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Scales need to balance

Fruit for all, if we lend a hand


ruit is falling all around, but ne’er a bite to eat? Not if LifeCycle’s Fruit Tree Project has anything to say about it. Thanks to the group of nonprofit volunteers who make it their business to get sticky, tree owners and fruit enthusiasts alike can get a next-to-free helping hand from those who want to bring fruity goodness to everyone — but they’ll need


your help to do so. The project, now in its 13th year, seeks to match ready-to-burst fruit trees with read-to-wilt fruit lovers. Every fall — peak harvest season in the northwest — the group scrambles to find volunteers willing to pick, and those willing to donate their trees to the cause, which doesn’t come without a healthy reward. For only $5, pickers split up 25 per cent of each pick, while another 25 per cent goes directly to the owners — for a donation only. The final 50 per cent of the fruit is donated equally to downtown food banks like Mustard Seed and the Sandy Merriman house, and to the Fruit Tree’s own store, which makes preserves and fruit products they can sell to fund the project. “It’s a wonderful project, because it can help so many people in so many ways,” says Renate Nahser-Ringer. “It helps people access fresh fruit who otherwise would have no way of doing so, whether that’s someone who can’t afford it, or an elderly person who can’t pick it.” As Nahser-Ringer points out on the website, Victoria was the legendary fruit growing centre of B.C. in the 1800s. While some stately old fruit trees remain — often unkept — in the historical backyards across the city, busy lifestyles have left the wasps to gorge on homegrown fruit, while Victorians bring home bags of Okanagan Granny Smiths. In fall, the group sees between one and three picks a day — including some in the evening — until the end of September. In scarcer months, picks occur from as close as downtown Victoria to as far as Colwood. Right now, Nahser-Ringer says the team is especially seeking “loaded, ripe trees” of plums, pears, figs, apples and quince. To learn more, or to sign up your tree or your hands, visit

DRUGS WITH A HEALING FLARE Gabor Maté believes Ayahuasca and other psychedelic drugs have more of a mission than just one heck of a wild weekend: he says they can aid in the treatment of addiction and some psychoses — and he aims to show Victorians just what he means. Maté, a Canadian physician known for his activism and studies in addiction and mental health, is being brought to Victoria by city councillor Philippe Lucas in an event titled “Out of Mind: The Therapeutic Application of Psychedelics to Treat PTSD and Addictions.” And while some of Maté’s views have hit a controversial nerve with many, the Hungarian-born author has left his mark in human-

ith the Facebook squawk and Twitter squalor that has ignited over former premier Gordon Campbell’s nod to receive the prestigious Order of British Columbia, it might be time to change the voting procedure for such honours. After all, the OBC is awarded on behalf of the people of this province, so why don’t we get a say in who receives it? Naturally, with voter turnout for such important deciGRANT sions as the HST reversal, provincial and national elecMCKENZIE tions hovering at or below the 50 per cent mark, only a few of us would ultimately be making that decision, but editor@ at least the recipients would have to prove their worth. In Campbell’s case, some would argue, as the OBC judges — an advisory council of seven, including the chief justice of B.C., the legislature’s speaker and two past recipients — have done, that his public service is worthy of such an award. And that may be true, except every good deed has to be set on a scale and balanced — and bad deeds tend to weigh more heavily in the public’s eye than a private panel’s. It also doesn’t help that people of privilege — political or otherwise — always tend to get a better break than regular joes. One of the best examples of this two-faced political pandering that a public vote would not put up with is the Order of Canada. In 2009, Canada’s highest civilian honour was revoked from one-legged athlete Steve Fonyo because of multiple criminal convictions. Fonyo received the award for raising more than $13 million for cancer research. However, former newspaper mogul Conrad Black, who was originally convicted in the U.S. in 2007 of fraud and who renounced his Canadian citizenship in a huff a decade ago, continues to wear his award around his beefy neck. If the public had to choose between Fonyo and Black, Conrad would be the first to have his medal stripped and forced to offer a public apology. This blatant favouritism reeks of an old-boys’ network whose time must come to an end. Social networking is just the beginning of this public revolution.


Volunteers with LifeCycles Fruit Tree Project pick from historic old trees, like the ones above in St. Ann’s Academy, and from newer fruit hopefuls.

istic literature, penning four books and two bestsellers, When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress and Scattered Minds: A New Look at the Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder. Maté will be joined by Dr. Rick Doblin, executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies. Lucas decided to bring the two to Victoria in an effort to draw “something novel and cutting edge” to the city’s current viewpoints. “This is something I can confidently say will be the most revolutionary and boundary-pushing event the city will see all year,” says Lucas. “One of the peripheral harms we’ve seen with [drug control] is throwing the baby out with the bath water ... it’s been great to see a resurgence in the study of therapy drugs to treat these disorders.” Doblin has done extensive research on the affect MDMA and cannabis have on individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, addictions and more. Currently, Lucas is coordinating a study into Maté’s addictions retreats to see the affect such therapies have on recovering individuals, especially months post-treatment. Maté and Doblin will speak Tuesday, Sept. 13, 7:30 to 9 p.m. at Alix Goolden Hall (907 Pandora). Tickets $20 at Sacred Herb, $25 at the door. Students $10.

SPEAKING OF RETREATS For those interested in getting away from all the craziness of a city, this week marks “Wired Words — A Writers’ Festival In New Media.” The first annual Federation of BC Writers festival will be held at the Maritime Museum’s courtroom on Saturday, Sept. 10, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Writers of all genres (emerging or professional) are invited to register for this full day of seminars on social media and new technological opportunities for writers. Visit for more. M

SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD October Song: Bonnie Ste-Croix For easy-listening, Canadian pride, you can’t go wrong with Bonnie Ste-Croix’s Canadian Girl. Having spent considerable time on both coasts, Ste-Croix gathers some of Canada’s best musicians and singers to contribute to a wonderful folk album that uniquely celebrates each province. “October Song” is B.C.’s entry and features such provincial talents as Shari Ulrich and her daughter, Julia Graff, plus Bill Buckingham, Robbie Steininger and Graeme Coleman. Vancouver’s Stephen Fearing also pops by. M



TELUS MAKES A DIFFERENCE A good grade goes to the TELUS Victoria Community Board that donated $50,000 to Discovery School so that its students with learning disabilities can continue on to Grades 10 - 12.

GO GO GRANNIES GO Beginning Sept. 9, 23 grandmothers and grand-others will again pedal 280 kms from Campbell River to Victoria to raise money for African grandmothers who are caring for orphaned grandchildren.

NO EXCUSE TO DRINK AND DRIVE A fail grade to anyone who attends the Great Canadian Beer Festival and decides to drive themselves home after sampling. An A+ to those who use the festival’s generous free bus pass.



Join us for our grand opening event! Saturday, September 17 from 10-5:30 Vegan treats and cool drinks • In store promotions • Prize draws


Ethical fashion - renew your conscience, shed your skin. Be the change.


Rebel - by Cri de Coeur. As seen in InStyle Magazine.

ethically conscious fashion





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VOL. 37, NO.36 Sept. 8 - 14, 2011





















CITYSOMETHING Artists celebrate Rifflandia BEER The Great Canadian Beer Festival excites brewers


BOOKS Anarchist fair aims to promote social justice


FILM & LIBATION Moody thriller is a thought-provoking actor's movie





DOTS rally to raise awareness for those affected by suicide —1,200 Victorians needed to link hospital to legislature.


Detoxify and feel great in 12 day’s with Canada’s #1 selling kit. Internal cleansing is the keystone to good health maintenance. The kit includes dietary guidelines and an easy meal plan.





The city’s biggest public market and food-fest is coming our way.

Pete McKay prepares to perform laser treatment to remove or fade unwanted tattoos. Like yesterday’s love of your life, not every tattoo is meant to last forever.

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Green story

cused care fo u s e s h lt a e gy & h t camp echnolo s a v a il a b le a taught by t , s s e sizes busin ogram u, Seekingr s . O v e r 5 5 p rve small classa match for yo e t lo e S t t k e U s li g MP go. Mu nds toria CA Canada this sou across instructors. If SE at our Vic U industry r an OPEN HO join us fo E:

OUS m OPEN 4H:00 pm - 7:00 p

h, ber 14t ictoria a Septem Road, V s ollege.c g in K ver.cdic 950 4.1247 .877.40

o or disc


Re: Green Crows, Sept. 1-7 A huge thank you to Tim Collins for introducing us to some of our people who, indeed, help with the greening of Victoria while eeking out a small living. They are not "the" homeless. They are people who happen not to have homes and who do have stories. Thank you to Monday for making it your front page story. JOANNA WILKINSON, VICTORIA

Courageous CDICollege CDICollege CDICareerCollege

Unemployed and not an EI client? Or employed but low-skilled?

Re: Fantasy Girl: One year later, Aug. 25-31 That takes a lot of courage girl, well done. Perhaps someday the world's oldest profession will also be a well-respected one. People like you are taking steps to make that a reality. Someday soon I hope we will tackle the laws that are victimizing and compromising the safety of sex workers. K.J. DAKIN, VANCOUVER

Loving LAT Re: Couple rebellion in time for school, Sept. 1-7 I just read with great joy and interest about

the Living Apart Together project. Cora, 70, living in Vancouver and myself, 73, living in Victoria have been doing LAT for 6 years now. We also have difficulty explaining our situation to others. Added benefits of LAT for us: We get together at least twice a month, we call these our "honeymoons." Most people have only one or two honeymoons, not us. Every gettogether is a honeymoon.

We Know Yoga…

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At no charge! Funding provided through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement For more information please contact us – seats are limited. 250-391-2600 ext. 4773 or 4808 will, too!

10th ANNIVERSARY OPEN HOUSE SAT SEPT 10 11 – 12 12 – 1 1–2 2–3

Free Intro Class Free Intro Class Chanting with Bhavantu Sound Philosophy with Shirley Daventry French & Dr. Derek French 3 – 3:30 Anniversary and Birthday social Indian Chai Tea & homemade cookies served all day! All events are Free.

When we part, we enjoy the pain of separation, oh, how we miss each other. The ache of missing each is great for our

relationship. When apart, we communicate more in one day, everyday, than most couples do in a month. Daily; we skype, e-mail, phone, text each other many times a day. When we approach meeting again, we are so filled with excitement and anticipation of getting together, repeatedly, twice a month. At our age, we have forgotten that we are not teenagers. Nothing routine, humdrum, same old, default positioning for us! ERNIE TADLA AND CORA MEEKS, VICTORIA/VANCOUVER

Correction Walt McGinnis' letter - Odd perception of reality, Sept. 1-7 - contained incorrect information. From its establishment in 1989 until its incorporation in 2001, Accenture, then known as Andersen Consulting, was an entirely separate legal entity from Enron’s auditor firm, Arthur Andersen and operated completely independently from that company. The suggestion that Accenture and/or Andersen Consulting was involved in any way in the Enron scandal has been clearly demonstrated to be false. Accenture (ACN NYSE) is a global management consulting and technology services company with 223,000 employees worldwide, which does not now, and has never, engaged in the practice of public accounting. Monday Magazine regrets any inconvenience.

African Music is for Everyone! Experience the joyous rhythms and melodies of Southern Africa! Beginners welcome! Instruments provided. New workshops / classes with Ted Wright (Marimba Muzuva) begins this Fall. Info: 250-737-1331 or

The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Victoria is a registered charity dedicated to physical, mental, and spiritual growth by the study and discipline of yoga since 1976.




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Community Music.




Campbell retains power to inspire outrage week ago, the Order of B.C. was about as newsworthy as this year’s flower count. Then it was announced that the “OBC” would be awarded to former premier Gordon Campbell. A court of social media opinion was quickly convened. The verdict?


Unworthy! It seems that Campbell, who has packed his bags for a cushy new diplomatic gig in Britain, retains the power to inspire outrage. The announcement quickly spawned two Facebook petitions and a Twitter account all dedicated to denying him his going away present. One of the online petitions argues that nominations for the 2011 OBC awards closed March 10, four days before Campbell actually resigned his Vancouver-Point Grey seat. The rules state that a nominee must not be a sitting politician. That is really splitting hairs, but that’s what happens when it is announced that a suspect body of political work and a less than stellar example of good character are deemed worthy of such high praise. In judging Campbell’s worthiness few

How do you plan to spend the last days of summer? I’m going to Seattle to the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) with friends.

forget his last two years in office, two sonable step for me to take.” years of costly turmoil rooted in his arroIf and when Campbell receives his gant belief that election commitments OBC he will be joined at the altar of about taxation policy and the attendant public service by his former winger Ken obligation to consult with the public were Dobell ... another bulletproof servant of fetters to be borne by lesser political the people unaffected by his brush with mortals. the legal system. However, the good folks who bestow In 2008, the former deputy minister to the Order have embraced a lower thresh- Campbell was charged with violating the old. In 2011, a brush with the law seems Lobbyists Registration Act for failing to to be the ticket to ride the register as a lobbyist withOBC red carpet. in the required time when The good After all, this is the prehe took a contract with the mier who was arrested in folks who City of Vancouver. Dobell 2003 for martini and wine acknowledged the offence bestow the fuelled drunk driving on and agreed to repay nearly Order have Maui. That spree landed $7,000 in fees. embraced him in a jail cell for eight I checked the OBC list hours. He was fined $500 and found several ex-pola lower for driving under the iticians who really deserve threshold. In influence, $50 for driving to be there by virtue of 2011, a brush on the wrong side of the their public service and road, another $50 for distheir good works outside with the law regarding lane markings politics. I found names like seems to be and $125 for speeding. Rosemary Brown, Garde the ticket to In the months between Gardom, Gordon Gibson, his arrest and the levying Grace McCarthy and Dr. ride the OBC of these fines Campbell Pat McGeer. red carpet. did not see any need to One name I could not step aside from his duties find was that of former as premier even though premier Mike Harcourt, a as opposition leader in the mid-1990s very decent man who has continued to he had called for more than one NDP serve B.C. with quiet, earnest distinction MLA to step aside while they were being even after his near fatal fall from his deck investigated for various unfounded con- on Pender Island. flicts. At the time he said: “If I were being And, unlike Campbell, Harcourt was investigated, I think that would be a rea- never convicted of wrongdoing. M


