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One on one with the Victoria-bound rocker FLASH FICTION CONTEST WINNERS | SMART METER DEBATE | BLUE BRIDGE INK 37:30



Starving to make some change ne Victoria resident is so fed up with the way governments have stolen from the poor to bequeath the rich, that he’s decided to take matters into his own stomach: by starving himself. Zac Braciszewicz, 34, is on DANIELLE a hunger strike and intends not to consume anything but water POPE until he can’t go any longer, dpope@ in an effort to draw attention to the political atrocities happening today. As of press time, Braciszewicz has been without food for 13 days. But what seems like torture to most of us is actually something Braciszewicz is well versed in — he’s practiced fasting with some of his Buddhist teachers, and he’s studied the topic extensively. “I got tired of the state of resource distribution, and how everything is organized into private profits. All we see are the same politicians making the same cuts to the same programs, and this isn’t just Victoria or Canada-wide — this is global,” says Braciszewicz. Any skeptic can do the math to know Braciszewicz will likely perish before any governments roll over fresh dough for the underprivileged, but that isn’t stopping the philosophy student. Braciszewicz says the human body can actually last weeks without food, so long as enough water and electrolytes (i.e. salt) are consumed, and energy output is low. Weaning oneself back onto food can also take as many days as were fasted, says Braciszewicz, though he says it will be a hard decision to resume eating. “People get stuck in this idea that all they can really do is vote, and that voting doesn’t work anyway, but it’s not the truth,” says Braciszewicz. “I found the most extreme protest I could think of without breaking the law. Everyone knows what they can do. What they have to get over is their fear, and their fear of losing.” Braciszewicz has lost nearly a pound a day since beginning his fast, and has been recording his process on YouTube. Find his Facebook page: “Support the Hunger Strike for Economic Justice!”


SPEAKING OF TORTURE A few Victoria residents are none too pleased with what the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority has granted the OK to this week. A vessel named La Esmeralda will be floating in the city’s harbour, from Aug. 1 to 5, as a historical icon brought in by the Canadian Navy. But the boat was used as a floating torture ship during the Chilean Pinochet regime from 1973 to 1990, with a bloody history that left over 100 Chileans tortured, raped and assassinated. To date, no one has been held accountable for the crimes committed by the Chilean Navy on this ship, nor have the impunity laws been changed that were passed during the Pinochet regime. “It amazes me that this icon of torture and terrorism from ‘the other 9/11’ would be welcome in our port. Would cars from Holocaust trains be celebrated here?” says Melaney Black of Victoria’s chapter of


Zac Braciszewicz has gone 13 days without eating, only consuming water, in a protest against social injustice.

Amnesty International. “In a city and province that strives to support human rights, it is incumbent upon the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority, the Canadian Naval authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to rescind their invitation to this vessel until official and legal Chilean reparations to victims, survivors and their families have been made.” So far, no move has been made to rescind the offer to port. “The GVHA is facilitating the Esmeralda’s safe moorage, as we would any other vessel legally entering Victoria harbour, under authority of the federal government,” says Curtis Grad, GVHA CEO. “We would also like to reiterate that we are liaising closely with all concerned parties to fulfill our obligations, including the facilitation of the right of individuals to protest in a peaceful and safe manner.” Victorians will be invited to tour this ship.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VICTORIA! With next Tuesday, Aug. 2, marking Victoria’s 149th birthday, Monday thought it would be a fine time to ask what the city has planned to celebrate next year’s big one-five-O. As Vancouver blows the candles out on its 125th, our neighbour has gifted $1.4 million to Van arts groups to help them organize their own events. How generous is big sis looking? Well, she’s got the decorations down pat. So far, the city’s preliminary plans are a lot of, well, signage. Rest assured, everyone will confidently know Victoria is turning 150 years old with the banners, hanging baskets and branding of Victoria 150. The city has also applied for a $750,000 grant from Cultural Capitals of Canada and a $200,000 grant from the Canadian Heritage Celebration Fund. No word yet on what presents could be gifted to city artists, though Mayor Dean Fortin hopes to see artists turn their attention to helping the city bring in the sesquicentennial cheer. Looks like we’ll have to wait to find out if any gifts are hiding in the closet. M

SOME DREAMS DO COME TRUE We’re giving this week's top mark to the official opening of the Olympic Vista apartments, an $8.4 million project which will provide supportive housing for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Saanich. Way to make good on that rumoured Olympic legacy housing.

WE’RE STILL BLUE We can't help but feel the sting of irony that the city has started heritage documentation of the old Johnson Street Bridge with a process of photogrammetric measurement that intends to “preserve” the old geometric measurements for future posterity. Thought you didn't like it.

NEWS FLASH: TREES ARE VALUABLE A thumbs up to the B.C. government for once, for publicly stating last week a commitment to designate the entire Avatar Grove off limits to logging by deeming it an Old-Growth Management Area. The Island has already lost 90 per cent of its old growth, but this rain drop is sure welcome. [2]


hen I sounded the call for entries to Monday’s first Flash Fiction contest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Although not as restrictive as the six-word gem (credited to Ernest Hemingway, although its authorship may be apocryphal) that sparked interest in short-shorts — “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.” — flash fiction is still a new arena for a lot of writers. GRANT The rules were simple: Keep it under 250 words. MCKENZIE Actually, that was the only rule. We received 65 entries that ran the gamut from editor@ personal nightmares of attempted rape onboard transAtlantic steam ships to fast lessons on the job that life can be a con game. We had seasoned writers still in their teens to first-time scribblers who had long since blown the candles out on their 80th birthdays. To make things fair, I formatted all the stories as plain text documents, gave each one a title if one wasn’t supplied, and removed the authors’ names. In a nice little slice of serendipity, one of the entries happened to arrive from a favourite author of mine — whom I’ve never actually met — who once made his home here and taught generations of Canadian writers at the University of Victoria. Due to the inclusion of W.P. Kinsella (author of Shoeless Joe, among countless other award-winning tales), I recused myself as a judge. That way I was able to send all the stories to the remaining four judges (all published authors in their own right) without them having any knowledge of who wrote what. Each story was ranked out of a total of 10 points. When all the results were back in my hands, I tabulated the scores. Until this moment (unless they’ve anxiously skipped ahead), the winning writers only know they have been selected as finalists. They don’t know where they have placed or what cool prize they’ve won until they turn to Page 19 and read our special four-page section. The best part is that every Monday reader gets to share in the wealth as you have eight fast and entertaining morsals to sink your eyeballs into, including a first-time-in-print Kinsella original. Now that’s pretty cool. M



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ON THE COVER Rob Zombie has his hand in so many varied projects, his life is scheduled for the next three years. Promoting his latest album, Zombie and crew are making a stop in Victoria.

8 BLUE BRIDGE PASSION One Victorian has taken historic pride to a whole new level by getting a full-on tattoo of Old Blue.

9 SMART METER DEBATE In the coming weeks, BC Hydro plans to finalize installation of the new “Smart Meters,” which has some Victoria residents concerned about privacy, health and the bees.


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Rose's face shows joy Delighted with your cover story on Rose Henry, a very worthy citizen . . . I don't see the "road map" of her rough life on the streets on her face, but rather the joy of moving ahead, onward and upward. JOYANNA WILKINSON, VICTORIA

Film pirates kill local biz I work at Hollywood Tonight Entertainment on Yates Street. We are a video store and we are going out of business because of piracy, which is illegal and theft. It is no different than stealing a physical item off the shelf at a store. You are taking [6]


something that other people worked hard to make, that doesn't belong to you, without paying. What bothers me is how everyone is so nonchalant about how many people’s livelihoods are being destroyed. I find it offensive that everybody thinks it is okay that this is happening on a mass scale and nobody cares. I know that there have been quite a few stories on the news about video stores shutting down, mostly Blockbuster, but it just sounds this big impersonal corporate thing. Why isn't anyone acknowledging the people it is affecting, because there is a lot of them. It's not just nameless, faceless corporations, it's mostly small, local, community-based stores and it not only affects the employees of the stores but the community as a whole. I just think that people shouldn't be so okay with destroying something that affects so many. P.S. I thought I should mention, because a lot of people bring it up, Netflix is just competition like any other video store. It did not put us out of business. CRYSTAL NEVE, HOLLYWOOD TONIGHT ENTERTAINMENT

Local buskers are enough

Bikers want bus support

Bringing in a “worldclass group” for a full week, but excluding our own talented buskers feels very much like the effective killing of Folkfest here in Victoria. For years we had a viable Folkfest on Centennial Square, drawing on the vast number of local groups and talents for free entertainment while feeding the onlookers from kiosks staffed by local groups. Then the Intercultural association decided to bring in paid “world class” talents, move Folkfest to the inner harbour AND charge admission. Well, Folkfest is dead — though in Seattle after 40 years they still manage to keep their Folklife Festival free. The question is, why do we need to invite outside buskers to entertain us when there is such a pool of talent in Victoria? We now face the same scenario of “annually” inviting outsiders to perform instead of locals, but in this case also depriving locals of their livelihood. ANNE FORESTER, VICTORIA

Last summer I started a petition to see how many people on and around Vancouver Island would be interested in seeing improved bike transportation infrastructure on the Greyhound buses on Vancouver Island. My goal was to find out whether I was the only one who wanted a better way to transport my bike around the Island. My online petition outlines the difficulties of such a task and how it is quite a deterrent for those that wish to cycle in this area, which is ironic as we are renowned for our great cycling destinations and facilities. It turns out over 500 people feel the same way I do and probably a lot more who haven't seen my petition. These are people that would otherwise be very eager to use the services of Greyhound if only it were more convenient for them to do so. I feel that there is great potential for Greyhound to fill this void, increase ridership and also create a lot of positive press in the process by continuing to endorse efficient modes of transportation. JAWN LAFRATTA, VICTORIA



What is your favourite thing about B.C.?

Oppal's bungling threatens benefits ith the help of grandstanding by Commissioner Wally Oppal, special interest groups now have an excuse to turn the BRIAN Missing Women InKIERAN quiry into a platform bkieran@ for political activism. A few days ago, the Native Courtworker and Counselling Association of B.C. announced that it will boycott the inquiry because it does not have the resources to participate. The resources they speak of are publicly-funded lawyers to articulate an agenda the association should have no problem communicating on its own. That prompted a spokesperson for the Feb. 14 Women’s Memorial March Committee to accuse the government of trying to silence its voice. “This provincial government has in so many ways let us know that women’s voices are not welcome,” marcher Angela Marie MacDougall said. This anger and resentment springs from the government’s rejection of a Wally Oppal eight-page treatise urging government to pay for lawyers for aboriginal and women’s groups. Oppal fanned the flames of dissent by suggesting the government’s “failure to fund the participant organizations would leave disenfranchised women and vic-


Rose's story important Re: Heroine for the Homeless, July 21-27 The article that you had on Rose Henry was very accurate. I have been working with her for several years in the Committee to end Homelessness in Greater Victoria . Her credibilty on the streets has enabled us to get many items of news from the streets from the homeless people of Victoria. We have then been able to influence the decisions of local politicians and charities to make changes in their programmes and their policies regarding the large number of homeless here in Victoria. It is long past time that her work has been recognized, and the unstinting support of her life-partner, James, should also be recognized. The problems of the homeless are very difficult to solve and, slowly but surely, we are seeing changes in the housing situation in Victoria and this is in no small measure due to the influence of Rose and the committee. PHIL LYONS, VIEW ROYAL


Vancouver Island is a big part of it, and Sooke is a little part; all the wilderness.

tims in a clearly unfair position at the Premier Christy Clark attempted to hearing.” refocus the issue when she and other This needless pandering to special Canadian premiers met with national interests forced Deputy Attorney-General aboriginal leaders at the Council of the David Loukidelis to publicly scold the Federation meeting in Vancouver. former judge and inform Oppal that he Asked about her government’s refusal was overstepping his bounds by even to cave in to Oppal’s demands, Clark said recommending funding funding should be spent on be provided. preventing future abuse. If we can find Loukidelis said the “Wally Oppal’s cominquiry can be conducted millions of mission is providing in such a way that parvery valuable informadollars to ticipants won’t need lawtion about the past and spend — and yers. Further, Oppal can how we can make sure we should — use commission lawyers that the Vancouver police to play an active role in department and other it needs to be examining documents and areas of law enforcement about going prompting evidence ... a in the Lower Mainland forward, and suggestion Oppal rejected have closed the gaps that as “untenable.” allowed that tragedy to making sure The deputy AG also unfold,” Clark said. women today reminded the former AG “If we can find millions are protected of funding realities he of dollars to spend — and should remember from we should — it needs to his time in the hot seat. be about going forward, Simply put: public funding for teams of and making sure women today are prolawyers for this inquiry — other than the tected.” families of missing and murdered women The premier is right. If Oppal’s inquiry — is not a higher priority than meeting is to have any lasting benefit it will be its ministry requirements such as paying for ability to identify protocols that can be court staff, sheriffs, Crown prosecutors implemented to ensure that our various and judges. law enforcement agencies are on the It is worth recalling that at the time same page when such a terrible crisis is serial killer Robert Pickton was convict- unfolding. ed, Oppal was serving as BC’s AG and Sadly, Oppal’s bungling decision to rejected calls for an inquiry saying that upstage his own inquiry with needless an investigation into how police handled provocation has created a backlash that the Eastside murders was not needed. could well undermine the whole proHow times have changed. cess. M

YVES VIAL, France/Victoria

I just came back from a crossprovince road trip ... so much is right here. RACHEL O’NEILL, Victoria

I love the ocean and the mountains, the West Coast Trail — things like that. NATALIA VELLATTA, Victoria

I like the rough untouched stuff. I’m not so much a fan of the civilized bit. TRENT HEWARD, Victoria


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Cheap hotels can be last line of defence uietly, slowly, but surely, something is slipping away from us here in the capital. On the surface, the impending sale of 603 Pandora (containing among other things the Plaza Hotel and Monty’s strip club) is part of a fairly normal process. It’s happened before with the Holiday Court, the Douglas Hotel and the Traveller’s Inn SIMON franchises; it’ll happen again, right? BuildNATTRASS ings change hands, old replaces new, we all snattrass@ move on. Unfortunately for some, moving on isn’t an option. Hundreds of people rely on hotels like the Plaza and the Douglas to fill the gaps in shelter services or provide at least a temporary alternative to the streets. While you might not have booked the Holiday Court for yourself, someone had a roof over their head because of its existence. More broadly, hotel space represents a last line of defence for families on the edge of homelessness. “If that housing resource


dries up we’re going to be impacted — our families are going to be impacted by not having an emergency resource to access when they are in crisis, which is what we use hotels for,” says Tory Kincross of the Burnside-Gorge Community Centre. Kincross adds that the lack of subsidized housing leaves families little choice but to stay in hotels or risk living on the street and consequently losing their children to custody. “There simply isn’t enough safe, affordable housing in the Greater Victoria region for everyone who needs it,” she says. And so hotel space is essential in keeping families together and off the streets. “Until we come up with a better solution, this is the best option that we have, and it seems to be meeting certain needs until we can find something else.” Now, let’s get one thing straight. This sort of shelter (particularly on the cheaper end) is far from ideal; it’s short term, it’s cramped and, if it’s not expensive, chances are it’s unsafe. The capital’s reliance on tourism also ensures that you’re shit out of luck if you need somewhere to live during the summer months. In short, living in a hotel sucks — but it’s better than living on the street, it’s better than losing your kids and it’s the only option available to a lot of people. M


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Keep it as is, but no more increases

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No, it's positive for the environment


Use the revenue to buy everyone a bicycle

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Victoria man’s passion for Blue Bridge goes skin deep

Residents concerned by Smart Meter plan



By Danielle Pope

By Danielle Pope

his week marks the beginning of the City of Victoria’s heritage documentation of the Johnson Street Bridge, but one Victorian has taken historic pride to a whole new level by getting a full-on tattoo of


Old Blue. Cort Watt, 24, just finished the last touches on his masterpiece only months ago — a finely detailed representation of the Blue Bridge, situated prominently on his right bicep. The tattoo, which took a total of five months to complete, was the work of local artist Ory Pereira. In what Watt describes as a painful set of 10 two-to-three-hour sessions, his original skull ink was transformed into a brilliant sunset bridge scene. “I wanted something that would represent my hometown pride and I always thought of the Blue Bridge as the centrepiece of the city,” Watt says. “It represents age and has that classic look, and there’s nothing better than that bridge on a sunny day.” While Watt conceptualized the idea for the tattoo years before the bridge underwent its recent removal controversy, he used the skull image already on his arm to appropriately turn it into a ghostly memorial. Watt was pleased about the amount of detail that went into the image, and learned that DANIELLE POPE Old Blue isn’t as simple as she seems: her colour is a Cort Watt had his original skull tattoo transformed into a brilliant sunset Blue Bridge scene by artist Ory Pereira. mix of blue, white and a bit of aquamarine. Pereira, who has been a tattoo artist for seven years and now owns Empire Tattoo, says that while Watt’s “I voted ‘No,’ on the referendum and was pretty devas- ing bridge began, which involves taking photographs of an tattoo wasn’t the most challenging concept he’s ever worked tated to see the results,” he says. “The new bridge won’t have object in a way that can capture exact geometric measurewith, at first he wasn’t sure it could be done. the same stature. It’ll be more like the Bay Street bridge, and ments. The technique is used in engineering and archi“It was kind of an unusual request — Cort wanted to take I don’t think some space-age thing going into Market Square tecture as a way to document existing structures so that scaled drawings or three-dimensional models can be crea landscape and turn it into a traditional-looking tattoo … really fits the city at all.” but I always appreciate a challenge,” Pereira says. “I believe Watt says he has no plans to get the new bridge tattooed ated, should a structure fail to exist. Similar work has the mark of a good tattooist is someone who is able to take a on his other arm, though he has found other ways to per- been done in Victoria for the Parliament Buildings, St. client’s concept and a limited amount of space and make an sonally commemorate Old Blue: he has a 1905 print of the Andrews Cathedral, the Metropolitan United Church and art piece out of it that really works.” bridge in his living room and has spent some time just hang- the Belmont building. While Pereira says he doesn’t have as strong feelings Watt has lived in Victoria all his life, and uses the bridge ing around the bridge, enjoying her remaining days. nearly every day for his work at a heritage company. While “My grandma is 98 years old and still with it, and we toward the bridge as Watt does, he thinks removing Old he says it’s hard to imagine living anywhere else, he will be go downtown on drives sometimes and she can tell me all Blue doesn’t fit with the rest of the city’s values on heritage choked to see the bridge go. these stories about what life used to be like in Victoria, and preservation. And take it from the man who knows a thing what things have changed,” Watt says. “This or two about remakes, Pereira says the city would have been bridge has a lot of history that it won’t be better to revamp the old bridge than start anew. “It’s a lot easier to rework something that doesn’t fit, or able to tell us when it goes.” The city itself has picked up on this doesn’t look good anymore than it is to scrap it and create knowledge. Last Friday, July 22, photo- something brand new,” he says. “That works for just about grammetric documentation of the exist- anything — it’s a lot less time, money and pain.” M

