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summer 2014

Sweet Spot Club Newsletter

 President’s Word

 Members

 2014 Pennant

Marcus Smith

2014 membership fees DUE

2014 SSL OPEN Summer season Success

For the first edition of 2014, a big Welcome to all of our new members and Welcome back to returning members.

As the Club grows and changes, we are really excited about 2014 and hope members stay at the Club. If you are renewing your membership, that’s great. Please pay your 2014 membership fees asap.

Congrats to the following for their success:  A Grade (Will, Himanshu, James, Colin)  B Grade (Gary, Darren, Indy, Nick, Alex)  C Grade (Esteban, Ron, Suraj, Paul)

2013 membership cards have expired. Members will lose access to Club practice and Pennant if fees are not paid soon.

Special thanks to the Club members who came and supported the teams on the nights!

To our new members, a special welcome - you have joined the Monash Sport Club of the Year that plays the world’s healthiest sport. We have pulled together a number of activities both on and off court for you to get to know the Club, our members and the great game of squash. We know that when you have played it a few times you will be as hooked as the rest of us! With the first pennant season at an end, we must congratulate teams in A Grade, B Grade and C Grade on their success. The start of the second pennant season isn’t far away either, and to those of you who have been put in teams good luck for the opening rounds. Finally, to all our members, make sure you bookmark our website and facebook page. We also have a Club Calender for 2014 which includes coaching dates, tournaments, social activities and other events, so keep any eye on them and book early to avoid missing out. In the meantime, happy squashing!

Squash Club

2014 Fee Structure Student Social Membership $100 Student Pennant Membership $160* Staff/Alumni Social Membership $185 Staff/Alumni Pennant Membership $270* Community Social Membership $210 Community Pennant Membership $300* * Membership includes all game fees. Players must also pay their Player Registration fee online with SquashVic. We continue to operate under Monash Sport policy to mainly focus on providing services to students and then members who are affiliated with the university i.e. staff and alumni, while still providing services for the broader community.

RULES LECTURE FOR PENNANT PLAYERS We will be running an official Rules (RAP) Lecture for Club members only. This is a good opportunity for new players as well as returning players to not only qualify to play finals later in the season, but to also gain confidence when refereeing matches.  Thursday 3 April, 6.30pm  Seminar Room 1, Monash Sport Centre

 Player Registration Fee SquashVic is now mandating that Pennant players register and pay the Player Registration fee online individually - this is why our memberships fees have reduced. Pay before Monday 31 March for the early discounted rate $75/year (usually $80/year, $40/half year).

 2013 Pennant

 events

 Tournaments

2013 sSL OPEN SPRING Season Success

o-week @monash

gippsland Open

Premiers  B Grade (Remy, Nick, Abhi, Ash, Shaun, special guest Jacqui)  C Grade (Sanil, Josh, Con, Jim, George)  D Grade (Kevin, Mark, Joshua, Derek, Ben)  Women’s A Grade (Maaike, Menusha, Jacqui, Jo See, Dhakshi and Claudia)

Big thank you to our Student Reps and volunteers - Baey, Alex, Jono, Esther, Harshil, Marcus, Menusha, Louisa, Sylvia, Titus, Jo See and Tom - who readily set aside time to promote the spirit of squash at Monash. We have had a record-breaking 105+ (and still counting) sign ups so far.

Represent the Club at this Victorian Squash Grand Prix Tournament - Open and graded events. Enter online by Saturday 22 March. Minimum of 3 matches guaranteed. Speak to Tom if you’re interested in carpooling.  Saturday 29 - Sunday 30 March

Player’s of the Grade  B Grade: Abhinav Raman  B Reserve: Menusha Hettiarachchi  D Grade: Kevin Kam  Women’s B Grade: Meneka De Silva

 coaching

Special thanks to Baey, Harshil, Menusha, Josh, Gerard, Rowan, Ash, Marcus (x2), Colin and Tom for leading groups of students on court at Mon/Thu/Fri practice sessions. Attendance has been huge! It’s been a great team effort to ensure new members engage with the Club and with squash itself.

 STUDENT activities

 Maffra Squash & Racquetball Club

Club Championships We’ve already set the date for our annual Club Championships this year. Open and graded events. Free for members.  Saturday 25 October


5-week program for members only

Baey’s squash bootcamp

News Bites

The Club is once again running 5-week subsidised group coaching programs.  Starting Sunday 30 March: 5-6pm/6-7pm - for intermediate players Starting Monday 31 March: 5-6pm - for beginner players  $35 for 5 sessions 

Mark your calendars and prepare for a grueling fun time at the inaugural Monash Squash Boot Camp for students! This will be catered for all student members including beginners. Boot camp will feature skills, fitness, strategy and rules sessions.  Thursday 4 April, 5.30-8pm and Friday 5 April 10-5pm  $5 for the 2-day boot camp  Only for student members with a Pennant or Social Membership. Places are limited! 

 Ashley Buckle was Div 3 runner-up at the

Junior Squash Program (Oz Squash) New 8-week Junior program (5-12 years).  Starting Friday 2 May: 4-5pm Starting Saturday 3 May: 9-10am  Monash University Squash Club  $95 for 8 sessions, a racquet, back-pack, ball, t-shirt, wristband and drink bottle 

Squash Club

Mountain District Squash Tournament

 Jacqui Williamson has just been awarded

a SquashVic Volunteer Award for 2013

 Beginner Mondays is still every week

5-7pm for members to come practice and improve with others of similar skill level

 Students’ Pizza Friday was held in March

- this might turn into a monthly event...

 Club Calender for 2014 is now on the

noticeboard and will be regularly updated

 Forbes Magazine names squash the

inhouse competition

world's healthiest sport (again)

The Club Student Reps are organising an ongoing inhouse competition for students. It will cater for all levels and will be free to play. Keep a lookout on facebook for more details.

 New and renovated change rooms

at Monash Sport Centre are now open

 264 facebook likes and counting...

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The Sweet Spot is a quarterly newsletter for the Monash University Squash Club. Editor: Tom Nguyen, Club Vice-President

Sweet Spot: Club Newsletter, Summer 2014  

Monash University Squash Club

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