I’m actually working. I don’t go camping or anything like that, so nothing. BRENDA TURNER, Saanich

Making up for lost time and catching some rays! DEVAN CARTER, Victoria

Volunteering, playing, getting ready for school in psychotherapy. CORI D’AMBRUMENIL, Victoria


If you’d like to participate in Street Smarts, contact

Newly wed, nearly dead and very weird


The rest is that when you get right down to it this city is deeply, unabashedly strange. The capital has a thriving kink community, a huge music, theatre, arts scene and an established radical community ranging from anarchists and antipoverty groups to anti-prohibition activists. We have more weird people per capita than cities three or four times our size, and these communities overlap and support eachbother. That’s how the Anarchist Book Fair remains a staple in our city. Unfortunately, this answer begs other questions. How, in the kitsch and cardboard of the capital, have we managed to stay this weird? How, vibrant as it is, can the alternative community be so consistently undervalued and ignored in favour of our safe old flowers and golf image? How is it that venues for alternative art and music continue to disappear? How is it that events as successful as the Victoria Electronic Music Festival face new difficulties every year? These, I can’t answer. More and more, the organizers of events like the Victoria Anarchist Book Fair are unable to lean on the broader community for support. We rely on a whole range of punks, artists, and weirdos to keep The Capital interesting, creative, and yes a little radical. Perhaps they should be able to rely on us more often. M


Do you leave bottles out for the Green Crows? I save them for other charities




his week marks the latest installment in a Victoria tradition: The Festival of Anarchy. The festival revolves around the Anarchist Book Fair, a two-day event that goes well beyond just books: a glance at this year’s brochure yields a screening of If a Tree Falls: A Story of the ELF; radical poetry and story nights; and workshops by primitivist SIMON writer John Zerzan, musician/author/acNATTRASS tivist Margaret Killjoy, and the local IWW. snattrass@ I attend and enjoy the book fair every year — but every year I leave with a question: how, in a city famed for embracing the newly wed and nearly dead, does an entire festival of counter-culture not only sustain itself but expand outward to include the entire Pacific Northwest? Certainly the book fair’s organizers have worked hard for their success. Days before the festival, they were busy making signs and placing the finishing touches on a year’s worth of work, which begins all over again after next week. They’re part of the answer.

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NEWS & VIEWS > Eat Here Now Fest hopes to show Victorians crave year-round market ORGANIZERS AIM TO OFFER LOCAL CROPS SEVEN DAYS A WEEK By Danielle Pope

touchable sea life tanks, bouncy play areas and more. “What we want is to show that Victoria is ready ictorians, get ready to stuff your faces. to support a seven-day-a-week, local food market, The city’s biggest public market and food- right in the heart of downtown,â€? says Lucas. “Last fest is coming your way this week, and year we had so many farmers and locals asking us, everything will be ripe for the picking. ‘Why can’t we do this all the time?’ And we can.â€? Thanks to the Victoria Downtown The festival itself is free to all, though there is a Public Market Society (VDPMS), the second-annual charge of “a buck a biteâ€? for the samples, and a $15 Eat Here Now Fest Victoria Harvest Food Festival will fee for entering the unlimited wine/beer/cider/ be blooming from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Centennial mead tasting area. And while the goal of the market Square this Sunday, Sept. 11. is to bring local farmers as direct a The VDPMS was able to host profit as possible — tables for food INFO the first-ever monthly winter marproducers are only $25, and $50 For more info, kets in Market Square this year, folfor retailers — half the proceeds or to sign up to lowed with a by-demand monthly from the samples will go toward volunteer, visit summer market, which wrapped the VDPMS. victoriapublicmarket. up on Aug. 28. While residents will The group plans to fund a study have to wait a few months for the com, search the “Eat on what local residents and farmers winter market to begin again, city hope to see in a permanent, sevenHere Now: Victoria councillor and VDPMS organizer day downtown market, which will Harvest Fest 2011â€? Philippe Lucas says the festival is then be used to seek further fundFacebook page, or a great tribute to those wanting to ing. While the VDPMS received follow the group’s celebrate the region’s fall crops and a grant of $10,000 from the city Twitter feed: @ food security potential. this year, Lucas says it still takes VicPubMark. “We’re really pleased with this approximately $6,000 to $8,000 to year’s turn out,â€? says Lucas. “We’re host the festival, which is entirely offering extremely high-quality products, 20 extra volunteer-run. vendors, great local musical entertainment and When it comes to support for the market and new kids-focused areas ‌ If you can let farmers festival, none may be more enthusiastic than the know there is a consistent place to buy and sell their farmers who make up so many of the booths. goods, they will provide. We want to create that Evenly Pereira from Terra Nossa Family Farm, a direct opportunity and we need infrastructure to 26-acre family farm located in the Cowichan Valley, support that.â€? says she couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of the While last year’s fest saw nearly 5,000 patrons, festival for a second year in a row. While the farm with more planning time and better advertising can often be found at the Moss Street Market each Lucas says he’s expecting thousands more to hit this week, Pereira says the Eat Here Now fest is a special year’s event. And while last year saw an impressive opportunity to raise their profile in the community. number of vendors, this year the VDPMS has signed “I always get excited when I hear about events up 13 restaurant retailers (who plan on offering 500 going on in Victoria, but as a farmer you never know tastings), dozens of local produce providers along if it’s going to be a waste of your time or what. Last with bakeries and butchers, as well as 12 wine and year’s event was blow-away incredible, though,â€? brewery tables. says Pereira. “We’re bringing two or even three The kids areas will offer exploratory workshops, freezers full of meat this time.â€? M


Taoist Tai Chi


Internal Arts and Methods taijiquan, liuhebafa, sword, sabre, chanting, meditation

Eco-cyclists on cross-country trek


By Danielle Pope



inding a cause you really believe in can be hard, but one Victoria native and one Aussie are making tough activist work look easy. Jaime Hall and Nigel Jackett are so committed to supporting the Ancient Forest Alliance, they’ve dedicated six months of their lives and $10,000 of personal funds to cycle 7,500 kilometres across Canada to raise awareness for the AFA’s Vancouver Island cause. Last May, the two flew from their home in Australia to start the trip in St. John’s, N.L., and they’re set on raising $10,000 by the time they cycle into Victoria this fall. Cycling across Canada “has been a dream of mine for a long time, but we just needed to find the right reason to do it,� says Hall, 25, a musician who grew up here. “There are so many issues out west that a lot of the country doesn’t know about, even though it affects us all. This has been a wonderful way to spread that knowledge.� The two are linking their adventures with the audience through their blog,, and have requested pledges every time they spot a new species of bird. When Monday first talked to the pair, they had spotted 168 species and had raised $1,300 — and they’d only reached New Brunswick. Now, they’ve counted 240 different birds, and have topped $2,140 in Ontario. “Ken Wu and the Ancient Forest Alliance have


put such a lot of work into this really great, passionate organization, and we thought that donating our cause to them was a perfect fit,� says Jackett, 27, a bird biologist from Australia who studied and surveyed for the B.C. government on Vancouver Island. Ken Wu, founder of the AFA, says the organization is thrilled with the committed support, as well as the way Hall and Jackett are working to raise awareness to issues that can be hidden from the rest of the country. Hall met Wu about five years ago, and the two have conversed on wilderness and ecoawareness matters ever since. “Their goal is to raise $10,000 for us, which would be huge, as in 2010 we ran the whole organization on just over $50,000,� says Wu. “We’re totally grateful to have as informed and dedicated supporters as Jaime and Nigel helping to raise funds and awareness for our campaign.� This year, the AFA has been focused on working with the Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group, a First Nations band between Shawnigan Lake and Nanaimo, in their bid to stop large-scale clearcutting of the former TimberWest lands — lands which were sold to two public sector pension funds without consultation of local First Nations. The AFA has also kept up awareness hikes for Avatar Grove, the Port Renfrew forest that largely put the group in public radar, and has been planning a major rally for September. M To make a donation or download Hall’s by-donation songs, visit


DOTS rally holds out hands for those affected by suicide



mourn that [suicidal] passing the way we are other deaths,� says Oliver. “We are so scared to talk about it, and we’re worried about hurting our loved ones’ ean Oliver is asking 1,200 Victorians to hold reputations if people find out what happened, but we her hand — or at least each other’s hands. have to realize their lives meant something, and they Oliver has initiated the first-annual Victoria deserved to be celebrated — they mattered.� human chain rally titled “Connect the DOTS: Oliver is a single mother of two boys and has been for Development of Treatment Services for fighting her own battle with depression and suicide Mental Health,� in an effort to show people affected for over six years after an accident left her unable to by suicide that there are, literally, hundreds of people work. As Monday first reported in June, Oliver startin your own back yard who care. ed cutting herself and has survived The rally is set to take place on four suicide attempts using alcohol World Suicide Prevention Day, at and pills. She tried to check herself MORE INFO 10:30 a.m. this Saturday, Sept. 10, into the hospital three times, and Facebook page: at the corner of Fort and Richmond. was rejected each time. “Development of Gatherers will link hands all the Oliver is now in recovery, avoids Treatment Services way from Royal Jubilee Hospital’s mood-altering substances — even DOTS BC,� or email mental health ward down to the coffee and sugar — and keeps herbcdots@gmail. legislature buildings in a symbolic self busy to avoid “the wolves at her com. For resources, move to show how broken the path back.� Still, she knows thousands of visit the Canadian is between provincial legislation and Canadians are worse off than her. Association for the B.C. health system — as well Over 3,700 people die by suicide Suicide Prevention: as how we can mend it. But while each year in Canada, with one child Oliver knows it would take 1,200 (age 12 to 18) dying by suicide every people to line the streets between day. Since the initial article, Oliver the hospital and downtown, she’s has been contacted by dozens of got a back-up plan if fewer show up: the group will residents telling her their own story and looking for march to the legislature themselves. help. She directs them to crisis line support, but says “When someone calls out for help, we need to there is an overall lack of resources. respond quickly,� says Oliver, 52, who has battled sui“At the end of the rally we are mailing the mescide herself and within her family. “I need people to sages, along with a call to government for our poliknow that there are so many out there who care, and ticians to stand up for people who are begging I don’t know how else to do that but to show them we for help,� says Oliver. “We want these four points: are all standing right here for them.� one, provide access to emergency services for every The rally, which Oliver has been planning since request, regardless of the evaluation; two, provide June, is meant as both a tribute to those lost to sui- a bed to patients who have to wait more than four cide, as well as a call of support for those currently hours in a mental health ward; three, provide fundsuffering from suicidal thoughts. Each participant ing for those who need psychotherapy by a registered will be given a DOTS sticker to wear during the chain psychotherapist; four, build a cohesive strategy for and to write a tribute message to a loved one lost, or suicide prevention, which may be initiated as soon as surviving. The group will convene at the legislature help is sought.� at noon, where a special commemoration ceremony This year, Oliver secured rally funding from the will take place honouring those who lost their strug- Camosun College Student Society, where she studgle, followed by guest speakers, including Victoria ies. She’s hoping the event will be such a success MP Denise Savoie. that next year DOTS can register as a non-profit “The saddest thing is that we are not allowed to society. M




You are invited to join us at

Everything Wine’s

WIN tickets to

KIKEYAMBAY Afro-Beat Orchestra Metropolis 603 Pandora St. Doors 9pm

FRIDAY SEPT 16 High Tide Entertainment Monday Magazine

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Uncorked & Unveiled Bridal Show Sunday, September 11 11am - 4pm

This fun event will save you time and stress by bringing together some of the ďŹ nest wedding professionals. Compare prices & services, register for prizes, try samples and get great ideas. Plus, you will meet wine experts and enjoy wine tastings! Our wine specialists will be happy to help you plan your wedding wines (what to pair with your meal and how much to purchase). All brides receive a complimentary gift bag and the chance to win amazing door prizes from our sponsors and exhibitors! Must be 19 years of age to attend. Tickets available at Everything Wine In advance $10 • At the door $15 131- 2401 C Millstream Road, Langford Millstream Village (opposite Home Depot) 250.474.3959 Hurry! – Tickets Still Available! MONDAY MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 8 - 14, 2011





n 2009, Mattel released Totally Stylin Tattoos Barbie, complete with 40 tattoo stamps, one of which is a heart with “Ken� written on it, in the form of the popular lower-back tattoo more commonly known as a tramp stamp. Today, the tramp stamp is (almost) a thing of the past. “It seems like girls are getting rib tattoos now instead,� says Gerry Kramer, owner of Tattoo Zoo on Wharf Street. “We’ll do MARY ELLEN GREEN about one lower-back tattoo this year, where it used to be about two a week,� says Kramer. That’s what Pete McKay is banking on. After opening New Skin Laser Tattoo Removal from a rented room at Urge Tattoos on Cook Street, the heavily tattooed, certified laser specialist is hoping he’ll encounter some of those embarrassed by their mark of supposed promiscuity on “tramp stamp Tuesdays�. “I’m offering a 25-per-cent discount to those wanting to get their lower-back tattoo removed on Tuesdays,� he says, then laughs. “It’s funny NICKY NADEAU

‚ Pete McKay performs laser treatment.

though, I’ve seen way more men come in for the discount than women.� But the bulk of McKay’s work is for people who want their old tattoo’s lines and shading to fade, so they can revise or replace a tattoo they no longer want. “I’m seeing lots of people with names, wedding bands and tribal tattoos that were popular in the ’90s coming in. Now that it’s 2011, people aren’t as fond of those tattoos anymore and are looking to get them removed or faded so they can get them covered up with something more relevant to their lives today,� he says. “I’m not here to get rid of tattoos. I’m here to help people get the best possible tattoo they can get.� McKay also offers a 25 per cent discount on removal of all ocean themed tattoos on Free the Dolphin Friday. For those more comfortable in a spa setting, Victoria has other removal options, too. Cosmedica Laser Centre on Fort Street, for instance, uses seven distinct lasers that can treat intricate tattoos with many colours. Dr. Mark Lupin is a dermatologist who specializes in laser medicine with additional training in neurology. Like McKay, he uses Q-switched lasers that are capable of emitting different levels of energy and light pulses to target certain tattoo pigments. Marilia Silva-Brand, owner and registered clinical esthetician at Age Less Age Well Medi Spas, offers three different types of tattoo removal.