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erhaps no facet of the health and wellness industry has gained more momentum in the last decade than yoga. Having quietly existed for thousands of years, the practice of yoga now bene¿ts millions of people around the world on a daily basis. Victoria’s own Paci¿c Rim College (PRC) in Market Square is an educational leader in the ¿eld of yoga known as Yogatherapy and offers the only college-level Yogatherapy training in Canada. Yogatherapy (also spelled Yoga Therapy) is the application of the techniques and philosophy of yoga to support the healing and wellbeing of clients on all levels.

meters, as the company can trace the interference straight to the source. While Taylor understands that some people are uncomfortable with the technology, she says BC Hydro is committed to working with clients to find a solution for everyone, which could include placing the meters a small distance away from a home — though Sterk pointed out that a BC Hydro rep told her that cost would come at the owner’s expense, and can be upwards of $10,000. Taylor says BC Hydro has made no official decisions on what that cost would be, but when asked if it actually is possible to opt out of the meters, Taylor answered, “Smart Meters are becoming the global standard, and they will be our standard going forward. We are absolutely convinced that these are a safe, effective and reliable alternative to the old meters.” BC Hydro expects to save up to $70 million within the next three years, and $500 million over the next 20 years. Taylor says those savings will go directly to clients, though most will see no change on their bills — the savings are in avoiding fees that otherwise would have had to be implemented, she says. While customers on the Smart Meter system in the U.S. and Ontario have typically seen an increase in billing, Taylor says this is due to the fact that Smart Meters are more accurate, but says that B.C. will hardly see a difference due to BC Hydro’s relatively new meters. The contracted-out meter readers will mostly no longer be needed. Sterk encourages those who wish to opt out of the meters to contact BC Hydro and request to be placed on a “delayed installation” list, as well as continue to write in to BC Hydro and the government with a notice of non-consent. “There is no way to assure that this new system won’t be misused once it’s put in place, but it comes with so many more risks,” says Sterk. “This is another transfer of public funds to the private sector … and we need people and our government to see the ramifications this change could have.” M

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Yogatherapy: Stretch Your Career Options

Over 2,400

calls from women in crisis or caring family members are made to our

24-Hour Crisis Line each year.

A group of dedicated volunteers goes through our comprehensive crisis line training program to take these calls, and provide 40 hours of the 168 hours per week of crisis line coverage.

Volunteers of Victoria Women’s Transition House receive excellent training and learn about the issue of abuse, its impact on women and children, and how to alleviate the impact. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at VWTH, attend one of our orientation sessions. Please see our website or call Dianne at 250-592-2927 ext 222.






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The Foundations of Yogatherapy certi¿cate program at PRC is for students who have an interest in using all aspects of yoga in a therapeutic context. Students gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, learning how to identify in patients various health imbalances, determine the causes of imbalances according to the yogic model, and treat these imbalances through the application of techniques and principles of Yogatherapy.

The Foundations of Yogatherapy begins in September and can be taken independently or as part of the Diploma of Eastern Therapies and Bodywork program. Visit www.paci¿ to learn more about this program and others at Paci¿c Rim College, Canada’s leading school of Complementary and Integrative Medicine.


JULY’S GUEST BLOGGER olunteering is a regular part of my life. I feel I must always be doing something to contribute positively to other people’s lives. My time volunteering at the Transition House has been so great. To be in a place that is overflowing with empowering ideas and thoughts, and rich healing energy, has been amazing. It’s empowering for me to meet and talk with so many women who believe in themselves enough to take the necessary and difficult steps to better their situation. I have so much compassion for every woman and child that I see at the Shelter. It’s been so beautiful to watch mothers nurture their children here. The giving of love never stops no matter how hard things may seem. And hearing from them about how I’ve inspired them or brightened their day is also empowering for me.


The 4-month Foundations of Yogatherapy program contains a Yoga Teacher Training component that is recognized by the Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level, and PRC is a member school of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

oming soon to a hydro meter near you: a whole lot of change, and not a whole lot of choice, according to worried residents. In the coming weeks, BC Hydro plans to finalize installation of their new “Smart Meters,” wireless hydro meters that work by emitting a signal to a remote “Smart Grid,” which effectively allows hydro to be issued and taken away at the mere push of a button. But the change has residents around Victoria and the province spooked — not just for the potential billing changes, but for concerns over privacy, effectiveness and, of course, the health of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). In the last few weeks, a heated anti-meter campaign has seen Gulf Island locals hold protests against the installation of Smart Meters. After the World Health Organization recently deemed the frequencies emitted from wireless communication devices as a Class 2B carcinogen, several local municipalities, including Methchosin and Salt Spring Island, have applied for a moratorium on the installation of the wireless meters. On Wednesday, Jane Sterk, leader of the Green Party of B.C., gave an important policy announcement that called on the B.C. government to cancel BC Hydro’s plan to install Smart Meters and replace it with a long-term plan that addresses health, privacy, security and individual rights issues first. Sterk was joined in the address by federal Green leader Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich Gulf Islands, and Dr. Magda Havas, a professor at Trent University specializing in electromagnetic frequencies. “We’ve already seen the studies to know that the biological effects of these frequencies have a significant health impact,” says Sterk. “Forcing people to have wireless Smart Meters installed in their homes without any real ability to opt out is unacceptable to us.”

Sterk says that the number of constituents who have been in contact with her has shown a deep public outcry on the matter, though she says that the province’s Clean Energy Bill could have mandated this type of change by further encouraging businesses to transition into a wireless state. Still, Sterk says the health ramifications — from the impact on humans to concerns over the impact in bee colonies and other environmental factors — are not being considered here. “People have made unsupportable assumptions that these are safe, but there’s no way we can assure that, and by then it may be too late. I don’t think there was ever any real negotiating power given to the public here,” says Sterk. “BC Hydro thought they could just do this without the public really noticing, but the response to this has just been mushrooming.” Fiona Taylor, deputy project officer for BC Hydro’s Smart Meter Program, says that a major part of BC Hydro’s focus in the switch is informing customers about “misinformation” out there, and helping people get on board with modernizing the 50-year-old grid. “In the 20-year life of a Smart Meter, they have actually been proven to emit approximately the same frequencies as you would experience being on a cell phone for 30 minutes,” she says. “We’ve worked with a lot of third-party experts to ensure that we’re offering our clients the strictest standards.” Taylor says the meters don’t emit frequencies 24/7 as people fear, but only one minute per day. She also says the meters register at just two microwatts, compared to Switzerland’s precautionary standards of 4.5 microwatts. She adds that no evidence has been discharged to prove bees are affected by the frequencies. Taylor says the data collected by the meters is not realtime but hourly, so BC Hydro has no way of knowing what appliances a client is using, or what people are doing with that energy. That said, it will be easier for BC Hydro to crack down on people “stealing” power and tampering with

24-HOUR CRISIS LINE: 250.385.6611 Photo © for illustrative purposes only


A community free of relationship violence and abuse





City Something SUNDAY


HELL ON EARTH TOUR Rob Zombie with Slayer Tuesday, Aug. 2, 7pm Save On Foods Memorial Centre $69.50 (General Admission Floor)$69.50 (Bowl)$59.50 (Back)$39.50 (special promotion) as soon as you cross the border. The shows are different and I’m not really sure why. It’s just a different vibe. It’s always great. We love it.” They’re even having new costumes made specifically for the Canadian dates. “To show our love of Canada,” he says. “I don’t want to give it away now, but it’ll be pretty obvious e everyone e eryo e sees it.” t. when Intriguing indeed.

ulti-instrumentalist, Shari Ulrich is making her return to the Belfry Theatre stage, Thurs. July 28, accompanied by her daughter, Julia Graff and Julia's McGill classmate, Nanaimo's Ted Littlemore. While Ulrich plays violin, piano, guitar, mandolin, and dulcimer, her daughter plays violin, piano, guitar, accordion and will provide vocals. Ulrich was a member of the Pied Pumkin, The Hometown Band, Ulrich Henderson Forbes, and performs with Barney Bentall & Tom Taylor, and the High Bar Gang. Tickets are $25 from the Belfry Box Office, 250382-6815 or M

But even more intriguing is that Zombie admits to creating his own outfits and doing his own makeup before each show. “The tradition of the theatre is that you have to do it yourself,” he says. “That’s always been the way. It’s the key … to achieve the look I’m going for isn’t too difficult.” The band starts to get ready about an hour and a half before each show. “I don’t like to start getting in the groove too early because sometimes it’s like you just peak, like you’re so ready to go, but shit, we’ve still got 45 more minutes, and then your adrenaline is all up and you just start coming back down.” Zombie and classic metal rockers Slayer will each be treating the audience to a full headlining set during Hell On Earth, and San Francisco’s thrash-metal band Exodus has been confirmed to open all 12 North American shows. t o bands a ds haven’t a e t toured tou ed toget e ssince ce 1999’s Thee two together Ozzfest. S “You can expect no less than ‘hell on earth,’’ says Slayer’s visua bludKerry King. “Total sonic annihilation and a visual geoning. Bring your own body bag.” Zombie adds they haven’t left anything out as far as every production is concerned. “We’re bringing everything! Everything we’ve ever done is gonna be jammed up in there, you know, pyro, video, flaming robots, explosions, you name it, it’s all there. Nothing’s mis missing.” With a new drummer, Marilyn Manson’s former drummer Ginger Fish, joining the fold recently, re Zombie says the band’s sound is closer to the recordings than it’s ever been. “Probably out of all the drummers that tha we’ve had, Ginger plays the most accurate to the recording, so it’s the least strange tra transition focus and that we’ve ever had. He’s very focused he was listening to every record and every cou find live tape and everything that he could tra to really nail it down so the transition wasn’t weird,” says Zombie. Jord Former drummer Joey Jordison of befo the Slipknot left the band just before w European tour. “Joey stayed with us for about a year, but we always temporary, says knew he was temporary,” Zombie. “There hit a point where Slipknot was done their vacat ey were going to be on th tion, they tour at the same time we w were, alway knew so obviously, we always that was priority and that he d that. was going to go do w had to Because of thatt we ne who would find someone perma manent, not n just be permanent, fill-i ll-in guy.” a fill-in Zombie says th perGinger was the fect fit. Continued on Page 23



Victoria Symphony Splash is led by Maestra Tania Miller in the Inner Harbour.

he Victoria Symphony is making waves in the Inner Harbour with the 22nd annual Victoria Symphony Splash, Canada’s largest annual outdoor symphony showcase. The July 31 event offers a day full of entertainment and activities for the whole family, capped off by fireworks and cannons to the music of Tchaikovky's 1812 Overture, directed by Maestra Tania Miller at 10 p.m. Start on the Empress Hotel lawn at 1 p.m. with the Splash Family Zone, jammed full of entertainment and activities for music lovers of all ages. Featuring the Instrument Petting Zoo, where people get a chance to pick up classic orchestral instruments like a cello, violin, trumpet, flute or clarinet and attempt to make a sound. “It’s really neat to see some of the kids pick up the instruments, many for the first time, and watch their eyes light up when they make a sound,” says Bethany Wilson, Director of Marketing & Sales for the Victoria Symphony. Draw What You Hear offers mural painting led by local artist Susanne Ledingham. There will be balloon artists, face painting, bouncy castles, an inflatable obstacle course and much more. The Splash Family Zone closes at to make way for a musical romp through the ages with The Timebenders, a local concert band featuring the best dance music and outrageous impersonations of the greatest stars of the last 60 years. Between 4 and 6 p.m., the Timebenders will lead participants


in a dance party on Belleville Street in front of the Legislature. “Dancers from Arthur Murray will be giving free dance lessons to get street dance started,” says Wilson. Then symphony musicians take to the streets in a parade, leading them all the way to the barge floating in the Inner Harbour, where they will perform a full evening concert inspired by B.C. Parks’ 100th birthday. “The parade gives the musicians a grand entrance and gives people a chance to see them up close, see their faces and what instruments they play before they get out on the barge,” says Wilson. The concert program features “Roses from the South” by Strauss, “William Tell Overture” by Rossini, By “The Sleepy Lagoon” by Coates, “Waltz of the Flowers” by Tchaikovsky, and “Winds of Kananaskis” by 18-year-old Jared Richardson. Richardson is the first ever young composer at Splash. Richardson participated in the Victoria Symphony’s vsNew program for young composers over the last three years. The program pairs composers ages 9 to 18 with symphony musicians and the composer in residence. He wrote “Winds of Kananaskis” when he was just 15. Also featured is 11-year-old violinist Alice Haeyko Lee as this year’s Young Soloist. Lee will perform the first movement from Bruch’s “Violin Concerto No.1” to an enthusiastic crowd of 40,000 people. For more information about Victoria Symphony Splash, visit M

he Shakespeare festival is facing low audience turn out and a potentially crippling deficit. Poor weather has kept traditional audiences from seeing Hamlet, Monday, Wednesday and Friday (until Aug.12)and Comedy of Errors, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at Camosun College's Lansdowne Campus. Tickets online or at Ticket Rocket: 250-590-6291 Visit for tickets and more information. M









HEAVY METAL ROCKER TAKES ON HOLLYWOOD WITH GUSTO hen you hear the name Rob Zombie, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? His Grammynominated metal music? His former hit band White Zombie? Or what about the gory horror films he’s directed — House of a 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, or even the 2007 remake of Halloween seeque ? Maybe aybe you think t o hiss animated a ated feature, eatu e, and itss sequel? of aunted World of El Superbeasto. Or maybe ma you think The Haunted of the Woolite commercial he directed. Yess … a Woolite mercial. commercial. Zombie hass his hand ried projin so many varied MARY RY ELLEN GREEN ects, he saysvarie his life is ext scheduled for the n next three years. hen it comes to directing a television show like “When CSI, orr a comedy special, it just sounds so fun, and uch a cool thing to do, how could I say no?? I like such at mean there have been phenomenal projects tha that jus ustt us have come to me that I’ve had to turn down just ly based on time … I try to do everything, I really ut sometimes it just comes to a point n nt do, but at wheree I’m like that’s impossible. I can look at hedule and be like ‘I am screwed until unti tiil my schedule ng 2014,’”” he says. “People are already tryin trying ok me tours based on the next record d to book that we haven’t even written yet.” sh off the second European leg of o Fresh ur promoting his latest albu um, his tour album, ly Deluxe 2, Zombie and hiss crew crew Hillbilly creant musicians are making a of miscreant n Victoria during the final leg stop in of Thee Hell On Earth tour with r, this Tuesday, Aug. 2, at Slayer, the Save-On-Foods Memorial e. Centre. “I know so little about ria],” he says. “I don’t [Victoria],” even know if I’ve been there.”” But he does know es playing shows in he likes da. Canada. “It’ss awesome. We love playing Canada. an, it’s always I mean, been wonderful. eally hard to It’s really ibe, describe, too, se you feel because the difference


ummer’s long weekends are a chance to get out of town and enjoy some of the beauty our province has to offer, but if you’re sticking around the capital this B.C. Day long weekend, Capital Festival Productions is bringing some of that beauty to you. “We’ve got tremendous highlights this year,” says festival artistic director John Selkirk. “There’s such a wealth of talent here.” Celebrate the best of British Columbia with free entertainment for the whole family at St. Ann’s Academy for the 2011 B.C. Day Celebrations, which runs Monday, Aug. 1, from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Bring a blanket, some chairs, and a picnic to enjoy a variety of entertainers from across the province on three stages, both inside the academy and out. This year’s festival will offer more interactive fun than ever before, promises Selkirk. “Not only are Salsa Caliente going to perform, but they have an instructor coming in to give dance lessons to audience members,” he says. “They’ll be Clown Ben LaBarouette brings his show Dream offering workshops in salsa for the adults and hip-hop Circus, to Victoria as part of the BC Day Celebrations at St. Ann's Academy, Mon., Aug.1. for the kids.” Benoit Ranger, also known as “Ben LaBarouette” will be performing two sets of his Dream Circus groups the audience might know or BC DAY on the main stage. LaBarouette hear some aspiring young groups CELEBRATION was one of the artistic co-foundthey’ve never heard of,” says Selkirk. Monday, Aug. 1, 11am ers of Cirque Du Soleil and École The Garage Band Live competition to 5:30pm Nationale de Cirque (National takes place in the auditorium. St. Ann's Academy School of Circus Arts) in Montreal. Inside the chapel, the acoustic (835 Humboldt) “Expect to see some magic and stage features some of the best singerFree music and acrobatics,” says Selkirk. “He’s realsongwriters and musicians. Find B.C. entertainment all day ly engaging and really fun for the emerging artists Karly Summers and whole family.” Sarah Tradewell playing there. Cast and crew from the movie On Sunday, catch a preview of Locked in a Garage Band will be on Monday’s festival at Harbour Heroes, hand for the Garage Band Live competition. Emerging a new part of the B.C. Day Celebrations, at the Delta artists or indie bands can register to compete for prizes Ocean Point Resort plaza across the Johnson Street and bragging rights in this live performance contest, Bridge. From 1 to 5 p.m. there will be music, magic, which will be judged by a panel of local celebrities. prize giveaways and a BBQ to liven up that side of the The winners will have a chance to be featured on the harbour in the lead up to Victoria Symphony Splash. film’s soundtrack. For more information about the B.C. Day “This is a great opportunity to support some Celebrations, visit M



GANGA GIRI GOES GLOBAL anga Giri is a rhythmic didjeridu virtuoso and percussionist, but his music blends those natural elements with fat tribal beats and dirty funky bass lines to create a unique electronic tribal dance sound. As he says, "Put the Voodo into you." Performing with guests DJ Rowan & Desunos, Friday, July 29, at Metropolis (formerly Karma Nightclub,603 Pandora). Doors 9 p.m., show at 10 p.m. Tickets: $18 Advance / $20 Door. Available: online at, or in person at Lyle's Place (770 Yates) (250) 382-8422 & Ditch Records (784 Fort), (250) 386-5874. M





• are 19 years of age or older • have used recreational drugs monthly

or more often in the past 6 months • can speak English The study consists of a one-time CONFIDENTIAL & ANONYMOUS interview of about 60 minutes. Participants will be compensated for their time.

