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Mimi Stefanovska

Graphic Designer 7 years in advertising and marketing as a  y g g marketing and advertising manager 13 years as a Graphic Designer for many high  profiled companies  Excel at implementing all aspects of Excel at implementing all aspects of  advertising projects

1ST Place winner – Design of the Medal of Merit of the country – R.Macedonia

Media recognition for the winning design 

President recognition

1ST Place winner poster design

Logo type & poster design

corporate identity & poster design

CASTROL Car branding

Corporate identity 

Corporate identity 

Print Advert & Poster design

Corporate identity – Label Design – Advertising campaign 

Corporate identity – Advertising campaign with celebrities 

French client Jooce: Poster design, Flyer design, Sticker design

NYC & University of Cambridge – Advertising campaign 

KRAFT Products  – Advertising campaign: BB, poster, print adv 

KRAFT Products  – Advertising campaign: BB, poster, print adv 

Corporate identity and Poster design 

Advertising campaign

Promotion stands design

Various designs

Various designs

Milkica Stefanovska 101 ‐ 444 Kerr Street  y Oakville, Ontario  y L6K 3C4 647‐502‐2279  y Graphic Designer ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Designed national advertising campaigns for print and electronic media D i d ti l d ti i i f i t d l t i di Designed visual identity material  Designed logo types Packaging design Label design Packaging design,  Label design Interior Design, Furniture design for restaurants Designed promotion materials and advertising material Designed sets for photography shootings Designed sets for photography shootings 1996‐2002    University of Architecture    Diploma of Architecture Engineering  | R.M 1990‐1995    College of Art Science           Diploma of Interior and Furniture Design      | R.M


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