Offering the most experience and the widest selection of laser systems on Vancouver Island including the RevliteÂŽ and AccoladeÂŽ lasers. Cosmedica can effectively target the multiple colours of tattoo ink to remove tattoos safely and effectively. Whether you wish to remove


af ter

or simply fade a tattoo, call today for a complimentary consultation. Proud supporter of




NEWS & VIEWS > OFF THE FRONT Continued from Page 10 “Because body tattoos use an ink with vegetable pigment, and face tattoos like permanent make-up use a mineral pigment, we need a different process to remove facial tattoos. Our mechanical-chemical removal process is ideal for the removal of facial tattoos where lasers wouldn’t work,” Silva-Brand says. With more than 25 years experience working with skin, Silva-Brand warns that because of little regulation, finding the right person and process to remove your tattoo can be daunting. “You have to ask the right questions,” she says. “It’s all about buyer beware. I’m not saying I’m the only one doing it well, but I do take my ongoing training very seriously. It’s impossible to know all the intricacies of the skin with a week’s training.” Tattoo removal is also a lengthy and often expensive process. “Although not as painful as receiving a tattoo, laser removal can be uncomfortable, for sure,” says McKay. Complete removal can take up to 15 treatments. M


Pete McKay at New Skin Laser Tattoo Removal performs the second laser treatment to remove three star tattoos from Naomi Poier’s arm. Poier wants the tattoos gone so she can feel free to wear short sleeves at work.




Q Spend some time researching the establishment. “Find out what kind of machine they’re using,” McKay says. “If it’s not a Q-switched laser, don’t go.” Q Find out how much training they have on their equipment. Some practitioners purchased their

Think you’re punny? Have a talent for making costumes?

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equipment for hair removal or skin resurfacing and only later decide to pursue tattoo removal clients. Q “Find out if they went to school for it specifically,” McKay says. “Are they accredited on their machine?”

Part of your brain “lights up” when you experience beauty. It’s OK to leave the lights on.





Creative Works Photography and Victoria Women’s Transition House Society hope you will join our Team in sharing in pun giggles and groans. Your partnership will help spread the message that violence and abuse have no place in the family or society.

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Experience something beautiful today.

NEW Fall 2011 course calendar.


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250-475-3332 •

















City Something






2011 HOUSE TOUR ake advantage of a rare opportunity to visit custom-built homes in Victoria at the 2011 House Tour, hosted by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. This year, six dream homes, all built to the specifications of their owners, will be open to tour. Included are: a family-friendly live/work home, two homes planned for future retirement needs, and a Belgian-inspired Uplands estate. Remarkable custom design features include a one-ofa-kind underground showcase for collector cars, complete with auto elevator. The tour


also features live demonstrations by eight local artists, including painters Adelle Andrew, Robert Amos, Nixie Barton and Grant Leier, Manon Elder, Joan Pattee and Blu Smith, as well as ceramic artist Sam Dickie. The House Tour is one of the largest fundraisers for the Gallery Associates, with proceeds going to support the AGGV's exhibitions and programming. Tickets are $40 and are available at the AGGV on Moss Street, Peninsula Gallery in Sidney and all three Garden Works locations. As an added bonus this year, each ticket purchased can be used for two-for-one admission at the AGGV. M




Local artist Matt Salik created this poster for the Cave Singers's performance at Rifflandia.

LIVE! STOCK POSTER EXHIBITION etting excited for the fourth annual Rifflandia Festival? Get your fix at Olio Artists and Workers Cooperative. Each weekend between noon and 6 pm. until Oct. 10, the doors will be open to view the exhibition of 12 local artists’ screenprints celebrating this year’s festival lineup. Although many artists applied, there were only 12 spots. Artists include: Tim Huesken, AwolNation; Ryan Thompson,


he Victoria Conservatory of Music (900 Johnson) is opening its doors to the public Sat., Sept. 10, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for an open house. Take a free mini-lesson, meet instructors, visit practice rooms and performance halls. Find out about instrument rentals, music programs and options. Enjoy live entertainment, take part in the instrument petting zoo, and enter to win a semester of free half-hour lessons. Visit the Children’s Music Department and let your kids have fun experiencing classes like “Drums, Pots and Pans” and “Wee Folks Glee Club.” Free. M


City & Colour; Evan Pine, J Mascis; Caitlin Gallupe, De La Soul; Shawn O’Keefe, Blackalicious; Ahmed Sidky, Tokimonsta; Luke Ramsey, Broken Social Scene; Carlin Bennett, Araab Musik; Joey MacDonald, Besnard Lakes; Matt Salik, the Cave Singers; Matt Cecill, Gomez and Sean Brookes, Sage Francis. Olio Artist and Workers Collective is at 614 1/2 Fisgard St. M SANDY HENDERSON

9/9 CLUB 9ONE9 ome of Canada’s finest electronic musicians, the Handsome Furs, are making a stop in Victoria at Club 9one9, Fri., Sept. 9 alongside Portland’s Talkdemonic and locals Kingdome Cloud. The Handsome Furs Dan Boeckner (formerly of Wolf Parade) and Alexei Perry are promoting their third album, Sound Kapital. Talkdemonic duo Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro are also promoting a new album, Ruins, due to be released Oct. 4. This is an early show with doors at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $18 in advance and are available at fb/3745535. M



Montreal's the Handsome Furs are playing Club 9one9 on Sept. 9 with Portland's Talkdemonic. [12] MONDAY MAGAZINE

SEPTEMBER 8 - 14, 2011

THE UNDERLYING SPIRIT OF EMILY CARR CONTEST & SHOW rom 168 entries, first stage judging has resulted in 40 works being selected for final judging and showing at Madrona Gallery, opening Sept. 9 at 7 p.m. The panel of distinguished judges (Kerry Mason, Martin Segger, Fran Willis and Jan Ross) will be selecting first, second and third prizes on the day of the opening. Sponsored by the Victoria College of Art with assistance from the British Columbia Arts Council and Madrona Gallery, first prize is $1,000, second prize is $500 and third prize is $250. All works will be for sale. M


SATURDAY Brody Buckles' Cambrian Radiation.


It’s About Time.




IT’S A NEW ERA OF URBAN LIVING There comes a time when everything falls into place. When you finally discover a home in sync with your style. Where all elements are aligned: downtown location, quality concrete construction and attainable price. Living at Era gives you the gift of time. You’ll have more of it because living downtown means that everything is at your doorstep. Located in the heart of the city, just where you have always aspired to live, Era is built by award-winning Concert, a developer who has earned a reputation for excellence in Victoria and across Canada. Whether you want to start building your own equity, have the convenience of a second home downtown, or add a great investment to your portfolio, Era offers an opportunity of a lifetime – the best new home value in downtown Victoria.

MOST HOMES PRICED FROM $198,900 – $398,900 Spacious studio to 2 bedroom and den urban flats

*Mortgage based on 10% down, 3.95% interest rate. O.A.C.


ON St.




AS St.



This is not an offering for sale. Such offering may be made by Disclosure Statement only. E.&O.E. MONDAY MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 8 - 14, 2011


MONDAY GUIDE > ARTS & CULTURE BEERFEST SURVIVAL GUIDE There are two ways to approach beer festivals: a great chance to sample a wide variety of craft beers or an opportunity to drink a lot of beer. The latter you can do at home. “I've been going to beer festivals for almost 20 years,� say Don Bradley, owner of Moon Under Water Brewpub. “It's supposed to be about the beer!� The massive selection of beers to try can be — no, it will be — overwhelming. Here are a few tips to make your beerfest experience a memorable one. 1. Have a plan. Take a glance at the beer list and make a few notes. Which styles would you like to try? Be sure to try your listed beers first, before grazing the field. 2. Have a decent meal. Things will not end well if you arrive with an empty stomach. Food will also be available there — enjoy it. 3. Stay hydrated. There will be plenty of water coolers around — use

them. Alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration and a nasty hangover. 4. Take notes. A simple “beer X=awesome, beer Y=not for me� will be enough to help you remember what you’ve sampled. Trust me, you will forget which beers you enjoyed. 5. Don't be shy. Talk with strangers. Chris Graham, brewer at Vancouver Island Brewery, says, “I like standing around anonymously and watching people’s reaction to my beer,� he says. “I get an honest opinion and learn a lot from what they say.� 6. Know your limits. There will be lots of great craft beers to try; you don't need to try them all at once. Listen to your body, if you are feeling over-imbibed take a break. Don’t be afraid to dump out beer that you’re tired of or don’t particularly care for. 7. Plan for a safe trip home. Your ticket includes a free bus ride home. 8. Have fun and try something new. — Ian Lloyd ( and


Greta Hodgkinson and Aleksandar Antonijevic in Crystal Pite’s Emergence. Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann

Get in the Door for $25

g Openin Night Gala Opening Night meet Karen Kain at the Fairmount Empress Hotel. Info + Tickets at GAL A SPONSOR


The National Ballet of Canada Canada’s premiere dance company in an unforgettable performance “Kick-ass choreography with attitude‌â€? – Globe & Mail

September ď˜şď˜ż + ď˜şď™€

Great Canadian Beer Festival is paradise for brew lovers BREWERS PUSH THEIR CREATIVE LIMITS FOR CONNOISSEURS By Dan Lett Special to Monday

ead down to Victoria’s Royal Athletic Park this weekend and you could well encounter a Honey Badger, a Talking Dog, or even a Tricerahops. No, these are not creatures from some genetically-modiďŹ ed travelling zoo, but three of the more creativelynamed beers available for your tasting pleasure at the 2011 Great Canadian Beer Festival. Canada’s biggest celebration of beer turns 19 this year. On Friday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday from noon to 6 p.m., over 60 brewers will be pouring into Victoria from as far away as New York and San Diego, with a particularly strong showing from “Cask-adiaâ€? — the brewer’s paradise encompassing British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. Adding gloss to an already prestigious lineup, there will be festival debuts from celebrated U.S. brewers Sierra Nevada, Stone and New Belgium (among others). The main business of any such festival is good quality sud-sampling, so it is a matter of pride for GCBF Chairperson Gerry Hieter that attendees will be able to choose from over 200 carefully crafted beers, 32 cask-conditioned ales, and at least 17 unique beer styles. But Hieter is quick to stress that the festival is about more than just good grog. “One of the most rewarding things about the event is that it draws attention to the skill and passion of the brewers,â€? he says. “These are craftspeople who continually excel and innovate in a brewing tradition that goes back thousands of years.â€? One example of this innovation is the emerging Cascadian Dark Ale — a beer with the colour and richness of porter, but the hoppy bitterness of an India pale ale. Two examples of this style will be on offer, alongside other delicacies including potato ale, coconut wheat beer, chipotle ale and several decadent chocolate stouts. Further emphasizing the artisanal values promoted by the GCBF, the festival will feature live brewing demonstrations. Members of the recently-formed Vancouver Island homebrewers’ guild (BrewVIC) will be offering festival-goers a hands-on experience of brewing beer in the craft tradition. BrewVIC founder Dave Shaykewich will guide newcomers through the mysterious arts of mashing, sparging, and lautering. “We want to show that brewing is a very simple process that anyone can do with some basic equipment. Once you get the brewing bug it can be addictive: the excitement of trying out new recipes and styles, the anticipation of fermentation as you wait to see how the beer turned out. Every beer lover should try it,â€? says Shaykewich. There is certainly no shortage of beer lovers: the festival typically sells out within hours (this year already has), which gives local brewers a chance to win over new fans. Vancouver Island brewer Chris Graham always seizes the opportunity to push the creative limits and challenge the crowd. “We are bringing some adventurous casks for connoisseurs,â€? he says. Envelope-pushing beers are difficult to squeeze into a brewery’s regular production schedule, so festivals are an essential sandbox for testing the



Royal Theatre • ď˜ż:ď˜ťď˜š pm

Dan Lett writes about beer at smallbeerblog.blogspot. com, and


McPherson Box OďŹƒce: ď˜şď˜˝ď˜š-ď˜ťď™€ď˜ž-ď˜žď›œď˜şď›œ Online: SPONSORS


1150 Cook St. Victoria, BC 250-385-4747 [14]

potential of new styles. Others brewers, such as Driftwood Brewery’s Jason Meyer, treasure the camaraderie and the chance to see what their peers are brewing. “We wish we could get to more festivals, but brewing can be all-absorbing,� says Meyer. “The great thing about the GCBF being on our doorstep is that we get to relax a little, knock a few back with the local brewers, catch up with guys from further afield, and see what everyone’s doing.� Don Bradley from local brewpub The Moon Under Water is similarly-inclined: “I love seeing what others are getting up to. I’m a bit of a beer purist and I’m looking forward to tasting bitters.� Providing something for everyone is a priority for Gerry Hieter and other GCBF organizers, who have honed the entertainment options. “This year we’ve focused on smaller acts that work better for people as they wander from stall to stall: magicians and buskertype acts,� says Hieter. Over the past 19 years, the GCBF has raised over $150,000 for various local charities. This year’s proceeds will benefit the CFAX Santa’s Anonymous charity. The organizers are keen to help a community that has been very supportive of the festival over the years. But there are simple ways attendees can help the festival continue, reminds Hieter: “While we are delighted that so many people enjoy what we do, the spirit of craft beer is about quality rather than quantity. Public drunkenness is definitely something we are keen to discourage, and the penalties we face as an organization can be pretty severe. Folks, enjoy the day, savour the beer, but please stay hydrated, eat well, and make sure you have a safe way to get home.� M



  ! " #


Anarchist fair aims to promote social justice

“Go” is the shortest complete sentence in the English language. Sometimes a little can mean a whole lot.


ictoria, get ready for some anarchy. The sixth annual Victoria Anarchist Bookfair is bringing together more than 40 booksellers, presses, zine makers and artists from all over North America and abroad, as well as affiliate groups Camas Books and Infoshop, the Victoria Anarchist Reading Circle, Solstice Café, Black Raven Records, UVic Anarchist Archive, Victoria Street Newz, Food Not Bombs, and Radio CHLY Nanaimo to raise awareness about anarchism and social justice while celebrating the values of autonomy, mutual aid, community and solidarity. Held Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 9 and 10 at the Fernwood NRG Community Hall (1240 Gladstone), the Bookfair aims to network, highlight and aid struggles, both local and international. “We strive to promote anarchist ideas through workshops, cultural activities and the bookfair itself. We have a sprit of openness towards different anarchist traditions, visions and practices,” according to the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair Collective’s statement of principles. “Our aims are threefold: we seek to introduce anarchism to the pubic, to further elaborate upon current and historical anarchist ideals and to foster dialogue between various anarchist tendencies.” The book fair is the last event in the week-long Festival of Anarchy, which began Sept. 3 with a Skillshare workshop and urban capture the flag. Summit Story Night on Wednesday, Sept. 7, featured a night of impromptu story, poetry and musical performances, beginning at 10 p.m. at the end of Summit Ave. Attendees can also write poems or letters to prisoners at Camas Bookshop, Thursday, Sept. 8, from 2 p.m. Or catch a screening of If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front by donation at Camas at 7 p.m. Followed by a spoken word showcase at 10:30 p.m. Friday’s events include a Rapid Consensus Decision-Making Workshop and Choose-YourOwn-Adventure Reading with anarchist fiction writer Margaret Killjoy at Camas (4 p.m.) followed by a screening of Capitalism is the Crisis with director Michael Truscello at 7:30 p.m.