250-208-5308 or Conducted by researchers from the Centre for Addictions Research of BC. Approved by the University of Victoria Research Ethics Board.

Giant Annual Costume Sale Sunday, August 7th from 10 am to 2pm at Langham Court Theatre 805 Langham Court (off Rockland)

Bring your own bags!

SOOKE FINE ARTS SHOW Calendar of Events


Wednesday, July 27, 6-8 pm

Group exhibition shows transformations By Kelly Dunning

ichelangelo once said, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.� The artists of the Vancouver Island Sculptor’s Guild have been hard at work at this task and the fruits of their labour will be on display in an upcoming exhibition entitled, Transformations. The name of the show references the transformation that occurs in a piece of wood, stone or clay when the sculptor goes to work on it, turning it into something new. It also reflects the transformative effect of the process of art-making on the artists themselves. As Vancouver Island Sculptor’s Guild president David Hunwick describes, “we are literally transformed by the things we create.� The opening night of this prestigious group TRANSFORMATIONS show will give fans of sculpture in Victoria the Vancouver Island Sculptors chance to see artworks Guild exhibition exhibiting a huge range The Sculpture Studio ( 211 of styles and materials, Harbour Road) as well as speak to the Opening Night reception, artists themselves. After Friday, July 29, 6-8pm. enjoying a sophisticatDemonstrations: Saturday ed evening of refreshand Sunday from 11am - 4 ments and socializing pm and Aug. 6 and 7, at the Sculpture Studio, 11am - 4pm. anyone interested in learning more about the transformative process of sculpture can return the next two consecutive weekends to observe live demonstrations of wood carving, stone carving, moulding and casting techniques, and clay sculpting methods. The Transformations exhibition is the most recent show put together by the sculptor’s guild, a non-profit artist’s society that aims to bring sculptors a place to share their ideas and inspire each other, as well as put on exhibitions and other events. The guild hosts regular shows and studio visits. This exhibition will feature works by local artists Daniel Cline, Ted Piers, Jan Johnston, Audrey Vaneer, Linda Lyndsay and David Hunwick. Along with live demonstrations, the second weekend of the exhibition on Aug. 6 and 7, also marks the beginning of the guild’s sculpture trail project at the Horticultural Centre (formerly known as Glendale Gardens). Six outdoor sculptures will be on display, and the group intends to add six more in the spring to create a permanent outdoor exhibition. “In my opinion, sculpture is always enhanced when placed in nature,� says Hunwick. “To be able to place a sculpture against the backdrop of the most beautiful colours; textures; light and shadows, only serves to enhance our attempts to imitate nature itself." Whether placed within the beauty of nature or an art gallery setting, the sculptures in this exhibition are sure to have a transformative and inspirational effect on the viewer. M


Music by The Rhythm Miners A night to explore all the flavours of Sooke!

Show + Sale Dates July 23 - ‡ Aug 1 ‡ 

There comes a time when everything falls into place. When you ďŹ nally discover a home in sync with your style. Where all elements are aligned: downtown location, quality concrete construction and attainable price.


We feature the most delicious and authentic East African cuisine in Victoria, along with music and decor to complete your experience! Open every d day ((exceptt M Monday) d ) ffor di dinner 5:00pm – 9:00pm • Buffet Dinner MONDAY MAGAZINE JULY 28 - AUGUST 3, 2011

#5-612 Head St., Esquimalt

250-475-NILE (6453)

MOST HOMES PRICED FROM $198,900 – $398,900 Spacious studio to 2 bedroom and den urban ats



a prize from Monday Magazine

1150 Cook St. Victoria, BC 250-385-4747


More info and events on our website!

Whether you want to start building your own equity, have the convenience of a second home downtown, or add a great investment to your portfolio, Era offers an opportunity of a lifetime – the best new home value in downtown Victoria.


Specializing l in vegetarian cuisine Great Food • Fast Service • Fully Licensed

Living at Era gives you the gift of time. You’ll have more of it because living downtown means that everything is at your doorstep. Located in the heart of the city, just where you have always aspired to live, Era is built by award-winning Concert, a developer who has earned a reputation for excellence in Victoria and across Canada.

This sculpture, titled "Broken Dreams," by David Hunwick was made out of cast cement and steel. Find out how he made it at Transformations, The Vancouver Island Sculptors Guild exhibition. Live demonstrations are offered in wood carving, stone carving, moulding and casting techniques and clay sculpting methods. For more information, visit

East A

SEAPARC Leisure Complex|Sooke, BC




Taste of Sooke

Tea, fresh-baked scones and an afternoon of art!




Thursday, July 28, 7-9 pm

Seniors’ Teas

It’s About Time.


For teens by teens! Text your friends, meet for an evening of performances by local youth.

Thursday, Friday, July 28-9, 2 -4



         !" #

Each week we hide an “M� on the cover. Last week it was hidden in the bottom left corner. Prove that you’ve found the “M� and get it into our office to win! Drawn Monday at noon. Submit entries to: 818 Broughton St.,Victoria, V8W 1E4 with daytime phone number or fax it to our number at 250-382-6014.

*Mortgage based on 10% down, 3.95% interest rate. O.A.C.


ON St.




You may be eligible to participate in a study if you:

AS St.

Recreational or Club Drugs?



Do you use


Winner this week:


This is not an offering for sale. Such offering may be made by Disclosure Statement only. E.&O.E. MONDAY MAGAZINE JULY 28 - AUGUST 3, 2011




PANDORA'S LOCKER - Inspired by the Greek myth of Pandora's Box, this contemporary youth opera is set upon a canvas of urban music and electronics. FRIDAY 7:30pm & SATURDAY 2:30pm at the Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, MacLaurin Building (UVic). $21/$18 students and seniors. 250-386-6121. AN INCREDIBLE EVENING OF MAGIC - Witness the incredible, the unbelievable, the art of grand illusion. With Canada's AwardWinning Illusionists Murray Hatfield & Teresa. 7:30pm at the Victoria Conference Centre (720 Douglas). $29/$22. 250-893-1349.

VICTORIA ANARCHIST READING CIRCLE - Discuss the lastest in anarchist reading. TUESDAYS 7pm at Camas Books (2590 Quadra). Free. 250-381-0585. TRIVIA PUB QUIZ - General knowledge, guess the song, who said it, (or our variation) who tweeted it! Free. TUESDAYS 8pm at Felicita's (UVic). 250-721-8626. UVIC ASTRONOMY OPEN HOUSE - Here's your chance to discover everything you've wanted to know about the sky. WEDNESDAYS 9-10pm at the Bob Wright Centre (UVic). Free. 250-721-7700, mshen@

TUES. AUG. 2 TRAVELLING PUPPET SHOW Experience magic, fun and a little silliness. For 3-5 year olds. 10:3011am at the GVPL, Nellie McClung Branch (3950 Cedar Hill). Free. 250-477-7111. FIRE - Inspired by the lives of Jerry Lee Lewis and Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, Fire traces the rise and fall of Cale and Herchel Blackwell, the sons of a Southern preacher. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY 8pm at the McPherson Playhouse (3 Centennial Square). Preview $24. 250-386-6121.

AUDITIONS NANA'S NAUGHTY KNICKERS St. Luke's Players are seeking five females (ages 20s to 80s) and three males (ages 20s to 60s). Production dates Oct. 12-23. Appointment required. Aug. 5, 7-9pm, Aug. 6, 1-3pm at St. Luke's Hall (3821 Cedar Hill X). 250-361-1895.



SAVINGS OF UP TO $189,900 One-of-a-kind modern flats and lofts with 14 - 17 foot ceilings. With its spectacular restored Georgian façade and 14,000 square foot rooftop terrace, The Hudson is a truly unique home ownership opportunity.


VICTORIA’S KILLER DINNER THEATRE - Presenting: “Murder on the Oriental Rug,” an interactive stage performance. FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS 6:30pm at Victoria Travelodge (229 Gorge). $43, includes dinner. 250-361-6246, VICTORIA SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL - Presents A Comedy of Errors THURSDAYS, SATURDAYS & TUESDAYS 7:30pm and Hamlet FRIDAYS, MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 7:30pm. To Aug. 13 at Camosun Landsdown Campus (3100 Foul Bay). $22/$16. 250-589-7926. FLIGHTS OF FANCY - Imaginations take flight as children of all ages are transported into the world of pirates, treasure and magic with the classic tales of Peter Pan and Treasure Island. Audience participation is encouraged. SATURDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 2-3pm. To Aug. 12 at the Maritime Museum of BC (28 Bastion Square). $10-$35. COMEDY NIGHT - Get your belly aching with Lachlan Patterson and Adam Pateman. FRIDAY-SATURDAY 9pm at Heckler’s. $10. 250-386-9207.







FRI. JULY 29 THE SCULPTURE STUDIO Transformations, exhibition of work by the Vanvouver Island Sculptors Guild. Opening reception 6-8pm. SATURDAY & SUNDAY 11am-4pm, and Aug. 6 & Aug. 7 11am-4pm at 211 Harbour.

ONGOING OPEN SPACE - Greenw∞sh, an investigational exhibit investigating the complicated relationships to natural and artificual ecosystems through a series of artists' project. Work by Kyath Battie, Rachel Evans, Scott Evans, Robert Hengeveld, Marlene Jess and Xane St. Phillip. To July 28 at 510 Fort. THE FIFTY FIFTY ARTS COLLECTIVE - Remember Home, mixed media works by Trish Tacoma, Rachael Carroll and Renee Crawford. To July 28 at 2516 Douglas. WINCHESTER GALLERIES -Early and Late Works, exhibit of work by John Fox, to July 30 at 758 Humboldt. SOOKE HARBOUR HOUSE Jokers Wild, exhibition of work by Ken Horn. To July 31 at 1528 Whiffen Spit. ABSOLUTE UNDERGROUND GALLERY - Vacations in Hell, exhibition featuring Tank Standing Buffalo, Julia Turner, Jesse Ladret and James Goldie. To July 31 at 1215 Government. THE GALLERY AT MATTICK`S FARM - Sculptures and reliefs by Birgit Piskor. To July 31 at 109 - 5325 Cordova Bay. XCHANGES GALLERY Compression, work by Thomas Chisholm. To July 31 at 2333 Government. LITTLE FERNWOOD GALLERY The Stillness of a Moment, artwork by Marlowe Jaxen. To July 31 at 1923 Fernwood. SOOKE FINE ARTS SHOW - See what Sooke's artists have to offer. 10am-8pm daily, except July 30 & Aug. 1 (closes 5pm). To Aug. 1 at the SEAPARC Leisure Complex (2168 Phillips). $8/$7 for seniors. .

Sales Centre: 301 - 770 Fisgard Street Open noon - 5pm daily except Fridays 250.388.0018

The developer reserves the right to make changes and modifications. Prices subject to change without notice. E & O.E. See sales rep for details.





Dale Gann and Connie Ahern.




udson Mack; ws anchor H ne , in rt Fo n . or Dea yan O'Byrne Victoria May Mack; and R on ilt am H son,

From left, Justin Courtnall and Jamie Benn.

, phen, Ron MacLean From left, Tammy Ste erry. Ch vid Da d an , ne Alica and Ken Lavig

Jordie Benn, Kory Coward and Veronica Lavener.

Wyatt and Jelaine Wutzke, JJ Dudim, Jason and Dawn Cle ment.


Courtnall Afterparty CLUB 9ONE9 HOSTED THE COURTNALL CELEBRITY CLASSIC CLUBNIGHT Local celebrities Geoff, Russ and Bruce Courtnall hosted business, sports and Hollywood stars for the third Courtnall Celebrity Classic. The Courtnall Celebrity Classic is a spectacular local charity golfing event that is dedicated to providing vital funds to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation’s “Building Care Together Campaign”. As part of the $25 million Building Care Together campaign goal, the funds will be assigned to the $4 million that is required for mental health care equipment. Club 9ONE9 at the Strathcona Hotel hosted the Courtnall Celebrity Classic Clubnight, a red carpet afterparty held last Friday night. Celebrities included: actor Jonathon Silverman, whose films include Weekend at Bernie’s and Death Becomes Her; Canadian actor



Lochlyn Munro (Freddy vs. Jason and Scary Movie), and Ron MacLean, co-host of Hockey Night in Canada. A few recognizable NHL players were also spotted in the nightclub: Ryan O’Byrne, Manny Malhotra, Willie Mitchell and local Jamie Benn, who plays for the Dallas Stars. After a gala dinner, celebrities arrived at Club 9ONE9 ready to enjoy live music by Broken Strings, a side project of well known band Jets Overhead. Talented Vancouver disc jockey, DJ Reign rocked the house throughout the evening while celebrities and locals alike enjoyed the spectacular atmosphere of the nightclub to dance the night away! The vibrant nightclub, 9ONE9, is recognized as one of the largest and most technologically advanced in B.C. — clearly the perfect choice for a celebrity blast!

Todd Zeile, Jim Jerome, Jess and Brett Curtis





BC Elders


Thank you . . .

to the many hundreds of volunteers who were fundamental in bringing this event to the level of excellence we achieved.

On behalf of the 35th Elders Gathering we would like to express our gratefulness to our Elders who attended all our planning meetings throughout the year with their knowledge and support. Our Core Planning Group, Coordinators and Volunteers, provided input and tireless commitment to the planning process, which lead to the success of the 35th Annual Elders Gathering. Their respectful participation was a success and welcomed over 5000 participants. The 35th Elders Gathering could not have taken place without our sponsors. We have built long lasting partnerships that will benefit the elders, their communities and all British Columbians for many years to come. Supporting Sponsor:

Host Sponsors:

Platinum Sponsors:

Gold Sponsors:

Steven Price’s first novel, Into That Darkness, was published this year by Thomas Allen. His collection of poetry, Anatomy of Keys, received the Gerald Lampert Award. A second collection is forthcoming. He teaches writing at University of Victoria. Lou Allin is the author of the Belle Palmer mysteries set in Northern Ontario. Now living on Vancouver Island, she is working on a new series featuring RCMP Corporal, Holly Martin, in charge of a small detachment near Victoria.

Media Sponsor:


A free HD PVR rental and Xbox 360. See, wishes do come true. *

Hillside Centre




Robert J. Wiersema is a bookseller at Bolen Books and the bestselling author of two novels, Before I Wake and Bedtime Story. His new book, Walk Like a Man: Coming of Age with the Music of Bruce Springsteen, will be published in September.


It’s time! Our semi annual sale is now on! Come in and get your favorites from Simon Chang, Spanner, Sandwich, and many more up to 70% off.




35th Annual

By Kathleen Craigie rossing Eynhallow Sound on the little roll on – roll off ferry, the sun glinting on the turquoise sea like a thousand little mirrors, Tommy points to the sleek head of a selkie breaking through the shimmering shards of sea, eyes like wet, black saucers. “It’s good luck to spot a selkie,” he says and my heart lurches toward the sea as I recall the legend of the Seal People, so beautiful that whoever sees them falls instantly in love. Some, it is said, have shed their sealskins and mixed in with humans, so can never return to the sea. We stand against the brightly painted railing and pose for photographs, leaning into one another awkwardly, new cousins, the island home of our fathers a green glow behind our backs.


And later that night as Tommy picks up his fiddle and I hear the first soft strains of music played with a delicate, articulate hand, it reaches a part of me that never understood my father’s dying, his leaving us so long ago on a cold, grey morning in November, childish face at the window, noticing the cars in the drive, knowing something, not knowing he was gone forever, leaving an ache and a longing like the sound a bow makes as it leaves the strings of a fiddle or the sight of a selkie, breaking through water like jewels, searching for the ones who are lost to us and will never return.

Kathleen Craigie is a lover of words and story: she lives and writes in Victoria.

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Lee Henderson is the author of the award-winning short story collection The Broken Record Technique and the novel The Man Game. He is a contributing editor to Border Crossings and Contemporary magazines.

