas Books (2590 Quadra). Free. 250-381-0585. TRIVIA PUB QUIZ - General knowledge, guess the song, who said it, (or our variation) who tweeted it! Free. TUESDAYS 8pm at Felicita's (UVic). 250-721-8626.

MON. SEPT. 26 MARINE NIGHT: FISH WATCHING IN THE CARIBBEAN - Using photos taken by his student Katrine Turgeon, Dr. Don Kramer, retired Professor of Biology, McGill University, will share the discoveries revealed by this intimate view of a colourful, diverse, and fascinating group of animals. 7:30pm in room 159, the Fraser Building (UVic). Free. naturevictoria. ca. BEST OF POETRY IN THE RAW - Come join 10 local spoken word artists as they perform in the nude. This is the last show ever of Poetry in the Raw — don't miss this M-Awardwinning show. Must be 18+. 8pm at the Victoria Event Centre, (1415 Broad). $15/$18 @ door

TUES. SEPT. 27 PALESTINE & ISRAEL: FEAR OF THE FUTURE - Veteran Israeli journalist and author Amira Hass discusses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Palestinians’ experiences under occupation. 7:30pm in room B150, the Bob Wright Centre (UVic). $15/$10 students. 438-380-5410, info@

GALLERIES THURS. SEPT. 22 ART GALLERY OF GREATER VICTORIA - Collected Resonance, exhibition of work by Shelly Bahl, Sarindar Dhaliwal and Farheen Haq. Opening reception 7:30pm. To Jan. 8 at 1040 Moss.

SAT. SEPT. 24 COLLECTIVE WORKS GALLERY Unforeseen Circumstance, exhibition of work by Katy Guthrie, Alice Young and Cheryl McBride reflecting on how lives can change under unforeseen circumstances. Opening reception 2-5pm. To Oct. 1 at 1311 Gladstone.

WED. SEPT. 28 SOOKE HARBOUR HOUSE Beneath the Bark, exhibition of work by James Atkins, Merlayna Snyder and Jack Stevenson. Artists reception Oct. 2, 1-4pm. To Nov. 28. at 1528 Whiffen Spit.



BIRDER'S NIGHT: ED AND TED’S TEXELLENT ADVENTURE - Join Ed Pellizzon and Ted Ardley as they share their pictures, videos, and stories of the birds of the Corpus Christie area of Texas, where Ed and Ted travelled for spring migration in April 2010. Bring a coffee mug for refreshments. Free. 7:30pm in room 159, the Fraser Building (UVic). MICHAEL NICOLL YAHGULAANAS - Haida Manga inventor Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas discusses how he transformed Haida narratives into contemporary, accessible and socially relevant art. 8pm in room A162, the Visual Arts Building (UVic). Free. 250-721-6222.

COLLECTIVE WORKS GALLERY - 3, artwork by Charlotte Bell, Donald Ius and Pete Rockwell. To THURSDAY at 1311 Gladstone. THE FIFTY FIFTY ARTS COLLECTIVE - Vic Sightings, photo and video artists Jay Zemanek, Matt Gravel, Matt Macleod and Luke Connor explore skateboard culture.To SATURDAY at 2516 Douglas. COMMUNITY ARTS COUNCIL OF GREATER VICTORIA - The Place Where We Live, exhibition of work by the Ground Zero Printmakers group. To SUNDAY at 3220 Cedar Hill. SOOKE HARBOUR HOUSE Abstract Continuum, exhibition of artwork by Chin Yuen. To TUESDAY at 1528 Whiffen Spit.

GOWARD HOUSE - Exhibition of artwork by Lee Lowther Kergin. To WEDNESDAY at 2495 Arbutus. MALTWOOD PRINTS AND DRAWINGS GALLERY - Lords and the Land, exhibition documents the relationship between stone and tenurial authority in tenthand eleventh-century Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. To WEDNESDAY at the McPherson Library (UVic). POLYCHROME FINE ARTS Chance Of Shadows, exhibition of sculpture and drawings by David Gifford. To Sept. 29 at 1113 Fort. GALLERY AT MATTICK’S FARM Mixed media on canvas by Carmen Mongeau. To Sept. 30 at 109-5325 Cordova Bay. AUDAIN GALLERY - Exhibition of work by acclaimed Canadian aboriginal artist Rebecca Belmore, the inaugural Audain Professor of Contemporary Art Practice of the Pacific Northwest in UVic's Visual Arts department. To Sept. 30 in the Fine Arts Buildling (UVic). VIEW ART GALLERY - Annual Summer Salon, a rotating exhibition of the works of 25 gallery artists and guests, featuring the ceramic art of Laurie Rolland. To Sept. 30 at 104-860 View. MORRIS GALLERY - Exhibition of work by Zeljko Kujundzic. To Sept. 30 at 428 Burnside East. LEGACY GALLERY Convergence/Divergence: Landscape and Self on the West Coast, exhibition of works by E. J. Hughes, Glenn E. Howarth, Charles Elliott and Francis Dick, among others, to Oct. 1. Exhibition of prints and carvings by Henry Hunt, to Nov. 20. In Her Own Words: Emily Carr, Myfanwy Pavelic, Katharine Maltwood, exhibition exploring the implicit integrity of vision in an artist's own words about her art, its context and its technique, to Nov. 26. All at 630 Yates. OPEN SPACE - Wood For Rolling, exhibition of work by Steve deBruyn. To Oct. 1 at 510 Fort.

Up-Coming Author Events Coming up at Bolen Books Louise Penny Saturday, September 24, 7 pm Prize-winning Canadian mystery writer Louise Penny talks about her new book featuring Chief Inspector Gamache, the head of homicide at the Sûreté du Québec, A Trick of the Light, set against the backdrop of the Montreal art world. William Deverell Monday September 26, 7 pm One of our favourite writers William Deverell returns to Bolen Books to talk about I’ll See You in My Dreams, his fifth novel featuring Arthur Beauchamp, the former trial lawyer who has retired to one of the Gulf Islands. Robert J. Wiersema Monday October 3, 7 pm Bolen Books’ own Robert J Wiersema, author of the national bestsellers Before I Wake and Bedtime Story will talk about Walk Like A Man, his first piece of book-length non-fiction, a unique blend of biography, music criticism and personal memoir.

Lynn Coady & Douglas Gibson Wednesday October 19, 7 pm Two of Canada’s best! Lynn Coady will talk about her new Giller longlisted new novel The Antagonist, an account of a life stolen for art, and the attempt to regain it. Douglas Gibson will talk about Stories about Storytellers, an account of his career as one of Canada’s foremost editors, including chapters on Jack Hodgins, Alice Munro, and Alistair MacLeod, among others! Ami Mckay & Roberta Rich Monday November 7, 7 pm A powerhouse evening. Ami McKay, author of The Birth House, will talk about her long-awaited new novel The Virgin Cure, one of the best reads of the fall season, and Roberta Rich will talk about her debut novel The Midwife of Venice.

The above events are free, at Bolen Books in Hillside Centre. Please call 250-595-4232

Bolen Books in Hillside Centre

Tickets are available now at Bolen Books. [14]


250-595- 4232 Like Bolen Books on Facebook, and check us out online:




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Cave of Forgotten Dreams

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hat was sure sleep inducing,” cave walls have been cleverly used by the artsneered one Odeon patron at ists to add unexpected dimension and character the end of the latest film from to the drawings. The result is immersive and Germany’s renowned Werner visually poetical, while Herzog’s narration adds Herzog. Hers was decidedly background and context. He also speculates in a minority opinion, as Herzog’s documentary his inimitably quirky way about the beginnings about a recently discovered French cave of art, the implications of Paleolithic filled with hundreds of marvelous spirituality, and what we may Paleolithic drawings dating or may not have in common back 30,000 years has been with the vanished artearning universal critical ists who drew these acclaim. paintings. PERFECTLY POTABLE With Chauvet Cave The film is peoas its evocative setpled with fasciting, the lyrical Cave nating characAfter the dreamy delights of Paleolithic of Forgotten Dreams ters such as an cave art, a wee toot of absinthe seems is a passport into a “experimental called for. This once-notorious French miraculous realm archeologist” liqueur with its high alcohol content and that virtually from Germany exotic herbal flavours was “rehabilitated” nobody will ever who dresses in in the 1990s. Most of the 200 brands are have access to — animal skins, from Europe, but yummy Taboo is distilled not only is Herzog and a seemingright here in the Okanagan. the first and probly more convenably only filmmaker tional archaeoloto be allowed inside, gist who we learn the entrance itself is had a previous life now blocked with a thick as a juggler in a circus. steel door akin to that of a Some albino crocodiles bank vault. The treasures thus make an appearance near the protected are the oldest cave paintings end — hey, this is a Herzog film known to man, contained in a huge crystalline after all — but the overall impression is one of cathedral that has been marvelously preserved gentle awe at such mysteriously beautiful artbecause the original entrance was sealed by a work displayed in one of nature’s most stunning huge rockfall 20,000 years ago. galleries. M Other than for one portrait of a human female, the drawings comprise a monochrome menag- CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS ++++ erie: horses, bison, lions, and rhinos roam the Directed by Werner Herzog walls, both singly and in surprisingly sophis- Starring Werner Herzog, Carole Fritz ticated group portraits. Dreams was shot in NR - 95 minutes 3D, and it seems like an odd choice until you Continues at the Odeon see how the sharply contoured and undulating


FILM & CINEMA CALENDAR OPENING KILLER ELITE -(Odeon/SilverCity/ Westshore) A retired member of Britain's elite Special Air Service reaches for his guns when his mentor is taken captive and needs rescuing. Jeez, and all he has to do is stop three lethal assassins. This high-voltage actioner stars Robert De Niro, Clive Owen, and Jason Statham. Starts Fri. MONEYBALL -(Capitol/SilverCity/ Westshore/Uni 4) There is a lot of interest in this truth-based baseball tale starring Brad Pitt as Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane, an underdog who bucked the standard way of doing things and used computer analysis in search of a winning team. Starts Fri. ABDUCTION -(Capitol/SilverCity/ Westshore) Twilight stud Taylor Lautner stars in an amped-up thriller about a guy whose life spirals way out of control after he discovers his baby photo on a missing-persons website and makes the mistake of starting to investigate. Starts Fri. DOLPHIN TALE -(Capitol/SilverCity/ Westshore/Uni 4) This true-life story focuses on the friendship between a boy and a dolphin who was given a prosthetic tail. Starring Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. Starts Fri.

CONTINUING ++++CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS -(Odeon) The critics are purring about the new film from quirky cine-genius Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man). Using the "immersive" side of 3-D, Herzog has made a unique documentary about a newlydiscovered cave in France with walls covered with 30,000-year-old caveman art. This is an awe-inspiring delight. See review.

CONAN THE BARBARIAN -(Caprice) And the 1980s remakes continue, shifting from vampirism to sword and sorcery as a musclebound Conan goes on a medieval mission of revenge as he mows down innumerable baddies -- and maybe an evil wizard or two. With Ron Perlman and Rose McGowan. +++ CONTAGION -(Capitol/ SilverCity/Westshore) Matt Damon and Kate Winslet star in an edgy bio-thriller about a bird flu pandemic that is trashing the planet (and killing off some fine actors along the way). Despite being directed by Steven Soderbergh, this is surprisingly flat, diffuse and uninvolving. +++CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE -(Odeon) A nice but slightly sappy guy (Steve Carell) gets dumped by his wife (Julianne Moore) and looks to a young stud (Ryan Gosling) to get some tips on how to deal with women. Thanks to a great cast and a clever script this is a fine and very funny romantic comedy. Note: no shows from Monday through Thursday. +++½ THE DEBT -(Uni 4/Caprice) Helen Mirren heads up a great cast in a gripping and thoughtful espionage thriller about a trio of retired Mossad agents and the grubby truth about the deadly mission they have been celebrated for for decades. With Tom Wilkinson and Jessica Chastain (Tree of Life). +++½ DRIVE -(Odeon/SilverCity/ Uni 4) Mother always warned me about style over substance, but when it comes to this gory, ultra-noir thriller about a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a wheelman for serious criminals it's hard not to succumb to its considerable charms. Starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan (An Education).


- Peter Howell, TORONTO STAR



3D EXCLUSIVECheck ENGAGEMENT NOW PLAYING theatre directory for showtimes


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++½THE HELP -(Odeon) This film exposes the genteel racism prevalent amongst upper-class white women in Mississippi of the 1960s. It's an interesting but uneven effort where a few great performances are stuck in the middle of what is essentially a misguided attempt to turn the civil rights movement into an uplifting feelgood comedy-drama. I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT -(Capitol/SilverCity) Sarah Jessica Parker stars as a do-it-all wife/ mother/professional woman who eventually hits a breaking point with her crazy life and its too-many demands. With Pierce Brosnan and Kelsey Grammer. This one has been getting hammered by even the pushover critics. LION KING -(Capitol/SilverCity) The classic Disney animation from 1994 has been tweaked for its re-release in 3-D. +++ONE DAY -(Caprice) Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess (Across The Universe) star in a well-made but slightly gimmicky romantic drama by Danish director Lone Scherfig (An Education, Italian For Beginners). ++½ OUR IDIOT BROTHER -(Caprice) Paul Rudd stars in a slightly sour comedy about a naive man whose excessive idealism brings chaos into the flawed lives of his his three sisters. +++RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES -(SilverCity/Westshore) James Franco stars in a thoughtful reboot of this classic sci-fi series about war between mankind and intelligent apes. In this origins story set in the present day, a medical experiment gets out of hand . . . and some very pissed-off apes get out of the lab. THE SMURFS -(Caprice) A nasty wizard chases those cute blue blobs out of their magical medieval world and all the way to Manhattan.


+++STRAW DOGS -(Odeon/ SilverCity) This remake of a brutal actioner by Sam Peckinpah features a wimpy guy who returns to his sexy wife's southern hometown. Trouble brews with a group of local guys, and Mr. Feeble has to grow a pair and defend hearth, home and hottie from an invasion force of armed thugs. Starring James Marsden and Kate Bosworth. +++½ THE WHISTLEBLOWER -(Odeon) Rachel Weisz is superb in a harrowing true-life drama about an American police officer who travels to post-war Bosnia as a peacekeeper only to discover that the U.N. is covering up a huge sex scandal involving its own people. With Vanessa Redgrave and Monica Bellucci.

LEAVING THURS. BUCKY LARSON: BORN TO BE A STAR -(SilverCity) ++COWBOYS & ALIENS -(SilverCity) ++½ THE CHANGE–UP -(Capitol) +½ COLOMBIANA -(Caprice) ++½ HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 2 -(SilverCity/Caprice) +++WARRIOR -(Odeon/ SilverCity/Westshore)

SCREENINGS MOVIE MONDAY - Screening The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom. This offbeat Canadian charmer is set in the '70s and features an 11-year-old girl who dislikes her prairie life enough that she sets out to connect with her "real" mom -- Dolly Parton. 6:30pm MONDAY in the 1900-block Fort. By donation. 595-FLIC.