The book fair kicks off Saturday at 11 a.m. with free workshops running all day, plus Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. There are two music nights planned for the weekend. Saturday boasts the Anarchist punk show at Little Fernwood hall. This all ages, no booze show starts at 8 p.m. and features Ahna, Violent Nun, Skoria, Iskra and more. Solstice Café is hosting Acoustic Anarchy on Sunday at 6 p.m. featuring Star, Fraea & Jodi, Mike XVX, Xtrue NatureX, Jeff Andrew, Zac V and Testament. Admission is on a sliding scale, $5 to $15. The fair offers free food from Food not Bombs and the AnarKIDS family space — a dedicated space where kids can play, read, take a nap or meet kids from other like-minded families. There will be books, co-operative board games, toys, face paints, craft and art supplies and space to run around and play. Childminding is available as well. Admission to the fair is free, but the collective is accepting donations. Also check out the Art of Resistance exhibition at the Cornerstone Cafe. “People might hear the word anarchist and expect to see people dressed in black ready to protest anything,” says Serina Zapf, Bookfair Collective member. “Both the Festival of Anarchy and the book fair contribute a lot to the community. It’s a great opportunity to learn about anarchy and other community initiatives. “I think it’s really important to have spaces just to bring people together; accessible spaces, spaces that are anti-colonial. We work really hard to make sure it’s comfortable and accessible for as many people as possible, and it’s a space for us all to learn together. It’s important that we have spaces that are open to that kind of thing and diverse ideas. Being able to work through different perspectives as a community only strengthens us and I think in the face of the times that we’re facing with hard economic times and continued alienation, having things like this just really strengthens people.” M

Get where you want to go—start now. Got a love of learning? Then go get our NEW Fall 2011 course calendar. We have courses in the Arts, History, Humanities, Languages and Travel, and in many more topics that will take you to new places. Explore it all online at And watch your love of learning take shape.
















For a complete list of events and bookfair workshop descriptions, visit








10:00PM $


10:00PM $

Vic’s FIRST and ONLY 90’s night

10:00PM $7






19 TUE


10:00PM $


10:00PM $


9:00PM $12




10:00PM $















TRY SOMETHING MONDAY GUIDE > ARTS DIFFERENT! Secret email gains invite to unique theatre space

LOCAL MUSICIAN DEBUTS FIRST MUSIC VIDEO Communication should be easy. So why can it be such a challenge? Do you wish you had a better set of tools to help you communicate effectively? Join Cathy Wilder and Gwen Ewan for a fun and interactive look at how we can trip ourselves up in communication and in our relationships ... and how we can do it differently.

$25 per day

The Haven Communication Toolkit

if you’re new to The Haven, or if you bring someone new. Otherwise $50 per day

Building Clarity and Connection Saturday Oct 22, 2011 - 10am-5pm

The Haven Relationship Toolkit Building Clarity and Connection Sunday Oct 23, 2011 - 10am-5pm At the Mews Lounge, Royal Roads University

To register call 1 877 247 9238 ext 1 or email

Victoria Regional Transit

Service Changes Effective Tuesday, Sept. 6 Introducing more service and route number changes to standardize our route numbers. t 13 Cadboro Bay/UVic - new Saturday service and more service Monday to Friday. t 52 Wishart is now 52 Colwood to reflect the new route. As a pilot project, two stops have been added to the West Shore Town Centre. t 81 Brentwood/Swartz Bay offers more connections from West Sidney to the McTavish Exchange and Saanich Peninsula Hospital, plus three daily trips to the Saanichton Education Centre. New Route Numbers t 26A Dockyard/UVic is now 16X UVic/Uptown Express t 66 East Sooke is now 64 East Sooke t 80 UVic/Swartz Bay is now 76 UVic/Swartz Bay Google Transit Trip Planner To help plan your trip visit, go to Victoria, and click on Trip Planner.


Victoria Regional Transit Commission


Transit Info 250·382·6161 t MONDAY MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 8 - 14, 2011

By Mary Ellen Green

hen you walk up to the grand white house at 1983 Fairfield Road, you’d never imagine what’s inside. Besides the two bedrooms, a sunken salon-style sitting room and sunny den, this house also boasts an incredibly intimate 40plus+ seat theatre with tiered, plush seating (taken from Langham Court after its recent renovation), an office for puppeteer and owner Tim Gosley and a backstage dressing room. Over the last year and a half that Gosley and partner Petra Kixmöller have owned this house, called Merlin's Sun Home Theatre, it has played host to numerous private house concerts, theatre and puppetry workshops for children and adults and Gosley and Kixmöller’s own performances. The couple returned to Victoria from Quebec with their two children, ages 11 and 15, when the opportunity came around to purchase the house from original owner, Romany Miller. “To return to Victoria after 30 years and live in a house with a theatre around the corner from where I grew up — in my hood as they now call it — it’s a dream,” says Gosley, who did nine years as Basil Bear on Canadian Sesame Street, and also worked on The Muppets and Fraggle Rock. After a shift in television production meant less room for puppetry and more cash being spent on computer animation, Gosley was left wondering what to do next. “I had a great career through the ’80s and ’90s and even into the 2000s, but I was left at the top of my skills with nowhere to go,” says Gosley. He decided to reconnect with old friends in Victoria, notably Clayton Jevne of Theatre Inconnu and Jan Ross curator of the Emily Carr house (which his father, Jerry Gosley helped save), did a few shows at the theatre and decided to move home. “It was like coming to a new town, but with a foundation,” he says. Although Gosley and Kixmöller open the theatre for concerts, it is still a private home. “This isn’t a professional venue,” says Gosley, “But it sure feels like one.” People interested in catching a house concert at Merlin’s Sun should send an email asking for an invitation. Each show has a suggested donation for admission, which is collected at the door. People are asked to bike or walk if possible or park away from the theatre and walk. “We really try to be considerate of our neighbours,” says Gosley. “Although sometimes I think the music is so good I’d like to open the fire exit and share.” The space is also his workshop and laboratory. Gosley has built some massive puppets in the space, which has 11-foot ceilings and a 16-foot stage. “The proportions of this room are magnificent,” says Gosley. Local musician, music promoter


James Kasper launches first music video.

VIDEO RELEASE James Kasper, Mike Alviano and Ryan McMahon Sat., Sept.10. Doors at 7pm Merlin's Sun Home Theatre, 1983 Fairfield Rd, Victoria Suggested Donation: $12 at the door Reservations & Info: 250-885-5988

and founder of the Vancouver Island Music Awards James Kasper met Gosley a couple years ago and has wanted to perform at Merlin’s Sun since he heard about the space. “I used to work as a recreation programmer in Fernwood and one of my ideas was to put on the largest puppet shows ever and someone mentioned Gosley’s name. I didn’t know how to reach him so I left it, but shortly after I got an email from him asking if he could get involved,” says Kasper. It wasn’t long before Kasper was volunteering at Merlin’s Sun, working the door and using his skills as a promoter to help spread the word about the unique performance space. Now he’s using it to launch his first official music video. “I want to help bring the venue to light and help more people see it,” says Kasper. Kasper will be joined by Kitchener’s Mike Alviano, and Ladysmith’s Ryan McMahon for a triple bill. Gosley will also be providing projected visuals for the performance. M For an invitation to Merlin’s Sun Home Theatre, email


Spy monster


An affordable single malt whisky tastes great after a deadly mission. Try Glenlivet with its hints of toffee and vanilla, or Aberlour, a charming Speyside malt with touches of sherry and spice.


ased on an Israeli film of a few years back, The Debt is one of those espionage thrillers for adults where moral questions are as important as the suspense-filled plot. The film opens in 1997 at a book launch in Tel Aviv. A young woman named Sarah has just published an account of a dangerous Mossad mission from 30 years before when three operatives went undercover in East Berlin to abduct Doktor Bernhardt, the “Surgeon of Birkenau,” who conducted hideous medical experiments on Jewish POWs. Sarah, it turns out, is the daughter of Rachel (Helen Mirren), one of the three heroes from long ago. These retired Mossad operatives include Stephan (Tom Wilkinson), Rachel’s ex-husband and the father of Sarah; and deeply troubled David (Ciaran Hinds). There are strange undercurrents among the three that seem at odds with their role as heroes of the Jewish state. Then, news of a shocking revelation is the cue for an extended flashback to 1960s East Berlin, where we eventually discover that truth and the official version don’t fully overlap. Bernhardt had been discovered working as a fertility specialist and young Rachel (Jessica Chastain, Tree of Life) and young David (Sam Worthington, Avatar) are posing as an infertile couple in order to get close enough to abduct Bernhardt and spirit him away to Israel to stand trial. The kidnapping


FILM & CINEMA CALENDAR OPENING THE WHISTLEBLOWER -(Odeon) Rachel Weisz stars in a true-life drama about an American police officer who travels to post-war Bosnia as a peacekeeper only to discover that the U.N. is covering up a huge sex scandal involving its own people. With Vanessa Redgrave and Monica Bellucci. Starts Fri. CONTAGION -(TBA) Matt Damon and Kate Winslet star in an edgy bio-thriller about a bird flu pandemic that is trashing the planet (and killing off some fine actors along the way). Directed by Steven Soderbergh. This one looks really disturbing. Starts Fri. WARRIOR -(TBA) Two estranged brothers end up as antagonists in a mixed martial arts championship. Starring Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte. Starts Fri.

CONTINUING +++ANOTHER EARTH -(Odeon) This provocative and ambitious film gets downright metaphysical as its characters confront gritty issues of guilt and redemption even as a duplicate planet to our own mysteriously enters the solar system. Despite its weird and arguably unnecessary sci-fi-ish aspects, this is a mesmerizing and well-made film. APOLLO 18 -(Capitol/SilverCity) This mix of sci-fi and horror uncovers old footage of a secret mission to the moon — a mission that went terribly wrong and explains why the U.S. never returned to the lunar surface. +++CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER -(SilverCity/ Caprice) Corny but packed with retro charm, this new comic book adaptation is highly entertaining as it depicts a patriotic wimp who doesn't meet the physical standards to join the army so instead volunteers for a wild science experiment. Needless to say he's transformed into a superhero with great powers. ++½ THE CHANGE–UP -(Capitol) Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds are mismatched friends — one is a prim family man and lawyer, the other a debauched slacker and ladies man — who find themselves in one of those comedies where two people unexpectedly switch bodies. Although unnecessarily vulgar, this is funny stuff and the two leads have great chemistry. Note: moves from the Odeon to the Capitol on Friday.

goes well, but not so the attempt to flee across the border. Bernhardt ends up a prisoner in their cramped apartment as they await instructions. By this time, a lovers’ triangle has developed amongst the three agents, and eventually the trio returns to Israel well aware they are unworthy of their fame. This is an actor’s movie, and the lead performances are compelling. Of particular note is Danish actor Jesper Christensen (Casino Royale, The Interpreter) as the infamous Doktor. Christensen is fantastic at embodying a monster who is human enough to be more unsettling than the stereotypical psychopath. As a doctor doing a pelvic exam he hovers between being creepy and genuinely solicitous. There’s a fantastic scene where Bernhardt, vicious master of mind games, taunts Rachel as she shaves him in hopes she’ll cut his throat and preempt the trial. Debt’s themes of guilt and honour are well woven throughout the narrative. It does a fine job of mixing the personal with the political and should appeal to fans of thoughtful filmmaking. M

THE DEBT +++½ Starring Helen Mirren PG 14-A - 113 minutes Continues at the Capitol


CONAN THE BARBARIAN -(Capitol/SilverCity/Westshore) And the 1980s remakes continue, shifting from vampirism to sword and sorcery as a muscle-bound Conan goes on a medieval mission of revenge as he mows down innumerable baddies — and maybe an evil wizard. With Ron Perlman and Rose McGown. ++COWBOYS & ALIENS -(SilverCity/Caprice) The Wild West gets wacky when space aliens invade 1873 Arizona and all that stands between us and world domination is a posse of cowboys. This War of the Worlds meets Stagecoach goof-off stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. +++CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE -(Odeon/Uni 4/Caprice) A nice but slightly sappy guy (Steve Carell) gets dumped by his wife (Julianne Moore) and looks to a young stud (Ryan Gosling) to get some tips on how to deal with women. This is very funny. +++½ THE DEBT -(Capitol/Uni 4) Helen Mirren heads up a great cast in a gripping and thoughtful espionage thriller about a trio of retired Mossad agents and the grubby truth about the deadly mission. With Tom Wilkinson and Jessica Chastain. See review. DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK -(Odeon/SilverCity) Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce star in a horror flick about a young girl who is sent to live with her father and his new girlfriend. But what really sucks is that the house is haunted by creatures that want to claim her. ++½ HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 2 -(Capitol/SilverCity/Caprice) The longrunning fantasy series by JK Rowling comes to a disappointing climax as the plucky boy wizard faces that long-anticipated confrontation with nostril-challenged supervillain Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). ++½THE HELP -(Odeon) This film exposes the genteel racism prevalent amongst upper-class white women in Mississippi of the 1960s. It's an uneven effort with a few great performances stuck in a misguided attempt to turn the civil rights movement into a feel-good comedy. ++++MIDNIGHT IN PARIS -(Uni 4) The latest from Woody Allen is a delightfully romantic whirl through Paris, both in the present day and the fabled 1920s. The fine cast includes Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard. +++ONE DAY -(Caprice) Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess (Across The Universe) star in a well-made but slightly gimmicky romantic drama by Danish director Lone Scherfig.