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fraid of death and wrinkles but craving decadence, we smoke the thin columns of air between our fingers, lit with a flamboyant flick of your lighter, after the champagne and oysters and the ganache torte with candied gold leaf. Invisible smoke scrolls from our ghost cigarettes and mingles with the restaurant roses. “I hope, Madame, my cigarette is not bothering you,” you tell the woman next to us with an air of such grave and silly courtliness that I decide to love you. In truth, you are often arrogant and high-strung and dogs are afraid of you. My father has tried to tell me this, his voice unfamiliar with emotion. “It’s as if the devil has come to dinner and all you can see is his beautiful tie.” But I am young and whimsy seems a mask for something nobler. You brush phantom ash from the tablecloth. Years later, I see you from a taxi and shudder. You are smoking for real this time, outside a bar, staring into the distance and pausing to spit. Your gaze falls on my cab. Grimace or smile? But then you wave at me and I think of your gift of an antique cigarette case, engraved by mistake Abhoringly Yours Forever, instead of Adoringly... You thought it was funny. Though I have lost my taste for make-believe, I wave back despite myself, as though you were a friend. For the rest of the night I think I can smell cigarette smoke in my hair.


Maija works for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and is a short story enthusiast. THE PRIZE: $25 gift certificate from Cadboro Bay Books, plus signed copy of MURDER, EH? by Lou Allin.

Bill Burd is a prop master currently working on a show in Vancouver who recently started taking writing classes. THE PRIZE: $25 gift certificate from NOOD, plus signed copy of SWITCH by Grant McKenzie.

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o I show up early an’ he’s telling me things like, “There’s more to it than just pumping gas. You gotta check under the hood . . . look for things to fix. I’ll give you 10% on any parts you sell.” “Great.” I said. Then he walks me over to an old Chevy at the back of the shop and points under the hood. “What’s this?“ he asks me. “The engine?” I wasn’t sure what he meant. “This, dummy, what’s this?” “The rad hose,” I tell him. “And that?” “The distributor.” “This?” “The fan belt.” “What kinda shape’s it in?” I looked closer: “Good...I guess... maybe dirty?” Then he pulls out a knife, an’ he cuts a strip of rubber out of the belt, real deep. “How ‘bout now?” He says. “It’s fucked” I said...oops... sorry. “Right,” he says, “And you know what else? When I show this to the customer, I guarantee I sell him a new one. KA-CHING!” He puts the knife in my hand and says: “Any dummy can pump gas, but if you want to work here you gotta do more — understand?” Then that old lady pulls up to the pumps in her beater an’ he says, “Well kid, think you can cut it?” An’ he laughs. I stared at the knife for like two minutes, then walk out to her car an’ get to work. I figured, you know what? A guy’s gotta eat. That was like 6 months ago, Yer Honour.


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William Kinsella is a U-Vic graduate and former Victoria resident w who has published novels and stories worldwid worldwide. His new novel coming fall 2011 is Butterfl Butterfly Winter.

THE PRIZE: $100 gift certificate from Sorensen Books, plus signed first edition hardcover of First Thrills.

The Job


y wife was very upset when the nurse showed us our new baby. “I’m very upset,” she said. “I’m in love already,” I said. “Didn’t you notice? She’s beautiful, but she’s . . . Asian.” The baby was perfect, her features like a doll’s. Her tiny eyes beautifully abaxial. “We’re not Asian! ” my wife pointed out. “That’s no reflection on you.” “Thank you for that.” “But, I’m going to make inquiries.” “I’ll do it.” I explained the situation to the head of administration. “We live in a Global Community,” he said. I was editor for a renowned publisher. We published Stephen King. I phoned King’s unlisted number. “What do you think of an Asian baby born to a Caucasian couple?” “Been done,” Stephen King said. “No. I mean what do you think of the idea?” “Been done,” he said, with more emphasis, and hung up. She won a spelling bee in second grade. My wife divorced me, moved to Atlantic City, married a black jack dealer. I bought a rice cooker. “I don’t want you to be lonely, Daddy,” she said, when she was fifteen. Four years later sshe brought a professor home from college, a beautiful woman in her 40s who looked enough like her to be her mothe mother. “Have a game of S Scrabble and get acquainted,” my daughter said. The professor pla played the word uterus for a triple-word score. We fell into each other’s arms.


g is a graphic artist and Sidney Bending poet. A memberr of the Victoria Writer’s ron’s Quill poetry group. Society and Heron’s




rown a girl-child,” her mother-in-law said, “they are maggots in the rice.” So May-Ling went to see the old soothsayer in the village under the Dragon Gate Mountains. The dim back room smelled of sandalwood incense and Precious Eyebrows green tea. He predicted the best month of conception to ensure a boy and concocted a Yang Tonic full of ginseng and secrets. “To have a healthy baby, never gossip or laugh loudly, never sit on a crooked mat.” A month after her son was born, the soothsayer tricked the evil spirits by giving this boy-child a girl’s name, Xing – “born of woman”, saying, “A name contains invisible fate.” She shaved the baby’s head before their ancestral table full of sweet cakes and apricot flowers. He wore a silver padlock on a necklace locking the child to this world. Never build your home on the eye of a dragon. Three days after the earth shook the sun loose from the sky, volunteers probe through gaps in the rubble. May-Ling is bowed in ancient ritual; the building has broken her neck. They move towards the next house, then the squad leader suddenly stops. A small siren is muffled under the rocks, under the woman. He carefully removes bricks around aby boy in a little red blanket with her, lifts up a baby white cranes forr good luck and longevity. At her death ceremony, the soothsayer ing her final name, Mu-Li – will give May-Ling th”. “mother strength”.

By William Kinsella


By Sidney Bending

Asian Girl


Descendants of the Dragon




Selected consignments welcome.

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By Eli Geddis


By Kathleen Craigie







ROB ZOMBIE Continued from Page 10

hat summer we moved to the valley the air came alive with the crackle of bursting insect wings, it was that hot! Tires melted on pavement that bubbled and blistered, leaving gooey tracks like slug trails and the tar and gravel road turned into black pudding with bits in it. In the back of the house, in the shade, the air hummed with things cooking slowly in soft waves of cloying heat that settled on my body like hot hands pulled from fire. And we went blackberry picking. We almost made love, rolling on the ground like puppies until that big, dark woman came and said, “Them’s my blackberries.” Then we scrambled and picked up pails, scooping fallen berries into the baskets with leaves and twigs and later in the kitchen, you, pulling twigs and furry dust and grass from your hair and from the berries said, “It almost never gets this hot here.” And I laughed because I thought you were lying, but later, in the cold dark night of winter, I believed you.


Kathleen Craigie is a lover of words and story. THE PRIZE: 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel by Jane Smiley, courtesy of Munro’s Books.


Married for Money By Linda Lisa McGrew n the corner of a seedy diner, the woman sticks out like a rose in a pile of shit. A wilted rose, but a rose nonetheless. Her jewelry alone could buy the whole place – twice. The sun is setting and an orange glare tints everything. The regulars fidget. One trucker elbows the other, making some remark about how she’s probably drunk enough to sleep with low-life’s like them. Someone ought to go have a chat with her, heh? In a battle of bravery – or stupidity as the case usually is, the bigger of the men pushes his chair back and saunters to the corner. With nothing to lose and only a good story for the long road ahead to gain, he awkwardly fits into the bench seat across from her.


Read the rest of Married for Money online at MONDAYMAG.COM

arcus adjusted the stretch rubber clasps of his single fin flipper, first the left foot, then the left again, and then the right. Through the salt speckled plastic window of the anchored catamaran he could see David, a terse shrinking of the face, tightening eyebrows. “No oxygen, eh? How you feelin about this freedive, buddy?” Cody’s drawling voice mumbled. “Good as I’ll ever be,” said Marcus. He adjusted his right foot clasp. David didn’t say a word, just held his watch, as Marcus eased into the ocean. A slick cable stretched taut into the below darkness. Hyperventilation seemed lifetimes away, as if his body was fighting the oxygen, rejecting it like a parasite. Marcus took his last breath of air, barrel-rolled in the water, and dove. Years of apnea followed him, rolled through his skin, pressed against his lips, coursed across the rigid blades of his hands. The water went from postcard turquoise to burnt ocean blue. His safety line streamed by him, wavering slightly. Bits of his brain began to shut down and only the essential thoughts remained. A boat floated far above, a boy stared at a watch, feet kicked of their own accord, he hadn’t breathed in years. He reached the end of the three-hundred meter cable and, disconnecting himself from its safety, continued downward, heedless and breathless. Half an hour later he surfaced. “Dad!” David shouted, panicked. “What happened down there?” Marcus opened his mouth to speak. No sounds came out. His words couldn’t go that deep.


Eli Geddis recently graduated from UVic’s teacher education program and is taking some time off to pen his first novel. THE PRIZE: Selected Stories by William Trevor, courtesy of Munro’s Books.


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record, and that will roll into the next tour … but I’m not too sure when that will be.” Zombie says being able to try his hand in different aspects of the entertainment industry allows him to keep pushing the envelope. “I like being able to do new things. For me, I always like trying things that are unexpected or not what people would think you have any interest in what so ever, instead of grinding out the same thing over and over,” he says. “It keeps everything a challenge because you’re always walking into a situation where you don’t have any previous knowledge, and to me that’s important. That way you never stagnate.” And that’s where the Woolite comes in. “It never crossed my mind to do a Woolite commercial, or any commercial for that matter. I turned it down at first, several times actually. It didn’t work out

BILL FRANCIS - Covers the Beatles. 8pm at Slider's Bar & Grill (3115 Cedar Hill). Free. THE NICHE - Vancouver rock. With Sebastion Kayne & The Sexy Offenders and Heavy Lemon. 9pm at The Cambie. $5. STARKILLERS - Electro-house. With Soulfix and Whoa! Grenade. 10pm at Hush. $TBA. FROSTBACKS - Compilation fundraiser with Blackie and the Triumphs and Guests. 9:30pm at Logan's $10..

JOHN THE SINGING GROCER - Folk. All ages. 7:30pm at Caffe Fantasticos Roastery (965 Kings). By donation. JAZZ JAM - Hosted by the Tom Vickery Trio. With Hugh Fraser. 8pm at Hermann's. $10. ANNA FRANCES - Acoustic indierock. 8pm at Whitebird Lounge. Free. SCIMITAR - More Metal Madness. With No Other Way and Hell Bros. 9pm at V-Lounge. DURBAN POISON - with Grand Bizarre and Fins Out. 10pm at Logan's $8. JOHN THE SINGING GROCER Cafe Fantastico Roastery. 7:30pm.By donation DJ TOUCHBASS - Bass, dubstep, breaks and funk with DJ Techstylez. 10pm at Hush. $TBA.

DIXIELAND EXPRESS - 4pm at Hermann's. $12. DONALD GLAUDE - Funky hard house. With Jon-E Industry and Marlee. 10pm at Hush. $TBA. KUBA OMS - Soul-pop. 10pm at 9one9. $12. HARBOUR HEROS - Lust Life Jaxx Band at Ocean Point Resort plaza, 1to 5pm. Free.





in my schedule and where they wanted to shoot it was really, really inconvenient. So I just kept saying ‘No, not interested.’ They kept moving the dates around and moving the locations until it was so easy that I said, ‘OK, I’ll do it.’ The commercial depicts a creepy figure by an old house in a field afflicting punishment on clothing with various torture devices. “The way it works is there’s an ad agency that pitched this concept to Woolite and I guess they had been going back and forth over it for like a year. And once they had sort of agreed to it, then they came to me. The final commercial has a lot of things in it that wasn’t in the concept that I added in myself, the look of it, the feel of it, the style of it, but the basic premise of some guy out in the woods torturing clothes, that was already laid down. The way it looks and feels and plays out and the devices and things, that was stuff that I added in.” M

MARTIN BATCHELOR GALLERY - Dialogue With The Figure, artwork by Nancy Angermeyer. Opening reception 7pm. To Aug. 10 at 712 Cormorant. LEGACY GALLERY - Convergence/ Divergence: Landscape and Self on the West Coast, exhibition of works by E. J. Hughes, Glenn E. Howarth, Charles Elliott and Francis Dick, among others, to Aug. 20. The Victoria Moderns: UVic and a Regional Aesthetic (1960-1970). To Sept. 16. All at 630 Yates. GALLERY AT THE MAC - Gallery of Visual Artists, group exhibition. To Aug. 22 at 3 Centennial Square. DELUGE GALLERY - The Green Years, works by Katie Lyle. To Aug. 27 at 636 Yates. ECLECTIC GALLERY - Portraits of a Baroque Mind, artwork by Nicholas Frenette. To Aug. 27 at 2170 Oak Bay. ART GALLERY OF GREATER VICTORIA - War and Disaster in Japanese Prints, a collection of historical prints from the AGGV's collection, to Sept. 5. A Brush with War: Military art from Korea to Afganistan, explores the two military art programs that started more than 20 years after WWII, to Sept. 5. Cultural, Temoral and Imagined, a selection of recent aquisitions to the AGGV contemporary collection by Canadian artists, to Sept. 5. The Further Adventures of a Girl, artwork by Diyan Achjadi, to Oct. 16. Modern Eye, exhibit explores the modernist viewpoints held by Canada's ost prominent designers and craft artists working in this period, to Nov. 27. On the Edge of Nowhere by Emily Carr, semipermanent. All shows at 1040 Moss. DALE`S GALLERY - Island Artisans, works from island artists. To Sept. 6 at 537 Fisgard. POLYCHROME FINE ARTS Hobnob 3, group exhibition of paintings, sculpture and prints. Opens noon-6pm. To Sept. 8 at 1113 Fort. MALTWOOD PRINTS AND DRAWINGS GALLERY - Lords and the Land, exhibition documents the relationship between stone and tenurial authority in tenth- and eleventh-century Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. To Sept. 28 at the McPherson Library (UVic).

OFF-WORLD COLONIES KARIBA SURPRISE - Folk-step. With DéjàDrew & His Déjà-Crew. All ages. 8pm at The Fort Cafe. $7. GARY PRESTON BAND - Blues. 8pm at Upper Deck. Free.


BC DAY CELEBRATIONS-Three stages of entertainment for the whole family. St Ann's Academy. 11am to 5:30pm. Free.

TUES. AUGUST 2 THE SUTCLIFFES - A West coast homage to the Beatles. 6pm at Rutledge Park (Inverness at Cloverdale). By donation. 250-9539266.

WED. AUGUST 3 BEAT JUNKY -with Ali Rambo. Hush 10pm. $5. DJ RUFINO -Playing raw soul, funk, Dub and dancehall. Logan's. 9pm. Free.

ONGOING OPEN MIC - Open to all musicians. THURSDAYS 6pm at Paradiso Di Stelle. Free.

VIEW ART GALLERY - Annual Summer Salon, a rotating exhibition of the works of 25 gallery artists and guests, featuring the ceramic art of Laurie Rolland. To Sept. 30 at 104-860 View. ROYAL BC MUSEUM - The Other Emily, exhibition of work by Emily Carr that explores explores her life before she became famous. To Oct. 10 at 675 Belleville. LEGACY ART GALLERY Now Here’s the Deal, political cartoons from WAC Bennett’s private collection. To January 23. Architecture and Power, art and architecture exhibition taking inspiration from artistic trends, architects, and technical aspects of parliamentary building construction. To February 6 at 630 Yates. GOWARD HOUSE - Chinese Brush Paintings. Art show and sale by the Studio of Harmonious Endeavours. To January 5 at 2495 Arbutus. AVENUE GALLERY - Exhibition featuring master ceramicist George Pearlman and master wood sculptor Douglas Fisher. To January 8 at 2184 Oak Bay. ECLECTIC GALLERY - Small Works, group show of local artists. To January 8 at 2170 Oak Bay. SOOKE HARBOUR HOUSE - Rustic West Coast, exhibition of Christopher Lucas paintings. To January 3 at 1528 Whiffen Spit Rd. AVENUE GALLERY - Exhibition featuring master ceramicist George Pearlman and master wood sculptor Douglas Fisher. To January 8 at 2184 Oak Bay.absolute underground gallery - Twisted Christmas, featuring all local talent like Trust36, Ory, Cam Kallos, Amanda Schurman, Genghis Shawn, Robin Thompson and more. Opens reception FRIDAY 6-9pm. To January 31 at Trounce Alley, downstairs. legacy art gallery - An exhibition on parliamentary buildings from sea to sea to sea. To February 6 at 630 Yates. MARITIME MUSEUM OF BC - Visual Trickery, the art of photo manipulation. To March, 2011 at 28 Bastion. ROYAL BC MUSEUM - Behind the Scenes exhibition will bring the museum’s inner workings out to the public. To fall 2011 at 675 Belleville.

Email your listing info to or enter it online at


BLUE MOON BLAST - Ska. With The Human Statues, The Novamatics and more. All ages. 6:30pm at Centennial Square. Free. UNDER THE MOUNTAIN - Rock. With Bang Twang and Lost in the Revolution. 8pm at The Cambie. $10. MENDOZZA - Heavy rock. With Buzzard. 10pm at Logan's. $10. DIRT CREW - Electro-house and new school disco. With Mr. Moe. 10pm at Hush. $15. STAY THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA - Old school punk. With The Dayglo Abortions, The Stockers, Class of 1984 and L.I.D. 10pm at Lucky. $10.

All the elements of shopping, locally, in your community. With over 15 shops for a truly unique shopping experience. We’re closer than you think...