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EVENTS CALENDAR  EVENTS THURS. SEPT. 22 MONTEREY REC CENTRE OPEN HOUSE - Adults 50 and over are invited to attend and discover the benefits of becoming a Monterey member. Live entertainment, refreshments and $5 BBQ lunch. Noon-3pm at the Monterey Rec Centre (1442 Monterey). Free. 250370-7300. CLASSICAL ASSOCIATION OF VANCOUVER ISLAND - Meeting and presentation by Dr. Ulrike Krotscheck. 7:30pm in room 104, the Engineering Computer Science Building (UVic). $10. 250-721-8514.

SAT. SEPT. 24 STEAM EXPO - Discover the collision of history, technology, imagination and attitude that make up the world of steampunk. SATURDAY & SUNDAY at Craigdarroch Castle (1050 Joan). Weekend pass $40. LEGO MINDSTORM ROBOTICS Build and program a robot to follow your every command. For ages 10-13. Registration required. 10am-noon at the GVPL, Esquimalt Branch (1231 Esquimalt). 2:30-4:30pm at the GVPL, Saanich Centennial Branch (3110 Tillicum). Free. BC PARKS 100TH ANNIVERSARY - Celebrate the Tod Inlet area with a day jam-packed with communityoriented activities, music, games and talks. 10am-4pm at Gowlland Tod Provincial Park. 250-652-1662.

BASSET HOUND PICNIC - Honor the splendor that is the basset hound at this annual picnic. Includes blessing of pets by the Friars of St. Francis of Assisi. 10:30am at Dominion Brook Park (8732-8864 East Saanich). Free. 250-382-1754. CLIMATE RALLY FOR A REAL DEAL AND A POST-CARBON FUTURE - Rally with UVic climate scientist Dr. Andrew Weaver, BC Sustainable Energy Association president Guy Dauncey, Sierra Club campaigner Caitlyn Vernon, and Ken Wu of the Majority for A Sustainable Society and call on the Harper government to not sabotage climate progress at the United Nations Climate Summit in December. 12:15-1pm in Centennial Square. KICK CANCER'S ASS - Help raise funds for cancer research at this afternoon soiree. Includes buffet, bands, silent auction, 50/50 draw and more. 2pm at City Centre Travellers Inn (1961 Douglas). $25. 250-688-4717. STARRY NIGHT NAVIGATION - Learn the methods and science behind navigation using the stars, moon and planets. Then test your skills out on the water aboard one of Five Star’s Whale Watching's signature vessels. 6:30-9:30pm at the Maritime Museum of BC (28 Bastion Square). $85/$65 for youths (6-18 years). 250-385-4222.

MON. SEPT. 26 NIGHT SKY VIEWING - Discover the night sky with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Including activities, equipment demonstrations and more. 6:30-10pm at the Fairfield Gonzales Community Association (1330 Fairfield). Free. 250-380-6358.

WED. SEPT. 28 MONTEREY REC CENTRE DINNER DANCE GALA - Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Monterey Rec Centre. Featuring the Swiftsure band and a roast beef dinner with all the fixings. 5:30pm at the Monterey Rec Centre (1442 Monterey). $23/$20 Monterey members. 250-370-7300.

ONGOING FAMILY DRUMMING WORKSHOP - Experience the joy of rhythm with your loved ones. $50/$35 children. SUNDAYS 10:30-11:30am at Rainflower Blessings (238 Beechwood). 250-385-3743. SPEED DATING - Who needs the internet? All ages. Registration required. SUNDAYS 2-6pm at Valentino’s (1002 Blanshard). Free. 250-386-3223. BOARD GAMES NIGHT - Scrabble and more! SUNDAY 5:30pm at the Superior (106 Superior). Free. 250-3809515. 250-380-9515. SCRABBLE NIGHT - Bring a board game and a friend, or play on the in-house boards and find an opponent there. TUESDAYS 6:30-9pm at James Bay Coffee & Books. Free. 250-386-4700.

MARKETS SAT. SEPT. 24 LUXTON ANTIQUE FARM EQUIPMENT SWAP MEET - Farm equipment enthusiasts gather to swap and sell their wares. 8am-2pm Luxton Fairgrounds (1040 Marwood). Free. 250-479-2793,

ONGOING BASTION SQUARE MARKET Artisans open air marketplace. THURSDAY-SATURDAY 11am. To Oct. 1 at Bastion Square. Free. 250885-1387. JAMES BAY MARKET - An outdoor market where local farmers, artisans, musicians, and service providers can meet and sell to the public. SATURDAYS 9am-3pm. To Oct. 29 at the corner of Menzies and Superior. Free. PENINSULA MARKET - More than 50 vendors offer farm fresh products, jams and jellies, honey, homemade bread, cut flowers, assorted meats, organic produce and arts and crafts. SATURDAYS 9am-1pm. To Oct. 8 at the Saanich Fairgrounds (1528 Stellys Cross). Free. NORTH SAANICH MARKET Seasonal produce, locally raised meat, eggs, baking, plants, crafts. Come meet your neighbours. SATURDAYS 9:30am-12:30pm. To Oct. 29 at St. John's United Church (10990 West Saanich). Free. 250-656-1330. GOLDSTREAM STATION MARKET - Stock up on local produce and crafts. SATURDAYS 10am-2pm. To Oct. 15 at the corner of Bryn Maur and Goldstream. Free. MOSS STREET MARKET - Offering local farmers, artisans, crafters, bakers, cooks, bodyworkers and more a place to exchange their goods and services. SATURDAYS 10am-2pm. To Oct. 1 at the corner of Moss and Fairfield. Free. METCHOSIN FARMERS' MARKETSUNDAYS 11am-2pm. To Oct. 31 at the Metchosin Municipal Grounds (4450 Happy Valley). Free. SUNDAY MARKET IN THE SQUARE - An exciting array of arts, crafts, locally designed clothing, imports and food. SUNDAY 11am4:30pm in Centennial Square. Last chance. Free. 250-598-2593.

DANCE SAT. SEPT. 24 CONTRA DANCE - Beginners welcome, no partner required. Please wear soft-soled shoes and comfortable clothing. Lesson 7pm, dance 7:30pm at St. Matthias Church (600 Richmond). $8. 250-384-7823,




SALSA CALIENTE - Beginner and advanced salsa, THURSDAYS 8-10pm. Intermediate mambo, MONDAYS 6:30-7:30pm. Fundamentals of mambo TUESDAYS 6-7pm. Latin workout WEDNESDAYS 6:30-7:30pm. All at Café Casablanca (2524 Bridge). $10. 250-389-0222. SAANICH INTERNATIONAL FOLKDANCERS - Learn dances from around the world. No partner or experience needed. Please wear softsoled shoes. FRIDAYS 7pm at Fairfield United Church (1303 Fairfield). Drop-in $5/$4 students/under 12 free. 250-3840592, ARGENTINE TANGO - Beginners drop-in classes, with David and Vanessa. FRIDAYS 8pm at Café Casablanca (2524 Bridge). VBDS BALLROOM DANCE WORKSHOPS - Pre-Bronze/Bronze Waltz 1-2pm, $5/$8/$10 per person, per workshop. Intro to Social Foxtrot and Rumba 2-3pm, $5 per person, per workshop. Singles & couples welcome. SATURDAYS 1-3pm at the Les Passmore Centre (286 Hampton). 250-721-5483, TANGO VITA - Beginner classes with Hilda-René SATURDAYS 7pm, intermediate 8pm, Milonga 9pm at 306-1221 Broad, 250-477-6360. Beginner and intermediate classes with Jorge-Liliana WEDNESDAYS 8pm, Milonga 9pm at St. Matthias Hall (600 Richmond), 250-858-1234. SWING - Dance to Nightclub music. SATURDAYS 9pm at the Carlton Club (900 Carlton). $5. jayholman@ WEST COAST SWING CLASSES Dance to Blues, Country, R&B and Top 40. No partner or experience required. SUNDAYS 6-7pm at Studio 7 (1221 Broad). $13 drop-in. 250382-4500. CONTEMPORARY DANCE MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 6-7:30pm at the The Victoria School of Contemporary Dance (649 Gorge East). $15/$8. 250-383-7183. CUBAN SALSA - Classes with Salsa Moderna. Beginner and intermediate MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 7:309:30pm at Café Casablanca (2523 Bridge). 250-891-2310, VAN ISLE SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCERS - Dress casually; wear flat soft-soled shoes. No partner required. TUESDAYS 7:30pm. To Sept. 27 at The Eastern Star Lodge (3281 Harriet). Free. 250-598-0207, SALSA - TUESDAYS Beginner's lesson 7pm & intermediate lesson 8:15pm at Studio 4 Athletics (715 Yates). $15. VIC BALLROOM DANCE SOCIETY Practice. FRIDAYS 7-9:30pm at Les Passmore Centre (286 Hampton). WEDNESDAYS 7:45-10pm at Cedar Hill Rec Centre (3220 Cedar Hill). Free for first-timers. 250-721-5483,

ONGOING WALKSMART - Morning walks for ladies. Coffee and chat to follow. THURSDAYS & FRIDAYS, MONDAYSWEDNESDAYS 8:45am at the Royal Oak McDonalds (4410 West Saanich). 250-479-4087, walksmartvictoria@ VOLKSSPORT WALKS - Walk, THURSDAY 9am at the Esquimalt Rec Centre (527 Fraser). 6/11km walk, SATURDAY 10am at the Cedar Hill Rec Centre (3220 Cedar Hill), 250-385-8519. 6/11km walk, SUNDAY 10am at the Gordon Head Rec Centre (4600 Lambrick), 250-370-2445. Walk, MONDAY 9am at the Oak Bay Rec Centre (1975 Bee). AXE CAPOEIRA - Learn the Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, sports, and music. Kids classes THURSDAYS & TUESDAYS 3:45-4:45pm. Adults classes SUNDAYS 11:45am-1:45pm. All at Burnside Gym (3130 Jutland). $65 per month for children/$50 per month for adults. 250-884-7998. YOGA IN THE PARK - Beginner to intermediate hatha yoga. All proceeds go to charity. THURSDAYS 5:30-7pm. To Sept. 8 at Beacon Hill Park (on the lawn across from the Petting Zoo). $5. 250-588-6118. LAUGHTER YOGA PLUS - Combines the breathing of yoga and the healing powers of laughter. THURSDAYS 7:30pm at James Bay Community School Centre (140 Oswego). $8. 250-389-1470. COMMUNITY FLOW YOGA - With Hsin. Proceeds support the SPCA. 6-7:15pm at the Yoga Shala (1322 Broad). $5. 602-743-1937, hsinpai@ VICTORIA HORSESHOE CLUB Adult drop-in mixed doubles. FRIDAYS 6:45pm. Junior program (8-17 years), WEDNESDAYS 6:30-8pm. All at Glanford Park. 250-385-6162. GHOSTLY WALKS - We’re living in BC’s most haunted city. Find out why and where on this 90 minute walk. No registration required. Every night 7:30pm & 9:30pm, with an extra tour FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS 8:30pm outside the Visitor Information Centre (Government at Wharf). $13/$11 students. 250-384-6698. MOKSHA YOGA - Find out what hot yoga is all about. SATURDAYS 1:30-3pm, MONDAYS 7-8am & WEDNESDAYS 3:15-4:15pm at Moksha Yoga (1088 Fort). $7. 250385-9642. STROLLER WALKS - Walk around Cedar Hill Golf Course with Amber Bosma. Part of Mommy Boost Month. Registration required. WEDNESDAY 9am at the Cedar Hill Golf Course parking lot on Finlayson (Cedar Hill Road junction). 250.383.2626,


BALLROOM DANCING CLASS Learn Cha Cha, Rumba, Two Step and more. MONDAYS 8pm at the Royal Oak Women's Institute Hall (4516 West Saanich). Two payments of $65., 250-474-6451.

Sherry Black’s

since 1967

“BroadStreet Dance” Adult Classes - All Levels

THURS. SEPT. 22 BIBLETHON - Celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James version of the Bible. Sign up to be part of the marathon reading of the King James Bible. To SATURDAY 7am-10pm daily at the Christ Church Cathedral (930 Burdett). Free. 250-383-2714.

ONGOING LEARN TO MEDITATE - Learn mantra meditation. THURSDAYS 4:305:15pm in the Interfaith Chapel (UVic). Free. 250-721-8338 DHARMA TEACHINGS - With Resident Lama Jhampa Tenzin. THURSDAYS 7-9pm at the Victoria Dharma Centre (3371 Maplewood). By donation. 250-385-4828. MEDITATION - Emotional freedom technique and insight meditation. THURSDAYS 7-9pm at Unity Church of Victoria (838 Pandora). By donation. 250-382-1613. SAHAJ MARG MEDITATION INTRODUCTORY TALKS - A heart-centred meditation practiced worldwide for real change from the inside out. Call for more information. SATURDAYS 11am-1pm. Free. 778430-1104. BUDDHIST COMMUNITY SITS Silent meditation followed by taped Dharma talks and discussion. SUNDAYS 7-9pm at Lynn Wylie Yoga Studio (202-1600 Bay). By donation. 250-380-6383. COWABUNGA MEDITATION Join Brad Morris, co-founder of GratiDudes, for a surfer’s approach to meditation. MONDAYS 6:30pm at 1088 Fort. $10. A COURSE IN MIRACLES - Unite the light in you. In-depth study group. MONDAYS 7:30-9:30pm. Call for details. 250-386-5919. DROP-In Meditation - Each class includes guided meditation, practical instruction and discussion. MONDAYS 7-8:30pm and WEDNESDAYS 10-11:30 am at Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre (2020A Douglas). WEDNESDAYS 7-8:30pm at Fairfield United Church (1303 Fairfield). THURSDAYS 7-8:30pm James Bay United Church (511 Michigan). 250-592-7164, ZEN MEDITATION - Learn Zen mediation. TUESDAYS 7-8pm in the Interfaith Chapel (UVic). Free. 250-721-8338. WAY OF MASTERY - Taking you from sleep to wakefulness, from illusion to reality. Reminding you of who you are. WEDNESDAYS 7-9:30pm at 415-200 Dallas. By donation. 250920-0948.

COMMUNITY CALL FOR ARTISANS Applications are being accepted for Gifts for Myself & Others 2011. Work to be offered for sale must be threedimensional and of original design made by the applicant. Commercial components must be very secondary to overall design. Work made using commercial molds, kits, hobby crafts, soaps, lotions or food items will not be considered. Deadline for applications Sept. 25, 2011. Visit for more information. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED- The Antimatter Film Festival needs energetic and dependable volunteers to assist with screenings, performances, gallery installations and poster/program distribution. Most shifts are Oct. 14-22. Poster/ program distribution starts late Sept. If you'd like to volunteer and receive free tickets to screenings/events, call 250 385 3327 or email volunteer@

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Monday • ZUMBA - 6:15pm Street Jazz - Intermediate/Advanced; Performance Class Wednesday • Contemporary Jazz & Technique - Int/Adv - 6 pm Tap-Advanced - Repertoire; Tap ISTD Advanced II; Tap ISTD Associates Thursday • All Adult Tap Classes: Beginners; Tap II / III; Tap IV; Tap V Begbie St. at Belmont ( in St. Barnabas' Hall ) [16]







All the Arts & Entertainment that you don't want to miss this season





No wonder fall is everyone’s favourite season.