++½ OUR IDIOT BROTHER -(Odeon/SilverCity/Uni 4) Paul Rudd stars in a slightly sour comedy about a naive man whose excessive idealism brings chaos into the flawed lives of his three sisters. +++RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES -(Odeon/SilverCity/ Westshore) James Franco stars in a thoughtful reboot of this classic sci-fi war between mankind and intelligent apes: an experiment gets out of hand, pissed-off apes escape the lab. SHARK NIGHT -(Capitol/SilverCity) Those killers of the deep with butcher knives for teeth are back, in gloriously blood-dripping 3D. THE SMURFS -(SilverCity/Caprice) A nasty wizard chases those cute blue blobs out of their magical medieval world and into Manhattan. SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD -(SilverCity/Westshore) A new crew of cute espionage moppets is recruited to help stop a diabolical villain from conquering the planet (where do they get these wild plots from?!) Starring Jessica Alba and Jeremy Piven. +½ 30 MINUTES OR LESS -(Capitol/SilverCity) A young slacker gets coerced into committing a bank robbery as part of a complicated scheme, in an action "comedy" that is vulgar, violent, pointlessly frenetic and painfully unfunny. Starring a seriously slumming Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland, Social Network). +++X–MEN: FIRST CLASS(Caprice) The earliest days of all those X-People are explored in a splashy and surprisingly entertaining action flick starring everyone from James McAvoy to Kevin Bacon.

IMAX ++++BORN TO BE WILD -(noon, 2:00, 4:00 & 7:00, Thurs.-Sat. only) Take a safari with the people who nurture orphaned baby elephants and orangutans en route to re-releasing them into the wild. RESCUE: DISASTER RESPONSE -(1:00, 5:00) This high-adrenaline film depicts the courageous men and women who respond when global disaster strikes. SEA–REX: JOURNEY TO A PREHISTORIC WORLD -(10am, noon, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00) In this adventure travel back millions of years to when amazing sea monsters ruled the seas. ++TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON -(8:00, Thurs.-Sat., & 7:00, Sun.-Wed.) Michael Bay returns to blow up whatever escaped his clutches in the first two iterations of this bombastic and noisy series about those shapeshifting Autobots and Decepticons.

SCREENINGS MOVIE MONDAY - Screening Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune. The complex personal life and dramatic protest-politics of the revered 1960s folksinger-activist are explored in this 2010 documentary. 6:30pm MONDAY in the 1900-block Fort. By donation. 595-FLIC. IS THE TRUTH OUT THERE? -Conspiracy buffs should enjoy this new documentary from the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth who purport to prove the (substantially discredited) notion that 9/11 was a Bush-approved inside job. SUNDAY, 459 Chester Ave. GASLAND - Here's a free screening of the respected documentary that explores the controversial use of fracking to extract natural gas, at a notable cost to the environment. WEDNESDAY, 7:00 pm at Movie Monday (1900-block Fort).

Unemployed and not an EI client? Or employed but low-skilled?

CINECENTA Cinecenta at UVic screens its films in the Student Union Building. Info: 721-8365. ++THE HANGOVER, PART II -(Wed.-Thurs., Sept. 7-8: 7:15, 9:20) In this follow-up to the raucous raunchfest of last year, that tragically awry bachelor party in Vegas segues into a set of nuptials in Thailand. This sequel is tedious and rarely funny. ++½ SUPER 8 -(Fri.-Sat., Sept. 9-10: 7:10, 9:30) The latest from writer-director J.J. Abrams is a sci-fi-ish thriller that is set in 1979 and shows what happens as a group of kids react to very strange goings-on in their town — think Stand By Me meets Invaders From Mars. Although well-acted, this is calculated sentimentality, with heavy-handed borrowings from Steven Spielberg. ECO–PIRATE: THE STORY OF PAUL WATSON -(Sun.-Mon., Sept. 11-12: 7:00, 9:10) This award-winning documentary profiles Canadian ecoactivist Paul Watson, whose highly dramatic high-seas efforts to save whales have made him a hero to many (and a villain to capitalists). +++++2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY -(Tues., Sept. 13: 7:00, 9:40) Stanley Kubrick's visionary sci-fi epic is a wonderful, sublimely virtuosic film. +++++THE TREE OF LIFE -(Wed.-Sat., Sept. 14-17: 6:45, 9:25) The latest from reclusive cine-poet Terrence Malick is a beautiful and philosophical poem that shifts perspective from a dysfunctional '50s family to the deepest patterns of cosmic space. Top winner at Cannes Film Festival.

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STAGE THURS. SEPT. 8 THE BACKYARDIGANS - Tag along with the gang and their extraordinary host as they travel to shivering Frozen Toes Mountain, the blistering Hot Footsy Desert and the volcanic Lost Pirate Island. 6:30pm at Royal Theatre (805 Broughton). $34. 250-386-6121.

AUDITIONS THE DROWSY CHAPERONE Langham Court Theatre seeks actors with singing and dance experience. Appointment required. Sept. 16 to Sept. 18 at the Canadian College of Performing Arts (1701 Elgin). 250472-0427. ALICE IN WONDERLAND - St. Luke’s Players seeks actors aged 8 to 80 years. Sept. 16, 7pm & Sept. 17, 2pm at St Luke’s Hall (3821 Cedar Hill X). 250-370-1291.




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POETRY AS PRAXIS Insurrectionary Incantations with Lisa B, Gluke Maynard, Ruby Red and more. 11am at Camas Book and Infoshop (2590 Quadra). $5. 250-381-0585. JULIE SALVERSON - Playwright and Queen’s University professor reads from Atomic Elegy: Finding Community in Haunted Places; Libretto Shelter, and BOOM. 4:30pm at the Phoenix Theatre (UVic). Free. 250-721-7991. VICTORIA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - The VGS unlocks the secrets of the families in the photo album left at the Laurel Point Inn more than 30 years ago. 7pm at the Gordon Head United Church (4201 Tyndall). By donation 250-360-2808,

HOMESCHOOLING: WILL IT WORK FOR MY CHILD? - Marty Layne, author and pioneering homeschooling mom and Rebecca McClure, president of the BC Home Learners Association, address these issues and answer questions about home based education in BC. 7-8:30pm at the GVPL, Nellie McClung Branch (3950 Cedar Hill). Free.

FRI. SEPT. 9 RAPID CONSENSUS- Decision making workshop and chooseyour-own-adventure reading by Margaret Killjoy. 4pm at Camas Book and Infoshop (2590 Quadra). Free. 250-381-0585.

SAT. SEPT. 10 THE VICTORIA REGIONAL WRITERS GROUP - Songwriting workshop. 1-3pm Knox Presbyterian Church (2964 Richmond). Free.

MON. SEPT. 12 DRINK THE BITTER ROOT - Book launch for the latest work edited by Gary Geddes. 7-9pm at the Well (821 Fort). By donation. 250-590-4995

TUES. SEPT. 13 OUT OF MIND - Dr. Gabor Maté, author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction, and Rick Doblin PhD, Executive Director of the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies, discuss the therapeutic application of psychedelics to treat PTSD and addiction. 7:30-9pm at Alix Goolden Hall (907 Pandora). $10-$25. 250-2165433,

NATIVE POLLINATOR ENHANCEMENT - Nathalie Chambers discusses honeybees, native bees, the causes of pollinator decline and three simple steps that the public can take to help bring back the bees. Bring a coffee mug. 7:30pm in room 159 of the Fraser Building (UVic). Free.

WED. SEPT. 14 WRITING ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING - British composer Michael Finnissy discusses aesthetic inclusiveness in composing. 4:30pm in room B016, the MacLaurin Building (UVic). Free. 250-721-8480.

ONGOING VICTORIA ANARCHIST READING CIRCLE - Discuss the latest in anarchist reading. TUESDAYS 7pm at Camas Books (2590 Quadra). Free. 250-381-0585. TRIVIA PUB QUIZ - General knowledge, guess the song, who said it, (or our variation) who tweeted it! Free. TUESDAYS 8pm at Felicita's (UVic). 250-721-8626.









THURS. SEPT. 8 NOMEANSNO - Punk jazz. With Ford Pier and Class of 1984. 8pm at 9one9. $15. SPLINTER - Splinter? I barely met her. THURSDAY 8pm at The Bleue Coyote, free. SATURDAY 9pm at Ma Miller's Pub, free. RTX - Rock. With Heavy Cream and My Friend Wallis. 10pm at Logan's. $15/$12.

FRI. SEPT. 9 CANADIAN BEAUTY - An Evening of Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead. 10pm at Logan's. $10. HANDSOME FURS - Alternative. With Talkdemonic and Kingdom Cloud. 6pm at 9one9. $22/$18. QUEENIE AND THE GROOVE KINGS - Old school rhythm and blues. 8pm at Hermann's. $10. REWIND - Acoustic indie-blues. 9pm at Log House Pub. Free. LOUDER THAN LOVE - Quieter than the neighbours. With Handsome Distraction. 9pm at Felicita's. $5. POWER CLOWN - I don't think you could live down not seeing a band called Power Clown. And an Iron Maiden tribute, no less. With the Keg Killers and The Sweathogz. 10pm at Soprano's. $10.

SAT. SEPT. 10 RENOVATION BLUES BAND Why, oh why is the kitchen taking six months to complete? I just wanted new cabinets! 8pm at Upper Deck. Free. CAROL SOKOLOFF & FRIENDS Sultry jazz. 8pm at The Well. $10. THE HOUSECATS - Never been outside. 8:30pm at Six Mile Pub. Free. ACRES OF LIONS - Indie-rock. With Treelines and Mike Edel. 9pm at Sugar. $17. MONTGOMERY COUNTY - New country. Probably still about dogs dying and wives runnin' away. 9:30pm at The Cambie. $10. THE ROLE MODELS - With Brady's Problem and VonBones. Sound like episodes of Degrassi. 9:30pm at Logan's. $10.



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CANUS - Hot jazz. 4pm at Hermann's. $12. JEFF ANDREW - Acoustic Anarchy! With Star, x True Nature x, Mike XVX, Without A Net, Testament (hip hop) and Zac V. 6pm at the (remodeled) Solstice Cafe. $10/$5.

CIRCUIT BREAKER - Dr. Who tribute night. With DJs Caligari, Gp. Munster and Saccharide. 8pm at Paparazzi. Free.

TUES. SEPT. 13 LIVING ROOM SESSIONS - A cryptic event. 9pm at Logan's. Free.

WED. SEPT. 14 CAMBATANGO - Direct from Beunos Aires. Tsunami relief fundraiser. 8pm at Hermann's. $16. THE SUTCLIFFES - Beatles tribute. 8:30pm at The Clubhouse. Free. BIG-E - Booty breaks! Sounds painful. With Sublingual. 10pm at Hush. $5.

ONGOING OPEN MIC - Open to all musicians. THURSDAYS 6pm at Paradiso Di Stelle. Free. THURSDAY BLEND JAM- Any and all string players welcome. Hosted by Rick Van Krugel. THURSDAYS 7pm at the Well. Free. OPEN MIC - Scott Longworth hosts an open forum for original tunes. All ages. THURSDAYS 8pm at the Fernwood Inn. Free. KARAOKE - Hosted by Brandon. THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS & SUNDAYS 8pm at Upper Deck. Free. NYPD - A lethal dance party with Kenzie Clarke. THURSDAYS 10pm at Lucky. $TBA. BLUEGRASS BRUNCH - Hosted by the Stowaways. SATURDAYS 1:30pm at Logan’s. Free. SOLID! - Dance your ass off with DJ Longshanks. SATURDAYS 10pm at Lucky. $TBA. SUNDAY BLUES JAM - Hosted by the Deb Rhymer Band. SUNDAYS 2pm at the Strath’s Clubhouse. Free. CANUS - Hot jazz. SUNDAYS 4pm at Hermann's. Free. HOOTENANNY - Join Carolyn Mark for some first-rate hootenannin'. With Luther Wright, Hank Pine & Lily Fawn, Marco Bozenich, Mich “Stompin Tom” Anderson and more. SUNDAYS 4:30pm-midnight at Logan's. Free. JACK’S OPEN MIC SUNDAYS Welcoming atmosphere. SUNDAYS 7pm at Serious Coffee (230 Cook). Free. BLUEGRASS SUNDAY - Hosted by The Stowaways Duo. SUNDAYS 8pm at Ocean Island Café. Free. OPEN MIC - Hosted by Steve Barries. MONDAYS 9pm at Logan’s. Free. JAM SESSION - Play till you can’t play no more! All ages. MONDAYS 9pm at Ocean Island Café Lounge. Free.

FRI. SEPT. 9 THE UNDERLYING SPIRIT: HOMAGE TO EMILY CARR - Forty works have been selected from 168 entries for final judging and showing. 7-9pm at Madrona Gallery (606 View). COMMUNITY ARTS COUNCIL OF GREATER VICTORIA - The Place Where We Live, exhibition of work by the Ground Zero Printmakers group. Opening reception 7pm. To Sept. 25 at 3220 Cedar Hill. OPEN SPACE - Wood For Rolling, exhibition of work by Steve deBruyn. Opening reception 7:30pm. To Oct. 1 at 510 Fort.