5325 Cordova Bay Road, Victoria - Next to Cordova Bay Golf Course

“You need a lot. It goes without saying that you need to be a really talented musician, that’s obvious. But you need someone that you really like being around and someone who, most of all, gets the concept of what you’re doing. And a lot of people don’t. That’s just not who they are. “They may be a great drummer but they’re a conservative person or they just don’t get it, or not even just get it, I want someone that not only do they get it, but they’re into it and it’s not fake. “I didn’t want to just get some drummer guy and just try to put him in wacky clothes and say, here he is! What’s great about Ginger, he’s already that type of person, he’s been in bands of that style, so he was a perfect fit. Like I said, it was like he was always there. It was very cool.” While Zombie is known for shock value in his musical endeavours, he’s also known for the traumatizing nature of his films. After the Hell on Earth tour, Zombie will head into preproduction on his sixth feature film, The Lords of Salem, with the producers of the Paranormal Activity franchise. “It’s sort of a modern day ghost story based around the mythology of the Salem witch trials,” says Zombie. “The basic background story is set in factual stuff, but with that I take license and spiral it off into other directions. It’s a different type of movie for me. A lot of the movies I’ve made have been more these physically violent type of films and this is more of a super dark, supernatural psychological type film. It’s very different.” Preproduction begins in September and filming starts in October. “We won’t be done with the film until sometime next summer, so maybe (it will be released) fall 2012ish,” he says with hesitation. “After the movie’s done we’ll roll into the next


THURSDAY BLEND JAM- Any and all string players welcome. Hosted by Rick Van Krugel. THURSDAYS 7pm at the Well. Free. OPEN MIC - Scott Longworth hosts an open forum for original tunes. All ages. THURSDAYS 8pm at the Fernwood Inn. Free. KARAOKE - Hosted by Brandon. THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS & SUNDAYS 8pm at Upper Deck. Free. NYPD - A lethal dance party with Kenzie Clarke. THURSDAYS 10pm at Lucky. $TBA. THE COURTYARD SESSIONS Afternoon performances by some of Victoria’s most celebrated musical talents. SATURDAYS 1-4pm. To Aug. 20 at Market Square. Free. BLUEGRASS BRUNCH - Hosted by the Stowaways. SATURDAYS 1:30pm at Logan’s. Free. SOLID! - Dance your ass off with DJ Longshanks. SATURDAYS 10pm at Lucky. $TBA. SUNDAY BLUES JAM - Hosted by the Deb Rhymer Band. SUNDAYS 2pm at the Strath’s Clubhouse. Free. CANUS - Hot jazz. SUNDAYS 4pm at Hermann's. Free. HOOTENANNY - Join Carolyn Mark for some first-rate hootenannin'. With Luther Wright, Hank Pine & Lily Fawn, Marco Bozenich, Mich "Stompin Tom" Anderson and more. SUNDAYS 4:30pm-midnight at Logan's. Free. JACK’S OPEN MIC SUNDAYS Welcoming atmosphere. SUNDAYS 7pm at Serious Coffee (230 Cook). Free. VICTORIA FOLK MUSIC SOCIETY - Featuring The O'Brien Family after open mic. 7:30pm at Norway House (1110 Hillside). $5. victoriafolkmusic. ca. OPEN MIC - Hosted by Steve Barries. MONDAYS 9pm at Logan’s. Free. JAM SESSION - Play till you can’t play no more! All ages. MONDAYS 9pm at Ocean Island Café Lounge. Free.

90210 MONDAYS - DJs Jay Somethin' and Levi Somethin' Else spin all your favourite pre-mollenium classics. MONDAYS 10pm at Lucky. $TBA. INDUSTRY UNDERGROUND Electro-step and funky house. With Soulfix and Chino. MONDAYS 10pm at Hush. $TBA. OPEN MIC - Hosted by David and Katherine. TUESDAYS 7pm at The Well. $3. TWO TWOONIES FOR TUNES Join the Gettin' Higher and High Noon Choir members drop-in sing. All voices welcome. TUESDAYS 7:30-9:30pm at the Church of Truth (111 Superior). $4. OPEN MIC - Bring your friends, grab a drink and listen to music. TUESDAYS 8-11:30pm at Whitebird Lounge. Free. OPEN JAM - Hosted by the Front Porch String Pickin' Band. TUESDAYS 8pm at Tudor House. Free. OPEN STAGE - Acoustic or electric, solo or with your band. Amps, drums, piano provided. Dylan Stone hosts. WEDNESDAYS 8:30pm at the Fort Café. Free. OPEN MIC NIGHT - Musical madness! Sign up with our host Jack. WEDNESDAYS 9pm at Ocean Island Café. Free.

CONCERTS THURS. JULY 28 SHARI ULRICH- Juno Award winning songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Accompanied by her daughter, Julia Graff and Nanaimo's Ted Littlemore. The Belfry Theatre. 8pm. $25. 250-3856815,

FRI. JULY 29 MARK PHILLIPS & THE IIIRD GENERATION BAND- Bluegrass. Proceeds to help local people in need. All ages. 8pm at the Cadboro Bay United Church (2625 Arbutus). $25. 250-477-2715. PAUL BLACK TRIO-Barts bar and Grill Free



VICTORIA ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL - Donald Glaud, Starkillers, Soulfix, Jelo, AFL, Whoa, Grenade! and dozens more will star in this two-day festival at locations around Victoria. Check out for full list of showtimes and performers. VOCAL RECITAL - Tyler Duncan, Martha Guth and Erika Switzer perform the music of Schubert, Faure, Barber, Britten and more. 7:30pm at the Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, MacLaurin Building (UVic). $25. 250385-8763, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT CONCERT - Performed by the Victoria Summer Choir. 7:30pm at Fairfield United Church (1303 Fairfield). $20. 250360-0356. JACQUELINE DREW - and the crew at Butchart Gardens Evening Entertainment. 8pm. PAUL BLACK TRIO-Barts bar and Grill Free

VIENNESE PIANO TRIOS - Arthur Rowe, Piano & Joan Blackman, Violin and Ariel Barnes perform music by Haydn, Brahms and Schubert. 6:35pm at the Phillip T. Young Recital Hall, MacLaurin Building (UVic). $25. 250385-8763,

SUN. JULY 31 VICTORIA ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL - Donald Glaud, Starkillers, Soulfix, Jelo, AFL, Whoa, Grenade! and dozens more will star in this two-day festival at locations around Victoria. Check out for full list of showtimes and performers. CANUS HOT JAZZ BAND - The hottest of all the jazzes. All ages. 1pm at the Cameron Bandshell (Beacon Hill Park). Free. SYMPHONY SPLASH - See Victoria's beautiful Inner Harbour transformed into an outdoor concert stage. 7:30pm at the Inner Harbour (downtown). Free. victoriasymphony. ca/splash.

TUES. AUGUST 2 SLAYER - Touring with Rob Zombie for first time since Ozzfest 1999. With special guests Exodus. 7pm at SaveOn-Foods Memorial Centre (1925 Blanshard). $70/$60. 250-220-2600.

ONGOING BUTCHART GARDENS - Chris Millington and Dancin' THURSDAY. Kingmixers FRIDAY. Jacqueline Drew & The Crew SATURDAY 7pm. Diane Pancel Quartet SUNDAY. Odyssey String Quartet MONDAY. Black Angus TUESDAY. Brianne de Verteuil & Her Savvy 6 WEDNESDAY. All 8pm, unless otherwise noted, at Butchart Gardens (800 Benvenuto). $3-$30. 250-652-5256. SUMMER IN THE SQUARE - Bring your lunch, some sunscreen and soak up some sun and free tunes. From classical to world beat, folk to jazz and baroque to blues, there’s something for everyone. WEEKDAYS noon-1pm. To Sept. 2 at Centennial Square. Free. Visit for a list of performers. SUMMER RECITAL SERIES Offering classical concerts ina gorgeous, historic venue. With different performers each week. SATURDAYS 4pm. To Aug. 27 at Christ Church Cathedral (930 Burdette). By donation. 250-383-2714. MUSICAL CRUISE - Enjoy a sunset cruise along the Oak Bay waterfront aboard the 45' M.V. Aquitania. Bring along singing voices/musical instruments. Saturday nights out of Oak Bay during July and August from 7-8:30 pm. $25. 250-508-1981. BRENTWOOD BAY’S MUSIC IN THE PARK - Summer fun in sun. WEDNESDAYS 6:30pm. To Aug. 17 in Pioneer Park. Free. Visit for a list of performers.

DINNER MUSIC BARD & BANKER - Adam & Antonia THURSDAY. Tyler Harvey FRIDAY. Geoffrey Lundstrom SATURDAYSUNDAY. All shows 9pm. BARTHOLOMEW'S - Paul Black FRIDAY-SATURDAY 9pm. Randy Tucker SUNDAYS 8pm. The Ramblers MONDAYS. Havanna Club Live TUESDAYS. Paul Wainright WEDNESDAYS. All show 8:30pm unless otherwise noted. CANOE BREWPUB - The Adults THURSDAY 9:30pm. DJ Primitive FRIDAY. DJ Ram SATURDAY. Steve Chmilar MONDAY 7:30pm. DJ Draft Punk WEDNESDAY. All shows start at 9pm, unless otherwise noted. FERNWOOD INN - The Sweet Lowdown TUESDAY 8pm. GLO EUROPUB - Ashley Wey Trio SATURDAY 8pm. HERON ROCK BISTRO - Mowbray & Mills FRIDAY 7:30pm. IRISH TIMES -Black Angus THURSDAY- FRIDAY. Ceilidh Briscoe SATURDAY, Bobby Smith SUNDAY. OCEAN POINTE RESORT - Jazz piano featuring Bill Mulley FRIDAY & SATURDAY 7-9pm. THE OFFICE - Xanthic Blue THURSDAY. Beats, Bass & Voice FRIDAY. Aurora Scott SATURDAY. All shows 8pm, unless otherwise noted. THE OSWEGO HOTEL - Diane Pancel WEDNESDAY 7pm. STRATH’S CLUBHOUSE - Pat Shade FRIDAYand SATURDAY 9pm. THE SUPERIOR - Paul O'Brien and Family THURSDAY. Sunyata FRIDAY. Andrew Slade Trio SATURDAY. Friends and Inventions of Mr. Aaron Watson SUNDAY. THE SPIRAL - Open mic THURSDAY 6-9pm. Auto Jansz, Andrea June and Jennifer Louise Taylor FRIDAY 8pm. Story time for kids SUNDAY 10:30-11am. Spiral Groove string classics MONDAY 7:30-9:30pm. Swing orchestra WEDNESDAY 7:30-9:30pm. By donation.





Victoria gets dance fever DISCOVER ELECTRONIC MUSIC AT VEMF By Mary Ellen Green

ictoria, get ready to dance. Whether you’re a bass-head, an ambient devotee, or think all electronic music is called “techno” and sounds like “Sandstorm,” you’re sure to find a sound that suits your style at the eighth annual Victoria Electronic Music Festival. For two days this weekend, Victoria will be inundated with some of the most diverse electronic beats from around the province and the world. “Most people outside the culture don’t have a broad view of what it is,” says festival general manager, Jason Guille. “They think it’s all house music or call it techno, but it’s so much more than that.” Downtown’s Centennial Square will be transformed into a massive dance floor and live music venue from noon until 10 p.m., Sat., July 30 and Sun., July 31, giving the audience a chance to listen to 20 hours of electronica from various genres, including dub step, trance, house, disco, industrial, ambient and many more. Headliners include internationals Egyptrixx Live, Klever, Treasure Fingers and Donald Glaude as well as local favourites like W.A.X., Rhythmicon, Rennie Foster, AFK and Murge, plus live performances from Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness, Brass, Sass and Swing and many more. “VEMF has a core intention to deliver on both names you know and amazing up and comers you


don’t,” says Guille. “It’s amazing to watch the community discuss before the show, and hear them say ‘I’ve never heard of those people.’ I have a feeling that later they’ll be saying, ‘Oh my God! How have I not heard of those people?’”

VICTORIA ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL July 29 & 30 from noon until 10 pm in Centennial Square. $5 Clubnights and afterparties until 5:30 am at venues throughout the city, $20

For the first time ever, VEMF is fencing in the event, putting up a security barrier and charging a $5 per person per day gate charge to help cover the increased security costs of a festival that grows by leaps and bounds with each passing year. “It’s not our first choice,” says Guille. “For a better part of a decade, we maintained the position as Western Canada’s largest free electronic music festival, but having said that, that $5 goes a long way.” After parties and club nights will be held across the city at various venues, including Sugar Nightclub, Lucky Bar, Hush

Nightclub, Metropolis, Base Lounge, Sunset Room and Baja Surf Grill. Tickets can be purchased at Act fast, because some of those nights will sell out, says Guille. VEMF Interactive offers electronic music producers, performers and promoters a series of interactive workshops led by local, national and international talent. Starting Wed., July 27 and running through until Fri., July 29, Interactive will provide electronic music enthusiasts with the knowledge they need to succeed in the industry. Whether you’re a beginner DJ, or have been producing music for a decade, these workshops are promising to take your game to the next level. Individual classes are $20, and all six classes in each stream can be attended for $100. VEMF is still seeking volunteers for the weekend. “Particularly, we’re looking for folks to do “vibe patrol,” which is basically just wandering around the square during the day and making sure everyone is having a good time and alerting security to any concerns,” says Amanda Farrell-Low, communications coordinator. “Perks involve free admission to both days of the event and club nights, a kickass T-shirt and a really wicked volunteer appreciation party in August.” Contact the human resources manager, at if you want to volunteer. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit M

COWBOYS & ALIENS -(Odeon/ SilverCity/Westshore) The Wild West gets wacky when space aliens invade 1873 Arizona and all that stands between us and world domination is a posse of cowboys. Starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. Directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man). Starts Fri. CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE -(Odeon/ SilverCity/Westshore) A nice but slightly sappy guy (Steve Carell) gets dumped by his wife (Julianne Moore) and looks to a young stud (Ryan Gosling) to get some tips on how to deal with women. Based on the trailer -- and the cast -- this could be a fun romantic comedy. Starts Fri. THE SMURFS -(Capitol/SilverCity/ Uni 4) A nasty wizard chases those cute blue blobs out of their magical medieval world and all the way to Manhattan. I imagine that something akin to crazy fun will ensue. Starts Fri.

CONTINUING ++½ BAD TEACHER -(Capitol/ Caprice) Cameron Diaz sets a bad example -- and has lots of fun -- playing a foul-mouthed, lazy and scheming junior high teacher. Co-starring Justin Timberlake. Note: moves to the Capitol from the Odeon on Friday. +++½ BEGINNERS -(Odeon) Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer are both great in a touching comedy-drama about a young man who is shocked by two revelations from his dad: that he has terminal cancer, and that he has been a closeted gay who has just taken up with a young male lover. +++½ BRIDESMAIDS -(Odeon/ Caprice) SNL's Kristen Wiig co-wrote and stars in this raucous but smart and heartfelt comedy that celebrates female friendship (while often being rather rude). CARS 2 -(Caprice) Disney's animation classic from a few years back gets a snappy looking sequel, this one with a storyline involving international espionage. Featuring voices by Owen Wilson and Michael Caine.

+++CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER -(Odeon/SilverCity/ Uni 4/Westshore) Corny but packed with retro charm, this new comic book adaptation is highly entertaining as it depicts a patriotic wimp who doesn't meet the physical standards to join the army so instead volunteers for a wild science experiment. Needless to say he's transformed into a superhero with great powers. Watch out, Nazis! See review. +++FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS -(Odeon/SilverCity/Uni 4) In a raunchy romantic comedy in the spirit of the recent No Strings Attached, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are surprised to discover that adding some steamy sex to their onceplatonic friendship is a recipe for trouble. See review. ++½ HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 2 -(Capitol/SilverCity/Uni 4/Westshore) The long-running fantasy series by JK Rowling comes to a disappointingly ho-hum climax as the plucky boy wizard has that deadly, longanticipated final confrontation with nostril-challenged supervillain Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). ++½ HORRIBLE BOSSES -(Capitol/SilverCity/Westshore) Three guys with truly appalling bosses gradually realize that all their lives would be better off if the bosses were dead. This being a comedy, the guys are dumb and don't plan well. At all. Starring Jason Bateman, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Aniston. ++++MIDNIGHT IN PARIS -(Odeon) The latest from Woody Allen is a delightfully romantic whirl through Paris, both in the present day and during the fabled 1920s. The fine cast includes Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard. MR. POPPER'S PENGUINS -(Caprice) Jim Carrey stars in an amiably goofy comedy about an uptight businessman who learns to unwind when his fancy Manhattan apartment gets invaded by a flock of cute penguins. ++ TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON -(Capitol/SilverCity/ Caprice) Michael Bay returns to blow up whatever escaped his clutches in the first two iterations of this bombastic and noisy series about those shape-shifting Autobots and Decepticons.

+++++THE TREE OF LIFE -(Capitol) The latest from reclusive cine-poet Terrence Malick (Thin Red Line) is a uniquely beautiful and philosophical tone poem that shifts perspective from a dysfunctional '50s family to the deepest patterns of earthly and cosmic time and space. Winner of the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Note: moves here from the Odeon on Friday. ++++ WINNIE THE POOH -(Capitol/SilverCity/Westshore) John Cleese narrates this (hand-drawn!) animated adaptation of the classic tale about the honey-loving bear and his menagerie of friends. This is a gentle, charming, and altogether superb piece of filmmaking.


IMAX ++++BORN TO BE WILD -(noon, 2:00, 4:00, 7:00) Take a remarkable safari as this documentary takes you up close and personal with the people who nurture orphaned baby elephants and orangutans en route to re-releasing them into the wild. Narrated by Morgan Freeman. This is a great film! ++PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES -(8:00) Penelope Cruz sets sail with Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush and the other piratical ne'er-do-wells of The Black Pearl in the fourth edition of this increasingly tedious -- and alarmingly lucrative -- action-comedy series. JOURNEY INTO AMAZING CAVES -(6:00) ++++WHALES -(10am, 3:00) The perennial, much-loved classic about those noble leviathans of the deep makes another return visit. RESCUE: DISASTER RESPONSE -(11am, 1:00, 5:00) This high-adrenaline film depicts the courageous men and women who respond when global disaster strikes.