Falling for 100’s of new arrivals.



Theatre Inconnu Sept. 20 - Oct. 8 SHINING CITY BY CONOR MCPHERSON The Little Fernwood Hall (1923 Fernwood) Ian is a therapist, and John is his client. The setting is Dublin. During the course of a number of visits we become immersed in the private worlds of these two men. Both share their stories, while gradually establishing a connection that allows the elusive common human experience to momentarily shine forth with intense clarity. This play offers a deep understanding of the irony, suspense and tragedy of the individual experience. The Belfry Sept. 20 - Oct. 23 English Language Premiere of AND SLOWLY BEAUTY… BY MICHEL NADEAU A love letter to life. Mr. Mann, like many of us, is quietly passing through life. A random office draw wins him tickets to the theatre, to see Chekhov’s The Three Sisters and in those few precious hours his life begins to make sense. His quiet yearning for happiness seems to take on meaning. And Slowly Beauty… is a fresh, gentle revelation of the beauty of life and the transformative power of art. Langham Court Theatre Sept. 28 - Oct.15 THE MELVILLE BOYS BY NORM FOSTER A tenderly funny and unsentimental look at four lives in transition, The Melville Boys captures the essence of the human experience. This blend of comedic gems and genuine humanity will touch our heart and tickle your funny bone. Another hit from Canada’s favourite writer of comedy. Pacific Opera Victoria presents THE FLYING DUTCHMAN BY RICHARD WAGNER (In German with English surtitles) Oct. 6 - 14 with matinée Oct. 16 The Royal Theatre (805 Broughton) A spectral ship with black masts and blood red sails, a phantom crew, a cursed seafarer on an endless voyage – here is the most haunting of all legends of the sea. In punishment for blasphemy, a captain is doomed to wander the oceans till the end of time unless he finds a woman who will love him until death. With music as tempestuous and elemental as the

sea, The Flying Dutchman is the work that marked Wagner as a monumental force in opera. The University of Victoria Phoenix Theatre October 13 - 22 LOVE KILLS BY KYLE JARROW Unlike the sing-along musicals of the 50s, Love Kills (October 13-22, 2011) is an intriguing psychological thriller built into a contemporary rock musical. Based on the saga surrounding a real life shooting spree in 1958, Love Kills examines the arrest and emotional aftermath of two teenage lovers, a small town sheriff and his wife. The show is produced locally by Theatre Inconnu, directed by Clayton Jevne (UVic alumni BFA '85, MFA '87 and PhD '03) and presented this fall as the Phoenix’s Spotlight on Alumni program which invites graduates of the department to return to present their current work. 2011 CHARLES ROSS-A-THON: ONE-MAN LORD OF THE RINGS & ONE-MAN STAR WARS TRILOGY Oct. 14 and 15 Metro Studio, 1411 Quadra, Victoria Dust off your lightsabers. Victoria performer Charles Ross is back by popular demand to perform a two night run of his worldwide smash hit shows One Man Lord of the Rings and One Man Star Wars Trilogy. After starring in the hugely popular run of the sci-fi adventure hit Tara Firm and the Lunar War Chronicles, which took ‘Pick of the Fringe’ honors for best comedy at the 2011 Victoria Fringe, Ross is back in Victoria with a limited engagement of his two one-man shows which have achieved cult fame with geeks around the world. Intrepid Theatre THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER Oct. 20 - 31 Craigdarroch Castle A site specific adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's classic tale of horror. The magnificent grounds and interior of Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria's premier heritage site, provide the backdrop for this tale of a family gone horribly wrong. Join our intrepid narrator as he reunites with his old school chum Roderick Usher. Meet the sad and lost Madelaine whose body and mind guard a terrible family secret. Be repulsed by the ancient family doctor who protects and serves the name of Usher. This is the show that launched 10 years of spooky fun at Craigdarroch Castle and sold out three years running.

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5325 Cordova Bay Road Next to the Cordova Bay Golf Course Free Parking - Open Every Day

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STAGE Continued from Page 18 William Head on Stage 50th production Oct.14 - Nov. 12 GORMENGHAST Directed by Ian Case

This multidisciplinary cabaret brings together diverse Victoria artists to delve into the influence of iconic visual artist Emily Carr. Featuring a series of short pieces by local experimental theatre, dance, music and interdisciplinary artists exploring the identity of Victoria and how the place, its citizens, and its contemporary artists are coloured and shaped by the long show of Carr. This project is funded by the British Columbia Arts Council and is part of a Victoria-wide collaborative celebration of this unique artist’s life and work by The Victoria Symphony, Maltwood/ Carr House, the Vancouver Island School of Art and Intrepid Theatre.

Continuing Education

Fall 2011

Sometimes a little can mean a whole lot.

Gormenghast tells the story of a kingdom determined to remain untouched by change and time. Gormenghast itself is a gargantuan castle, but time has worn down the walls and its inhabitants. Inevitable change comes in the form of two young men: Titus Groan, the 77th Earl of Groan who dreads the life of ritual; and Steerpike, a nasty and ambitious man who begins a murderous campaign to topple the Groan family and all they hold dear. Gormenghast features a cast of 9 inmate actors and 3 local actresses. Ingrid Hansen (Little Orange Man), Kate Rubin (The Fall of the House of Usher) and Michelle Chowns (The Cursed Cabaret of Kelowna Day Taylor) bring the women of Gormenghast to life. Intrepid Theatre USING EMILY Thurs Oct. 22 Intrepid Theatre Club (2-1609 Blanshard) Pay-What-You-Can at door


“Go” is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.

the possibilities

With more than 200 part-time, full-time and evening courses, including these new classes:

Get where you want to go—start now. Got a love of learning? Then go get our NEW Fall 2011 course calendar. We have courses in the Arts, History,

Alternative Energy ƒ Solar Saturday - an alternate energy exposition

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ƒ A day of speakers and demonstrations.

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Humanities, Languages and Travel, and in many more

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Business and Leadership Skills ƒ Applied Project Management certificate program (online) – Jan. start ƒ A Woman’s Guide to Buying Real Estate ƒ Conflict Resolution – Take one class or the series ƒ Entrepreneurship – Increase your Chances for Success! ƒ Financial Literacy for Leaders

2011-2012 Season Subscriptions on Sale Now Subscribe now and save 20%

ƒ Activity Assistant – start Jan. ƒ You Are Not What You Eat – You Are What You Eat, Digest and Eliminate!

Performance Arts ƒ Acting for Beginners ƒ Lights, camera, YouTube! ƒ The Business of Being a Performer

Photography ƒ Analog Revival – Introduction to B&W Photography ƒ Landscape and Wildlife Photography ƒ Lights, camera, YouTube!

Prenatal & Parenting ƒ Baby Massage

ƒ Personal Retirement Success Profile


Computer Training

ƒ Sharpening Woodworking Hand Tools

ƒ Social Media series ƒ Excel 2010

Ballet Rocks from Bach to Pink Floyd Cinderella and the Fairy Tale Ball Vivaldi’s 4 Season A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Healthcare & Wellness

ƒ Wood Finishes: Gelled Wood Stains ƒ Workworking Level 1 and 2 (Women’s classes)

ƒ WordPress

Graphic and Visual Arts ƒ Green Screen Lab

Writing ƒ Writing for Change with Jody Paterson

ƒ Start Your Autobio – Graphic Novel! Theatre Inconnu Oct. 26, 27, 29, 30 MOSCOW STATION BY STEPHEN MULRINE FROM VENEDICT YEROFEEV Venya loves drinking and sex. En route, by train, to see his girlfriend, his indulgences become a scathingcomedic indictment of a system that was designed to subjugate the spirit, intellect, and passion of half a continent. Venya’s existentialist hallucinations and hedonistic excesses erupt in the hilarious expression of all three. Moscow Stations celebrates the entire life experience. This is one train you’ll want to catch. A remount of last year’s critically acclaimed one-man show, starring Clayton Jevne. This show has been invited to perform at the prestigious United Solo Festival in New York in November, and this run will help raise funds to get it there.

ƒ Visual Storytelling for Comics and More!

Paul Destrooper/Artistic Director | | 250.380.6063

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Part of your brain “lights up” when you experience beauty.

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Urban Arts Oct. 27-29, Nov. 3-5, Midnight performance Oct. 29 NEVERMORE MMBC Courthouse

It’s OK to leave the lights on.

Prepare to embark on a dark, mysterious journey into the life of American poet Edgar Allan Poe. Urban Arts Productions and the Maritime Museum of British Columbia reunite to bring back their critically acclaimed inaugural production of Nevermore which saw sold out audiences in 2010. This imaginative musical uses Poe’s poetry and short stories as a base for the plot, and his shifting obsessions with the women in his life as a catalyst. With hauntingly beautiful melodies, Nevermore breathes new life into Poe’s work and explores a twisted true-life tale as bizarre as his classic stories of the macabre. Nevermore reunites the original Canadian Premiere cast led by Pat Rundell with Fran Bitonti, Tara Britt, Sarah Carle, Stephanie Geehan, & Heather Jarvie with musical direction by Phill Hallman.

Venya loves drinking and sex. En route to see his girlfriend, he embodies a scathing-comedic indictment of a system designed to subjugate spirit, intellect, and passion. Ironically, Venya's existentialist hallucinations and hedonistic excesses celebrate all three. “Moscow Stations” embraces the entire life experience. This is one train you'll want to catch! Director: Graham McDonald. Author: Venedict Yerofeyev. Adaptation & Translation: Stephen Mulrine. Designer: Michelle Lo. Recommended for: adults, elderly, theatre community, LGBT community and ethnic community (Russian, former USSR countries) Uvic Phoenix Theatre Nov. 3 - 19 ROOKERY NOOK November’s production of the classic farce Rookery Nook (even the play's name seems farcical!) harkens back before the sex romps of the ’60s to a more genteel age where the worst thing a man could do is be seen with a woman in wet pyjamas! Set on the Somerset seaside, two fun-loving young friends, Clive and Gerald, get tangled in a web of silly white lies and flirtatious innuendos — oh my! Fast-paced and full of witty repartee, this stylish British farce is comparable to the comedies of playwright Ben Travers’ contemporary, Noel Coward. Directed by Theatre Manager Bindon Kinghorn, you won't want to miss this 1920s original. Pacific Opera Victoria Nov. 10 - 20 at the McPherson Playhouse MARY'S WEDDING A WORLD PREMIERE (In English with English surtitles) A new opera commissioned and developed by Pacific Opera Victoria, Mary's Wedding is a love letter to the power of memory and innocence, and to a generation of Canadians who were caught in the crucible of the First World War. The story is eternal. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. But the year is 1914, and Mary and Charlie must surrender their love and their fate to the uncertainties of their tumultuous times. The opera explores the fleeting nature of time and the lasting power of love, evoking prairie thunderstorms and ladies' teas, and, as innocence rides off to war, the horror of the battles of Ypres and Moreuil Wood, in which Canada came of age as a nation. Blue Bridge Presents Arts Club Theatre's production of BUDDY: THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY on Nov. 15 and 16.

Belfry Nov. 15 – Dec. 18 JITTERS BY DAVID FRENCH

Experience something beautiful today.

A delicious backstage comedy about life in the theatre. A new play is poised to open, and we are plunged into a hilarious world of larger-than-life personalities, easily bruised egos, contradictions, complications, faulty props, close quarters, lost lines, and a visit from a big-time producer – all adding to the opening night “jitters” of cast, crew, writer, and director. Starring Lindsey Angell, Norman Browning, Jason Clift, Ted Cole, Dean Paul Gibson, Kyle Jespersen, Laurie Paton, Hazel Venzon. Director Patrick MacDonald.

Got a love of learning? Then get your hands on our NEW Fall 2011 course calendar. With courses in History in Art, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Writing and Literature and in many more topics— we have everything you need to inspire your quest for beauty. Explore the new calendar online, and watch your love of learning take shape.

Langham Court Nov. 16 - Dec. 3 THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE BY MARTIN MCDONAGH Directed by Judy Treloar Secrets, deceptions, and betrayals abound in the Irish backwater of Leenane. Oppressive, fiery Mag will stop at nothing in her attempts to keep her long-suffering daughter, Maureen, from leaving home and finding love. Suspense interweaves with high drama and black comedy in this fourtime award-winning West End and Broadway hit.







Intrepid Theatre Nov. 17 & 18 AN IMPROVISED SAMUEL BECKETT Intrepid Theatre, 1603 Blanshard Led by veteran performer Dave Morris, Paper Street Theatre tackles the darkly absurd world of Samuel Beckett in their second installment of fully improvised theatre. $12.











Theatre Inconnu Nov. 29 – Dec. 17 A DAY IN THE DEATH OF JOE EGG BY PETER NICHOLS Peter Nichols’ Tony award-winning play has done a masterful job of treading a fine line between the absurd and the universally familiar; as he tells the tale of a family coping with life that has been defined by their daughter’s severe disability. This drama/comedy is an intensely alive and vibrant interaction of people who care deeply, but who have not yet absorbed their own circumstances.


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creative: endeavour

Merlin's Sun Home Theatre Saturday, Nov. 5 CLAYTON JEVNE IN MOSCOW STATIONS Theatrical fundraiser plus caviar & cocktails

FALL TEACHER TRAINING. OCT 10th - DEC 19th. Part Time (Weekends and Thursday Eve) 200hr Yoga Alliance Course. Taught by Jennifer Pritchard who is authorized from KPJAYI, Mysore India. Plus guest teachers. $200 discount (quote Monday Mag) STUDENT SPECIAL = 3 Month Unlimited Class Pass for $130 OR 8 Class Pass for $55 South India Immersion Training Holiday. December 31st - Jan 26th. Study with Jennifer Pritchard (Victoria) & Chris Conn (UK). In beautiful Tiruvannamalai, South India. 200hr Yoga Alliance Training. $200 discount (quote Monday Mag). Drop-in classes, 7 days/wk, Ashtanga, Powerflow, Yin Yoga & Ballet Fit. Suitable for All Levels.

Join us for Culture Days, two days of free, family-friendly, interactive performing and visual art activities in Centennial Square. Participate in a postcard collage, improv theatre skits, heritage and public art walking tours, musical petting zoo, kids activities, and more! Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2, 2011 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Centennial Square (next to Victoria City Hall) For more information, visit: or call 250.361.0363. MONDAY MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 22 - 28, 2011



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Canadian College of Performing Arts Dec. 1 - 3 YEAR II THEATRICAL TREASURESCELEBRATION OF CANADIANA: • 10 Lost Years by Jack Winter & Cedric Smith. Stuart Aikins director; • Village of Idiots by John Lazarus. Darcy Evans director; Year II actors present classic and cutting edge theatrical presentations and perform a moving mixture of comedy and drama. CCPA Performance Hall.


