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L.O.S.T.: (LOSING ONE’S SELF TEMPORARILY) A Marvels Series Event Sunday, March 26, 2017 • 3PM Jackson Hall SPONSORED BY

DIAVOLO Creative Director Jacques Heim Executive Director Jennifer Cheng THE COMPANY Ana Carolina Brotons Christopher Carvalho Leandro Glory Damasco, Jr. Majella Loughran Ezra Masse-Mahar Jessie Ryan Connor Senning Kellie St. Pierre Amy Tuley Rico Velazquez Matt Wagner Erin White Chisa Yamaguchi



Produced by Jennifer Cheng Commissioned by The Cheng Family Foundation Throughout the course of our lives, we lose ourselves; mentally, physically and emotionally. When we experience this loss, though temporary, we also experience our capacity to recognize and rise to the challenge of adapting and reshaping who we are in every moment. The constant, teetering balance between vulnerability and control is the most natural process of the human experience and is the inspirational center for the collection L.O.S.T. An exploration of what both divides and unites, this series is an abstract study of our transient reality as we traverse through our daily lives and our daily work.

PART 1: “CUBICLE” (2015)

Set in an abstract corporate America, “Cubicle” explores the human condition under cramped control and a monotonous reality, exposing an underlying counterbalance between freedom and anarchy in the workplace. Anonymity and confinement set the pace in this corporate sea of grey as we witness a multitude of shifting landscapes as abstract representations of a familiar work environment. Boxing in both their

sanity and distinctiveness, we witness the struggle to maintain a sense of individuality on the corporate climb as the performers labor against a homogenized work mentality, finding solidarity only within themselves and each other. Concept and Direction: Jacques Heim Choreographer: Leandro Glory Damasco, Jr. with the choreographic collaboration by the DIAVOLO dancers Dramaturge and Artistic Consultant: Rosanna Gamson Music Composer: Bruno Louchouarn Light Sculpture: LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA Etta Lilienthal and Ben Zamora Lighting Designer: Evan Merryman Ritter Associate Lighting Designer: Luc Hediger Structure Design: Tina Trefethen and Mike Mcluskey/Mcluskey LTD Original Concept Design: Thomas Flake Set Construction: Robert Selander Costume Designer: Brandon Grimm Project Manager: Renée Larsen Engmyr Artistic Consultants: Jim Vincent, Adam Davis, Julie Mcdonald, Tony Selznick, Hae Kyung Lee, Steve Connell, Jessica Goin, Jonathan Reap Co-commissioned by the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, St. Paul, Minnesota and the Des Moines Center for the Performing Arts, Des Moines, Iowa with additional support provided by Syracuse University, New York. INTERMISSION

Mondavi Center Program Book March - April 2017  

Featuring: Dance Theatre of Harlem, Dr. Raj Patel, Aaron Diehl presents Jelly & George featuring Adam Birnbaum and Cécile McLorin Salvant, D...

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