SAT. SEPT. 10 MARTIN BATCHELOR GALLERY Exhibition of paintings by Fan Fan Wu. Opening reception 7pm. To Oct. 5 at 712 Cormorant.


THURS. SEPT. 8 AUDAIN GALLERY - Exhibition of work by Rebecca Belmore, the inaugural Audain Professor of Contemporary Art Practice of the Pacific Northwest in UVic's Visual Arts department. Opening reception 7pm. To Sept. 30 in the Fine Arts Buildling (UVic). EMERGING ART GALLERY - Night Watch, artwork by Caitlin Ambery. Opening reception 7pm. To Sept. 19 at 977 A Fort.


THE FIFTY FIFTY ARTS COLLECTIVE - Vic Sightings, photo and video artists Jay Zemanek, Matt Gravel, Matt Macleod and Luke Connor explore skateboard culture. Opening reception 8pm. To Sept. 24. at 2516 Douglas.

POLYCHROME FINE ARTS Chance Of Shadows, exhibition of sculpture and drawings by David Gifford. Opening reception 6pm. To Sept. 29 at 1113 Fort.

ONGOING LEGACY GALLERY - The Victoria Moderns: UVic and a Regional Aesthetic (1960-1970), to Sept. 16. Convergence/Divergence: Landscape and Self on the West Coast, exhibition of works by E. J. Hughes, Glenn E. Howarth, Charles Elliott and Francis Dick, among others, to Oct. 1. Exhibition of prints and carvings by Henry Hunt, to Nov. 20. All at 630 Yates.

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KARAOKE - With your hosts Stacey and Thor. 10pm at Paparazzi. Free. 90210 MONDAYS - DJs Jay Somethin' and Levi Somethin' Else spin all your favourite pre-millenium classics. MONDAYS 10pm at Lucky. $TBA. INDUSTRY UNDERGROUND Electro-step and funky house. With Soulfix and Chino. MONDAYS 10pm at Hush. $TBA. OPEN MIC - Hosted by David and Katherine. TUESDAYS 7pm at The Well. $3. B FLAT ACOUSTIC JAM - The music sounds better with you. 7:30pm at Slider's (3115 Cedar Hill). Free. OPEN MIC - Bring your friends, grab a drink and listen to music. TUESDAYS 8-11:30pm at Whitebird Lounge. Free. OPEN JAM - Hosted by the Front Porch String Pickin' Band. TUESDAYS 8pm at Tudor House. Free. OPEN STAGE - Acoustic or electric, solo or with your band. Amps, drums, piano provided. Dylan Stone hosts. WEDNESDAYS 8:30pm at the Fort Café. Free. ZIPP GUNN & GHOSTBELLY Spinning the music you love. WEDNESDAYS 9pm at Logan's. Free. OPEN MIC NIGHT - Musical madness! Sign up with our host Jack. WEDNESDAYS 9pm at Ocean Island Café. Free.

CONCERTS FRI. SEPT. 9 VOX HUMANA - A vocal concert in the stars. 7:30pm at NRC Centre of the Universe (5071 West Saanich). $20. 250-483-4010. RAQUY & THE CAVEMEN - "A duo of multi-instrumentalists who bring new energy to the mystical rhythms of the Middle East." 8pm at Fairfield United Church (1303 Fairfield). $20/$18. 250-384-2425.

SAT. SEPT. 10 ENSEMBLE LAUDE- Singing for the Rainbow Kitchen. 2:30pm at St. George the Martyr Church (3909 St. George's Lane). By donation. 250-360-2434. JAMES KASPER & THE SOUND With special guests. 7pm at Merlin's Sun Home Theatre (1983 Fairfield). 250-598-7488. $12. MCPHERSON TRIO - Performing Haydn trio in G major (Gypsy Rondo), Brahms trio in C major and Dvorak Dumky trio. 7:30pm at St. Mary the Virgin (1701 Elgin). 250-386-6121. $28.50.

SUSAN PLATTS - Classical vocal recital (mezzo soprano). 8pm at Alix Goolden Performance Hall (907 Pandora). $18/15.

SUN. SEPT. 11 NATASHA ENQUIST - Accordian troubador. With The Great Giffoni. 11am at Centennial Square & 7:15pm at Lambrick Park. Free. SITAR & TABLA CONCERT Featuring Anupama Bhagwat and Samar Saha. 7pm at David Lam Auditorium, UVic. $15/$10. 250-7212672.

MON. SEPT. 12 MICHAEL FINNISSY - Performs Tangos and Transcriptions. 8pm at Phillip T. Young Recital Hall (UVic). Free. 250-721-8480. ALEXANDRE DA COSTA - The Victoria Symphony's 75th anniversary opening night. 8pm at the Royal Theatre (805 Broughton). Free. 250386-6121.

WED. SEPT. 14 LIEDER AT LUNCH - An exploration of the German Lied with Sharon and Harald Krebs. 12:30pm in B037, MacLaurin (UVic). Free. GRADUATING RECITAL - Pianist Christine Lin presents her Bachelor of Music graduating recital. 8pm at the Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, UVic. Free.

ONGOING VICTORIA FOLK MUSIC SOCIETY Featuring a tribute to Laurie Postans. SUNDAY 7pm at Norway House (1110 Hillside). $5.

DINNER MUSIC BARD & BANKER - Adam & Antonia THURSDAY. Tom Hooper and Matt Johnson FRIDAY Adults SATURDAY. Tom Hooper WEDNESDAY. All shows 8pm. BARTHOLOMEW'S - Rainshadow Al THURSDAYS. The Ramblers MONDAYS. Havanna Club Live TUESDAYS. Paul Wainright WEDNESDAYS. All show 8:30pm unless otherwise noted. CANOE BREWPUB - The Adults THURSDAY. Broken Strings FRIDAY. Steve Chmilar 4pm, Mike Hann & Jeff Scotney 9:30pm SATURDAY. Steve Chmilar MONDAY 7:30pm. DJ Primitive WEDNESDAY 9pm. All shows start at 9:30pm, unless otherwise noted. FERNWOOD INN - The Sweet Lowdown TUESDAY 8pm. GLO EUROPUB - Ashley Wey Trio SATURDAY 8pm.

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EVENTS CALENDAR  EVENTS THURS. SEPT. 8 OPEN HOUSE - Meeting about UVic’s proposed Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities. 4-8pm at the McKinnon Building (UVic). Free.

FRI. SEPT. 9 ART INCOGNITO - Enjoy fine art, wine, silent auctions, treats and more at this fundraiser. 6-9pm at the Vancouver Island School of Art (2549 Quadra). $30. 250-380-3500.

SAT. SEPT. 10 WIRED WORDS - Writers of all genres (emerging or professional) are invited to this festival. 10am-5pm at the Maritime Museum of BC (28 Bastion Square). $61. 250-208-4811. FANTASTIC FUN DAY- Games, music, bouncy castle, arts and crafts, and refreshments. 10am-2pm at St. Luke's (3821 Cedar Hill Cross). Free. Cemetery tours at 11am & 1pm. 250477-6741, VCM OPEN HOUSE - The Victoria Conservatory of Music welcomes the public to sample music lessons, meet instructors and visit its practice rooms and performance halls. 10am3pm at the Victoria Conservatory of Music (900 Johnson). Free. 250-386-5311. TIBETAN CULTURAL SOCIETY OF VANCOUVER ISLAND - Hosts an authentic Tibetan dinner. Proceeds support the settlement of some of the 1,000 Tibetan refugees on Vancouver Island. 6pm at the Church of St. John the Divine hall (1611 Quadra). $25. 250-386-0211,

SUN. SEPT. 11 EAT HERE NOW! - A family-friendly festival featuring some of the best farmers, fishers, butchers, bakers, processors, vintners, brewers, coffee roasters and restaurants in the region. 11am-4pm in Centennial Square. Free. victoriapublicmarket. com/events. VINING STREET BLOCK PARTY Whoop it up with entertainment, food, silent auctions and more! 1-8:30pm at the corner of Stanley and Vining. Free. AFRICAN MARIMBA WORKSHOP- Learn how to play those big wooden xylophones you've seen people playing downtown! No musical experience necessary, all instruments supplied. 2-3:30pm at 1333 Gladstone. $20. 250-732-1950,

MON. SEPT. 12 VICTORIA FIBROMYALGIA NETWORKING GROUP - Discuss fibromyalgia and meet others with this condition. 1pm at the First Metropolitan United Church (932 Balmoral). $2. 250-381-5202.

TUES. SEPT. 13 WAYS TO HELP - Learn practical coping strategies and early planning. For people with dementia and their caregivers. Registration required. TUESDAYS 7-9pm. To Sept. 27 at the Gordon Head Rec Centre (4100 Lambrick Way). 250-382-2052

WED. SEPT. 14 OPEN HOUSE - Find out what new classes and workshops are available with displays and sample lessons presented by instructors. Includes entertainment and lunch. 10am-2pm at James Bay New Horizons activity centre (234 Menzies). 250-386-3035.

ONGOING BUTCHART GARDENS SUMMER FIREWORKS - Enjoy the dazzling lights of fireworks. SATURDAYS 8:45pm. To Sept. 15 at Butchart Gardens (800 Benvenuto). $3-$30.

MARKETS SUN. SEPT. 11 MEGA GARAGE SALE - Find the treasures you've been looking for. 9am-noon on the heritage streets of South Fernwood (from Bay to Pandora) and Fernwood road to Shelbourne (Including Walnut, Denman, Pembroke, Forbes, Sayward, Oregon, Victor, Taunton, Shakespeare, Gladstone, Vining, Grant, Balmoral, Stanley, Belmont, Begbie and Shelbourne streets). Free.

ONGOING BASTION SQUARE MARKET Artisans open air marketplace. THURSDAY-SATURDAY 11am. To Oct. 1 at Bastion Square. Free. 250885-1387. NIGHT MARKET - Eclectic mix of vendors and entertainers. THURSDAY-SATURDAY 7-10:30pm. To Sept. 17 at Ship Point. JAMES BAY MARKET - An outdoor market where local farmers, artisans, musicians, and service providers can meet and sell to the public. SATURDAYS 9am-3pm. To Oct. 29 at the corner of Menzies and Superior. Free. PENINSULA COUNTRY MARKET - More than 50 vendors offer farm fresh products, jams and jellies, honey, homemade bread, cut flowers, assorted meats, organic produce and arts and crafts. SATURDAYS 9am-1pm. To Oct. 8 at the Saanich Fairgrounds (1528 Stellys Cross). Free. NORTH SAANICH FARM MARKET - Seasonal produce, locally raised meat, eggs, baking, plants, crafts. Come meet your neighbours. SATURDAYS 9:30am-12:30pm. To Oct. 29 at St. John's United Church (10990 West Saanich). Free. 250-656-1330. GOLDSTREAM STATION MARKET - Stock up on local produce and crafts. SATURDAYS 10am-2pm. To Oct. 15 at the corner of Bryn Maur and Goldstream. Free. MOSS STREET MARKET - Offering local farmers, artisans, crafters, bakers, cooks, bodyworkers and more a place to exchange their goods and services. SATURDAYS 10am-2pm. To Oct. 1 at the corner of Moss and Fairfield. Free. METCHOSIN FARMERS' MARKETSUNDAYS 11am-2pm. To Oct. 31 at the Metchosin Municipal Grounds (4450 Happy Valley). Free. SUNDAY MARKET IN THE SQUARE - An exciting array of arts, crafts, locally designed clothing, imports and food. SUNDAYS 11am-4:30pm in the 1600 block of Government. To Sept. 25. Free. 250598-2593.

DANCE SAANICH INTERNATIONAL FOLKDANCERS - Learn dances from around the world. Please wear softsoled shoes. FRIDAYS 7pm at Fairfield United Church (1303 Fairfield). Drop-in $5/$4 students/under 12 free. 250-3840592,

TUES. SEPT. 13 VAN ISLE SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCERS - Dress casually; wear flat soft-soled shoes. No partner required. TUESDAYS 7:30pm. To Sept. 27 at The Eastern Star Lodge (3281 Harriet). Free. 250-598-0207,

ONGOING SALSA CALIENTE - Beginner and advanced salsa, THURSDAYS 8-10pm. Intermediate mambo, MONDAYS 6:30-7:30pm. Fundamentals of mambo TUESDAYS 6-7pm. Latin workout WEDNESDAYS 6:30-7:30pm. All at Café Casablanca (2524 Bridge). $10. 250-389-0222. ARGENTINE TANGO - Beginners drop-in classes, with David and Vanessa. FRIDAYS 8pm at Café Casablanca (2524 Bridge). VBDS BALLROOM DANCE WORKSHOPS - Pre-Bronze/Bronze Waltz 1-2pm, $5/$8/$10 per person, per workshop. Intro to Social Foxtrot and Rumba 2-3pm, $5 per person, per workshop. Singles & couples welcome. SATURDAYS 1-3pm at the Les Passmore Centre (286 Hampton). 250-721-5483, TANGO VITA - Beginner classes with Hilda-René SATURDAYS 7pm, intermediate 8pm, Milonga 9pm at 306-1221 Broad, 250-477-6360. Beginner and intermediate classes with Jorge-Liliana WEDNESDAYS 8pm, Milonga 9pm at St. Matthias Hall (600 Richmond), 250-858-1234. SWING - Dance to Nightclub music. SATURDAYS 9pm at the Carlton Club (900 Carlton). $5. jayholman@ TANGO MODERNA - Argentine Tango lessons SUNDAYS (beginners) 1:45pm & (intermediate) 3pm, $12/$9. Followed by hosted Milonga SUNDAYS 4:30-7pm, $6/$5 for Tango Moderna/Passion for Tango members. All at the Martin Batchelor Gallery (712 Cormorant). 250-661-5921.