Canadian College of Performing Arts Sat. Dec. 10 1st Term Showcase featuring CCPA’s Physical Theatre presentations. The showcase promises to be provocative and engaging. Program includes CCPA scholarship presentations. To donate to the scholarship program, please call: 250-595-9970. Entrance by donation. Blue Bridge Dec. 14, 15 and 18 MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET Empress Hotel





Theatre Inconnu Dec. 18 - 24 (performances at Emily Carr House & Little Fernwood Hall) A CHRISTMAS CAROL BY CHARLES DICKENS – edited by Clayton Jevne Theatre Inconnu brings back its original critically acclaimed production of Charles Dickens’ masterpiece. This two-person adaptation of the timeless classic became a holiday tradition in Victoria from 1997 through 2004, delighting audiences of all ages. Performed by Clayton Jevne and Sandra Ritter, A Christmas Carol succeeds in capturing the intimacy and poignancy of a story written to inspire universal humanity. Both actors share in assuming the various roles, while Sandra also weaves musical magic throughout the show with her Celtic harp. This is a fully acted play with the actors shifting seamlessly from one character to another, sparking the audiences' imagination with Dickens' own words, and creating an unforgettable experience.



DROP INTOURS 3!452$!93%04%-"%2\0THURS SEPTEMBER 22 | 7:30PM


35.$!93%04%-"%2\0S AT S E P T E M B E R 2 4 | 1 : 0 0 P M


SPECIALGUESTLECTURE 4(523$!93%04%-"%2\0-

Retelling, reshaping, rewriting. Three artists forge new narratives drawn from their Canadian, British, and Indian traditions.

SEPTEMBER 23 2011 – JANUARY 8 2012






It’s About Time.




IT’S A NEW ERA OF URBAN LIVING There comes a time when everything falls into place. When you finally discover a home in sync with your style. Where all elements are aligned: downtown location, quality concrete construction and attainable price. Living at Era gives you the gift of time. You’ll have more of it because living downtown means that everything is at your doorstep. Located in the heart of the city, just where you have always aspired to live, Era is built by award-winning Concert, a developer who has earned a reputation for excellence in Victoria and across Canada. Whether you want to start building your own equity, have the convenience of a second home downtown, or add a great investment to your portfolio, Era offers an opportunity of a lifetime – the best new home value in downtown Victoria.

MOST HOMES PRICED FROM $198,900 – $398,900 Spacious studio to 2 bedroom and den urban flats

*Mortgage based on 10% down, 3.95% interest rate. O.A.C.


ON St.




AS St.



This is not an offering for sale. Such offering may be made by Disclosure Statement only. E.&O.E. MONDAY MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 22 - 28, 2011





club 919 Douglas St. facebook group club9one9 [24]


FALL GUIDE > MUSIC Plainchant Through the Ages Exploring the development of Plainchant through history. With repertoire from the time of Pope Gregory I, through the Renaissance era, and its usage in modern music.


Pianist Reiko Shimokawa is performing at UVic's Phillip T Young Hall. UVIC SCHOOL OF MUSIC Mon. Oct. 3, 8 p.m. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (free admission) Chieko Konishi Louie,flute (Vancouver), Reiko Shimokawa, piano (Japan) Performing works by Michio Miyagi, Piazzolla, Mendelssohn, Gaubert, as well as Japanese folk tunes.

Sun. Oct. 15, 8 p.m. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (admission by donation) Composers Concert Featuring original compositions by students in the School of Music Composition program.

Fri. Sept. 23 and Sat. Nov. 5 Bruce Vogt performs two solo piano concerts of works by Franz Liszt Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, Rm B125.


Percussionist Aiyun Huang. Mon. Oct. 17, 8 p.m. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (free admission) Aiyun Huang, percussion (Montreal). Internationally respected soloist and educator Aiyun Huang is Head of Percussion Studies at the Schulich School of Music, McGill University. Performing works by Georges Aperghis, Javier Alvarez, Vinko Globokar and Michael Oesterle’s Cepheid Variables with guests from the UVic Percussion Ensemble. Wed. Oct. 19, 12:30 p.m. UVic MacLaurin Building, Rm. B037 (free admission) Lieder at Lunch Twos and Threes An exploration of duet and trio repertoire with Sharon and Harald Krebs and special guests KiiriMichelsen and Arlene Overman. Bring your lunch.

Joze Kotar Wed. Oct. 5,12 p.m. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (free admission) Cheryl Pauls, piano (Winnipeg) Really Interesting Things about Time: Recent Piano Music of Elliott Carter This performance will include a lecture by Pauls. Fri. Oct. 7, 14, 21, 28, 12:30 p.m. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (admission by donation) Fridaymusic and guitar students

Sat. Oct. 22, 8 p.m. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall ($17.50 & $13.50) Faculty Chamber Music Series School of Music faculty perform Merciless Beauty by Ralph Vaughan Williams and other works from the British Isles. Sun. Oct. 23, 8 p.m. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (Admission by donation) University of Victoria Chamber Singers Brian Wismath, conductor












Tues. Oct. 4, 2:30 p.m. UVic MacLaurin Building, Rm. B037 free admission) Reiko Shimokawa, piano (Japan) Lecture: The Piano Music of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: An Unjustly Neglected Legacy


Thurs. Oct. 27, 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall. (free admission) Masterclass Series with Colin Tilney, harpsichord Featuring School of Music piano students. Fri. Oct. 28, 8 p.m. University Centre Farquhar Auditorium ($17.50 & $13.50) University of Victoria Orchestra Ajtony Csaba, conductor Freefall-Upwards Beethoven - No. 3: Leonore Ouverture Xenakis - Metastasis Brahms - Symphony No. 4.

Tues. Oct. 4, 12:30 p.m. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (free admission) JoĹže Kotar, clarinet (Slovenia) Bruce Vogt, piano (University of Victoria) Kotar is principal clarinetist at Ljubljana Radio Symphony Orchestra & professor at the Music Academy in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Performing works by Jaka Pucihar, Dekleva, Denissow and Slovenian composers.

Masterclasses with JoĹžeKotar (Open to the public) Wed. Oct. 5,1:30 - 2:20 p.m., Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (mixed wind performers) Wed., Oct. 5,3:30-4:30 p.m., Rm. B016 (clarinet performers)

Tues. Oct. 25, 8 p.m. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (free admission) Krista Bennion Feeney, violin (New York) Ajtony Csaba, keyboards (University of Victoria) Krista Bennion Feeney is one of the leading American violinists and has received international acclaim for her performances as a chamber musician, concertmaster and soloist. Performing works by Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and Schubert, with readings of letters written by the composers.




6,1*(56 2)9,&725,$

Youth Greater Victoria

Mon. Nov, 28 Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, Rm B125 For some contemporary, avante garde music, check out the concert with Ajtony Csaba (piano), Patrick Boyle, (trumpet) and Joanna Hood (viola) performing Soundpainting over “Jean-Pierre� plus works by Beethoven, Berio, Evans, and others. Performance includes electronics, visuals, and movement.

Orchestra Yariv Aloni


A Season of Symphonies

ENSEMBLES: Sat. Nov. 19, 8 p.m. Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, Rm B125 UVic Jazz Orchestra performs. Fri. Nov. 25, 8 p.m. Farquhar Auditorium UVic Wind Symphony, Gerald King, conductor. Performing works by Vaughan-Williams, Saint-SaĂŤns, Milhaud, Giroux and more. Sat. Dec. 3 Farquhar Auditorium UVic Chorus & Orchestra ( Ajtony Csaba, conductor) Susan Young, chorus director Orient Express Borodin - Polovtsian Dances Mozart - Symphony No. 38 KV 504 in D, Prager Rachmaninoff - The Bells. MUSIC & LAUGHTER FESTIVAL Fri. Nov.4 and Sat. Nov. 5, 9 p.m. The Office Lounge, 759 Yates St Featuring some of the Island's hottest comics & bands $12 per night or $20 for a weekend pass. Info: 250-885-5988.

November 27, 2011 Sunday 2:30pm

February 12, 2012 Sunday 2:30pm

April 22, 2012 Sunday 2:30pm SEASON SPONSOR

T W E N T Y - S I X T H S E A S O N 2 011 – 2 012

BACH Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D HOLST A Somerset Rhapsody, op. 21 BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 6 (Pastorale) BORODIN In the Steppes of Central Asia PROKOFIEV Classical Symphony, op. 25 MUSSORGSKY Night on Bald Mountain TCHAIKOVSKY Swan Lake: Suite, op. 20a NIELSEN Maskarade: Overture SIBELIUS En Saga, op. 9 SCHUMANN Symphony No. 1 (Spring)

All concerts at University Centre Farquhar Auditorium Season Tickets 250-360-1121 Single Tickets 250-721-8480

1611 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2L5 250-360-1121 MONDAY MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 22 - 28, 2011


FALL GUIDE > GIGS AND CONCERTS Sat. Sept. 24 Hermann's Jazz Club Roxanne Potvin and Steve Dawson Sun. Sept. 25 Hermann's Jazz Club Dixieland Express

Fri. Sept. 30 Music For Youth Fundraising Concert (Alix Goolden Hall) Performances by the Victoria Soul Gospel Choir and The Midnights with Vic High's R&B band.

Thurs. Sept. 29 Alix Goolden Hall Matt Andersen with Del Barber

Sat. Oct. 1 Save on More Arena Avril Lavigne

Thurs. Sept. 29 Hermanns Jazz Club Meagan Maria CocoJafro


Fri. Sept. 30 Hermann's Jazz Club Josh Dixon All Stars

Sat. Oct. 1 Metro Studio Collen Eccleston Sat. Oct. 1 Merlin's Sun Home Theatre Letters from Composers & Platero and I (Vol.1)

Classical guitar & song, poetry, with puppet & video visuals. Doug Hensley, Kiiri Michelsen, Petra Kixmöller & Tim Gosley.

Tues. Oct. 11 SOFMA Rise Against with Flogging Molly and The Black Pacific

Fri. Oct. 28 McPherson Playhouse Roll Play: Based on the popular children's TV series

Tues. Oct. 4, McPherson Playhouse Abbamania & Nite-Fever Beegees

Thurs. Oct. 13 SOFMA Selena Gomez and The Scene

Sat. Oct. 29 Lucky Bar Grieves and Budo

Thurs. Oct. 6 Metropolis Led Zepagain

Fri. Oct. 14 Hermann's Jazz Club Victoria Danny Michel

Sat. Oct. 8, Save on Foods Memorial Arena The Moody Blues

Sun. Oct 30 and Mon. Oct 31 Hearmann's Jazz Club David Francey

Fri. Oct. 14 Lucky Bar Brave New Waves Album Release with Bananafish Dance Orchestra and Step Back Dave Sat. Oct. 15 Merlin's Sun Carol Sokoloff & friends Fri. Oct. 21 McPherson Playhouse Current Swell, Aidan Knight and Jon Middleton


HOLLY COLE SINGS FOR HOPE HELP & HOME October 27th | McPherson Playhouse | Victoria BC

Tickets on sale now! Visit for more info or call the McPherson box office at 250.386.6121 Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors:

the with

Mon. Oct. 24 Club 9one9 Big Sugar and Wide Mouth Mason Mon. Oct. 24 McPherson Playhouse The Rock n Roll Pianomen Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis very tastefully re-created Tues. Oct. 25 Club 9one9 Napalm Death, Reaver, Compound Terror Thurs. Oct. 27 Upstairs Cabaret Ball Gag n' Chain Gang CD Release party


Simplifying the business of technology . . . together

Thurs. Nov. 10 Alix Goolden Hall Dan Magnan with Guests Fri. Nov. 11 Metropolis Ska Fall Classic with Chris Murray and the New Victorians, and The Beatdown Fri. Nov. 11 Sugar Yukon Blonde with The Paint Movement

Sat. Oct. 22 Royal Theatre Sam Roberts Band Sun Oct. 23 Club 9one9 Yellowman & Sagittarius Band Giraffe Aftermath

Tues. Nov. 8 Sugar Elliot Brood with One Hundred Dollars

Thurs. Oct. 27 McPherson Playhouse Holly Cole Community Living Victoria gala event with the unforgettable multi Juno award winner.

Sat. Nov.12 Sugar Arkells Sat. Nov. 12 Merlin's Sun Home Theatre Bonnie Ste-Croix Sun. Nov. 13 Club 90one9 Collie Buddz & New Kingston Band and Gappy Ranks Thurs. Nov. 17 - Sun. 20 Open Space Voice++ Festival 2011 Alvin Curran, Joane Hétu and Jean Derome, Pamela Z, Vivane Houle Fri. Nov. 19 Sugar Tune Yards Jordache



Sun. Nov. 20 Lucky Bar Ohbijou with Snowblink Tues. Nov. 22 St Ann's Academy Sarah Slean with Guests Fri. Nov. 25 Lucky Bar Imaginary Cities

Sat. Nov. 26 Farquhar Auditorium The Tiller's Folly Tues. Nov. 29 Royal Theatre Matthew Good Sat. Dec. 3 First Metropolitan Church Christmas American Style with the Linden Singers Thur Dec. 12 Alix Goolden Hall Jon Lajoie Thurs. Dec. 15 Royal Theatre Paul Brandt

VICTORIA CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Cecilia String Quartet Sun. Oct. 16 First prize-winners of the 2010 Banff International String Quartet Competition, this young quartet is one of Canada's most exciting young ensembles today.

New Music Giants Sun. Nov. 20 Featuring composers John Cage, Steve Reich, Jacques Hétu, and world premieres by VCM composers Stephen Brown and RD Wraggett. Performed by VCM string and guitar faculty, it's a program for those who love new music—and for those who think they don’t!

VICTORIA SYMPHONY Thurs. Oct. 27 - Sat. 29 The Royal Theatre The Magical Music of Disney The Victoria Symphony performs a magical program of music from Disney’s classic and contemporary animated films including The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins, Aladdin and others. The orchestra’s performance is complemented by timeless images from the archives at the Walt Disney Studio. Special kids performance Oct. 30 with candy for those who dress up for the show.

Tues. Oct. 11 and Sat. 15 UVic Farquahar Auditorium The Emily Carr Project The Victoria Symphony participates in a Victoriawide collaborative celebration of the life and work or the remarkable Emily Carr, exploring Emily Carr’s painting, poetry and connection to the people of the First Nations. Concerts include the world premiere performance of several new works by Canadian composers including Tobin Stokes, Giorgio Magnanesi, Anna Hostman, Veda Hille and Barbara Croall. Guest artists Marion Newman, Veda Hille and The Emily Carr String Quartet will perform.