CINECENTA Cinecenta at UVic screens its films in the Student Union Building. Info: 721-8365. THE FIRST GRADER -(Wed., July 27: 7:00, 9:10) (Sun.-Mon., July 31-Aug. 1: 7:00, 9:10) This uplifting true story is set in Kenya and depicts an 84-year-old farmer who decides to take advantage of the government's new universaleducation policies and go to school. There is lots of resistance, but the unyielding octogenarian ultimately triumphs. This one has done well at film festivals and should appeal to fans of art films. +++THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD -(Thurs.-Sat., July 28-30: 7:15, 9:10) Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) examines the pros and cons of product placement in the movies. And being the provocateur he is, Spurlock does this by making a movie entirely funded by advertisers, in a manner both transparent and very droll. FORKS OVER KNIVES -(Tues.-Thurs., Aug. 2-4: 7:00, 9:00) If you want to be educated (or even just scolded) about the virtues of a plant-based diet, better check out this American documentary exposing the perils of meat and dairy.

THE ROXY ++½ SUPER 8 -(9:00) The latest from writer-director J.J. Abrams is a sci-fi-ish thriller that is set in 1979 and shows what happens as a group of kids react to very strange goings-on in their small town -- think Stand By Me meets Invaders From Mars. Although often entertaining and definitely well-acted, this is calculated sentimentality, with many heavy-handed borrowings from Steven Spielberg. +++¼ KUNG FU PANDA 2 -(12:50, Sat.-Sun.) It's sequel time and Po (Jack Black) joins forces with other kung fu masters to defeat a dire villain. Although the plot is pretty basic, the set design is both clever and gorgeous and the characters have heart. With voicings by Angelina Jolie, Gary Oldman and Seth Rogen.

++½ WATER FOR ELEPHANTS -(4:10, Sat.-Sun.) Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon star in a crowd-pleasing adaptation of the bestselling novel about an illicit love affair set in the exotic world of a travelling circus during the Depression. ZOOKEEPER -(7:10 & Sat.-Sun., 2:25) The ever-amiable Kevin James stars in a comedy about a group of zoo animals who conspire together to help their favourite zoo keeper find the romance he's been missing.

SCREENINGS MOVIE MONDAY -+++½ Trigger. One of the highlights of the recent Victoria Film Festival, this new drama from Bruce McDonald (Hard Core Logo) stars Molly Parker and Tracy Wright (who was dying during the filming) as a pair of punk rock gals who get together for a very edgy reunion many years after their glory days. 6:30pm MONDAY in the 1900block Fort. By donation. 595-FLIC. TORTURE SHIP - The Dark Side of the White Lady chronicles the brutal past of a beautiful Chilean sailing ship that for a time was used by the military for torture. This boat is coming to Victoria and some people feel its presence should be protested. To learn more, there is a screening of Dark Side on Wed., July 27, 7 pm at the Seniors Activity Centre, 380 Cook St.


6 Week Classes Sept 13 or 17

Earth & Fire re

Pottery Studio and Gallery 1820 Government St. • 250-380-7227

BEST DEAL IN TOWN Annual Pass Adult $383

Recreation Oak Bay 250595SWIM



“ You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. Your heart will be full.” THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT, VANCOUVER


REMIXED AUGUST 3 – 21, 2011 Buy Tickets Now 250-385-6815 $ 23 to $ 38 Student discounts available FOX FOTO

A dancer works her hula hoop on stage at the Victoria Electronic Music Festival in Centennial Square. [24]



Belfry Theatre 1291 Gladstone at Fernwood Victoria




CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER +++ Directed by Joe Johnston Starring: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving PG - 125 minutes Continues at Odeon, SilverCity, Westshore, & Uni 4

SHAPE YOUR (PARK)ING DAY Participate in the City of Victoria's annual PARK(ing) Day (Sept. 16), intended to promote creativity, civic engagement, critical thinking, social interactions, generosity and play. Apply for a PARK(ing) Day permit by 4pm on Aug. 26. Call 250361-0257 or email parkingservices@ SMART METERS NOT FOR US - Want to protest the implantation of BC Hydro's new Smart Meters? Contact your local government official, write to your paper, call BC Hydro and tell them you are giving your notice of "non consent." Then, ask to be put on the "delayed installation" list. See SPIRIT RISING CHOIR - Two free sessions. Sopranos, tenors, basses needed! If you enjoy a musical mix of focus, fun and friendship, contact 778-430-4078 or


VICTORIA FRINGE FESTIVAL - Volunteering is fun, easy and a great way to see shows for free! Intrepid Theatre could not run without the help of our incredible army of volunteers who help out with a wide range of jobs, including Fringe box office, tech crew, promotions, info kiosk and more. See for details. SUPPORT GROUP - Support group for phobias, generalized anxiety, panic attacks and OCD. With Dr. Tom Lipinski, registered psychologist. THURSDAYS 7-8:30pm at the Bridge Centre (125 Skinner). Free. 250-389-1211. SIPCCENTRE - Counsellor-led support group for mature women ready to re-explore their sexual orientation. $8/session. FRIDAYS 5-6:45pm at James Bay New Horizons. LIFERING - Addiction support program. FRIDAYS 6:30pm at Pearkes Rec Centre (3100 Tillicum). 250-920-2095.

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS +++ Directed by David Dobkin Starring: Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake R - 109 minutes Continues at Odeon, SilverCity, Westshore, Uni 4

PERFECTLY POTABLE Watching Captain America save the free world is thirsty work — so let’s grab some summer refreshment on a brewpub patio. Swans is offering a citrus-inflected Witbier; Canoe Club has a honey wheat ale on tap; and Spinnakers is pouring a classic Bavarian-style hefeweizen wheat beer. Bottoms up! Email your listing info to or enter it online at


QUEER YOUTH DROP IN - South Island Pride Community Centre welcomes queer youth, friends, allies and youth from queer families. MONDAYS 6-8pm at Esquimalt Youth Centre (530 Fraser), WEDNESDAYS 6-8pm at Fairfield Community Place (1330 Fairfield). Free. KIWANIS HOUSE PROGRAM Lifering support group for young mothers dealing with addiction. Free onsite childminding is available for young mothers participating in the program. TUESDAYS 6-7:15pm at 2652 Cook. Child minding starts at 5:30. Calling in advance is appreciated. 250382-1004. DUAL RECOVERY ANONYMOUS - Support group for recovery from both an addiction of any kind and a mental health issue. TUESDAYS 7:30pm in the BCSS Board Room (941 Kings). Free. 250-384-4225.


ALT LOVERS - Sagacity Alternative Lifestyle Society is where folks who enjoy BDSM, alternative lifestyles, kink, and fetish gather to talk, laugh, socialize, share and learn. TUESDAYS 7:30pm at the Ledge, Bedford Regency (1140 Government). Free. sagacitygroup. net. LETTING GO WHILE HOLDING ON - Explore how your role as family caregiver changes when the person you are carng for moves into a care facility. Registration required. 250-384-0408, OVERWHELMING EMOTIONS SUPPORT GROUP - Borderline personality disorder, self harm, PTSD? B.C. Schizophrenia Society meets regularly at 941 Kings. 250383-5144 box 2127, bpdvictoria@

CALL FOR ARTISANS Applications are being accepted for Gifts for Myself & Others 2011. Work to be offered for sale must be three-dimensional and of original design made by the applicant. Commercial components must be very secondary to overall design. Work made using commercial molds, kits, hobby crafts, soaps, lotions or food items will not be considered. Deadline for applications Sept. 25, 2011. Visit for more information. BECOME AN AVI VOLUNTEER Volunteer with AIDS Vancouver Island. AIDS Vancouver Island (713 Johnson, 3rd floor). 250-384-2366 ext 2262. CRIDGE TRANSITION HOUSE Looking for female volunteers to drive women to appointments, take them apartment hunting, spend time with children letting them know they are valued and cared about, fill the house with delicious smells of baking and help out with dozens of other tasks and errands. Contact Anita: 250-479-3963.

ANIMAL LOVERS - Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders needs volunteers to foster strays, answer phones, assist with transportation and trap feral cats. info@, 250-474-5581. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES - Volunteer with Victoria Riding for the Disabled Association. No experience necessary. 16+. MONDAY-THURSDAY mornings and TUESDAY-THURSDAY afternoons. 778-426-0506, VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - To drive cancer clients to medical appointments. Contact the Canadian Cancer Society at 250-414-4253 or visit us online at VICTORIA LABOUR CHOIR Are you interested in singing for social justice, songs of peace and protest? We are looking for committed singers (and a conductor) for a non-audition choir. If interested, please email your name, email address and phone number to victorialabourchoir@

THE VIC WEST TOY LIBRARY We offer a place for children and parents to come and play, try out some new toys and to take a few home with you for a two week loan period. There are free refreshments available. Annual membership is $30 and each family can take home a maximum of 6 items. High Point Church (949 Fullerton). 250-3836290, SEEKING BACKYARDS FOR LOCAL FOOD - Four-year-old urban farming co-op seeking large backyards in Oak Bay, Fairfield, Fernwood or Camosun for growing fresh, organic produce. We share a portion of the produce. You support the local food movement. SEEKING SINGERS - The Jewish Community Choir of Victoria is looking for additional singers, both male and female. For more information contact choir director, Carol Sokoloff at casjazz@ or 250.385-3378.

FRI. JULY 29 INTERTRIBAL POWWOW Witness traditional powwow singing and dancing. Festivities include vendors, entertainment and First Nations culteral foods (Salmon plate, seafood chowder, fried bread/ bannock) plus a more western fare of burgers, hotdogs, chips, pop, coffee, etc. Be sure to bring a lawn chair and/or a blanket & get ready to shake the dust off your moccasins, and do some dancing. FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY at Tsartlip park (800 Stelly's X). Free. 250-652-4635. TOUR DE ROCK GOLF TOURNY Support the Canadian Cancer Society with a few good swings. Unlimited range balls, 18 holes of golf, plenty of fun contests while on the course, power cart, buffet dinner and prizes. 1:30-10pm at Olympic View Golf Club (643 Latoria) $50-$150. 250-475-4321 ext 1212.

SAT. JULY 30 BC DAY SCAVENGER HUNT - Join the Royal BC Museum in a quest to test your knowledge on B.C. Get 10 per cent off admission with website coupon. 10am-9:30pm SATURDAY to MONDAY at the Royal BC Museum (675 Belleville). 250-356-7226, LAVENDERFEST - Need an out-oftown escape? Come for the lavender, stay for the wine. Farm tours, U-pick lavender, wand making, children's crafts and more. 10am-4pm at Damali Lavender Farm (3500 Telegraph, Cobble Hill). $2-$5. 250-743-4100. SONGWRITING WORKSHOP Nashville’s Stacey Earle and Mark Stewart help interested individuals hone their songwriting skills. 1-4pm at Knox Presbyterian Church (2964 Richmond). $35. 250-888-7928. NASHVILLE SONGWRITERS WORKSHOP - Learn how to perfect your songwriting abilities with award-winning folk duo Stacey Earle and Mark Stewart. The two will host a three-hour workshop before performing at the Islands Folk Fest and the Filberg Festival. Novices or experts welcome. 1-4pm at Knox Presbyterian Church (2964 Richmond). $35. 250-886-7928. GHOST HUNT INVESTIGATION - Former UK based Dawn Kirkham, clairvoyant medium and member of PARAVI Victoria’s Paranormal Research Society will use her many years of experience to facilitate the ghostly investigation. Participants will use investigative devices to seek out the unknown that resides in the walls of the Museum. Registration required. 9:30pm-4am at the Maritime Museum of BC (28 Bastion Square). $65. 250385-4222 ext. 113.

SUN. JULY 31 FAMILY PAINT TIME - Join the BC School of Art Therapy for a family paint-in. Supplies provided. 2-4pm at the BC School of Art Therapy Studio (125 Skinner). Every second SUNDAY, by donation. 250-598-6434.

MON. AUG. 1 BC DAY CELEBRATION - Celebrate B.C. Day on the beautiful St. Ann's Academy grounds, as Capital Festival Productions presents a variety of artists and free musical entertainment. 11am-5:30pm at St. Ann's Academy (835 Humboldt). Free. 250-412-9722,

MARKETS WED. AUG 3 SUMMER NIGHT MARKET - New market in Chinatown will showcase cultural celebration with guest vendors, entertainers and food. Last WEDNESDAY of every month. 5-9pm on the 500 block of Fisgard. Free. 250-385-2285.

ONGOING BASTION SQUARE MARKET Artisans open air marketplace. THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY 11am. To Oct. 1 at Bastion Square. Free. Free. 250-885-1387. SIDNEY SUMMER MARKET - Over 200 vendors sell gifts, fresh produce, hand-made crafts, great food, and more. THURSDAYS 5-8:30pm on Beacon Avenue, between 1st and 5th. Free. NIGHT MARKET - Eclectic mix of vendors and entertainers. THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY 7-10:30pm. To Sept. 17 at Ship Point. JAMES BAY MARKET - An outdoor market where local farmers, artisans, musicians, and servicers can meet and sell to the public. SATURDAYS 9am-3pm. To Oct. 29 at the courner of Menzies and Superior. Free. PENINSULA COUNTRY MARKET - More than 50 vendors offer farm fresh products, jams and jellies, honey, homemade bread, cut flowers, assorted meats, organic produce and arts and crafts. SATURDAYS 9am-1pm at the Saanich Fairgrounds (1528 Stellys Cross). Free. NORTH SAANICH FARM MARKET - Seasonal produce, locally raised meat, eggs, baking, plants, crafts. Come meet your neighbours. SATURDAYS 9:30am-12:30pm at St. John's United Church (10990 West Saanich). Free. 250-656-1330. GOLDSTREAM STATION MARKET - Stock up on local produce and crafts. SATURDAYS 10am-2pm. To Oct. 15 at the corner of Bryn Maur and Goldsteam. Free. MOSS STREET MARKET - Offering local farmers, artisans, crafters, bakers, cooks, bodyworkers and more a place to exchange their goods and services. This week: Sarah Tradewell and Dance Hall Players. SATURDAYS 10am-2pm. To Oct. 1 at the corner of Moss and Fairfield. Free. METCHOSIN FARMERS' MARKETSUNDAYS 11am-2pm. To Oct. 31 at the Metchosin Municipal Grounds (4450 Happy Valley). Free.

ACTIVE ONGOING CRD WALKS - Beach Snoop at Low Tide, disover the creatures that make Island View Beach their home. Be prepared to get your feet wet, THURSDAY 1-3pm at the picnic shelter on Homathko Road. Raucous Raccoons, learn more about these fascinating creatures of the night, THURSDAY 1-3pm at the nature centre next to the main Beaver Lake parking lot. Feeling Crabby, meet the crabs of Island View Beach, as well as some of their crusty cousins. Be prepared to get your feet wet, SATURDAY 11am-2pm at the picnic shelter off Homathko. Beach Snoop at Low Tide, discover the creatures that make Witty's Beach their special home. Be prepared to get your feet wet, SUNDAY 10am-noon at the kiosk at the end of Witty Beach Road. 250478-3344,


28 29 SUN

31 TUE



10:00PM $5



8:00PM $15



8:00PM $


SALSA CALIENTE - Beginner and advanced salsa, THURSDAYS 8-10pm. Intermediate mombo, MONDAYS 6:30-7:30pm. Fundamentals of dancing TUESDAYS 6-7pm. Latin workout WEDNESDAYS 6:30-7:30pm. All at Café Casablanca (2524 Bridge). $10. 250-389-0222. ARGENTINE TANGO - Beginners drop-in classes, with David and Vanessa. FRIDAYS 8pm at Café Casablanca (2524 Bridge). VBDS BALLROOM DANCE WORKSHOPS - Pre-Bronze/Bronze Waltz 1-2pm, $5/$8/$10 per person, per workshop. Intro to Social Foxtrot and Rumba 2-3pm, $5 per person, per workshop. Singles & couples welcome. SATURDAYS 1-3pm at the Les Passmore Centre (286 Hampton). 250-721-5483, TANGO VITA - Beginner classes with Hilda-René SATURDAYS 7pm, intermediate 8pm, Milonga 9pm at 306-1221 Broad, 250-477-6360. Beginner and intermediate classes with Jorge-Liliana WEDNESDAYS 8pm, Milonga 9pm at St. Matthias Hall (600 Richmond), 250-858-1234. SWING - Dance to Nightclub music. SATURDAYS 9pm at the Carlton Club (900 Carlton). $5. jayholman@ TANGO MODERNA - Argentine Tango lessons SUNDAYS (beginners) 1:45pm & (intermediate) 3pm, $12/$9. Followed by hosted Milonga SUNDAYS 4:30-7pm, $6/$5 for Tango Moderna/Passion for Tango members. All at the Martin Batchelor Gallery (712 Cormorant). 250-661-5921. WEST COAST SWING CLASSES Dance to Blues, Country, R&B and Top 40. No partner or experience required. SUNDAYS 6-7pm at Studio 7 (1221 Broad). $13 drop-in. 250382-4500. CONTEMPORARY DANCE MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 6-7:30pm at the The Victoria School of Contemporary Dance (649 Gorge East). $15/$8. 250-383-7183. CUBAN SALSA - Classes with Salsa Moderna. Beginner and intermediate MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 7:309:30pm at Café Casablanca (2523 Bridge). 250-891-2310, SALSA - TUESDAYS Beginner's lesson 7pm & intermediate lesson 8:15pm at Studio 4 Athletics (715 Yates). $15. VI SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE SOCIETY - All beginners welcome. No partner required. Wear soft-soled shoes. TUESDAYS 7:30-9:30pm at Eastern Star Lodge (3281 Harriet). 4 classes for $24/6 classes for $30. 250598-0207, VIC BALLROOM DANCE SOCIETY Practice. FRIDAYS 7-9:30pm at Les Passmore Centre (286 Hampton). WEDNESDAYS 7:45-10pm at Cedar Hill Rec Centre (3220 Cedar Hill). Free for first-timers. 250-721-5483,



10:00PM $

We go from retro to modern with Friends With Benefits, a raunchy rom-com that explores what happens when a pair of “just friends” decides to have commitment-free sex. Jamie (Mila Kunis, Black Swan) is a headhunter who has brought Dylan (Justin Timberlake, Bad Teacher) to New York to be a graphic designer for GQ Magazine. They both boast about being emotionally unavailable, so expanding their relationship to include sexual calisthenics seems like a smart move. But even though these two cynical hipsters watch romantic comedies on TV just to mock their clichéd predictability, it’s clear they’re due for a comeuppance. Although this is familiar stuff, the film is very funny and also benefits from the chemistry of its stars, not-quite-A-listers who are quirky and talented. The rat-a-tat dialogue is very much in the style of those great ’30s screwball comedies, even if Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell never got to hit the sack and make rude quips about oral sex. The fun cast includes a scene-stealing Patricia Clarkson as Jamie’s wacky tart of a mom, and Woody Harrelson as the aggressively gay sports writer at GQ. Benefits tries too hard to be potty-mouthed, but the characters are likable and the move seems to exist in the real world and not some Hollywood construct.