WEST COAST SWING CLASSES Dance to Blues, Country, R&B and Top 40. No partner or experience required. SUNDAYS 6-7pm at Studio 7 (1221 Broad). $13 drop-in. 250382-4500. CONTEMPORARY DANCE MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 6-7:30pm at the The Victoria School of Contemporary Dance (649 Gorge East). $15/$8. 250-383-7183. CUBAN SALSA - Classes with Salsa Moderna. Beginner and intermediate MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 7:309:30pm at Café Casablanca (2523 Bridge). 250-891-2310, SALSA - TUESDAYS Beginner's lesson 7pm & intermediate lesson 8:15pm at Studio 4 Athletics (715 Yates). $15.


DROP-In Meditation - Each class includes guided meditation, practical instruction and discussion. MONDAYS 7-8:30pm and WEDNESDAYS 10-11:30 am at Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre (2020A Douglas). WEDNESDAYS 7-8:30pm at Fairfield United Church (1303 Fairfield). THURSDAYS 7-8:30pm James Bay United Church (511 Michigan). 250-592-7164, ZEN MEDITATION - Learn Zen mediation. TUESDAYS 7-8pm in the Interfaith Chapel (UVic). Free. 250-721-8338. WAY OF MASTERY - Taking you from sleep to wakefulness, from fear to love. Reminding you of who you are. Registration required. WEDNESDAYS 7-9:30pm at 415-200 Dallas. By donation. 250-920-0948.





SAT. SEPT. 10 IYENGAR YOGA - Try a free class, learn about yoga philosophy and celebrate Iyengar Yoga's 10 year anniversary. 11am-4pm at 202-919 Fort. Free. 250-386-9642. TAOIST TAI CHI - Reduce stress while increasing balance, flexibility and strength. Class 1-2pm, demonstrations 2-3pm at 865 Catherine. Free. 250-383-4103, taoist. org/victoria.bc.

ONGOING VOLKSSPORT WALKS - John & Lois Duncan walks and barbeque SATURDAY at Centennial Park (7400 block of Wallace drive), walks 9am-1pm, BBQ 11am-1:30pm. 250-3866670. Map Walk SUNDAY 9:30am at Saanich Commonwealth Place (4636 Elk Lake). 250-386-1279. VICTORIA HORSESHOE CLUB - Adult drop-in mixed doubles. FRIDAYS 6:45pm. Junior program (8-17 years), WEDNESDAYS 6:30-8pm. All at Glanford Park. 250-385-6162. GHOSTLY WALKS - We’re living in BC’s most haunted city. Find out why and where on this 90 minute walk. No registration required. Every night 7:30pm & 9:30pm, with an extra tour FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS 8:30 pm outside the Visitor Information Centre (Government at Wharf St). $13/$11 students. 250-384-6698. MOKSHA YOGA - Find out what hot yoga is all about. SATURDAYS 1:30-3pm, MONDAYS 7-8am & WEDNESDAYS 3:15-4:15pm at Moksha Yoga (1088 Fort). $7. 250385-9642.

SPIRITUAL THURS. SEPT. 8 WORLD DAY OF PRAYER - A celebration with speakers representing nine prayer faiths including Judaism, Islam and First Nations. All are welcome for singing, chanting and dancing. 7pm at Alix Goolden Hall (907 Pandora). Free. 250-386-5311.

ONGOING LEARN TO MEDITATE - Learn mantra meditation. THURSDAYS 4:305:15pm in the Interfaith Chapel (UVic). Free. 250-721-8338 DHARMA TEACHINGS - With Resident Lama Jhampa Tenzin. THURSDAYS 7-9pm at the Victoria Dharma Centre (3371 Maplewood). By donation. 250-385-4828. SAHAJ MARG MEDITATION INTRODUCTORY TALKS - A heart-centred meditation practiced worldwide for real change from the inside out. Call for more information. SATURDAYS 11am-1pm. Free. 778430-1104. BUDDHIST COMMUNITY SITS Silent meditation followed by taped Dharma talks and discussion. SUNDAYS 7-9pm at Lynn Wylie Yoga Studio (202-1600 Bay). By donation. 250-380-6383. COWABUNGA MEDITATION Join Brad Morris, co-founder of GratiDudes, for a surfer’s approach to meditation. MONDAYS 6:30pm at 1088 Fort. $10. A COURSE IN MIRACLES - Using Ken Wilber’s Integral Mapping. Study group. MONDAYS 7-9pm at the James Bay New Horizons, 234 Menzies. By donation. 250-220-9797.

JUNIOR CHOIR - For ages seven and up. Practices start SUNDAY 9am. Anglican Church of St John the Divine (1611 Quadra). Free. For information contact 250-383-7169, david. CITY OF GARDENS CHORUS Invites women to a fun and entertaining evening singing four-part harmony TUESDAY. RSVP by SUNDAY, 250-388-6533. EVACUEE ASSISTANCE VOLUNTEERS - Volunteer with Evacuee Assistance Victoria and be part of a dedicated team that assists displaced residents in the event of a fire or other emergency in our community. Must be 19 or older. Orientation session WEDNESDAY 7pm at Victoria Fire Station 1 (1234 Yates). Register at, 250-920-3373, pr ROMP! CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - Suddenly Dance Theatre is accepting submissions for UNODANZ and the ROMP! Festival 2012. Deadline: Sept. 15, 2011. Detailed info available at call_submissions/submissions.htm. SEEKING CREATIVE MINDS Creative Works Photography is raising funds by photographing and printing a book of comical puns & costumes, to amuse the city while supporting Victoria Women's Transition house. Competition applications are being accepted now, with shooting to start September 18, 2011. Winners will be announced October 31, 2011. Detailed info available at CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - Christ Church Cathedral is accepting proposals in prose, poetry or dramatic narrative for a December presentation. For more information, call 250-383-2714 or email mgormley@ SUPPORT GROUP - Support group for phobias, generalized anxiety, panic attacks and OCD. With Dr. Tom Lipinski, registered psychologist. THURSDAYS 7-8:30pm at the Bridge Centre (125 Skinner). Free. 250-3891211. SIPCCENTRE - Counsellor-led support group for mature women ready to re-explore their sexual orientation. $8/session. FRIDAYS 5-6:45pm at James Bay New Horizons. LIFERING - Addiction support program. FRIDAYS 6:30pm at Pearkes Rec Centre (3100 Tillicum). 250-9202095. QUEER YOUTH DROP IN - South Island Pride Community Centre welcomes queer youth, friends, allies and youth from queer families. MONDAYS 6-8pm at Esquimalt Youth Centre (530 Fraser), WEDNESDAYS 6-8pm at Fairfield Community Place (1330 Fairfield). Free. KIWANIS HOUSE PROGRAM Lifering support group for young mothers dealing with addiction. Free onsite childminding is available for young mothers participating in the program. TUESDAYS 6-7:15pm at 2652 Cook. Child minding starts at 5:30. Calling in advance is appreciated. 250-382-1004. DUAL RECOVERY ANONYMOUS Support group for recovery from both an addiction of any kind and a mental health issue. TUESDAYS 7:30pm in the BCSS Board Room (941 Kings). Free. 250-384-4225.

3D Exclusive Engagement Starts Friday, Sept. 16th





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AIRLINES ARE HIRINGTrain for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualiďŹ ed- Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783

CAPITOL MENTAL Health Association is looking for volunteers in various areas of interest to join their program at the BRIDGE Centre. Time commitment is long term and hours are exible. Training is provided. Call Volunteer Victoria at 250-386-2269.

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Call 250-388-3535 TRADES, TECHNICAL


VOLUNTEER VICTORIA is seeking a committed volunteer to work with a woman who lives independently in the Mayfair area, taking her out for coffee or activities. Commitment is every other week for one year, and training is provided. Call Volunteer Victoria at 250-386-2269.

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Previous solution - Easy

9 6 8 8 9 7 2 5 6 4 5 7 4





4 1



3 2 7 7 4



5 9 4



No. 38

Very Hard




2 9 1 4 6 4 6 8

3 9 2 6 The solutions will be published here in the next issue.


6 9 2 5 1 7 8 4 3

1 8 4 3 6 2 7 9 5

4 6 9 1 7 8 5 3 2

6 7 7 5 6 5 4 4 3 2 9 3 8

8 7 6 4 3 2

2 1 7 6 5 3 4 8 9

8 3 5 2 9 4 1 7 6

9 7 1 8 3 5 2 6 4

5 2 8 9 4 6 3 1 7

3 4 6 7 2 1 9 5 8

7RFRPSOHWH6XGRNXÂżOOWKHERDUG by entering numbers 1 to 9 such that each row, column and 3x3 box contains every number uniquely. For many strategies, hints and tips, visit If you like Str8ts, Sudoku and other puzzles, check out our books, iPhone/iPad Apps and much more on our store at

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Spell the phrase in the grid above it, writing each unique letter only once. The correct solution will spell the complete phrase along a single continuous spelling path that moves horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Fill the grid from square to square - revisiting letters as needed to complete the spelling path in order. Each letter will appear only once in the grid. Š 2011 Thinking Machine, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

4 3 1 6 9 8 5 7

How to beat Str8ts â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Like Sudoku, no single number can repeat in any row or column. But... rows and columns are divided by black squares into compartments. These QHHGWREHÂżOOHGLQZLWKQXPEHUVWKDW complete a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;straightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. A straight is a set of numbers with no gaps but can be in any order, eg [4,2,3,5]. Clues in black cells remove that number as an option in that row and column, and are not part of any straight. Glance at the solution to see how â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;straightsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; are formed.

7 5 3 4 8 9 6 2 1

2 6

2 1 3 3 2 1 4 5 3 2 8 5 7 7 8 7 6 6 8 4 5 6 9

Previous solution - Tough

2 3 7 5 1 4 4 8 6 1 3

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No. 38

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES SC MANAGER - NANAIMO Speedy Glass is now recruiting for a Service Centre Manager for their Nanaimo location. You will have a min 5 years sales, customer service and/or management experience. Have a strong customer service orientation, be results oriented and have exceptional communication skills. Experience in the Automotive Industry would be an asset. Please email your resume to Jennifer Dean at

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Š 2011 Syndicated Puzzles, Inc.

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THE MUSTARD Seed Food Bank is seeking a volunteer to drive either a 3-ton truck or a sprinter. Commitment is short term, November & December, 4-hour shifts from Monday-Friday. Training is provided, and other opportunities are available. Call Volunteer Victoria at 250-386-2269.

Š 2011 Syndicated Puzzles, Inc.

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PREVIOUS SOLUTION Pathemâ&#x201E;˘ Puzzle Solution

Š2011 Thinking Machine, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


SEPTEMBER 8 - 14, 2011

Full Moons are difficult for couples!


n Monday, Sept. 12, we have a Full Moon in Pisces (the only Full Moon in Pisces all year). Each Full Moon is an opposition of the Sun and Moon, which means itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also an opposition of male and female energy. This is why Full Moons are difďŹ cult for couples! Of course, each Full Moon is different because it takes place in a different sign; but whenever a Full Moon lines up with your own chart (and someone elseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s) â&#x20AC;&#x201C; well, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ďŹ reworks! This is why we barely notice some Full Moons while other Full Moons are thumb-sucking destructive. But one thing common to all Full Moons is that as the Full Moon approaches, our problems intensify, and then after it peaks, our problems seem to diminish or disappear. Go ďŹ gure. Well, it beats living in the present, tense. (That was baaad.)

ARIES MARCH 21-APRIL 19 Be careful because relations with others, especially partners and close friends, could be upsetting later in the week. (You need this like a fish needs a bicycle.) Difficulties with others might arise because you see wonderful ways to boost robust feelings of vigour and health, or perhaps to boost your earnings? Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the problem? Could someone be standing in your way? After all, someone you know is very rebellious right now, right? However, if you block this person, it will lead to power struggles and, of course, my repetition of that example of the fish and the bicycle. Oy vey. And we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want that. Instead, focus on ways to boost your earnings because they exist. Ka-ching!

TAURUS APRIL 20-MAY 20 This is quite a lovely time for your sign. However, the Full Moon right now will cause stress with romantic partners, friends and even groups youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re dealing with. Parents might have difficulty with their children as well. (Never raise your hand to a child, it exposes your midriff.) Always remember the tension of the Full Moon will fade away in a few days, so be patient. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make a big deal out of anything. This is a good week to plan vacations or grasp opportunities in publishing, the media and higher education. A few surprises at work are likely toward the end of the week. But hey, this might include a thrilling (and shocking) flirtation! Basically, enjoy your good fortune.

GEMINI MAY 21-JUNE 20 Tread carefully because the Full Moon is at the top of your chart, opposing the Sun at the bottom of your chart. Un f o r t u n a t e l y, this puts you in GEORGIA the classic dilemNICOLS ma of trying to choose between the obligations of home and family, versus the responsibilities of your external world and your career. You canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t keep both camps happy. Oy vey. Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s it going to be? Well, you cannot ignore home and family right now, thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for sure. Realestate opportunities look promising. This is a good time to tackle home repairs, especially with plumbing and garbage areas or renovations in general. (Parents should be alert this week because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an accident-prone time for your kids.) Just be cool.

CANCER JUNE 21-JULY 22 Avoid debates about politics, religion and racial issues, because the Full Moon at this time will ignite these into fullblown arguments. In addition, this is an accident-prone time for you, so be careful, slow down and be mindful of everything you say or do. Nevertheless, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be able to hatch some wonderful money-making ideas this week. You might also discover a new way of making money or even a new job. Others are ready to endorse your ideas and jump on your bandwagon. (Great.) However, be patient with upsets with neighbours and siblings. (Wear water wings and stay away from the deep end.)

LEO JULY 23-AUG 22 This particular Full Moon might hit your finances and your cash flow or something to do with your possessions. You might have arguments with others about who owns what or who is responsible for what or who might inherit something. (You never truly know someone until you have to split an inheritance with them.) Fortunately, when you speak this week, important people want to listen to you! It appears you

have all the answers. But your daily routine will be suddenly interrupted this week. Therefore, get as much done ahead of time as possible. (Whaaat?)

However, secret love affairs could hold a few surprises. Rely on your popularity right now because everyone loves you! (Well, practically; letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s get real.)

this is a mildly accident-prone time for you. (This kind of accident would be due to the distraction of your own impatience or something like that.)