ORCHESTRAS Fri. Oct. 14 First Metroplitan Church (932 Balmoral) Yariv Aloni conducts the Victoria Chamber Orchestra. Sat. Oct. 29 and Sun. 30 Sooke Community Theatre (6218 Sooke) and Alix Goolden Hall Norman Nelson conducts the Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra in "A Celebration of Young Artists" features School District 61 & 62 Festival Orchestra players. Sat. Nov. 5 Oak Bay Secondary Performing Arts Theatre (Fort) Tony Booker conducts the Civic Orchestra of Victoria. "Celebrating the Performing Arts" with Voces Intimae and features Estelle Kurier, Flamenco Dancer. Mon. Dec. 5 and Mon. 12 Lutheran Chruch of the Cross, Les Pasmore Centre (286 Hampton) Joe Hatherills conducts the Hampton Concert Orchestra, performing holiday selections




1000 Douglas Street • 381-4461 • Matticks Farm - 5325 Cordova Bay Rd. • 658-8499 • [26]



VOICEWORKS WITH BISIA Drop in classes Wednesdays 7:30 - 9pm Vocal Body Series Friday 3:30-5:30pm Contact: 1600 Bay St. #202

Dance Victoria presents Albert Ballet + Victoria Symphony Royal Theatre THE NUTCRACKER Fri. Dec. 2 and Sat. Dec. 3 Sat. Dec. 3 and Sun. Dec. 4 The triumphant return of Alberta

Dance Victoria Presents The National Ballet of Canada Tues. Sept. 27 and Wed. Sept. 28 Royal Theatre THE SECOND DETAIL BY WILLIAM FORSYTHE (13 dancers) | Contemporary THE MAN IN BLACK BY JAMES KUDELKA (4 dancers) | Contemporary EMERGENCE BY CRYSTAL PITE (38 dancers) |Contemporary Celebrating its 60th year, The National Ballet of Canada returns to Victoria with an engaging evening of mixed repertoire. These works have garnered awards and accolades. Pite’s Emergence received four Dora Awards including outstanding production when it premiered in 2009. Dance Victoria Presents DANCE VICTORIA 15TH ANNIVERSARY GALA Following the Sept. 27 performance, join Karen Kain, dancers from the NBoC and friends of Dance Victoria at the Fairmont Empress Hotel for a celebration featuring signature cocktails, music, fabulous food and more. Ballet Victoria BALLET ROCKS FROM BACH TO PINK FLOYD McPherson Playhouse Oct. 7 and Oct. 9 International star Denise Djokic perform-

Ballet’s The Nutcracker that wowed audiences and played to standing ovations. Edmund Stripe’s choreography and Emmy Award-winner Zack Brown’s opulent costumes and sets firmly plant this family production in Imperialist Russia. A Christmas tradition and a lifetime of memories.

Coming Soon! Coyote - A Tale of Unexpected Consequences by Elizabeth Rhett Woods

Special Introductory Offer at www.elizabeth


6 Week Classes Oct 26 or Oct 29

Earth & Fire re

Pottery Studio and Gallery 1820 Government St. • 250-380-7227

and her band

ing Bach cello suite excerpts. Iconic music of the past and present mixes with an international palette of choreographers for a hardcore ballet performance. Dance Victoria Presents WAYNE MCGREGOR | RANDOM DANCE ENGLAND ENTITY BY WAYNE MCGREGOR (10 dancers) | Contemporary Royal Theatre Nov. 4 and 5 In the world of dance today, Wayne McGregor is a choreographer without parallel. This hour-long work is a breathtaking trip through a soundscape created by Coldplay and Massive Attack collaborator, Jon Hopkins, and award-winning composer Joby Talbot. ENTITY is a staggering blend of bodies, lights, technology and film that mark McGregor at the cutting edge of contemporary culture. Technically astonishing, emotionally uncompromising and hard-hitting, McGregor's work breaks boundaries and defies categorization. Ballet Victoria Presents CINDERELLA AND THE FAIRY TALE BALL Royal Theatre Dec. 27, 28 and 29 Dec. 30 matinée Dazzling fairy tale guests bring an evening of adventure filled with graet music, magic, humour and holiday cheer.

SONGS FOR E. CARR with the Victoria Symphony Tania Miller, conductor

october 11, 8 pm uvic centre farquhar auditorium

The Emily Carr String Quartet and Marion Newman

in a world premiere of

KLEE WYCK by Tobin Stokes

with the Victoria Symphony Tania Miller, conductor

october 15, 8 pm uvic centre farquhar auditorium Both concerts are part of The Emily Carr Project presented by the Victoria Symphony in celebration of a Season of Emily.

Tickets just $25. Call 250.385.6515 or

Images of Emily Carr paintings courtesy of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

The Emily Carr Project is supported by a generous project grant from the British Columbia Arts Council



Season Tickets from $36 for 3 shows


Discover our youth, energy & talent...

Acclaimed psychological drama and rock musical by Kyle Jarrow with Theatre Inconnu October 13 – 22, 2011

ROOKERY NOOK A suave and stylish 1920s farce set on the English seaside by Ben Travers November 3– 19, 2011

EURYDICE Quirky, contemporary retelling of the Orpheus myth by Sarah Ruhl February 16 – 25, 2012

THE MAROWITZ HAMLET It’s Hamlet, only a shorter and funnier “mash-up” of Shakespeare ‘s classic, by Charles Marowitz March 15 – 24, 2012

Photo: David Lowes

Subscribe today. Save all year long. | | 250.721.8000

FALL GUIDE > CINEMA Open Cinema launches its ninth season Cinema-In-Season with Food Roots Wed. Oct. 12, 5:30pm The fall season focuses on local farming and drug addiction, starting with the inspiring doc Urban Roots. This intelligent and fascinating film takes an in-depth look at post-industrial Detroit’s remarkable urban farming phenomenon that is transforming Motown into Growtown. Local farmers, community organizers, City planners will be in attendance for the post-screening discussion, including Kristina Bouris, City of Victoria Community Planner and Phillipe Lucas from the Victoria Downtown Public Market Society. Suggested donation $10-$15. Cash bar, local organic eats and goodies by Bubby Rose's Bakery. Reel-to-Reel Music and Motion Challenge Screening Thurs. Sept. 29, 7pm Victoria Event Center Tickets $10 (available in advance at 1931 Lee) Now entering its sixth year, this popular event randomly pairs 12 local filmmakers and musicians to collaborate on the creation of a short musical film. Hosted by Wes Borg, judges include the Zone's Jeremy Baker, writer Amanda Farrell-Low and filmmaker Erin Skillen. Awards will be followed by a performance from local musician Chris Ho and his band. Antimatter Film Festival Fri. Oct. 14 - Sat. 22, Various venues including Open Space, Cinecenta and Deluge Contemporary Art Dedicated to the exhibition and nurturing of film and video as art, Antimatter has grown into the premier showcase of experimental cinema in the west. Encompassing screenings, installations, performances and media hybrids, Antimatter provides a noncompetitive festival setting in Victoria, British Columbia, free from commercial and industry agendas. Quote-Along Pulp Fiction (18A: violence; language) Sat. Oct. 15, 8pm (doors@ 7:00) Vic Theatre 808 Douglas. Tickets at the door. $10 +HST (cash only, 19+ event) Just imagine a room full of people doing their best Sammy Jackson impersonation — and try to keep a straight face. Prizes for costumes, $5 Milkshakes, and beverages in glasses, like they do in France.

Quote-Along Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Sat. Nov. 12, 8pm (doors@ 7:00) Vic Theatre 808 Douglas. Tickets at the door. $10 +HST (cash only, 19+ event) Quote-Along with the Channel Four News Team, and remember: this movie is based on actual events. Only the names, locations and events have been changed. We've got prizes for costumes, and the bar is serving tasty beverages to go down, down into your belly. Open Cinema Season Nine Wed. Nov. 16 Open Cinema will partner with Aids Vancouver Island for the first time, to bring you the powerful and successful film Raw Opium: Pain, Pleasure, Profits. This event promises to be eye-opening and relevant, to say the least. Quote-Along Monty Python and the Holy Grail (PG: for violence) Sat. Dec. 10, 8pm (doors@ 7:00) Vic Theatre 808 Douglas. Tickets at the door. $10 +HST (cash only, 19+ event) Grab your coconuts and travel along with King Arthur's fearless Knights of the Round Table on their silly adventure. Prizes for costumes, and themed bevvies served at the concession stand. CineVic Winter Film Festivus Thurs. Dec. 22, 7pm Victoria Event Center Tickets $10 (available in advance at 1931 Lee) CineVic’s newest event is a winter screening that will see local filmmakers creating a series of Solstice Stories, by reinterpreting classic holiday tales. Each will be a premiere, the screening to be followed by some dancing and partying. Jennifer Abbott (The Corporation) Jennifer Abbott, editor of the multi-award winning documentary The Corporation, will be at CineVic this fall to do a workshop called “The Art of the Edit.” This will be a two-day event, three weeks apart. Day One will involve instruction and each student will be given footage to edit a scene. Day Two (three weeks later) involves screening the created scenes and discussion about what worked, what didn’t work, and why. Not to be missed by local directors and editors, check for dates TBA.


The Early Music Society of the Islands announces its exciting 2011-12 season 26 November 2011

3 March 2012

Mozart and Beethoven Quintets

The Glories of Venice

Hymns of Kassia

Andrew Clark natural horn Colin Savage clarinet Washington McClain oboe Katrina Russell bassoon Michael Jarvis fortepiano



1 October 2011

Sacabuche! (USA)

VocaMe Ensemble (Germany)

17 December 2011

A Baroque Christmas Nancy Argenta soprano Aulos Ensemble (USA)

31 March 2012

Airs de cour La Rêveuse (France)




29 October 2011




Song of Songs

Bach, Scarlatti and Vivaldi

Les Voix Baroques

Musica Angelica


Matthew White, countertenor Stephen Stubbs guest director

Jeffrey Thompson tenor

27 January 2012

(Los Angeles)

Dame Emma Kirkby soprano Daniel Taylor countertenor

14 April 2012

The Italian Baroque in Germany Apollo Ensemble (Netherlands)

For subscription information and member benefits visit or call 250-882-5058 [28]


When we were kids (all us Boomers of a certain age) we didn’t realize how much we loved the 50’s. It was about the time Rock Around the Clock was a hit when we fell in love with Marlon Brando in The Wild One and James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. We used to dig fin-heavy cars and loved going to Juke Joints (remember those places?) where the music of Bill Haley, Frankie Lymon, Little Richard and Fats Domino throbbed from glowing juke boxes, and a dime could buy a cup of coffee steaming atop a shiny formica counter... and we could actually sing along with all the songs on the radio. For some reason, our love of the 50’s never left us... likely because Elvis came along in 1956 and most of us became hooked forever after. Although that era is long-gone, its echoes still remain. Nostalgia concerts are packing them in everywhere, and spiffy 50’s style diners are reappearing once again. Advertisers routinely turn oldies rock’n’roll tunes into jingles to sell their products to the growing senior population and TV networks garner high ratings every time they revive vintage shows for reunion specials. So, it is no surprise that Vancouver Island audiences are following the trend in their support of the top-notch oldies concerts being presented by the world-famous “Legends of Rock’n’Roll” production company. Pianomen Lance Lipinsky (as Jerry Lee Lewis)... Gary Moore (as Little Richard)... K e n n y Wa y n e ( a s F a t s Domino)... and Frank Rondell (as Ray Charles) are all exceptional performers that have established a huge following in Canada with their superb, entertaining impressions of the famous characters they portray. Don’t miss this funfilled package of piano-playing rock’n’roll performers coming to the McPherson Playhouse October 24th. Get your tickets early while they last.



FALL GUIDE > GALLERIES WEST END GALLERY (1203 BROAD) Through September: Laura Harris Oct.1 - 13: Paul Jorgensen – Italian Serenity Oct. 22 - Nov. 3: Rod Charlesworth – Canadian Palette Nov. 12 - 24: Grant Leier - Romance Returns Nov. 24: 14th Annual Gallery Walk Nov. 26 - Dec. 30: Winter Collection

COAST COLLECTIVE GALLERY (3221 HEATHERBELL) Food for Thought Sept. 21 - Oct. 9 Meet the Artists - Sat. Sept. 24, 2-4pm Aspect/Strata - Paul Sheppard October 12 - 23 Meet the Artist - Fri. Oct. 14, 6-8pm Gifts and Wishes Oct. 26 - Nov. 6 100 Local Gift Shop Artists A Coast Collective Collaboration Sat. Oct. 29 Parkside Victoria (810 Humboldt) Coastal Expressions - Nicole Valentine Rimmer & Friends Nov. 9 - 20 Meet the Artists - Sat. Nov. 12, 2-4pm Nicole Valentine Rimmer, Jim Jenkins, Deborah Czernecky, Bev Petow, Lisa Riehl and Debbie Jansen. Small Treasures IV Nov. 24 - Dec. 18 Meet the Artists - Sat. Nov. 27, 2-4pm

THE MALTWOOD PRINTS AND DRAWINGS GALLERY AT THE MCPHERSON LIBRARY Through Sept. 28 Lords and the Land: Stone in Late Saxon East Anglia A photo essay by Michael F. Reed, PhD. Sept. 30 - Oct. 20 Katharine Maltwood's Treetop Sketches Oct. 22 - Nov. 17 Highlights from Special Collections—WWI In partnership with Pacific Opera Victoria, UVic Archives presents an exhibitions of First World War memorabilia. Nov. 19 - Feb. 2, 2012 Images of Internment: Paintings by Henry Shimizu

RED ART GALLERY Through Sept. 24: Red on Red. The wonderful artists from Garth Homer Artworks program strut their stuff with their interpretations of anything "red." Sept. 27 – Oct. 15: I LOVE LUCY Featuring Lucy Schappy plus new works by Dennis Shields, Carolyn Kowalyk and other gallery artists. Oct. 18 – Oct. 29: Across the Generations. Glenlyon Norfolk school art students pair up with "grand" residents from Shannon Oaks Retirement Community, for an across the generations odyssey of discovery. Nov. 1 - 12: Me Again! Resident artist Marion Evamy. Oak Bay Artists Studio Tour Nov. 5 and 6, plus on-going show at the gallery. Nov. 15 - Dec. 23: The 500 Show. All artwork is $500 or less, including HST.

GABRIOLA ARTS COUNCIL VIEW ART GALLERY Oct. 7 - 29 "Growing A Sense of Direction" by Amy Rice





Oct 7 - Oct 23, 2011

Oct. 8 - 10: Self-guided "Art Rally" of 39 Studios and three galleries. More at

EAGLE FEATHER GALLERY Nov. 4 – Dec. 24 "The Toy Show" A group exhibition which includes toys made by invited artists. The exhibition features GJ Pearson and his kinetic sculpture.

GALLERY AT THE MAC: Hours: By appointment 8:30am to 4:30pm Mon. - Fri. and during performances.