10:00PM $7






12:00AM $

lthough it’s no Iron Man, you have to give credit to the makers of Captain America: The First Avenger – this is a funny, hiply retro, and handsomely filmed actioner that pulls off the slick trick of making a comic book movie that will appeal to a broad audience without alienating any Marvel Comics fanboys (who take this kind of stuff way too seriously). Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) stars as Steve Rogers, the quintessential 98-pound weakling who nonetheless has the heart of a lion and is desperate to enlist in the army and go over to Europe to sock old Adolph Hitler in the nose. Rejected by recruiters, he is approached by a scientist who has developed a method to transform anyone into a hyper-muscular supersoldier. Steve happily volunteers as a guinea pig and soon finds himself up to his neck in manly mayhem over in Europe. But he’s not fighting Hitler. As it turns out, a mad German scientist named Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving, Matrix) has hijacked the German “deep science” program known as Hydra and combined it with some mystical power that dates back to Norse days. The resulting weaponry is beyond anything on Earth, and Schmidt — also known as Red Skull — has designs on wiping out both Hitler and the good guys. Luckily for us, Steve not only looks good in tights, but also is a hell of a scrappy and resourceful soldier. Watch out, Nazis! Veteran director Joe Johnston (October Sky, Jurassic Park III) knows his nostalgia and his action and has a great deal of fun playing dress-up in 1940s drag. Great supporting actors like Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci add punch to every scene they are in. The movie has a fantastic art-deco look, and there’s even a love story to add some pathos. Corny but never ironic, this Captain is worth a salute.

REPTILE DAY - Scales, slithers, snakes and smiles! Come and join us for our annual reptile bash as we learn about all those who are scaly. Observe our fabulous reptile friends, play games, make crafts and get your face painted. Noon-3pm at Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary (3873 Swan Lake). Admission by donation/crafts $3. 250-479-0211. FOOD, FARMS & FUN - Fun-filled stories, rhymes and a puppet show. For young children and their families; children under 3 must be accompanied by an adult. No registration required. 2-2:30pm at the Sooke Public Library (2065 Anna Marie). Free. 250-642-3022. LOVE YOUR LIVER HEALTH FAIR - Celebrate World Hepatitis Day with AIDS Vancouver Island and local agencies providing Hepatitis C and HIV/HCV co-infection information, support and even testing to the community. 11am-2pm at Centennial Square (Douglas). Free. 250-384-2366.

CFB ESQUIMALT TOURS - Walking and bus tours of Victoria's only militatry installation. Bus tours WEEKDAYS 11am, walking tours SATURDAYS 11am. To Aug. 27 at the Museum Square (CFB Esquimalt base). 250-363-2595. BUTCHART GARDENS SUMMER FIREWORKS - Enjoy the dazzling lights of fireworks. SATURDAYS 10:15pm at Butchard Gardens (800 Benvenuto). $3-$30. butchartgardens. com. FAMILY DRUMMING WORKSHOP - Experience the joy of rhythm with your loved ones. $50/$35 children. SUNDAYS 10:30-11:30am at Rainflower Blessings (238 Beechwood). 250-385-3743. CHESS IN THE SQUARE - Learn to play giant chess, blitz, casual games and more. Presented by the Victoria Junior Chess Society and the DVBA. SUNDAYS noon-4pm. To Sept. 4 in the CRD Plaza (Centennial Square). Free. SPEED DATING - Who needs the internet? All ages. Registration required. SUNDAYS 2-6pm at Valentino’s (1002 Blanshard). Free. 250-386-3223. BOARD GAMES NIGHT - Scrabble and more! SUNDAY 5:30pm at the Superior (106 Superior). Free. 250-3809515. 250-380-9515. MOSQOY CHARITY TRIVIA - Battle for trivia supremecy and help raise funds for 7:30-9:30pm at Maud Hunter's (3810 Shelbourne). Free. 250-721-2337. SCRABBLE NIGHT - Bring a board game and a friend, or play on the in-house boards and find an opponent there. TUESDAYS 6:30-9pm at James Bay Coffee & Books. Free. 250-386-4700.




AXE CAPOEIRA - Learn the Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, sports, and music. Kids classes THURSDAYS & TUESDAYS 3:45-4:45pm. Adults classes SUNDAYS 11:45am-1:45pm. All at Burnside Gym (3130 Jutland). $65 per month for children/$50 per month for adults. 250-884-7998. YOGA IN THE PARK - Beginner to intermediate hatha yoga. All proceeds go to charity. THURSDAYS 5:30-7pm. To Sept. 8 at Beacon Hill Park (on the lawn across from the Petting Zoo). $5. 250-588-6118. VICTORIA LAWN BOWLING CLUB - Come out and try lawn bowling. To protect the greens, please wear flat, smooth soled shoes, no heels. FRIDAYS 6pm. To Aug. 26 at the corner of Cook & Park in Beacon Hill Park. First three visits free. 250-3835039, VICTORIA HORSESHOE CLUB - Adult drop-in mixed doubles. FRIDAYS 6:45pm. Junior program (8-17 years), WEDNESDAYS 6:30-8pm. All at Glanford Park. 250-385-6162. GHOSTLY WALKS - We’re living in BC’s most haunted city. Find out why and where on this 90 minute walk. No registration required. Every night 7:30pm & 9:30pm, with an extra tour FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS 8:30 pm outside the Visitor Information Centre (Government at Wharf St). $13/$11 students. 250-384-6698. VOLKSSPORT WALKS - 5/10km walk, SATURDAY 9:30am at the CRD parking lot at Atkins and 6 Mile roads. 250-642-4515. MOKSHA YOGA - Find out what hot yoga is all about. SATURDAYS 1:30-3pm, MONDAYS 7-8am & WEDNESDAYS 3:15-4:15pm at Moksha Yoga (1088 Fort). $7. 250385-9642. IYENGAR YOGA CENTRE- Free yoga classes. All Levels TUESDAYS 5:30-7pm, WEDNESDAYS 12-1pm at Iyengar Yoga Centre (202-919 Fort). Free. 250-386-9642. LAUGHTER YOGA - Combines the breathing of yoga and the healing powers of laughter. WEDNESDAYS 7-8pm at Esquimalt Rec Centre (527 Fraser). $5/$4. 250-412-8500.


By Robert Moyes


SUNDAY MARKET IN THE SQUARE - An exciting array of arts, crafts, locally designed clothing, imports and food. SUNDAYS 11am-4:30pm on the 1600 block of Government. Free. 250-598-2593.




Email your listing info to or enter it online at



Captain America kicks butt in hiply retro action flick







SPIRITUAL ONGOING LEARN TO MEDITATE - Learn mantra meditation. THURSDAYS 4:305:15pm in the Interfaith Chapel (UVic). Free. 250-721-8338 DHARMA TEACHINGS - With Resident Lama Jhampa Tenzin. THURSDAYS 7-9pm at the Victoria Dharma Centre (3371 Maplewood). By donation. 250-385-4828. MEDITATION - Emotional freedom technique and insight meditation. THURSDAYS 7-9pm at Unity Church of Victoria (838 Pandora). By donation. 250-382-1613. FLIGHTS OF FANCY - The Maritime Museum of BC. hosts an experience for the excitement of childhood and the wonder of flight. Get up close to a giant crocodile and more. SATURDAYS & WEDNESDAYS at the museum (28 Bastion Square). $10/kids under 12, $15/students and seniors, $35 for families. 250-385-4222, ext. 113. To August 1. SAHAJ MARG MEDITATION INTRODUCTORY TALKS - A heart-centred meditation practiced worldwide for real change from the inside out. Call for more information. SATURDAYS 11am-1pm. Free. 778430-1104. BUDDHIST COMMUNITY SITS Silent meditation followed by taped Dharma talks and discussion. SUNDAYS 7-9pm at Lynn Wylie Yoga Studio (202-1600 Bay). By donation. 250-380-6383. COWABUNGA MEDITATION Join Brad Morris, co-founder of GratiDudes, for a surfer’s approach to meditation. MONDAYS 6:30pm at 1088 Fort. $10. A COURSE IN MIRACLES - Using Ken Wilber’s Integral Mapping. Study group. MONDAYS 7-9pm at the James Bay New Horizons, 234 Menzies. By donation. 250-220-9797. DROP-IN MEDITATION - Each class includes guided meditation, practical instruction and discussion. MONDAYS 7-8:30pm and WEDNESDAYS 10-11:30 am at Bodhichitta Buddhist Centre (2020A Douglas). WEDNESDAYS 7-8:30pm at Fairfield United Church (1303 Fairfield). THURSDAYS 7-8:30pm James Bay United Church (511 Michigan). 250-592-7164, MONDAY MAGAZINE JULY 28 - AUGUST 3, 2011


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YOU PISSED ME OFF!!! When one person can kill over 70 people in Norway. Your Watchdog wishes a very Happy and enjoyable BC Day on Monday. Your Watchdog & Observer.

WARM FUZZIES My Amazing Wife, As our ďŹ rst of 50+anniversaries approaches I just wanted to tell you that I Love You more and more each day and you are the greatest thing to ever happen to a guy like me. All my love dansalmon

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Basic Chainsaw Operator Training- 2011. The BC Forest Safety Council’s basic chainsaw operator course provides handson training to everyone from new to experienced chainsaw operators. Learn how to safely maintain and handle a chainsaw for most non-falling applications. Key topics covered include creating a personal safety plan, chain sharpening, identifying tension and binds and how to safely make your cuts. This two-day course is endorsed by the BC Forest Safety Council and provides participants with training and competency evaluation in a form acceptable to WorkSafeBC. Numerous sessions of chainsaw training are scheduled around the province starting in August, 2011. To learn more and to obtain an enrollment form, visit our website at or call toll free 1-877-741-1060, Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm.

HELP WANTED CASCADE Energy Services has immediate openings available for the following positions at their Grande Prairie AB, Fort St John, Hudson Hope, Dawson Creek, Tumble Ridge Divisions: Tank Truck Drivers, Hydro Vac Operators, Hot Oiler Operators, Pressure Truck Operators, Swampers. The successful candidates will be organized individuals with excellent personal skills and experience in a related ďŹ eld will be a deďŹ nite asset. Knowledge of the industry, as well as the service area will also be taken into consideration. Current H2S and Level 1 First Aid, tickets will be required, as well as a current acceptable driver’s abstract. Pre-employment drug screening is mandatory. Competitive wages and beneďŹ ts package will be offered. Please send resume complete with references and driver’s abstract to Cascade Services at 3, 9302-144 Avenue, Grande Prairie Alberta T8V 8E4, or by fax to (780)8320459, or by email to: We apologize but only those candidates chosen for an interview will be contacted. EXPERIENCED log truck drivers on Queen Charlotte Islands. 5 days per week. Will help with accommodation. Fax resume to 250-5574306 or email

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VITAMIN / SUPPLEMENT ADVISOR (F/T) with extensive product knowledge or related credentials. Apply with resume to The Vitamin Shop 1212 Broad Street or vitaminshopadmin@

MEDICAL/DENTAL MEDICAL ofďŹ ce assistant (MOA) required for a new specialist physician in Vernon, BC. Full time; remuneration equivalent to experience. 902-2200808

VOLUNTEERS THE GREATER Victoria Film Commission is seeking volunteers for their women-only event in September. Commitment is short term and training is provided. Call Volunteer Victoria at 250-386-2269. THE MS Society of Canada, South Vancouver Island needs volunteers for their MS Bike Tour route on August 13th and 14th at Brentwood College. Times vary. Call Volunteer Victoria at 250-386-2269. WEAR 2 Start is looking for a creative, enthusiastic and organized individual to help them plan an event for their annual fundraiser, typically held at the end of September. Call Volunteer Victoria at 250386-2269.


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The solutions will be published here in the next issue.

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6 4 7 9 8 2 4 1 3 2 3 9 6 8 7

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7 8 2 3 9 5 6 4 1

6 7 5 4 2 8 3 1 9

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8 1 3 9 6 7 5 2 4

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ARIES MARCH 21-APRIL 19 An interesting month ahead! Mercury retrograde is going to attract old flames and, at the very least, stories about past love affairs back into your life again. Meanwhile, back in the boudoir, domestic tension is likely in the month ahead as well. Could this be the reason? Possibly. One thing is certain, increased activity and dare we say chaos? (we did) will affect your home life and your family relationships. This insanity might also be due to renovations or practically anything going on unexpectedly at home. Past issues with children are also back in your lap again. (Oh my.) But fear not! Parties, pleasure and romance will flourish sweetly!

TAURUS APRIL 20-MAY 20 Stock the fridge because relatives and friends are going to be surfing your sofa and eating you out of house and home. (â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!â&#x20AC;?) Meanwhile, you will likely continue with ongoing redecorating projects, especially if a family reunion is in the picture. (â&#x20AC;&#x153;Of course we always live like this. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t you?â&#x20AC;?) All of this domestic insanity could be why youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re more aggressive in your communications with others during

Conspiracy Theories


PREVIOUS SOLUTION Pathemâ&#x201E;˘ Puzzle Solution

GEMINI MAY 21-JUNE 20 In many ways, August might be a tad frustrating for you because Mercury retrograde will very likely cause transportation delays, confusion in communications, silly errors and goof-ups plus lost paperwork and payments in the mail to be late. (Groan.) It will also bring back discussions about old business with others, especially neighbours, relatives and siblings. Meanwhile, you are busting your buns to earn money! Excellent. This is a good thing because it looks like you are also spending it big time. This is a good time to finish up old jobs and projects. Be confident that work from the past will go smoothly now. (Well, relatively.) Despite the above, you will be productive in the month ahead.

CANCER JUNE 21-JULY 22 You are going to be fired up throughout August until late September. Yowsers! For the first time in three years, you will be super aggressive, super forthright and super assertive about going after whatever you want. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hear me rrroar!â&#x20AC;? Not only will you defend your own best interests, you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hesitate to defend the interests of others, especially the underdog. â&#x20AC;&#x153;My spidey sense is tingling.â&#x20AC;? Meanwhile you are totally amped to make money and spend it. In fact, many of you will be buying wonderful little treasures for yourself and loved ones. (Are we having fun yet?) A stimulating month ahead!


your face! Clubs, groups, associations and casual get-togethers will combine to make demands on your time. Artistic pals will really want to see you. Meanwhile, your ability to research anything is excellent this summer. Maybe the first thing you can answer is â&#x20AC;&#x153;Where did the summer go?â&#x20AC;?

LEO JULY 23-AUG 22 You seem to be financially hung up this summer. (Quel dommage.) Does this mean no fun in the sun? Of course not! Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re extremely resourceful when it comes to having a good time. (You invented the idea.) And although life is too short to drink cheap wine, one must not forget that one candle is better than the darkness. Some of you will be involved in secret activities, including secret trysts and love affairs. (Not surprising.) Plus this is a very strong month for you because both the Sun and Venus are in your sign. As Mercury retrograde moves back into Leo, this could attract ex-partners and old business out of the woodwork. Hmmm. No worries, you will look great because this is a great time to buy wardrobe goodies (if you can $wing it).

SCORPIO OCT 3-NOV 21 The Sun is at high noon in your chart causing others to notice you throughout August. (â&#x20AC;&#x153;Camera! Spotlight! Action!â&#x20AC;?) Furthermore, this high Sun gives you fabulous lighting. (People are impressed.) If you encounter conflict with higher education, publishing, the media, medicine or the law, you will probably win. Meanwhile, you will put out energy to travel and explore new ideas this summer. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be surprised when you start to hear from old friends because they will contact you this month and next. In particular, you will hear from friends you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t heard from for ages. Partnerships continue to benefit you in a joyful way as well.

VIRGO AUG 23-SEPT 22 This month seems to hold two opposing messages for you. On one hand, you will definitely be more involved with groups (small groups, clubs, organizations or conventions), particularly in a physically active way. In fact youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be competitive! (Be careful; this could spill into anger with someone. But you can avoid this by chilling out.) In addition, you will be involved with ex-partners and old friends you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t seen for awhile because Mercury begins its retrograde journey in your sign. Of course, this will make it challenging to stay as organized as you would like to be. Little glitches will dog your steps, defeating your best attempts at efficiency. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t leave home without your sense of humour and dark chocolate.

SAGITTARIUS NOV 22-DEC 21 Continue to grab every chance to travel or push the sides of the envelope because you want adventure, thrills and new knowledge. Hey, you want it all! Actually, you will have chances to travel for pleasure and possibly meet new love, especially in a foreign setting. However, disputes about inheritances, shared property, insurance matters and taxes or debt are likely. And involvement with authority figures from your past â&#x20AC;&#x201D; ex-bosses or parents you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t seen for awhile â&#x20AC;&#x201D; are also likely. (â&#x20AC;&#x153;Is this an intervention?â&#x20AC;?) This is a good chance for you to have closure about issues with these people. History is history.

