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We give you the best skin and hair January, 13, 2017, Delhi: -- Monash Unisex Salon is a destination where you get the best skin treatment and hair extension at the most attractive price. Monash Unisex Salon is a salon in Delhi/ NCR. It is becoming a famous destination for beautification in Delhi. Giving the details of the salon the spokesman told us that the salon is getting more and more increment in their client list. It is widely known that a beautiful skin and long hair is a symbol of beauty since the beginning of civilization. People do lot many tricks to increase the health of the skin and hair. People use many home remedies but never get the desired result. Though these are effective methods but if you do it from the very beginning and safeguard yourself from every type of pollution. But since, it is not possible in the cities, where pollution is at its height and you have a very busy schedule. So you have to take help from an expert, a professional who can help you in getting instant results and better results. We are the best salon in the city to give you the best skin treatment. We give the effective eye treatment to remove every effect of dark circles and give you beautiful eyes. It comes under skin treatment as dark circles are very much visible and catches instant attention of people, leaving you with comments instead of complements. So come to us if you have any skin problem like dark circles, pigmentation etc. We also give the hair extension services. We know that you long for a long hair but all the tricks you tried were vain.

So we are here to give you the best of the services. We give you best skin treatment and best hair extension. Our shelves are always full of herbal products because we know how sensitive is your skin. We are known for our Best Skin Treatment in Delhi.

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Monash Unisex Salon is the top destination for anybody who loves to be beautiful. We are the best salon and welcomes both the gender with same respect and care. We give you all the beauty services you require at the most attractive price. We are also an expert in giving the Best Hair Extension in Delhi. Company Details: 67, First Floor, Harsh Vihar, Pitampura Delhi-110034

Contact: (+91) 099994 43395 / 9999442966 / 9999443313

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We give you the best skin and hair