Through Oct. 31 Upper Space & Lower Space – “Trasmutation” – James (Chang Fu) Liu, Alice Huang, Laine Longton, Hannah (KaiWen) Tseng, Lien Chang Oct. 31 - Nov. 21 Upper Space & Lower Space – Pacific Opera Victoria Nov. 21 - Jan. 9 Upper Space – Dorothy Haegert & Lower Space – Linda Darby, Jane Storrier & Virginia Small-fry

Sept. 22 - Oct. 1 “Hamatsa Spirit” a collection of Kwakwaka'waka artwork from Marcus Alfred, Francis Dick and Tony Hunt Jr. Oct. 1 - 31 “Copper & Fire” an exhibition of glass works by Gitxsan artist Alisa Nielson. Artist's reception and talk 1-3 pm Oct. 1. Nov. 1 - 30 “Salish Sea”, an exhibition of Coast Salish artists featuring Doug LaFortune and Joe Wilson. Dec. 1 - 31 “Raven's Gift” an exhibition of jewelry from Marcus Alfred, William Cook, Herb Lancaster and Robert Tate. Jan. 1 - 31 Exhibition of Haida artwork from Alex Spence.

AVENUE GALLERY ONE MOON GALLERY (1192 KOSAPSUM CRESCENT, OFF ADMIRALS) September is showcasing new art work of Darlene Gait focusing on traditional south Salish design. Stop in and see the artist at work on Sundays between noon and 4 p.m.

LEGACY ART GALLERY (MAIN GALLERY) Through Oct. 1 Convergence/Divergence: Landscape and Identity on the West Coast

SINGLE TICKETS: $20 / $25 SEE 2 programs and SAVE $32 / $42



Oct. 5 - Nov. 19 In Her Own Words: Works and Writing by Emily Carr, Myfanwy Pavelic, Katharine Maltwood Nov. 23 - Feb. 26, 2012 Transformations: Works by Duncan Regehr Artist Duncan Regehr (UVic Honorary Doctorate, 2008) works in a variety of media including drawings, oil paintings, sculptural work and writing. Legacy art gallery (Small gallery) Nov. 23 - Jan. 21, 2012 The Emergence of Architectural Modernism II: UVic and the Regional Aesthetic in the late 1950s and 60s



Through Sept. 30 Go Big or Go Home! An exhibition featuring 10 Larger than Life Paintings by 10 Larger than Life Artists. Participating artists include Adelle Andrew, Rob Elphinstone, David Graff, Mark Heine, Michael den Hertog, Brent Lynch, Catherine Moffat, Renato Muccillo, Blu Smith and Russ Willms Dec. 3 One-Day Sale Celebrating Small VII, Anything Goes! Be there at 10 a.m. for the unveiling of this year’s miniature masterpieces. This year we’ve left it to our artists to come up with the details — expect the unexpected and, as always, expect a lineup!

COLLECTIVE WORKS GALLERY (1311 GLADSTONE) Sept. 24 - Oct.13 "Unforeseen Circumstance" Three artists Katy Guthrie, Alice Young and Cheryl McBride Opening reception Sat. Sept. 24, 2-5pm. Artists in attendance. Oct.14th-27th Collective works Gallery will be hosting Hiromi Suzuki and Minori Dewa, two painters from Japan. Opening reception on Fri. Oct. 14, 7-9pm.


COLLECTIVE WORKS GALLERY Oct.14th-27th Hiromi Suzuki and Minori Dewa, two painters from Japan. Opening reception on Fri. Oct. 14th 7-9pm Oct. 28th - Nov.4th A Group Show Nov.5th - 24th Art 2 Art Isa Severn and Pete Rockwell present an exhibit of ceramic work and photography. Opening reception Nov. 5th 7-9pm Nov.25th-30th Farewell Fernwood Out with a Bang. Collective Works Gallery is closing. This is our final show. A reception will be held Fri. Nov.25th at 9 p.m. to say thank you to our friends and neighbours for their support and patronage.

OPEN SPACE To October 1 Wood for Rolling The culmination of Steve deBruyn's two-week production residency. Wed, Sept. 21 Kurt Johannessen Performance (Norway) Partnership with the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Oct. 26 to Nov. 2 OFF LABEL Festival and The Art of the Placebo Open Space in partnership with Digital Art Weeks (Zurich), Centre for Studies in Religion and Society (University of Victoria). An international group of artists will explore health, spirituality and the effects of technology in a digitally mediated world. Nov. 10 to Dec. 10 Thirty-Five Thousand Forty Mike Andrew McLean Opening Nov. 10 at 7:30 p.m.

MORRIS GALLERY Oct. 1st to 31st Federation of Canadian Artists- Victoria chapter Reception Sept. 30th 7- 9 pm. November 2011 Group Show Artists include: David Goatley, D.F. Gray, Zeljko Kujundzic, Jim McFarland Pauline Olesen, Rob Owen Linda Skalenda, Donna M. Southwood, Joanne Thomson, Ron Wilson, Tetiana Zakharova, Myfanwy Pavelic


going deeper dive in, awaken, and cultivate your fullest potential an Iyengar yoga workshop with Shirley Daventry French for students of all traditions

fri. nov. 25 6:30—8:30 & sat. nov. 26 11am—2pm, 4—6pm $ 130 +hst for IYCV members $ 140 +hst for non-members info: 250.386.9642 or or 202-919 Fort St., Victoria, BC

COMMUNITY ARTS COUNCIL OF GREATER VICTORIA Workshop “The Business of Art” with Chris Tyrell Sat. Oct. 22 10 am to 2:30 pm $30 ($20 for CACGV members) (3220 Cedar Hill Road)

The ef effec effects fects ts of yo yoga oga og a pr p practice ractic rrac tice e are are bea beauty beauty, uty, s stre strength, trengt ngth h, cla clari clarity riit ity y of of spee s speech, peech ch, an and d a ha happy ppy di dispo disposition sposit sition ion th that at is smiling face. It fills fills the reservoirs of us. revealed in a sm miling fface o hope hop and optimism optimis sm within wit us — B.K.S. B K S Iyengar





FAIRS & SHOWS & MUCH MORE Sept. 24-25 VANCOUVER ISLAND BABY FAIR Parents and parents-to-be can find everything baby and child related. Come for the info, stay for the baby races.

The true tall tale of an 1864 cattle drive full of surprise, magic and beans.

Written and performed by

Matthew Payne

Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Sept. 24 & 25 VICTORIA STEAM EXPOSITION Celebrate the fanciful experiment of history, technology, imagination and attitude that is steampunk. Brass goggles and monocles not required, but encouraged. Sept. 26 NIGHT SKY VIEWING Join members of the Victoria Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada to view the night sky through a telescope. Includes equipment demonstrations and presentations on stargazing.

HALLOWEEN Oct. 13-31 GALEY FARM’S FESTIVAL OF FEAR Start your Halloween shenanigans with the Cornfield of Horror, the Crazy Train, Madame Isabella and the Carnevil. Family fun at its best.

Banff: October 8 Enderby: October 11 Little Fort: October 12 108 Mile House: October 13

Echo Valley: October 14 Williams Lake: October 15, 16 Prince George: October 20, 21, 22 Victoria: October 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 INFO SKAM.CA are you in? SKAM HOTLINE 250.386.7526





Oct. 13-15 & 20-31 SHOCKTOBERFEST Test your courage at Rotten Cotton’s Revenge haunted house at Tillicum Centre. Not recommended for young children. Oct. 21-22 & Oct 28-29 GHOSTS OF VICTORIA FESTIVAL Tour by foot, bus, or horse-drawn carriage and discover why Victoria is one of Canada’s most haunted cities. Learn about the “hanging judge” at the Maritime Museum of B.C., hear the tragic tales of Isabella Ross and David Fee at the Ross Bay Cemetery and hunt for the ghosts of St. Ann’s Academy and Craigdarroch Castle. Oct. 21 FOREST SPOOKTACULAR Head out to Francis/King regional park and join the CRD’s naturalists for guided walks, costume contests, Halloween crafts and more — if you dare. Oct. 28-30 HALLOWEEN TRAIN Ride a real steam train through ghostly scenes and Halloween characters. Headless horseman approved. Oct. 28-29 ENCHANTED HALLOWEEN AT HERITAGE ACRES See Heritage Acres transformed into a Halloween wonderland with glowing, handcrafted lanterns, carved pumpkins and spooky décor. Costumed performers, live music, interactive Halloween crafts, projections and artistic installations make this a must see for Halloween.




Oct. 29 SPOOKS & SPOKES GHOST RIDE Join the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition for a 20 kilometer night ride and learn about the ghosts that haunt some of the finest homes and castles of Victoria. Costumes and decorated bicycles are encouraged. ALDTERRY E RT ON

Oct. 29-30 HALLOWEEN PAINT-IN AND AUCTION SALE Have fun painting and making masks and ghosts while supporting the B.C. School of Art Therapy.

Tickets available at 4HE2OYAL-C0HERSON 0LAYHOUSE"OX/FlCE 250-386-6121OR1-888-717-6121 Line-up subject to change.



Sept. 24 BASSET HOUND PICNIC Enthusiasts of all things Basset Hound gather to bask in the splendour that is the Basset Hound. You can even get your pets blessed by the Friars of St. Francis of Assisi.

Oct. 1, 15, 21-22 & 28-29 OKTOBERFEST The Edelweiss Club invites the public to enjoy an evening of German entertainment, food and fun. Make sure to sample some of the traditional foods available: Schnitzel, Sauerbraten, Bratwurst, sauerkraut, red cabbage, potato pancakes, desserts and pretzels. Oct. 1-2 THE VICTORIA WOMEN’S SHOW The VWS brings fashion, fitness, dance, music and hourly presentations together under one roof for the women of Victoria. Oct. 1-3 ART OF THE COCKTAIL Imbibe the best the city has to offer and learn to make your own at this three-day festival of drink. Oct. 2 CHEF SURVIVAL IV Watch as chefs run a farm-style obstacle course and race boats to get their condiments before they scavenger hunt for produce in Madrona Farm's fields. Finish up the day by buying the chef’s creations by auction. Oct. 2 13TH ANNUAL APPLE FESTIVAL See and taste hundreds of organic apple varieties grown on Salt Spring while enjoying theatrical performances by Johnny Appleseed, Theodore Trage, the Queen and Captain Apple.

EVENTS Continued from Page 32

Oct. 9 SLOW FOOD CYCLE Tour farms, homes, businesses and green spaces for demos related to food, alternative energy, foraging, permaculture, backyard chickens, beekeeping, food preservation, edible seaweeds and more. All this and more from the comfort of your bicycle.



Clock-in for the new patio, stay for the late night vibe...


LIVE MUSIC/NO COVER Wednesday - Saturday open daily 11:00 am - late night

Thursday, Sept. 29 - 7:30pm

Alix Goolden Performance Hall (907 Pandora) $25 incl. HST ($22incl. HST Advance/VJS Members)


Oct. 16 CRUSH: A FINE WINE AFFAIR Taste wines from some of B.C.’s best wineries and savour sumptuous food pairings, created specially by Executive Chef Takashi Ito. Includes a fine wine auction of rare and hard to find bottles of wine from around the world. Proceeds support the Belfry Theatre.

Oct. 30 THE VICTORIA TOY SHOW Find the toys and dolls that made your childhood memorable. If your buying, selling, or just need something appraised, this is the place to go. Nov. 4 THE LUCILLE BALL FUNDRAISER Entertainment, appetizers and drinks kick off the international auction of an authentic Lucille Ball dress. Proceeds support the Canadian College of Performing Arts and the Performing Arts Lodge. Nov. 4 - 6 THE WESTSHORE CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND CRAFT MARKET 150 artists and crafters bring their handcrafted wares are to get your Christmas shopping started right. Nov. 12 - 13 THE SOOKE PRESTIGE CRAFT FAIR Find the special gift your looking for at this juried holiday craft fair showcasing 50 artists and crafters. Nov. 26 THE ISLAND FARMS SANTA LIGHT PARADE Catch your first glimpse of the of Kris Kringle at one of Victoria’s most magical parades.


Friday, Sept. 30 - 7:30pm Alix Goolden Performance Hall (907 Pandora)

$25 incl. HST

Twin Bill with

Victoria Soul Gospel Choir & The Midnights/Vic High R&B Band Net proceeds raised at this event will benefit The Victoria Jazz Society’s “Student Outreach Programs” and supports World Vision Canada. Tickets for both events: VJS office no service charges (1031 Vancouver St. or 250-388-4423), Lyle’s Place, Ditch Records and the McPherson Box Office and its outlets (250-386-6121 or online at

759 Yates Street (at Blanshard) 250.590.5253 | theofÀ DANCERS: Katrina and Brodie

Oct. 22 11TH ANNUAL JAPANESE CULTURAL FAIR Indulge in music, arts and crafts, dance performances and martial arts demonstrations.

Del Barber

Featuring songs from his brand new album Coal Mining Blues

Oct. 16 ULTIMATE HOBBY AND TOY FAIR Hobby vendors from all over Vancouver Island descend on Victoria. Find action figures, vintage toys, models, trains, comics, Barbie’s, dolls, bears, LEGO and more at nearly 200 tables.

Oct. 22 WAGS TO WHISKERS DINNER & AUCTION FUNDRAISER Help all of pet-kind by attending this dinner and silent auction. Funds raised help the GVAC save abandoned pets.


+modern +ballet +hip hop +flamenco +jazz +rust +floor barre +big dance +belly dance +african

W O N er t s i Reg

l! l a F for

LYNDA RAINO DANCE Victoria’s only dance centre JUST for adults

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! You’ve Seen The Movie. Now Experience The Concert.

Tuesday, October 4th • 7:30pm McPherson Playhouse

Tickets at the Box Office • 250.386.6121 MONDAY MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 22 - 28, 2011


Greta Hodgkinson and Aleksandar Antonijevic in Crystal Pite’s Emergence. Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann

Next week!


Get in the Door for $25

g Openin Night Gala

Opening Night meet Karen Kain at the Fairmont Empress Hotel. Info + Tickets at GALA SPONSOR




The National Ballet of Canada Canada’s premiere dance company in an unforgettable performance

“Kick-ass choreography with attitude…” – Globe & Mail

September  +  Royal Theatre • : pm McPherson Box Office: -- Online: SPON SORS


FALL GUIDE > WORDS OPEN SPACE Tues. Oct. 4 at 7:30pm Open Word: Readings and Ideas LEE HENDERSON Tues. Nov. 15 at 7:30pm Open Space Wed. Nov. 16 at 11:00am at the Fine Arts Building Room 203 University of Victoria Open Word: Readings and Ideas JOE DENHAM

AT THE MIC READING SERIES Cadboro Bay Book Company 3840b Cadboro Bay Road Q Tues. Sept. 27; 7pm: Join Valerie Green and Linda Eversole as they discuss the history of beautiful, vibrant Victoria. Discover the dynamic people from Victoria’s past, from high society families to a wealthy west coast madam. Q Tues. Oct. 25; 7pm: Strong voices come together to tell important and inspiring stories. Barbara Stewart and Lynne Van Luven join forces to talk about Life Writing — the art of personal creative non-fiction. Q Tues. Nov. 15; 7pm: Mystery Night has an exciting lineup. Stephen Legault, Sandy Frances Duncan, George Szanto, Bruce Burrows and Kay Stewart share the thrills, chills and occasional spills of mystery writing. They’ll discuss tips, tricks and anecdotes to writing strong characters, dynamic plots, all at a thrilling pace.