LIBRA SEPT 23-OCT 22 Not since early 2008 has your ambition been so aroused. Throughout August and September you will be unusually gung ho to get ahead and make a name for yourself. You will politely (or not so politely) shoulder your way to the front of the line because you have that door-die feeling. (Jaw firmly set. â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is it.â&#x20AC;?) Accompanying this will be a burst of popularity because everyone wants to see

CAPRICORN DEC 22-JAN 19 For the rest of the summer, fiery Mars is going to be opposite your sign, which can make you impatient and even irritable with partners and close friends. This is something you have not experienced for more than three years because the

last time Mars opposed you was in early 2008. (Remember that?) Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be afraid. This is not really a big deal. It simply means you will have to practice patience and exercise tolerance when dealing with partners and close friends. You can do this. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be quick to assume that they are just being annoying; possibly, you are being impatient? Nevertheless, romance is sweet, and gifts, goodies and favours continue to come your way. Oh joy.

AQUARIUS JAN 20-FEB 18 You definitely need to get more sleep. Zzzzzzz. Please remember this. This will apply to all of August. In part, your own fatigue could lead to disputes with co-workers because it does appear that friction that is job related or even health related is likely. Some of you will even have friction that is pet-related! â&#x20AC;&#x153;Woof!â&#x20AC;? (You know who you are.) Past issues about shared property, jointly-held items, inheritances, insurance matters and debt are back in your lap again. Consider this an opportunity to wrap things up. (Because it is.) What is very reassuring now is the tenderness and affection you share with partners and close friends. (Gosh.)

PISCES FEB 19-MARCH 20 This is a busy time for you! For starters, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re very determined to get better organized at home and work. (Actually, you will enjoy doing this.) Many of you want to fix up your digs and, in particular, enhance your workplace to make it more attractive and enjoyable plus more efficient. Meanwhile, issues and events with expartners are unavoidable. (Gulp.) In fact, some of you will be hearing from ex-partners you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t heard from for a long time. Disputes about or with children are a possibility. Fortunately, most of you will use this fiery energy to have fun and explore sports, parties, vacations and fun times. This summer is wrapping up on an exciting note for you!

We all read Monday and keep track of all the fabulous events and happenings in our beautiful city !! Ozzie, Joby Baker, Skyla J, Shelbey Gramlich, Theresa Baker, Leon Nagasaki

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August and even into September. Because â&#x20AC;&#x153;You will be.â&#x20AC;? (Said with the knowing stare of Yoda.) The next six weeks are most definitely a strong time for those of you who GEORGIA write, teach, act, NICOLS sell, promote or drive for a living. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re gonna say what you mean and mean what you say!

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Spell the phrase in the grid above it, writing each unique letter only once. The correct solution will spell the complete phrase along a single continuous spelling path that moves horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Fill the grid from square to square - revisiting letters as needed to complete the spelling path in order. Each letter will appear only once in the grid. Š 2011 Thinking Machine, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

7 4 5

7RFRPSOHWH6XGRNXÂżOOWKHERDUG by entering numbers 1 to 9 such that each row, column and 3x3 box contains every number uniquely.



2 1 3 4 7 9 5 6 6 7 8 3 2 4 5

How to beat Str8ts â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Like Sudoku, no single number can repeat in any row or column. But... rows and columns are divided by black squares into compartments. These QHHGWREHÂżOOHGLQZLWKQXPEHUVWKDW complete a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;straightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. A straight is a set of numbers with no gaps but can be in any order, eg [4,2,3,5]. Clues in black cells remove that number as an option in that row and column, and are not part of any straight. Glance at the solution to see how â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;straightsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; are formed.

2 9 7 8 4 6 1 3 5



5 8 1 3 2 4 6 7


Previous solution - Easy


BAN--2011 NEW PUZZLE 2 4 3x594.00

ClassiďŹ eds

Call 250-388-3535

Previous solution - Tough


Medical OfďŹ ce Trainees Needed! Hospitals & Drâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s need Medical OfďŹ ce & Medical Admin staff!! No Experience? Need Training? Career Training & Job Placement Available! 1-888-778-0459

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The Lemare Group is currently seeking a heavy duty mechanic for the North Vancouver Island area. Full time, union wages. Email resume to ofďŹ or fax to: 250-956-4888.

ClassiďŹ eds

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SEASONED FIREWOOD Vancouver Islandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest ďŹ rewood producer offers ďŹ rewood legally obtained during forest restoration, large cords, fast delivery. Help restore your forest, or 1877-902-WOOD.

Š 2011 Syndicated Puzzles, Inc.



Š 2011 Syndicated Puzzles, Inc.



ll Signs: We are now in the midst of Mercury retrograde â&#x20AC;&#x201C; no question. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the skinny: Mercury started to slow down around July 24. By August 2, Mercury goes retrograde until August 26. The whole month! It resumes its normal speed by about September 4, but not until September 10 does it it catch up to where it was when it ďŹ rst went retrograde. Confused? This means the outermost dates â&#x20AC;&#x201C; July 24 to September 10 -- should be used if you are making a major purchase like a car or truck or a very snazzy computer. The upside is that August will be the perfect time to ďŹ nish old projects and wrap up old business. Hate to say it but procrastination can no longer be your excuse. The jig is up. (Hey, we both know that â&#x20AC;&#x153;one of these daysâ&#x20AC;? is none of these days.)



JULY 28 - AUGUST 3, 2011

We are now in the midst of Mercury retrograde.




INTERLUDE MASSAGE Kripalu Swedish or chair massage Find your bliss.... Andrea

250-514-6223 Please call for rates and appointment time for women only, men by referral

MASSAGE 13 yrs in Practice

Be relaxed, soothed, Transformed! Swedish, ReďŹ&#x201A;exology, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Energy Balancing JANALEE 250-888-4619


SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE Zensious Sensational Heavenly soothing massage ~Non-Sexual~


STONE THERAPY Enter deep dimensions of relaxation. Release toxins & assist your body in self healing. women only


Will Johnson CertiďŹ ed Rolfer since 1976

Rungâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Thai Place Traditional Thai Massage



Hot oil Massage

China Town Non-sexual

Highlight your wellness business to 80,000 Monday Magazine readers each week. Call Katey at 250.388.3535 for more information on our introductory offer! MONDAY MAGAZINE JULY 28 - AUGUST 3, 2011



Personals or Variations









Mortgage Help! Beat bank rates for purchases and refinances, immediate debt consolidation, foreclosure relief, and equity loans. Free, fast, friendly, private consultations. Call 1888-685-6181

ONLY 170,000 KM- 1983 Olds Cutlas Ciera, white, 4 door, good condition, non-smoking car. $1800. (250)382-0710.

1994 NISSAN Pathfinder, XE V6, 4x4, standard, A/C, power windows, sunroof, in excellent condition, 223,000 K, $3500 obo. Call 250-920-4283.



Access Realty...Wanted: large Oak Bay or Saanich home site; also suitable, development potential, and revenue properties. Personal contact property search services. Dave Vogel 250-588-8378 Access Realty

1995 BUICK RIVIERA- fully loaded, regularly serviced, 28,000 km. Lots of recent work done. $2500 obo or trade. Esquimalt, 250-361-0052.


250-383-6111 over 730 local members WOMEN SEEKING MEN



55 Y/O female, NS, honest, reliable, independent, self sufficient, fun loving. Looking for the same qualities in a male for friendship and companionship. Reply to Box # 8319, C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

63, MALE, non-smoker, honest, reliable, independent, funloving. Looking for athletic female, like minded for friendship and companionship. Reply to Box #4892 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.

ATTRACTIVE BI-SEXUAL male who would like to give oral to straight or bi-sexual men on a regular basis. Reply to Box #1448 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.

AMAZING, HANDSOME Robin Hood figure, 53. Seeks Maid Marion any age for revolt against greed, brutality, corruption and perm flux. Reply to Box #5540 C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.

CUTE SLIM fit 40’s guy seeking another good looking, energetic male for special relationship; I’m worth it; are you? Reply to Box #8107 C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111.


For written responses, please send $3.00 and envelope addressed to: Box #_ _ _ C/O Monday Magazine 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4. Voice Personals members can also reply by phone at 250-383-6111.

Classifieds Call 250-388-3535 MEN SEEKING WOMEN 52 Y/O, 5’5”, clean, shaven, brown eyes, on the shy side, romantic. Looking for female between 35-50 to enjoy life. Reply to Box #5669 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

MID 30’S single male 5’10” 155lbs., seeks single female who enjoys music, friendship, food, privacy and more. Reply to Box 2701 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St. , Victoria BC V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

OTHER SEEKERS 41 YEAR old New Zealand married male, looking for a fun loving female between 25-48. Reply to Box #7317 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111. 60 Y/O white male, would like to meet cross-dresser preferably. Kinda kinky get togethers. Reply to Box #3237 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-383-6111

MARRIED MALE well endowed. Seeking oral satisfaction, must be clean and discreet. Reply to Box #8532 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-3836111. MATURE COUGAR with playful cub on the prowl seeking like-minded couples, bi-curious females for same-room adventures. Prepared to give and get. Written replies only: Box 8894 c/o Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St. Victoria BC V8W 2J5 MATURE, FIT attached gentleman seeks mature lady for a little naughty fun. Reply to Box #6734 C/O Monday Magazine, 818 Broughton St., Victoria, BC, V8W 1E4 or call 250-3836111.

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Monday Personals customer service

250-480-3201 M-F 8:30-5:00

Call 250-388-3535



WE BUY HOUSES Damaged House? Pretty House? Moving? Divorcing? Estate Sale? We will Buy your House Quick Cash & Private. Mortgage Too High and House won’t sell? Can’t make payments? We will Lease Your House, Make your Payments and Buy it Later!

Call: 1-250-616-9053 MOBILE HOMES & PARKS

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Disclaimer: Monday Personals/Variations does not pre-screen callers and assumes no liability regarding meetings arranged through this service. Must be 18 years of age

Canadian CSA Modular, Manufactured, and Park Model Homes @ US factory direct wholesale prices. Starting @ 39,824 better features + more options = best value. The Home Boys 877976-3737 or 509-481-9830 We will beat anyone’s price. Guaranteed!


RENTALS ACREAGE 82.8 ACRES, 300’ lakefront, S Cariboo. Beautiful, pastoral, private, rural setting. Borders crown land. Adjacent 80+ acre parcel available. view/lonebutte/ann/


STORAGE CLIMATE controlled storage available. Wide range of sizes. Just a short drive from Victoria. Best rates in the area. We also store RVs, autos, boats, etc. Look us up online at or email at 250 743 6899


How It Works First Menu

EXQUISITE SANCTUARY Fabulous 2.26 private acres with creek in beautiful Alberni Valley. Enchanting 3600 sq.ft. 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom custom built 1995 home. Outstanding 57x40 shop with own bathroom, lots of parking. Features hardwood, tile throughout, custom cabinetry. Gas fireplaces, stove, heat and hot water; ensuite with soaker tub. Thinking of a life style change? Move to Port Alberni, the Salmon Capital of the World! Visit for more information on this “one of a kind” property. Asking $649,000 RE/MAX Mid Island Realty Port Alberni, B.C. John Stilinovic 250-724-4725 Toll Free 1-877-723-5660

ANTIQUE/CLASSICS 1990 ROLLS Royce, 86,000K, collector plates, showroom cond, $32,000. 250-743-1343.


Call 250-388-3535


2004 MUSTANG convertible, Special Edition (Grey), V6, like new, covered prkg, 59,000 K, $10,000 obo. 250-978-2254.


Call 250-388-3535

WINNEBAGO MOTOR home, 1979, 60,000K, fully equipped, great condition, new roof replaced, $5500. 250-658-8859.



TRUCKS & VANS 2001 HONDA Odyssey 132,000 miles, new water pump, battery, timing belt $5500 obo. 250-514-8645. 2007 DODGE Dakota, silver 41,000kms, auto, a/c, cruise $15,500. Call 250-857-3137.


2004 30.5’ 5TH WHEEL Prowler Regal. Living room & bed slide. Fully loaded- new carpets, furniture etc. $26,000 obo or trade. Esquimalt, 250361-0052.

Consenting Adults

Call 250-388-3535


Classy Beauty, long hair, 39yrs, 36C-24-36 Sidney area Gentlemen preferred

NIKI * Classy Cougar Wild yet sensual. Experienced, exotic,blue-eyed, natural blonde beauty. 36D-28-36. Full value full time. Toys, lingerie. Discreet downtown location. Mature 40’s. Niki 250-217-3969

Seniors Discount

UTILITY TRAILERS 2006 ROYAL Heavy Duty enclosed cargo trailer, white 13,800lb capacity 8.5wx16.5lx82”h, 16” tires twin 7000lb axles, no rivets Asking $7500, obo. (250)9324309.

SUPPORT GROUPS SUPPORT GROUPS EMERGENCY SERVICES Mustard Seed Food Bank 625 Queens Avenue Sandy Merriman House 250-480-1408 Streetlink Emergency Shelter 1634 Store Street 250-383-1951 St. Vincent de Paul Society 828 View Street Our Place 919 Pandora Avenue

Victoria Women’s Transition House 250-385-6611 Women’s Sexual Assault Centre 24 hour crisis & information 250-383-3232


Find more Consenting Adults online



All Male Hot Gay Hookups!

Deep Stealth Dungeon:

Try Free!


South Island Centre for Counseling & Training 250-472-2851

Real, Discreet, Local connections

Try Free! Call 250-220-1300 or 800-210-1010


Sex Addicts Anonymous Victoria 250-592-1916

Lovely Jenny Colin’s M2M Massage Full Body – Total Touch Extended Time Sessions

by G. B. Trudeau

Tantric Experience


Oriental Gal Very Attractive Highly Enjoyable


New High-End Service

Desperately Sexy Housewives XXX Bodyslide Plus Massage music movement to relax body & mind. Exotic hot Gypsy woman totally energizing massage. A session designed to your specific needs light or deep pressure

Victoria’s STAG PROFESSIONALS Sexy Servers Hot Hostesses

Dynamic Dancers!! Pole Included!


250-885-5191 * non-sexual service*



Find more Consenting Adults online




Fuk-4-Fun 250.385.4386 NEW HOURS! Mon-Sat 9am - LATE! and Sundays 11am - LATE! Callie

& Dallas




BRITTANY 24 years and naturally busty, fantastic lady, 36DD-26-36 who has exquisite beauty and skills. She will ignite all your hidden desires and fantasies.


Frankie 25yrs, 34DD-26-36 Brody 21yrs, 36DDD-28-38 Layla 20yrs, 34C-26-36 Bailey 25yrs, 34C-25-36 Dawn 38yrs, 36B-24-36 Dalainy 45yrs, 36C-27-34

Victoria Independent Providers

NOW HIRING! F/T, P/T & visiting girls!


Sealing the Circle. Conjuring Spells of Ecstasy and Bliss. Time for you.

Please see page 30 for Emergency Services listings

250-383-3506 w w w. c h a r l i e s a n g e l z . c o m

(250) 382-1525 VIP_07_28_11

Feel stimulated & relaxed by experienced strong hands. Swedish, tantric, reflexology.

Mark 250-686-8969 Sensual Sorceress

Air Conditioned. Always Hiring!

Simone 250-888-1210

9am-9pm Daily




Rikki 33yrs, 36C-28-36 Merrit 19yrs, 36B-26-36 Krissy 20yrs, 32B-25-35 Madeline 20yrs, 32B-22-28 Selena 24yrs, 36B-28-36 Eva 21yrs, 34B-22-34 Justice 22yrs, 34C-26-34

When only the finest will do!

Petite, HOT hardbody brunette.


for interview

New Upscale Downtown Location

Sensual Healer! Classy, sexy, exotic & elegant.

24 yrs, Beautiful busty blue eyed brunette, platinum blonde highlights. 36D-26-36. Experienced in giving a great full body massage. Upscale discreet location. 8am-midnight

Call 250-514-0696



ANGEL MASSAGE PLUS Niki * 250-217-3969 Sensual bodysage, very discreet. Independent. Natural blonde beauty. Downtown location.

is looking to hire open-minded DOMS and couples. Must be clean, professional and personable.




PEERS 250-388-5325

Unwind – De-Stress


Call 250-220-1004 or 800-777-8000

Professional BDSM & Fetish Specialists. Victoria’s only Trans run Dungeon We take PayPal


Marissia (Asian): 21yrs ........34B-24-34 Keana: .......25yrs .............34DD-24-34 Astrid: ....... 25yrs ............... 34B-23-34 Kasey: ....... 22yrs ............... 34D-23-34 Blair .......... 23yrs ............... 34C-24-34 Juliet ......... 19yrs ............... 32C-23-32 Tesla.......... 25yrs .............36DD-25-35 Billi............ 21yrs ............... 34C-24-34

Carmen ..... 26yrs ...........32C-23-32 Caprice ..... 36yrs ...........34C-23-34 Kenzie ....... 20yrs ...........34B-24-34 Luna .......... 20yrs ...........34C-23-32 Rylie .......... 19yrs ...........34C-24-34 Gerri .......... .38yrs ...........32C-23-32 Kelli: .......... 25yrs ...........34B-23-34 Lexxy:........ 21yrs ............32C-23-32

VISITING: Callie : 28yrs, 34DD-23-34 July 28 - 31 VISITING: Dallas : 25yrs, 34D-24-35 July 31 - Aug 4


Save $20 on your visit Bring in this coupon and save $20 on your visit.

Coupon Valid: July 27 - AUG 2 2011 Offer not valid with any other coupon/ discount.


250-590-VIPS (8477) or 250-507-2302




Monday Magazine July 28 - August 3, 2011  

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