You are part of the formula of this Full Moon because itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s directly opposite your sign. So you are one of the examples mentioned in All Signs (above), where the Full Moon creates stress with partners and close friends. (You know who you are.) Naturally, your only recourse is to be patient and tolerant with others. Who wants the stress of a fight? Fortunately, travel plans and big ideas concerning publishing, the media, the law and medicine are exciting right now. You might be planning a vacation or you might be getting further education so that you can teach. Something surprising with cash flow (good or bad) might also happen this week. Do keep an eye on your possessions.

At this time, the Sun is at the top of your chart, acting like a spotlight on you. This is why people notice you more than usual, especially VIPs. Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, the Full Moon is taking place directly opposite the Sun. This can definitely stir up conflict between your home and family life, versus your career and your public life. (Dontcha love it?) Just accept this is happening and be cool. You are very practiced at the art of deflecting painful situations with lighthearted humour, are you not? (Hey, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been doing it for years.) Things at work are going extremely well right now. People are ready to listen to you. Your bright ideas could bring in money from new sources. Yes!

Tension about shared property, inheritances, taxes, debt and insurance matters might come to a head now. Nevertheless, it appears that you come out smelling like a rose! Plans to travel for pleasure might be cancelled or delayed. A surprise flirtation with someone from a different culture or another country might also catch you off guard. (Woo, woo!) Despite whatever is happening, joy at home and an expanded feeling of wealth and good times where you live will overshadow any of these hangnail problems. In fact, real-estate issues or deals will benefit you. Arrangements between partners will be mutually generous and mutually beneficial. (Gosh.)

LIBRA SEPT 23-OCT 22 Whatever has been stressing you out at work (and perhaps with your health) will finally come to a head by Monday. This means by Wednesday, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll feel more relaxed about something. Research can pay off this week. Possibly, you will discover something that leads to gifts, goodies or a bonus coming your way. It appears youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be enriched by the wealth of others. Relations with partners are mildly explosive this week. (Someone feels rebellious!) Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make a big deal about anything. Fighting and confrontations are bad for your health and your peace of mind. Think about the marvellous travel opportunities you have in the year ahead, because they do exist! Start making plans.

CAPRICORN DEC 22-JAN 19 Avoid arguments about publishing, the law, medicine, politics and religion. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be tempted to get sucked into this, but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do it. Protect your peace of mind! Nevertheless, later in the week, you will rally the troops with enthusiasm. In fact, this is a good way to make future plans about travel, vacations, publishing, higher education and dealing with foreign countries. (Enthusiasm is a contagious thing and your exuberance for what you believe in right now will attract supporters.) A sudden and unexpected romance with a boss or an authority figure might blossom this week. Be extra mindful about everything you say and do because

PISCES FEB 19-MARCH 20 The only Full Moon in your sign all year is taking place on Monday, Sept. 12. Just grin and bear it. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not a big deal, really. It can mean tension with partners and close friends will easily erupt. In fact, you might feel that today! But itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good to know that Full Moon tension subsides in 48 hours. Meanwhile, you are extremely enthusiastic about something this week. This could be work-related or just a discussion you have with a partner or close friend. Keep an eye on your possessions and your bank account because a few surprises are likely to affect your cash flow. The idea is to keep it flowing, not trickling. (Yeah! Flowing! Baby needs a new pair of shoes!)

SCORPIO OCT 3-NOV 21 Parents must be patient with children right now. (Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy to have some kind of blowup, which is basically due to the tension of the Full Moon.) Be assured this tense energy will pass in about 48 hours, so be patient! (In fact, if you drink a lot of water, it generally passes more quickly.) This week, bosses, parents, teachers and VIPs are impressed with what you have to say. Now is the time to make your pitch.




BDC96NĂ&#x2030;H7JAA:I>C7D6G9D;E:GHDC6A<GDLI=!=:6AI=L:AAC:HHHDJG8:H LLL#BDC96NB6<#8DB'*%"(--"(*(* Maeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hot Oil & Thai Massage


Kripalu Swedish or chair massage Find your bliss.... Andrea 250-514-6223 Please call for rates and appointment time for women only, men by referral THE SOUL MASSAGE Tantric Journey to awaken the body and the soul with loving & nurturing touch

Call 250-999-9193

Traditional Thai Hospitality Truly amazing massage

250-589-9539 7 days a week

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE Zensious Enchanting Heavenly soothing massage ~Non-Sexual~



Nurturing Lifestyle Consultant

Soulution Spirit Spa

Nutrition Addictions Finance Relationships In person or by phone Sliding scale

A day of pampering, inner reďŹ&#x201A;ection Sept. 17, Oct. 22 ( 6 spaces per event)

Michele 250-661-5102



These hands are for you! Strong yet gentle, deep or light. I make your body feel out of sight!

MASSAGE Enter deep dimensions 13ofyrs in Practice relaxation. Be relaxed, soothed, Release toxins & assist Transformed! your body in self healing. Swedish, ReďŹ&#x201A; exology, women only Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, 250-380-8733 Energy Balancing JANALEE 250-888-4619




Enter 13deep yrs indimensions Practice of relaxation. Be relaxed, soothed, Release toxins & assist Transformed! your body inReďŹ&#x201A; selfexology, healing. Swedish, women only Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, 250-380-8733 Energy Balancing JANALEE 250-888-4619

Rungâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Thai Place Traditional Thai Massage Hot oil Massage

China Town

250-590-6042 Non-sexual

For your chance to win a double pass to the screening of DRIVE, send an email with DRIVE in the subject line to Be sure to include your full name and phone number.

Will Johnson CertiďŹ ed Rolfer since 1976


Screening date: Wednesday, September 14 - Capital 6 Cinemas - 7:00pm



Personals or Variations





250-383-6111 over 730 local members WOMEN SEEKING MEN


For written responses, please send $3.00 and envelope addressed to: Box #_ _ _ C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4. Voice Personals members can also reply by phone at 250-383-6111. MEN SEEKING WOMEN KIND, RETIRED minister, 69, looking for one quiet caring lonely lady for an ever lasting best friend commitment. Reply to Box #7500 C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111. MALE, 52, on the shy side. Romantic. Enjoy walks on the beach or dining out? Don’t be alone, I’m your guy. Reply to Box #5669 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111



MID 30’S single male 5’10” 155lbs., seeks single female who enjoys music, friendship, food, privacy and more. Reply to Box 2701 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St. , Victoria BC V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

ATTRACTIVE BI-SEXUAL male who would like to give oral to straight or bi-sexual men on a regular basis. Reply to Box #1448 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111. MATURE COUGAR with playful cub on the prowl seeking like-minded couples, bi-curious females for same-room adventures. Prepared to give and get. Written replies only: Box 8894 c/o Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St. Victoria BC V8W 2J5 MWM, 50, 6’, 170 lbs. Seeks female for casual friendship with benefits. Reply to Box #8424 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-3826111. OPEN MINDED early 60’s male. Seeks X-dresser for kinky oral fantasies. Discretion a must and assured. Reply to Box #4018 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111. SENSUAL, VERY attractive 52 y/o, recently single playmate. Searching for sexy lover to spice up my life. No married men, single men only. Reply to Box # 5127 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.

SWM 56 years, no dependents/drugs, social drinker, smoker. Enjoy cooking, movies, carpentry looking for friend/partner 35-45 yrs. Favorite radio 107.3 FM. Reply to Box 6879 c/o Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St, Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111. SWM, 62, N/S, honest, fun loving. Looking for female with same for friendship and companionship. Reply to Box #6251 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-3836111. SWM, 64, enjoys concerts, theater, art and life. Looking for female (53-65yrs) with similar interests for friendship and maybe more. Reply to Box #3434 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

How It Works First Menu •1 •2 •5 •6 •7 •9 •0

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by G. B. Trudeau







HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837

SENIORS ONLY - Cubbon Apartments We currently have 1 bedrooms starting at $775.00 per month, a one bedroom at $1000. Cubbon is pet friendly - cats and small dogs, is close to downtown Victoria, buses and parks. 1035 North Park Please call 250-3831162 to view - email - Wetherby Apartments for Seniors - 55+ only please. We currently have 2 bedrooms available starting at $1,075.00 - includes hot water. 3205/3215 Wetherby Road. Please call 250-598-1650 - email Sorry - no pets allowed.

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PETS PET CARE SERVICES LUCKY PUP is a dog walking and dog hiking service in Victoria BC that provides onleash, individual, group and off-leash dog hikes for lucky pups in the city and the outlying areas. Visit for more information or contact Selina via e-mail at: or by phone at (250) 5075236.

PETS POMERANIAN PUREBRED DOGS. 7 months, 8 months and 9 months in age. WEIGHT 5-7 POUNDS. CALL 250-423-4843 EMAIL:


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RARE OPPORTUNITY: waterfront property on beautiful Jim Lake, (70 Mile House) .83-acre with 360 sq ft insulated cabin, located near Green Lake/Watch Lake. Rare privacy, only three lots on the lake, good fishing for rainbows to 10 lbs, nice swimming, surrounded by crown land. Great trails for hiking, ATV and snowmobile. Seasonal 10-km back road access in 4x4 or pick-up. FSBO. $230,000. 250-3950599. (Please see

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fil here please

SPECIAL SECTION Highlighting events, workshops and competitions for the upcoming Art of the Cocktail Festival October 1 - 3

PUBLISHES September 15 BOOKING DEADLINE Thursday, September 8

Reserve your space! 250-382-6188

Consenting Adults 69JAI#BDC96NB6<#8DB'*%")-%"('%&


Cross-Dressers NIKI * Classy Cougar

Make overs, shopping, pedicures and more...

Wild yet sensual. Experienced, exotic,blue-eyed, natural blonde beauty. 36D-28-36. Full value full time. Toys, lingerie. Discreet downtown location. Mature 40’s. Niki 250-217-3969

Mustard Seed Food Bank 625 Queens Avenue



Sandy Merriman House

All Male Hot Gay Hookups!

Rock Bay Landing


535 Ellice St. 250-383-1951

Try Free! Call 250-220-1004 or 800-777-8000

St. Vincent de Paul Society 828 View Street

Real, Discreet, Local connections

Try Free! Call 250-220-1300 or 800-210-1010

Never worked before but interested?

Find more Consenting Adults Online

You choose: time, days, etc... And your choices will be strictly followed. Discretion assured!




Our Place 919 Pandora Avenue

Victoria Women’s Transition House 250-385-6611

Women’s Sexual Assault Centre 24 hour crisis & information line 250-383-3232





South Island Centre for Counseling & Training

Safe, Selective & discreet.

Sex Addicts Anonymous Victoria


Find more Consenting Adults Online

250-514-0696 Executive Relaxation


Find more Consenting Adults Online



NOW HIRING! F/T, P/T & visiting girls!

Fuk-4-Fun 250.385.4386 NEW HOURS! Mon-Sat 9am - LATE! and Sundays 11am - LATE!






(250) 382-1525

New Upscale Downtown Location

Victoria Independent Providers

Simone 250-888-1210 Sensual M2M Massage Full Body – Exploring Touch

Tantric Submission

Rikki 33yrs, 36C-28-36 Selena 24yrs, 36B-28-36 Dawn 38yrs, 36B-24-36 Athena 23 yrs, 36B-27-37 Krissy 20yrs, 32B-25-35 Frankie 25yrs, 34DD-26-36 Dalainy 45yrs, 36C-27-34 Bailey 25yrs, 34C-25-36



250-383-3506 w w w. c h a r l i e s a n g e l z . c o m





Bentley 27yrs, 32C-22-32 Sophie 40yrs, 36B-25-35 Madeline 20yrs, 32B-22-28 Olivia 22yrs, 34DD-27-37 Layla 20yrs, 34C-26-36 Justice 22yrs, 34C-26-34 Brody 21yrs, 36DDD-28-38 Starla 19yrs, 34B-26-36


Petite, HOT hardbody brunette. Downtown location.

Air Conditioned. Always Hiring!


MASSAGE GODDESS Sensual Healer! Classy, sexy, exotic & elegant.

When only the finest will do!

27 years, 36B-24-36. This gorgeous lady has long copper red hair and freckles in all the right places. Amber has a charming personality, and a seductive side that makes the package complete.



Rebecca: ... 33yrs ........... ..34DD-23-34 Lindsay: .... 36yrs ...............32B-23-32 Monica ...... 37yrs ...............34C-23-32 Kasey: ....... 22yrs ............... 34D-23-34 Blair .......... 23yrs ............... 34C-24-34 Juliet ......... 19yrs ............... 32C-23-32 Tesla.......... 25yrs .............36DD-25-35 Billi............ 21yrs ...........34C-24-34

Caprice ..... 36yrs ...........34C-23-34 Kenzie ....... 20yrs ...........34B-24-34 Luna .......... 20yrs ...........34C-23-32 Rylie .......... 19yrs ...........34C-24-34 Gerri .......... .38yrs ...........32C-23-32 Kelli: .......... 25yrs ...........34B-23-34 Lexxy:........ 21yrs ............32C-23-32 Alicia: ........ 21yrs ............34B-24-34

VISITING: Dallas: 25yrs, 34D-24-35 Sep 6-9

Save $20 on your visit Bring in this coupon and save $20 on your visit.

Coupon Valid: SEP 6 - 13 2011 Offer not valid with any other coupon/ discount.

24/7 ★ PRIVATE ★ NON-RUSHED ★ UNLIMITED ★ GFE ★ MASSAGE 250-590-VIPS (8477) or 250-507-2302

Extended Time Sessions

Mindful & Stimulating ANGEL MASSAGE PLUS Niki * 250-217-3969 Sensual bodysage, very discreet. Independent. Natural blonde beauty. Downtown location.

Colin: 250-984-7051

Lovely Jenny Oriental Gal Very Attractive Highly Enjoyable


Find more Consenting Adults Online

Heavenfil here is only a click away


Consenting Adults On-Line Call Katey to advertise 250-480-3201 or email MONDAY MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 8 - 14, 2011



Monday Magazine September 8 - 14, 2011  

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