AT BOLEN BOOKS Sat. Sept. 24, 7pm LOUISE PENNY Prize-winning Canadian mystery writer Louise Penny talks about her new book featuring Chief Inspector Gamache, the head of homicide at the Sûreté du Québec, A Trick of the Light, set against the backdrop of the Montreal art world. Mon. Sept. 26, 7pm WILLIAM DEVERELL One of our favourite writers William Deverell returns to Bolen Books to talk about I’ll See You in My Dreams, his fifth novel featuring Arthur Beauchamp, the former trial lawyer who has retired to one of the Gulf Islands. Mon. Oct. 3, 7pm ROBERT J. WIERSEMA Bolen Books' own Robert J Wiersema, author of the national bestsellers Before I Wake and Bedtime Story will talk about Walk Like A Man, his first piece of book-length non-fiction, a unique blend of biography, music criticism and personal memoir. Wed. Oct. 19, 7pm LYNN COADY & DOUGLAS GIBSON Two of Canada’s best. Lynn Coady will talk about her Giller longlisted novel The Antagonist, an account of a life stolen for art, and the attempt to regain it. Douglas Gibson will talk about Stories about Storytellers, an account of his career as one of Canada’s foremost editors, including chapters on Jack Hodgins, Alice Munro and Alistair MacLeod, among others.

Mon. Nov. 7, 7pm AMI MCKAY & ROBERTA RICH A powerhouse evening. Ami McKay, author of The Birth House, will talk about her long-awaited new novel The Virgin Cure, one of the best reads of the fall season, and Roberta Rich will talk about her debut novel The Midwife of Venice.

SPOKEN WORD Mon. Sept. 26, 8pm THE BEST OF POETRY IN THE RAW Victoria Event Centre, 1415 Broad St The fifth and final Poetry in the Raw, Victoria's awardwinning nude poetry show. This is a fundraiser to send the Vic Slam Team to the Nationals. Tickets $15 at Solstice Cafe, $18 at the door.


Thurs. Oct. 6, 8pm HAIKU DEATHMATCH Cabin 12, 607 Pandora It's sudden death when poets go head-to-head with haikus. Sign up at 7:30 p.m., poets need 15-20 haikus to step into the ring. This is a fundraiser for the Vic Slam Team. Only $5. Thurs. Oct. 20 and Nov. 17, 8pm 3rd Thurs. of each month VIC SLAM Cabin 12, 607 Pandora The poetry show where the audience judges and the top three poets get cash prizes. Open to all poets, spoken word artists, freestylers, writers and performers. Only $5. Second and fourth Thurs. of each month TONGUES OF FIRE Solstice Cafe, 529 Pandora Starting its seventh season, Tongues of Fire is an open, spoken stage. Come get up on the Open Mic and enjoy a feature set from a spoken word artist. Only $5.


1971-2011 • 40 DAMN FINE YEARS



Thurs. Oct. 6 PECHA KUCHA Victoria Event Centre, 1415 Broad St Seeing is believing: Mon. Oct. 24 CTHULHU SLAM Cabin 12, 607 Pandora Hosted by lover of the dark arts and Deep Ones Skawt Chonzz, bring your poems of weird and wyrd to this show. Sat. Nov. 19 TEDXVICTORIA Victoria Conference Centre Learn it all at: Thurs. Oct. 20 PRESENT TENSE 6 Part of Suddenly Dance Theatre's 14th ROMP! Festival of Independent Dance. Poet/Dancer collaboration:

(250) 656-0275



To place an ad, call 250-382-6189, online at, or email





ATTENTION Bargain Hunters! The annual St. Andrew’s & Caledonian Society White Elephant Sale will be held on Saturday October 1 from 10am until 2pm at the United Chapters Hall 3281 Harriet Street (beside Rudd Park). Tea, coffee and baked goodies will also be available GRAMMA’S QUILTING CUPBOARD - CLOSING OUT SEPTEMBER 30TH. 120-425 Stanford Ave. E. Parksville. (250)248-9787. EVERYTHING MUST GO! HUGE SAVINGS ON ALL YOUR QUILTING/SEWING NEEDS!

2nd Annual

Cowichan News Leader Pictorial Charity Book Sale! 5380 Trans Canada Hwy Duncan, BC (off Boys Rd. beside Buckerfields)

Saturday Sept. 24th 8 am- 4 pm Over 10,000 titles! $1 paperbacks $2 hardcovers Come out & get your Fall Reading materials & Christmas Shopping done early All proceeds to: 2011 Pennies for Presents Campaign supporting Cowichan Food Banks. Last year you helped us raise over $5,000!!!

HAIRSTYLIST GOT CLIENTS? Boss taking all your cash, sick of begging for time off? Chair rent or high commission. No pressure call Lisa at Atmosphaire 250-381-4247. EI & WCB included in rent HAVE QUESTIONS about the upcoming Victoria Municipal Election? Visit for information, candidate interviews and more. LECHE’S CLOTHING (located at Oak Bay Junction). Tons of great bargains in stock now including Lululemon, Guess, Seven, True Religion & many more name brands. We buy & sell trendy used clothing & accessories. Now Open Daily. Come Check Us Out! 250592-4991.



The owners of dog breeding kennels that have dogs in inhumane conditions. Also, the persons who are responsible for the Savory Elementary School fire. Your Watchdog & Observer.

Bad Tattoos?


New Skin Laser Tattoo Removal. 1026 Cook St.


Open Seven Days




FERUS Inc. specializes in the production, storage, supply and transport of liquid nitrogen & liquid carbon dioxide for the energy industry. PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS WANTED Ferus requires experienced Professional Class 1 drivers with three years or more experience to operate a variety of late model liquid carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen equipment out of our Blackfalds & Grande Prairie bases. WE OFFER: - Industry competitive wages based on an hourly pay schedule - New Drivers can earn up to $82,000 in the first year - Automatic pay increases - Training Completion Bonus - Daily Meal Allowance - Recognition and incentive programs - Mechanic-maintained equipment Mileage Assistance to travel to and from work PLUS: Flexible Spending Account Group RSP Savings Plan Comprehensive Health/Dental Plan - Growing Company with Career Advancement Opportunities We offer a work rotation of 15 days on & 6 days off. Preference will be given to applicants with off-road experience. If you are interested in working in a positive and dynamic environment please send resume & driver abstract to: or by fax to 1-888-879-6125 Please Reference: Driver #BCDRV 1011

COMMERCIAL TRANSPORT MECHANIC position available in the West Kootenay’s. We Offer: A modern 5,000 sq/ft shop equipped with a 10 ton overhead crane, computer diagnostics and advanced tooling to support a stable client base. Equitable wage and extended benefits in a geographical area known for its quality of lifestyle, and moderate cost of living. We Require: Commercial Truck & Transport Mechanic Trade Certification, Motor Vehicle Inspector Certificate. Resumes can be forwarded via fax 250-357-2009 or email: for further information contact Jim @ 250-357-2800 Ext 228. Come join our Team!

COMOX VALLEY RV requires a Sales Manager, Finance Manager and 2 Sales Representatives. Automotive sales experience an asset. Please email your resume to:

We are still hiring - Dozer & excavator operators required by a busy Alberta oilfield construction company. We require operators that are experienced and preference will be given to operators that have constructed oilfield roads and drilling locations. You will be provided with motels and restaurant meals. Competitive wages, bonus and transportation daily to and from job sites. Our work is in the vicinity of Edson, Alberta. Call 780-723-5051.

ALTERNATIVE FOREST Operations is a dynamic growing BC Forestry business, providing extraordinary performance for our customers and crew. We have immediate openings for the following positions. . Skyline Hooktender . Rigging Slingers . Chokermen . Certified Fallers If you are a safe high level performer, experienced and work well with others contact us! Mail resume to AFO, 3818 Cowichan Lake Rd, Duncan, BC, V9L 6K2. Email: Website:

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ESTABLISHED Profitable Garden Centre for sale in Prince Rupert. For more info. call (250)847-9022

Looking for a NEW job?


Courses Starting Now!

Get certified in 13 weeks 12160 - 88th Ave Sry. BC

Flexible P/T & F/T Work! Seeking friendly enviro canvassers. Great ‘green’ work exp w/ great earning potential. vi_canvass@

(250)388-9292 PARTS COUNTER PERSON Experienced parts counter person required for North Island Ford Store. We pay competitive wages and offer benefits package. Email resume to:



ATTN: SERVERS and LINE COOKS! The Galloping Goose Grill is a brand new restaurant opening in Langford. As a part of Langford Lanes, we are looking for energetic and passionate individuals to be a part of our exciting team. Come to our 1 Day Job Fair at 1089 Langford Parkway (at skate arena) on Sat, Sept. 24th, 10am-4pm. More info at:


Visit: ONLINE, COLLEGE Accredited, Web Design Training, Administered by the Canadian Society for Social Development. Learn from the comfort of home! Starts October 24. Apply today:


The Lemare group is currently seeking contract coastal hand fallers for the North Vancouver Island area. Full time, union wages. Email resume to: or fax 250-956-4888.

LOG TRUCK mechanic for Kurt Leroy Trucking LTD. Welding an asset. Ben. inc. To start immed. Campbell River. Fax resume to 250-287-9914.

Looking for a NEW job?

EXECUTIVE Assistant needed for a forward-thinking company . Applicant should be competent with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Send resumes to

TRADES, TECHNICAL HEAVY Duty Mechanic - Good Mechanical Aptitude - Welding an asset - Rate negotiable Benefits after 3 mths - Travel required - Email or fax resume to or Fax 604-485-6380

DYNAMIC GROWING BC Coastal Forestry company looking for a well experienced logger with cable logging, mechanical logging, heli-logging and timber falling experienced. Professional forester an asset nut not required. Send resume to Box #640, c/o BC Classifieds, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4. MACHINE OPERATORS PIPELAYERS GRADEMAN Required by Established Construction & Development Co The successful applicants must be experienced in all facets of single/multi family & subdivision utilities construction. We are looking only for individuals who are versatile, reliable and are able to work independently Min 3 years experience, valid class 5 licence and own transportation is required. Medical/Dental available Please fax a detailed resume with references and wage expectations to 604-5348469 or email to

Looking for a NEW employee? .com



Call 250-882-6521.

LONG BEACH - Ucluelet Deluxe waterfront cabin, sleeps 6, BBQ. Fall special. 2 nights $239 / 3 nights $299. Pets Okay. Rick 604-306-0891


HOROSCOPE > SEPTEMBER 22 - 28, 2011 Choose this as your objective: Happiness for everyone! his week, some planets are bumping heads, which means we might have quarrels, power struggles — even accidents. But if we remain calm, tolerant and patient, this will hugely reduce bummer situations. After all, no one wants to have a bad time. You want to be happy. I want to be happy. Others want to be happy. That’s axiomatic. Therefore, choose this as your objective: Happiness for everyone! Take advantage of the New Moon this week because each New Moon is a chance to make resolutions to improve your life. Why wouldn’t you want to do that? Does anyone want their life to get worse? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? This reminds me of the Heineken Uncertainty Principle: “How many beers did I have last night?” (BTW meaningless statistics are up 2.54 per cent.)


romance might begin. (Especially with someone of an age difference.) Nevertheless, the New Moon that occurs this week urges you to scrutinize your work habits and figure out how you can get more bang for your GEORGIA buck. How can you be NICOLS more efficient? What can you do to make your life run more smoothly? And while you’re on this makemy-life-better kick, ask yourself how you can improve your health? Eh wot?

GEMINI MAY 21-JUNE 20 ARIES MARCH 21-APRIL 19 This week is a reality check for you because the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all in Libra, directly opposing your sign. This is not at all a typical event. (You can run but you can’t hide.) You will be forced to look at your partnerships, both intimate and professional. Perhaps even close friendships. Little fights or challenges might bring something to a head. Now you have to deal with it. The thing to ask yourself is, “Do you want to keep this person in your life?” If the answer is yes, then be ready to compromise or do what is necessary to maintain the relationship. Fortunately, you’re brave and courageous. And it takes guts to do this. (Your real question is, “What can you do to improve all your closest relationships?”)

TAURUS APRIL 20-MAY 20 Oh my! You have a very strong impulse right now to pull your act together. You want to get better organized at home and work. (This is good.) This is why you’re working hard to do so and others are helping you. In fact, “help” could become “cozy” because a work-related


Romance, love affairs, sports, show business, the entertainment world, the hospitality industry plus vacations and your kids are where it’s at right now. You can make money in these areas. You can also party hard! The likelihood for love and romance is strong. If you meet someone new, they might be older, more serious or more established. This is a great time to make plans for a vacation or even slip away on one. Think about your life and ask yourself if you have a good balance between work and play. Too much of one creates a sacrifice or loss with the other. Too boring if you work too much and too pointless if you play too much. Think how you can achieve a healthy balance.

CANCER JUNE 21-JULY 22 Home is important to you. That’s why this is a propitious time. The Sun, the New Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all urge you to secure your home base and make your home more attractive. Attend to repairs. Fix what is broken. Entertain at home. Enjoy family discussions. Take full advantage of the New Moon this week and ask yourself what you can do to improve


your home as well as your family relationships. That’s the ballpark for you this week. Whatever improvements you make to your home and your family will really please you, in a rewarding and satisfying way. (And if you’re going to draw on the wall, do it behind the couch.)

LEO JULY 23-AUG 22 A lot of Leos are falling into worry mode lately. (Surely, you’ve noticed.) It could be because you’re dealing with job changes, residential moves and major shifts to your daily milieu. All of this is just putting the finishing touches on something you started around 200506. You will stay in this fuzzy state of uncertainty for the next two years. But it’s not really uncertainty. You’re learning how to communicate in an entirely new way. That’s why this New Moon is important to you. It urges you to scrutinize all your communications with others. Are you really clear? Do you really listen? Of course, you think you do, but do you?

VIRGO AUG 23-SEPT 22 There’s no question money, finances, cash flow and earnings consume you right now. Not to worry. This is what should be happening. The New Moon, plus four other planets, are forcing you to focus on ways to earn money, better ways to handle what you own and, beyond that, what your true value system is. In other words, what really matters in life? Are you your bank account? (Surely not. More likely, you are your car.) Consider this an opportunity – the New Moon – to give serious thought to these questions. Uncertainty is troubling. (Of course, certainty is absurd.) Figure out what you know and what you don’t know and that’s it. There are no answers, only cross-references.

LIBRA SEPT 23-OCT 22 Several years ago, you gave up a lot, and now you’re on new turf wondering who you really are. Gads! What should you wear? What should your

image be? And where is your life headed? (Minor details.) Fear not, it’s all part of the program. This week, the only New Moon in your sign all year takes place. Ah ha! It’s your opportunity for a reality check. What kind of impression do you create? Look in the mirror. How dated are you? What can you do to create the image you would like to create? This is the week to really think about this. (How can you live your life in the style to which you want to get accustomed?)

SCORPIO OCT 3-NOV 21 Your ambition is strong now. However, a gaggle of planets are hiding in your chart, which is a sign this is the perfect time to lie low and work behind the scenes. Furthermore, this is also the time to figure out what you want your new year to be all about. The more specific you are about what you hope to achieve, the more likely it will manifest in your life. It always works that way. (When you know what you want, it affects your decision-making process.) Secret love affairs might blossom for some of you. However, basically partnerships are a blessing this year. Lucky Scorpios!

SAGITTARIUS NOV 22-DEC 21 You’re loving this popularity because it’s fun schmoozing with others. Groups, classes, conferences, meetings (or whatever) fascinate you and provide opportunities to chat and share your ideas for the future with others. (Hmmm, romance with someone older will begin for some of you.) Nevertheless, the New Moon this week urges you to think about the friends you have. Do you hang out with quality people? Do you want to have different friends? These are the questions to ponder this week. (Your friends affect your life because they affect the decisions you make, which in turn, affects your future.)

CAPRICORN DEC 22-JAN 19 A herd of planets at high noon in your chart now forces you to give serious thought to your

life direction in general. It’s that simple. (This is also where the New Moon is occurring.) Not only must you consider your life direction, you must also think about your relationships with the authority figures in your life – parents, bosses, teachers, VIPs and the police. (“Really?” Yes.) For example, are your goals your goals or are they what you think others expect of you? Are you pleasing your parents or your boss, or do you have goals that you really want to achieve? This New Moon is an opportunity for you to make resolutions to improve your life. What is it that you really want to achieve?

AQUARIUS JAN 20-FEB 18 You have an inquiring mind. This week, the New Moon is your chance to give thought to your education, knowledge and experience of life. Pretty heady stuff! What further education, training or life experiences would you recommend for yourself? What should you explore to expand your experience of the world? Travel is an option. Is there somewhere you want to go? Is there a course you want to take? Do you want to go back to school? These are the questions the New Moon puts to you this week. (There will be a midterm on this on Wednesday.)

PISCES FEB 19-MARCH 20 No matter how lighthearted and fancy-free we like to be, we never can ignore the practical, can we? The New Moon this week urges you to focus on shared property, taxes, debt, inheritances and anything you share with others. Now is the time to define where your responsibilities begin and end. Figure out just how much you owe. (Aagghh!) What is your debt scene? Know this in stark terms because instead of scaring you (which you might fear), it will be empowering. Get the true picture of your assets and liabilities and you will see what needs to be done. After all, an expert is just an ordinary person away from home.




Annual Pass Adult $383

Recreation Oak Bay

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Rungâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Thai Place Traditional Thai Massage Hot oil Massage

China Town


ABOVE THE CLOUDS SWEDISH MASSAGE â&#x20AC;˘ Him/Her hot oil â&#x20AC;˘ AromaTherapy â&#x20AC;˘ ReďŹ&#x201A;exology

Maeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hot Oil & Thai Massage Traditional Thai Hospitality Truly amazing massage

Francoisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Touch



Natural Instincts Massage An Intuitive, Nurturing Escape

These hands are for you! Strong yet gentle, deep or light. I make your body feel out of sight!



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MASSAGE 13 yrs in Practice

Be relaxed, soothed, Transformed! Swedish, ReďŹ&#x201A;exology, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Energy Balancing JANALEE 250-888-4619


Nurturing Lifestyle Consultant â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

Nutrition Addictions Finance Relationships In person or by phone Sliding scale

REIKI MASTER CERTIFICATION Classes all levels Treatments


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Michele 250-661-5102

Will Johnson CertiďŹ ed Rolfer since 1976


EAR CONING Safe, relaxing process. Removes excess wax & debris, drains sinus, improves hearing, relieves itchy ear *Training available*

Heather McClean




THE SOUL MASSAGE Tantric Journey to awaken the body and the soul with loving and nurturing touch. Call 250-999-9193 soulmassage@

Enter deep dimensions of relaxation. Release toxins & assist your body in self healing. women only


Global Spiritual teacher, healer & mystic from Ireland


â&#x20AC;˘ Intro Evening â&#x20AC;&#x201C; October 6, 7pm - $20. â&#x20AC;˘ 3 Day Workshop â&#x20AC;&#x201C; October 7-9. â&#x20AC;˘ 6 Day Workshop â&#x20AC;&#x201C; October 14-19. Victoria Truth Centre â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 1201 Fort St. Register: 250-382-0724


Kripalu Swedish or chair massage Find your bliss.... Andrea Please call for rates and appointment time for women only, men by referral

Highlight your wellness business to 80,000 Monday Magazine readers each week. Call Katey at





COCKTAIL OCT 1,2,3. 2011

THE COCKTAIL FESTIVAL CELEBRATING ART, CRAFT, AND TRADITION The Grand Cocktail Tasting #RYSTAL'ARDENs3AT /CTsPM An evening of cocktail sampling introducing nearly 50 different ďŹ&#x201A;avours of the most exciting and colourful cocktails from around the world.




Art of the Cocktail is supported by














MCELHANNEY Consulting is hiring for the following positions in Smithers, BC: - Intermediate Geotechnical and/or Civil Engineer - Intermediate Materials Technician - BCLS or Geomatics Engineering Technologist - Experienced Survey Field Crew - Senior Water Quality Biologist or Environmental Technician View full postings and HR contact info at: or to inquire or apply please contact Smithers Manager Emily Davidson at 250-847-4040.

BC SPECIAL Olympics–Victoria is looking for 10 and 5-pin assistant bowling coaches to assist the head coach with practices, events and planning. Commitment involves weekly practices of 2 to 2.5 hours. Call Volunteer Victoria at 250-3862269.

THE GREATER Victoria Public Library is seeking teen volunteers to help with emerging readers! Time commitment is short term and training is provided. Other opportunities are available! Call Volunteer Victoria at 250-386-2269.

THE SAANICH Peninsula Hospital is seeking volunteers to provide emotional support for patients and families in the Palliative Care Unit. A volunteer Information Session is being held on Monday, September 26th, from 6–8pm. Call Volunteer Victoria at 250-3862269.


SEASONED FIREWOOD Vancouver Island’s largest firewood producer offers firewood legally obtained during forest restoration, large cords, fast delivery. Help restore your forest, or 1877-902-WOOD.

SENIORS ONLY - Cubbon Apartments. We currently have 1 bedrooms starting at $775/month, a 1 bedroom at $1000. Cubbon is pet friendly - cats and small dogs, is close to downtown Victoria, buses and parks. 1035 North Park. Please call 250-383-1162 to view, email: Wetherby Apartments for Seniors, 55+ only please. We currently have 2 bedrooms available starting at $1075 includes hot water. 3205/3215 Wetherby Road. Please call 250598-1650, email Sorry no pets allowed.


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✓ Do you Own a Car? ✓ Borrow up to $20000.00 ✓ No Credit Checks! ✓ Cash same day, local office 250-244-1560 1.877.304.7344


LIMITED TIME offer! Certified Nail Tech. $45 Fullset sculpted French. $35 Newset OPI Gel polish. 250-884-8696 Melissa

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KIND, RETIRED minister, 69, looking for one quiet caring lonely lady for an ever lasting best friend commitment. Reply to Box #7500 C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.

SWM 56 years, no dependents/drugs, social drinker, smoker. Enjoy cooking, movies, carpentry looking for friend/partner 35-45 yrs. Favorite radio 107.3 FM. Reply to Box 6879 c/o Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St, Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.

MWM, 50, 6’, 170 lbs. Seeks female for casual friendship with benefits. Reply to Box #8424 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-3826111.

MALE, 52, on the shy side. Romantic. Enjoy walks on the beach or dining out? Don’t be alone, I’m your guy. Reply to Box #5669 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111 MID 30’S single male 5’10” 155lbs., seeks single female who enjoys music, friendship, food, privacy and more. Reply to Box 2701 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St. , Victoria BC V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

SWM, 62, N/S, honest, fun loving. Looking for female with same for friendship and companionship. Reply to Box #6251 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-3836111. SWM, 64, enjoys concerts, theater, art and life. Looking for female (53-65yrs) with similar interests for friendship and maybe more. Reply to Box #3434 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

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Call 250-388-3535 MOVING & STORAGE AFFORDABLE MOVERS Big or small moves. 250-418-1669 LAST MINUTE Mover. Small move specialist. Call today, move today. 250-383-9217.

SENSUAL, VERY attractive 52 y/o, recently single playmate. Searching for sexy lover to spice up my life. No married men, single men only. Reply to Box # 5127 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.

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OPEN MINDED early 60’s male. Seeks X-dresser for kinky oral fantasies. Discretion a must and assured. Reply to Box #4018 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.

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82.8 ACRES, 300’ lakefront, S Cariboo. Beautiful, pastoral, private, rural setting. Borders crown land. Adjacent 80+ acre parcel available. view/lonebutte/ann/

over 730 local members MEN SEEKING WOMEN



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PETS PETS BOXER PUPPIES Champion European/American bloodlines. Puppies are ready for their new homes. call 250-331-1215

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420.


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RECREATIONAL PROPERTY RARE OPPORTUNITY: waterfront property on beautiful Jim Lake, .83-acre with 360 sq ft insulated cabin, located near Green Lake/Watch Lake (70 Mile House). Rare privacy, only three lots on the lake, good fishing for rainbows to 10 lbs, nice swimming, surrounded by crown land. Great trails for hiking, ATV and snowmobile. Seasonal 10-km back road access in 4x4 or pick-up. FSBO. $230,000. 250-3950599. (Please see

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SPORTS & IMPORTS 1971 JAGUAR XJ6. Sunroof, wire wheels, good value. $12,500. Call (250)592-1670. OKANAGAN’S Largest Used Car Super Store. Always open online at: www.bcmotor 250-545-2206


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SCRAP BATTERIES Wanted! We BUY Scrap Batteries from Cars, Trucks etc. $4.00/ea. & up! Free pick-up Island Wide. Min. 10 (1)250.510.4340 Ask for Brad

AUCTIONS HUGE RESTAURANT AUCTION Deli & Food Services Equipment. Consignments now being accepted. Oct 1, 11am at Dodds Auction, 3311 - 28 Ave Vernon. View photos at 250-5453259

2008 ALTIMA, SL Convenience Package, CTV transmission, leather, sunroof, Bluetooth, Satellite radio etc. 93000 kms, $16000. Call Dave 250-885-9133.


Call 250-388-3535

TRUCKS & VANS 2007 DODGE Dakota, silver, 41,000kms, auto, a/c, cruise. $13,000. Call 250-884-6998.



Consenting Adults 69JAI#BDC96NB6<#8DB'*%")-%"('%&


NIKI * Classy Cougar Wild yet sensual. Experienced, exotic,blue-eyed, natural blonde beauty. 36D-28-36. Full value full time. Toys, lingerie. Discreet downtown location. Mature 40’s. Niki 250-217-3969

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ROSE 250-391-4710



42 yr, 100% Pretty Woman, red hair and brown eyes, friendly, sophisticated & Discreet.

New High-End Service is looking to hire an open-minded couple. Must be clean, professional and personable.

38C-30-38, 5’’4, 150lbs.

250-514-0696 for interview

ADULT MISCELLANEOUS MASSAGE GODDESS Sensual Healer! Classy, sexy, exotic & elegant.



Petite, HOT hardbody brunette. Downtown location.

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Simone 250-888-1210

9am-9pm Daily

Our Place 919 Pandora Avenue Victoria Women’s Transition House 250-385-6611 Women’s Sexual Assault Centre 24 hour crisis & information line 250-383-3232 PEERS 250-388-5325

Make overs, shopping, pedicures and more...

South Island Centre for Counseling & Training 250-472-2851

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Sex Addicts Anonymous Victoria 250-592-1916

Fun Companionship - Out Calls or Downtown Upscale, Endless Free Parking! Hiring Now!

When only the finest will do!

Sensual M2M Massage

Air Conditioned. Always Hiring!


(250) 382-1525

Mindful & Stimulating

Colin: 250-984-7051

Victoria Independent Providers

Fuk-4-Fun 250.385.4386 NEW HOURS! Mon-Sat 9am - LATE! and Sundays 11am - LATE!



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NOW HIRING! F/T, P/T & visiting girls!



Mark 250-686-8969

Extended Time Sessions


St. Vincent de Paul Society 828 View Street

Full Body – Exploring Touch

Rock Bay Landing 535 Ellice St. 250-383-1951


Tantric Submission


Sandy Merriman House 250-480-1408

MEN’S BODYWORK: Feel stimulated & relaxed by experienced strong hands. Swedish, tantric, reflexology.

ANGEL MASSAGE PLUS Niki * 250-217-3969 Sensual bodysage, very discreet. Independent. Natural blonde beauty. Downtown location.

Mustard Seed Food Bank 625 Queens Avenue






Luna Hannah



19 years, 34C-24-36. This gorgeous girl next door knows just what it takes to put you at ease. Dirty blonde hair, sparkling brown eyes and an endearing smile. Once with Vana is never enough.


Rebecca: ... 33yrs ........... ..34DD-23-34 Lindsay: .... 36yrs ...............32B-23-32 Monica ...... 37yrs ...............34C-23-32 Kasey: ....... 22yrs ............... 34D-23-34 Blair .......... 23yrs ............... 34C-24-34 Juliet ......... 19yrs ............... 32C-23-32 Tesla.......... 25yrs .............36DD-25-35 Billi............ 21yrs ...........34C-24-34

Caprice ..... 36yrs ...........34C-23-34 Kenzie ....... 20yrs ...........34B-24-34 Luna .......... 20yrs ...........34C-23-32 Rylie .......... 19yrs ...........34C-24-34 Gerri .......... .38yrs ...........32C-23-32 Kelli: .......... 25yrs ...........34B-23-34 Lexxy:........ 21yrs ............32C-23-32 Alicia: ........ 21yrs ............34B-24-34

VISITING: Bridget, 20 yrs, 34C-24-34 Sep 20-24

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Coupon Valid: SEP 21 - 27 2011 Offer not valid with any other coupon/ discount.

24/7 ★ PRIVATE ★ NON-RUSHED ★ UNLIMITED ★ GFE ★ MASSAGE 250-590-VIPS (8477) or 250-507-2302





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Monday Magazine September 22 - 28, 2011  

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